how to make a windows 7 computer a server?

What all requirements needed?? what all steps to follow in detail??

Asked by AjayPhilips 5 years ago

What is a good OS for a server in a house with all computers running Windows XP and one running Windows Vista? Answered

I want to build a server for my home, I have 3-5 computers in my house running Windows XP, I also have 1 computer running Vista. What should I do?

Asked by bwpatton1 9 years ago

Dedicated sa-mp server?

Hi eeryone, i am a player of gta san andreas and san andreas multiplayer. I am wondering what parts of my pc would make my server run better. I mean... i have a dedicated pc just for this since the pc is sooo old, and i need to know what part gives me more bandwidth.  Because its got like 1 gig of ram and i dont even know what the cpu is. Anyway, yeah. The ip is but its not always on.

Asked by sci4me 7 years ago

server hosting minecraft server Answered

i have a friend who wants to buy a server to host his minecraft server. does anyone know what kind he should take?ho and he wants to keep the price low.

Asked by didgitalpunk 6 years ago

Why cant friends join server??

I just created a Minecraft server and portfowarded it.. But for some reason my friends still cant join it!!  Help.....?

Asked by kalanimoeai 11 months ago

Can i run Windows Xp on a server?

I was thinking about buying a server, and i was wondering what operating system i could use. Since a server is basically a computer, can i run windows XP on it? Thanks!

Asked by Sandisk1duo 8 years ago

Setting Up a DNS Server

I am interested in setting up a DNS server but have never setup any kind of server before. I am currently running Ubuntu 7.04 and windows xp. Is there anyway to do this for free? All shared knowledge is greatly appreciated!

Posted by sardines454 10 years ago

Server Problem - Can't display instructables page

My Instructables list doesn't diplay. I can see 'You', 'Discussions' and 'Settings' but 'Instructables' displays this error and has been for several hours. The server had a problem! Please try again in a few moments or reload the entire page. The server had a problem! Please try again in a few moments or reload the entire page.

Posted by egbertfitzwilly 8 years ago

Server Running Slow

Over the last few days I've noticed that is running VERY slow. I usually can open 20 or more tabs at a time on the server but lately I can only open 1 or 2. I hope that other people have noticed this and it can get fixed soon!                                                      Thanks,                                                            Jake

Posted by Jakeg 8 years ago

Pdf Download ... make a butonniere Server error

I have tried to download the pdf numerous times today ... (how to make a butonierre) ... process starts .. asks for a location then craps out due to server error. Noticed the same thing last week with the Vietnamese preserved lemons ... thought in that case it was the presence of non latin characters.....

Posted by ChefJohn1955 4 years ago

video server anyone? Answered

I have an external hard drive with a bunch of movies on it and I'm looking for a way to be able to access and watch the movies from another computer.  I know that if I set up a server I would be able to access the movie files and download them to the other computer but is there a way to just watch them without having to download?  Thanks for the help. 

Asked by ZachyKras 7 years ago

My Public Minecraft Server

Hello everyone, this topic is all about my minecraft server(mostly to get it out there) some rules if you want to join: no swearing(cussing) you cannot kill other players no abusing commands (if opped) no greifing EVER The penalty to doing any of these is first getting kicked, then if you do it again, you get banned.

Posted by nancyjohns 4 years ago

RazorCraft Minecraft Server

Me and a few friends got a minecraft professionally hosted by Fragnet and need more people to play on it. My in game name is bhunabhuna. I have a nickname so just press tab to see who's on.

Posted by Millawi Legend 6 years ago

Instal windows os on server?

Hello! Can some experienced guy can say me do I can instal win7 on server? I have an old HP ProLiant DL580 G2 .. what actually runs with winserver 2000. 4 years didn't done anything, just yesterday figured out to turn it on! First I had problems : Parity check 2 memory Dimm problems but they are solved now! I just though What can I instal on this server? It is clean and there is no os in hard drive. It asks to boot from cd... so I'm wondering what can I instal on it!! Please any suggestions? Thanks!

Asked by coolsawas1993 4 years ago

Any advice on setting up a personal web server, please? Answered

Allow me to apologise in advance: I have checked with Google and am still a bit confused. Currently I pay for webhosting and I'd like to do away with those costs. I want to set up a reasonable fast pc to act as a server for my websites. Has anyone here actually done such a thing and was it (very) difficult? Also, once I have bought my web domains, how do I point to my own server? I don't need the detail of the how to as I can research that - what I need to know is just how much work this will entail and what range of Linux/Microsfot products will be needed. Many thanks.

Asked by kevinhannan 6 years ago

Creaking under the Strain?

I've been getting periods of 503 errors (service unavailable) from Instructables recently. Are the servers creaking under the strain of all these weighty PRO members, or is the Instructables Robot hard at it mucking out the caches as he tweaks the privileges?

Posted by AndyGadget 9 years ago

Print Server

Hello, I have a apple mac PowerBook G4 that connects wireless to our 4-port adsl modem which the PC connects to as well. I was recently tiding out the box of cables and modems and stuff. I found our old adsl modem it just has a power port a telephone port and an Ethernet port and a usb port. I also have a sub wireless adapter(plug in to a PC and you have a wireless adapter. Is there a way to modify these items to build a print server so i can connect to it and print. I can't modify the wireless modem since thats what we use for internet.Is there a way to make one so I don't have to pay like over $50 for one I want a small device so i can make our usb printer a network one so i can print easily??

Posted by jbman 9 years ago

Links to Files Giving a 403

Howdy, It's been pointed out to me that the links in one of my instructables are not working. The .doc files linked on this page: are getting a 403 Forbidden page. This seems to be something going wrong on the instructables' server -- could it be looked at? Thank you very much for your consideration in the matter. Philip

Posted by oschene 5 years ago

FTP Instructable (not a come see my instructable topic!)

I'm wondering if anyone would be interested in a instructable on how to setup ftp for free. Please leave suggestions in the comments if there are enough I will probably make the instructable.

Posted by sardines454 10 years ago

Minecraft Server IPs

Post your Minecraft server IPs here! NM

Posted by NatNoBrains 7 years ago

My Compaq proliant server will not shut down

Well My Server wont shut down for some reason. when you plug it in it automatically starts. and when you hold down the power button for 8 seconds it shuts off and starts up in a second..... whats going on ??

Posted by littlechef37 10 years ago

what's a network loop?

Asked by 11tillr 7 years ago

Battleknight, anyone?

Anyone play Battleknight?I am on server 4, known as Jamalam. I am the founder and owner of the successful order "Ultimate Weapons". At the time of writing, it is 4th in the game.It is a fun game, you all should try it. Do you play already? Join Ultimate weapons :Dclicky

Posted by The Jamalam 9 years ago

Minecraft Server connection problem

Hello fellow minecrafters, I recently downloaded and ran a server.exe. That worked great. I then downloaded minecraft server.jar, and used a .bat file to run it. That worked just fine. After that I ran the server.jar, and used bukkit and added some plugins. It worked phenomenally.  Until I decided to install the physical shop plugin, (which allows users to use chests to make shops.)  I installed it and ran the server, then when I went to login to the server via minecraft. It got stuck on the login, and either it stopped working, or it would give me a screen similar to the failed to login: bad login screen. But it had a file directory for a random file, and some extra HTML code under it. I completely reinstalled minecraft, and even deleted the .minecraft folder. It also may help to know that I used the manual download for the 1.6 update which was provided in 1.5.2. But now I have no idea how to get to the real 1.6 launcher. So, if anyone has had this experience. Or they know of a solution, or can direct me to an article or someone that can. It would be much appreciated. Thanks.

Posted by vroom...vroom... 4 years ago

WTF is going on here??

(Gave up yesterday, so the news are a few hours old...) For a few hours now I really struggle to leave a reply, create a new topic or simply navigate the site. The robot invites me to a game, which might be fun at other times but not when you think you might want to leave a reply to a topic. I understand that updates and changes need servers to be offline for a while and also that some tasks might cause a bad response at those times. What I don't understand however is why noone bothers to consider to make an announcement about works to affect the site for more than let's say 30 minutes. Even if it is night time or some other time where everyone in the states is asleep: Instructables is well used and visited from other timezones around the globe.... If I update the forum sections, or recent answers (or any part of Instructables for that matter) I should see a popup that notifies about server works or other disruptions so I won't bother trying to post something in that time which in many cases will mean I loose what I just typed. Or better still: Send an Email to all members and inform them about planned or sheduled works. Can't be too hard to do can it? As said, the robot is nice but will only show once it is too late ;)

Posted by Downunder35m 6 months ago

help plezz with sever stuff

I need help putting together a sever for team speak 3 for gaming and i want to use a Linus's base for it i have the computer parts for it but no idea were to get Linux form or how to set up team speak 3 sever so if some one can help me that would be great

Posted by the doctor who 5 years ago

Private server basics needed

Anyone know where i can find the basics to creating a private server for a game?

Posted by Littleman23476 9 years ago

My Minecraft Server

Hey guys I have a minecraft server and if anybody wanted to play on it the ip is I'm the admin so I will give you stuff. Alomst forgot, its a PvP/Survival server :)

Posted by didexo 5 years ago

What are some things can use windows server OS?

Can someone hit me up with some links to websites with windows server 2008 tutorials or how to's? (even better instructables) Thanks in advance!

Asked by wotot2 7 years ago

Locate The Instructables Servers !!!

I have Firefox 3.0 and an add-on that tells me the location of the websites servers and displays it on Google maps, Here is what came up when i searched for instructables servers : Has confirmed this location and he also says they wear 10 Gallon hats :DP.s. i know this is super geeky :P

Posted by =SMART= 10 years ago

Could somebody help me set up a domain for my server?

Could somebody please help me setup a domain for my server? Details: it runs on port 19132 i have android and windows at my fingertips i need it to be public so anybody can use the server it is a Minecraft pocket edition server running pocket mine on my nexus 4 looking for a free solution. Thank you                  -Technerder

Asked by Genius 470 3 years ago

My minecraft server quit working?

I currently have a PC dedicated to running a minecraft server.  Initially it worked just fine and could be accessed from anywhere, but recently that stopped.  It is now only accessible on a local scale.  Here is a quick rundown of the network: Wireless radio brings in signal which is then plugged into a router.  That router has one computer attached to it and then a long cable running to a second router.  That second router connects to everything else in the house such as printers three computers plus the dedicated server PC.  I am reasonable sure the problem doesn't reside within the secondary router because when connecting to the primary router with the ip the ports forward to the server just fine.  It is also possible to reach the server with the direct ip  Using the port usually isn't necessary however I use it here to emphasize my problem.  I have also used my other computers in attempts to get the server to broadcast, however it has always failed.  I really need help because we were just about to go public with the server when this problem came up.  Do any of you have an idea of why I wouldn't be able to access the server above a local scale?

Asked by 5 years ago

What's the best way to create a Linux server from solid state memory ? Answered

I have a dead home server. It used two hard-disks, one for everything but /home and one for /home. /home is fine, as it was intended to be. I'm about to rebuild it, but its occurred to me that virtually all of my data in there, apart from less than a gig is pretty well static - its the house email server, so there is a dynamic bit in there, but its tiny. What's the best way to do this ? I've Googled a bit, but not found much guidance, except folks selling solid state servers. The motherboard is a mini-ITX. What about using Mint as the basis of something ? Steve

Asked by steveastrouk 7 years ago

server problem(update)

So i actually got the video to show up by using an old tube screen, and went trough the boot but in the end it still doesn't work, because there is actually no O.S. . problem is it  won't load the stupid disk that has the operating system OR the floppy! WHY? Ho and while i'm at it do you know how to update questions you previously asked? thanks for all the help guys! too bad the linux page is down i wont be able to try out linux on my server but i guess they will put it back online pretty soon:) (for those hwo don't know they got hacked and had to bring down the whole server to see if anything had gone wrong because of that, and so it's been about one week they brought it down:( )

Asked by didgitalpunk 6 years ago

DVD ripper?

So I want to rip DVDs to my server at home so I can watch them in my den and in my gameroom from the media center computers in there. Problem-Nasty DVD copyright protections Is there a FREE software out there that can do it all in one step? not two softwares but a single one Compression would be nice but not necessary

Asked by bwpatton1 8 years ago

Is instructables's server not working?

When I was working at my computer I received messages like in the picture below. The first question which came to me was is there a bug or is it my Internet. I can still browse but these error's keep occurring. This has never happened before and i have checked all the bug reports but this hasn't been reported I would also like to comment that the featured instructables have keeped the same on the front page since yesterday... Further more im also getting error 400 like in picture 2 trying to post this forum. Plus i would like to know what an error 400 is? I know what error 500 is but not 400 Thanks Oscar

Posted by oscarthompson 8 years ago

How to host virtual domain on xampp without hosts file?

I've somewhat successfully created a virtual domain in xampp. But for that I had to edit the hosts file in my client pc. So is it possible to create a virtual domain without editing the hosts file? Maybe by adding the list of ips and domains in the xampp server and adding its ip in the client dns? I searched a lot finding nothing helpful, so I'm asking here.

Asked by Tanmay Das 3 years ago

Error in installing Apache on Raspberry pi ?

Hi everyone  I was trying to install LAMP on my Raspberry pi and got this error  Can anyone tell me what went wrong ?

Asked by HadirRashed1 3 years ago

USes for my mac?

I have this old B&W G3 and so far I have 4 hard drives in it (2 old 6 gig in raid stripe, and 2 old 20 gig quantum fireballs). I also have a dvd burner in it, but it's kinda hard to use all the drives at once :(Regardless, I'm wondering what I can use for a OS on this old unit (350mhz) and I have 512mb of ram in it (I think). I tried mac os x server 10.4.9 this morning that I burned onto a dvd, it booted, but when I tried to proceed in the setup, it told me that it wasn't compatible with my mac or something to that extent.I'm downloading Gentoo as per recommendation from a friend, and then he told me, he never could get linux to work on any mac. Such encouragement. I'm just stumped and curious to see if anyone else has some ideas for what I could use this server for.

Posted by Punkguyta 9 years ago

Raspberry pi

Hello, I have to create webcam server system that consist USB web camera, raspberry pi. The system will function like this : 1. Raspberry Pi will take a pictures every 30 seconds. 2. raspberry pi have to send the pictures (MMS of the picture) to the owner mobile phone and email ID. i just want to ask several question. 1. can raspberry pi send MMS? i think i want to connect raspberry pie to the wireless broadband modem, so it will send MMS thru email. possible or not? or there is another alternative to do this thing? 2. Is there any chances owner can reply via mobile phone or email? how the owner mobile phone want to confirm back to raspberry pi? reply the email or what? i hope anybody can help me. and also can provide me any website link that can help me to understand more about all of this.

Posted by chaitanyabysani 5 years ago

How should I manage 8 computers for a small business? Answered

My father's store has eight computers at the moment and management has been a bit, well, annoying. (I'm his IT guy at this point.) When the store only had 3 computer, managing them was as simple as scheduling defrags and virus scans, periodically fixing hardware issues and network problems, and reinstalling XP every few years. They had LogMeIn, which was nice, and helped get the computers back and running quickly. A few years later wiith eight computers, though, It's just too much. The biggest problem I'm facing now is the lack of automation among the different computers software-wise, especially when downloading new software. When installing AVG, I have to do it eight times. Updating LogMeIn? EIGHT FRIGGIN TIMES! I noticed that my entire town's school system's computer' system's IT people's method to manage their thousands of computers was a great approach, (don't mind the apostrophe's,) and I hope to try to apply similar management methods to the store. The thing that I'd really like to do is to have all of the computers, essentially,  be identical. This means, for example, that all user accounts work on all computers, and the hard drives' contents would be identical, other than specific drivers for the different computers. So, where do I start? (I wouldn't mind doing some light programing for that, or, em, scripting would be the term, actually.) I assume I need a server of some sort, probably a logon/PXE/FTP windows server, right? Or would it be simpler if I do the whole thing using Linux? Do I need a specialty program? Should an actual IT guy be hired at this point? Please help.

Asked by aelias36 7 years ago


I was inspired (and pretty amazed) at the ServerBot instructable that someone had made for the iRobot Create challenge (LINK). So inspired, in fact, that I would like to try to make one. The problem is, I have a low budget, only knowledge in Basic Stamp 2, and I have some, but not many, types of sensors. I am almost sure this is possible (even remotely, at least) with the basic stamp 2. I have some of the ideas for the coding in my head, and some idea of how to make it. If I do follow through with this, I will make an instructable on it. But I need some ideas. Is this truly possible with a basic stamp 2? Elaborate, please! Credit to the below picture goes to JoeCreate who made the robot (LINK).

Posted by RPisces 10 years ago


I'm trying to install SQL Server 2008 but its not working. what are the version of SQL server that is still working? Thanks God Bless

Posted by patek17 3 years ago

Is there a way to login to AFP servers on Windows Vista? Answered

I wanna login to Mac servers on my PC

Asked by Izokay 9 years ago

Does anybody have a Minecraft server with 10 slots or less which is 24/7?

I'm looking for a Minecraft server for a while but the only 24/7 servers I found were 200 slot servers with many plugins and lag. If someone has a small Minecraft server with 10 slots or less I'd be glad to join.  (I prefer servers with a Dutch of English speaking community)

Asked by Knex.X 6 years ago

How can you make and use a Multicast Imaging server? Answered

I am a tech at a school and am assigned with making setting up a mulicast imaging server. We are running Windows 2008 servers SP2. Using System Center to deploy things currently.  

Asked by thr3e 7 years ago

modded servers in bf2142?

version 1.50

Asked by DontShoot262 7 years ago

Server Error... with monkeys.

I clicked on the link to watch "Detective Mittens: The Crime Solving Cat" on YouTube, and this is what I got.

Posted by NYPA 7 years ago

Internal Server Error Uploading Images

Upon completion of upload of image in new instructable I receive an Internal Server Error message.  Image does not upload.  I would show a screenshot of the error, but uploads will not work on this form either. HELP!

Posted by DiyWaterDog 1 year ago