server hosting minecraft server Answered

i have a friend who wants to buy a server to host his minecraft server. does anyone know what kind he should take?ho and he wants to keep the price low.

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Print Server

Hello, I have a apple mac PowerBook G4 that connects wireless to our 4-port adsl modem which the PC connects to as well. I was recently tiding out the box of cables and modems and stuff. I found our old adsl modem it just has a power port a telephone port and an Ethernet port and a usb port. I also have a sub wireless adapter(plug in to a PC and you have a wireless adapter. Is there a way to modify these items to build a print server so i can connect to it and print. I can't modify the wireless modem since thats what we use for internet.Is there a way to make one so I don't have to pay like over $50 for one I want a small device so i can make our usb printer a network one so i can print easily??

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What server ????? Answered

When I have been tryin' to get assistance for my digital box ,  and try sendin' th' request they wont let it thru  because I cant tell them what servers I am on ( Pop3 ect...) I HAVE ABSOLUTLY NO IDEA WHAT THEY ARE TALKIN' ABOUT !! I also have no clue as to how I'm supposed to find out !  I admit to bein' barely computor literate and need help !! 

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Minecraft Server IPs

Post your Minecraft server IPs here! NM

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Server Running Slow

Over the last few days I've noticed that is running VERY slow. I usually can open 20 or more tabs at a time on the server but lately I can only open 1 or 2. I hope that other people have noticed this and it can get fixed soon!                                                      Thanks,                                                            Jake

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video server anyone? Answered

I have an external hard drive with a bunch of movies on it and I'm looking for a way to be able to access and watch the movies from another computer.  I know that if I set up a server I would be able to access the movie files and download them to the other computer but is there a way to just watch them without having to download?  Thanks for the help. 

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RazorCraft Minecraft Server

Me and a few friends got a minecraft professionally hosted by Fragnet and need more people to play on it. My in game name is bhunabhuna. I have a nickname so just press tab to see who's on.

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My Minecraft Server

Hey guys I have a minecraft server and if anybody wanted to play on it the ip is I'm the admin so I will give you stuff. Alomst forgot, its a PvP/Survival server :)

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Server Error... with monkeys.

I clicked on the link to watch "Detective Mittens: The Crime Solving Cat" on YouTube, and this is what I got.

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server problem(update)

So i actually got the video to show up by using an old tube screen, and went trough the boot but in the end it still doesn't work, because there is actually no O.S. . problem is it  won't load the stupid disk that has the operating system OR the floppy! WHY? Ho and while i'm at it do you know how to update questions you previously asked? thanks for all the help guys! too bad the linux page is down i wont be able to try out linux on my server but i guess they will put it back online pretty soon:) (for those hwo don't know they got hacked and had to bring down the whole server to see if anything had gone wrong because of that, and so it's been about one week they brought it down:( )

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Is instructables's server not working?

When I was working at my computer I received messages like in the picture below. The first question which came to me was is there a bug or is it my Internet. I can still browse but these error's keep occurring. This has never happened before and i have checked all the bug reports but this hasn't been reported I would also like to comment that the featured instructables have keeped the same on the front page since yesterday... Further more im also getting error 400 like in picture 2 trying to post this forum. Plus i would like to know what an error 400 is? I know what error 500 is but not 400 Thanks Oscar

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Server Airflow Help?

As you can see here, I just got 3 new blow fans for my server I'm making. But I'm not making it in a server box/case, or even in a computer case, I'm making it in a plastic shelving unit. I have 5 fans in total; the three blow fans, and a medium and a small computer fan. I'm completely new to the airflow concept, so I will need some guidance.ideasBelow are some things that I think will improve airflow, but you tell me if it's good or not.1. leaning motherboard -Is making the motherboard "lean" so the bottom is semi exposed a good idea for airflow? Or would the air not circulate as well?2. "chaining" blow fans -Would "chaining" the blow fans together (putting them in sequence) make a twice as powerful stream of air?questions1. Should air be sucked out of the box, or blown in?2. What would the ideal airflow solution be?Thanks!-Shadow Ops

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IoT server / gateway

Hello Instructables, Like a lot of people lately I'm experimenting with IoT and Home Automation. There are a lot of interesting projects going on, also a lot here at Instructables. But a thing that i run against is the fact of IoT Gateway/server software. On Google I found differed IoT gateways/servers that I wanted to share with you guys. If you have to contribute to my list, please do. All software's have there pros and cons, so more project the better.  - Thingspeak. This is a in the cloud site to witch you can send your sensor data and switch things - Exosite. Pretty similar to Thingspeak - IFTTT. This also a cloud site, with witch you can have your sensor data communicate with other services on the web like google, facebook, twitter - Openhab. Is a open home automation software that runs on the Raspberry Pi, it also has a android app. Unfortunately not that easy to configure. - EasyIoT. Is a pretty new server application, that looks great on the web and phone browser. Still new and in development.  Like I said all projects are have there pros and there cons. If somebody has to contribute to this list, please do. 

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Home Dial-In Server

I'm trying to set up a home dial-in server. I'd like it to have these features: -Runs from DOS -Can answer on the fourth ring -If no one is home, can redirect the call to the answering machine if it does not detect a computer on the other end (I.E. redirect if it doesn't hear computer tones) That last note is especially important. I've looked at the getty series, but it seems that it's only for Linux. Is there a way to do it with Kermit, C-Kermit, or any other of the Kermit programs? Any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance.

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modded servers in bf2142?

version 1.50

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Minecraft tekkit server

Come join my tekkit server!  The url is  We also have a map of the server at the same URL.  The rules are pretty straightforward, no griefing, and be nice.  If you are interested in creative, comment.

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hacking ftp servers

Does any one know how to hack into the ftp server of a web site so you can download files and stuff?

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my minecraft server

My ip is getting diamonds is very easy on this server.  still in development stage. ops will occasionally give away free stuff if you dont beg we wil have 4 ops. no more no less.

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windows server 2k?

Okay as in my previous "adventures" with my server, i installed ubuntu 32-bit.g Great it works! but when i started the server again, it asks me to choose between Ubuntu( wich i will call U from now on), U(recovery version), memory tests, and... what? Win2K. first of all, why would it not load exept after i installed U? second of all, I'm stuck at the login screen. So if anyone knows how to recover a password or change a password without opening you session please tell me And if anyone has a link to Win2K's user's manual, please tell me that too. thanks again to everyone :)

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Laptop will not connect to server?

Windows diagnostic says WiFi doesn't have valid IP configuration.  IPads and Kindle work fine.  Was using it, shut it down, went back later and couldn't connect.  It also says that my device is connected but may not be able to access anything on network which I can't.  It also says to verify the network security key.  I checked and it is the right password.  FYI I am not computer savvy.  

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Dedicated sa-mp server?

Hi eeryone, i am a player of gta san andreas and san andreas multiplayer. I am wondering what parts of my pc would make my server run better. I mean... i have a dedicated pc just for this since the pc is sooo old, and i need to know what part gives me more bandwidth.  Because its got like 1 gig of ram and i dont even know what the cpu is. Anyway, yeah. The ip is but its not always on.

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how to make a windows 7 computer a server?

What all requirements needed?? what all steps to follow in detail??

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What is a good OS for a server in a house with all computers running Windows XP and one running Windows Vista? Answered

I want to build a server for my home, I have 3-5 computers in my house running Windows XP, I also have 1 computer running Vista. What should I do?

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Setting Up a DNS Server

I am interested in setting up a DNS server but have never setup any kind of server before. I am currently running Ubuntu 7.04 and windows xp. Is there anyway to do this for free? All shared knowledge is greatly appreciated!

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Can i run Windows Xp on a server?

I was thinking about buying a server, and i was wondering what operating system i could use. Since a server is basically a computer, can i run windows XP on it? Thanks!

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Server Problem - Can't display instructables page

My Instructables list doesn't diplay. I can see 'You', 'Discussions' and 'Settings' but 'Instructables' displays this error and has been for several hours. The server had a problem! Please try again in a few moments or reload the entire page. The server had a problem! Please try again in a few moments or reload the entire page.

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Pdf Download ... make a butonniere Server error

I have tried to download the pdf numerous times today ... (how to make a butonierre) ... process starts .. asks for a location then craps out due to server error. Noticed the same thing last week with the Vietnamese preserved lemons ... thought in that case it was the presence of non latin characters.....

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Any advice on setting up a personal web server, please? Answered

Allow me to apologise in advance: I have checked with Google and am still a bit confused. Currently I pay for webhosting and I'd like to do away with those costs. I want to set up a reasonable fast pc to act as a server for my websites. Has anyone here actually done such a thing and was it (very) difficult? Also, once I have bought my web domains, how do I point to my own server? I don't need the detail of the how to as I can research that - what I need to know is just how much work this will entail and what range of Linux/Microsfot products will be needed. Many thanks.

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Is it possible to run a Minecraft server off my website server?

I use FatCow as a web-hoster, and I was just wondering if it would be possible to run a Minecraft server off of it, so I can play online with a bunch of friends. If it is possible, would it take up a lot of bandwidth?

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Why cant friends join server??

I just created a Minecraft server and portfowarded it.. But for some reason my friends still cant join it!!  Help.....?

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My Public Minecraft Server

Hello everyone, this topic is all about my minecraft server(mostly to get it out there) some rules if you want to join: no swearing(cussing) you cannot kill other players no abusing commands (if opped) no greifing EVER The penalty to doing any of these is first getting kicked, then if you do it again, you get banned.

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Instal windows os on server?

Hello! Can some experienced guy can say me do I can instal win7 on server? I have an old HP ProLiant DL580 G2 .. what actually runs with winserver 2000. 4 years didn't done anything, just yesterday figured out to turn it on! First I had problems : Parity check 2 memory Dimm problems but they are solved now! I just though What can I instal on this server? It is clean and there is no os in hard drive. It asks to boot from cd... so I'm wondering what can I instal on it!! Please any suggestions? Thanks!

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Creaking under the Strain?

I've been getting periods of 503 errors (service unavailable) from Instructables recently. Are the servers creaking under the strain of all these weighty PRO members, or is the Instructables Robot hard at it mucking out the caches as he tweaks the privileges?

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Links to Files Giving a 403

Howdy, It's been pointed out to me that the links in one of my instructables are not working. The .doc files linked on this page: are getting a 403 Forbidden page. This seems to be something going wrong on the instructables' server -- could it be looked at? Thank you very much for your consideration in the matter. Philip

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FTP Instructable (not a come see my instructable topic!)

I'm wondering if anyone would be interested in a instructable on how to setup ftp for free. Please leave suggestions in the comments if there are enough I will probably make the instructable.

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Private server basics needed

Anyone know where i can find the basics to creating a private server for a game?

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Arduino Chat Server In a Browser.

Hello  Can Anybody Tell Me How To Make A Chat Server Using My Arduino Uno, And My Arduino Ethernet.  It needs To Be Accessible From a Browser Like Chrome On Android, And IOS.  Basically I Need My Arduino To Setup A Website Server That has 2 text Boxes, 1 for The Input, and The Other One To Display The Chat  That Has Been Sent By You And Other People That Have Sent Stuff To The Server.  The Server Also Needs To Be Accessible By around 5 to 10 People At The Same Time.  And If Possible Could You Make It Look Like The Example In The Picture.  A Quick Response Is Appreciated Thank You                   -Genius 470

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Minecraft Server connection problem

Hello fellow minecrafters, I recently downloaded and ran a server.exe. That worked great. I then downloaded minecraft server.jar, and used a .bat file to run it. That worked just fine. After that I ran the server.jar, and used bukkit and added some plugins. It worked phenomenally.  Until I decided to install the physical shop plugin, (which allows users to use chests to make shops.)  I installed it and ran the server, then when I went to login to the server via minecraft. It got stuck on the login, and either it stopped working, or it would give me a screen similar to the failed to login: bad login screen. But it had a file directory for a random file, and some extra HTML code under it. I completely reinstalled minecraft, and even deleted the .minecraft folder. It also may help to know that I used the manual download for the 1.6 update which was provided in 1.5.2. But now I have no idea how to get to the real 1.6 launcher. So, if anyone has had this experience. Or they know of a solution, or can direct me to an article or someone that can. It would be much appreciated. Thanks.

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Another IKEA server rack!

I just saw this: an industrial-strength server rack built out of a Helmer filing cabinet. This guy was using it to create Linux server cluster for 3D rendering. Pretty awesome.(I made the super-cheap, half-height one out of Corras side tables.)

Posted by nagutron 10 years ago

Minecraft Server: Land of Arcania

Land of Arcania The Land or Arcania server is a small, whitelisted community playing on a custom map. The server will be vanilla for the players, but there will be plugins protecting the server spawn, as it took a long time for me to build. There will be 15 slots but we will accept probably a few more than that. Myself and the fellow admins will do our best to play legit and with the other players on the server and help them do projects such as an enderman or blaze farm. A couple rules before going to submit an application... 1) No griefing, this is a friendly community and it doesn't make sense to destroy someone else s work.  2) No stealing, however minor pranks are allowed. Use your best  judgement 3) Obey the admins, we won't ask much but if we need you to test someone, please do it. 4) Please spread out, if you wish to live with a friend that is fine. There is a lot of space in the map, use it. 5) The map has terrain very different from a normal minecraft world, be careful if you die we won't retrieve your things 6) I worked hard to make the world look natural, please keep it like that. No halfway cut down trees. Also, don't build near spawn 7) No climbing on the masts 8) Pvp is allowed. However it is really only meant for fooling around or maybe dueling to see who gets those diamond you two found. 9) Have fun! Probably the most generic rule, but really we didn't make this server to bore you. 10) To prove you read the rules, if you wish to submit an application please include the word caterpillar somewhere in it. 11) NO hacks, x-ray, modded clients or anything that would give you an advantage. To submit an application: Copy/paste the questions into a comment and fill them out. If you have been accepted you will be Pm'ed a message saying the IP. If you have not been accepted, you probably will not hear back. Please answer the question to the best of your ability. IGN {In game name}: Age: How long have you been playing minecraft: Why should I pick you: How could the server benefit from having you on it: Would you help enjoy helping in community projects: Why do you want to play on this server: A brief description of yourself: Note: Those are REAL screenshots of about 1% of the entire map

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Dial-up internet server

Hi everyone, I am trying to connect my Sega Dreamcast to the internet with it's 56k modem, without using telephone lines. From what I understand, I need to connect my my Dreamcast to a tone generator, then to a USB modem plugged into a laptop with which to forward the connection over wifi. My question is: Is this is a plausible solution, and if so, could I simplify and shrink this set up. Ideally I would like to figure out if I could build a tone generator instead of buying one and how can I replace the laptop with something like a raspberry pi. I think that once I figured out how to forward the connection on my laptop, it would be fairly straightforward to do the same with a raspberry pi. I would prefer a relatively compact solution if possible. Thanks in advance for any help or thoughts.

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56k modem SMS server?

Is there any server software that would allow me to use a 56k modem to send and receive text message to a landline for free?

Asked by nfarrow 4 years ago  |  last reply 4 years ago

MCPE server over vpn

Hello,  Could someone please tell me how to make a vpn server so I can play minecraft pe with my friend? More details: I have nexus 4 win 7 computer 

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Ultimate Pi Home Server

I'm new to linux and following through the instructables  for Pi home server. Everything is fine until I try to login to Webmin via ssh from windows 7 PC with `putty` using IP:12321 This lets me login to root @core but can't get the Webmin login screen. Any help much appreciated

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What is a Dell Poweredge Server?

What is a Dell Poweredge Is it a desktop?  Can it run servers like minecraft? Can you Play Games like minecraft on it? Can it be plugged into a monitor/keyboard/mouse. does it work for everday use? Can you record/edit videos? is this item Bad? Heres an example of what im looking at :;=item27f7381dd3 Can you add google chrome to this? (my guess is no for all the questions i just asked but i still wanted to ask them cause i dont know much about computers) Main question tho: can it run a minecraft server

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?Thin Client Server help? Answered

Ok, well I am back again with my strange questions but nao this time it is about Thin Clients. I purchased Three Compaq Evo T20 thin clients on ebay, well I want to simply install them in my home, and connect them to my server (which is whatever you want it to be) {not built yet, LOL}? Well, they can use a number of protocols, as they will only be used for simple tasks I.E. Internet Word, and thats it.Here is the link....

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Instructables server updates tonight

Instructables is getting a big upgrade tonight (Pacific time). There will be times when you can't edit Instructables or make comments, time when you can't log in, and times when you can't access the site at all. We'll try to keep everything as short as possible, but please bear with us. I promise you're going to love the changes, and I'll tell you more about them when we're sure they're working.

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Instructables server updates tonight

Instructables is getting a big upgrade tonight (Pacific time). There will be times when you can't edit Instructables or make comments, time when you can't log in, and times when you can't access the site at all. We'll try to keep everything as short as possible, but please bear with us. I promise you're going to love the changes, and I'll tell you more about them when we're sure they're working.

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My Compaq proliant server will not shut down

Well My Server wont shut down for some reason. when you plug it in it automatically starts. and when you hold down the power button for 8 seconds it shuts off and starts up in a second..... whats going on ??

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what's a network loop?

Asked by 11tillr 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago