Where can you buy servo motors in canada? Answered

Hey i was just wondering where the best place in canada is to buy servo motors

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Huge Servo?

I read the instructable on how to turn a servo into a a geared motor, but with that board that is taken out of the servo, could you attach that to any motor and make much larger servos? kc

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Where are the best/cheap servos? Answered

I'm looking for the most highest quality servos there is to buy. Or the cheapest.

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Servo? Answered

Whenever I connect an arduino to power (which has servos connected to it) the servos always go to the 90 degrees position first and then go through the code. Any way to prevent this from happening?

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Simultaneous but different servo sweeps with four servos?

Hi I want to run a sweep command for 4 servos off of one Arduino Uno simultaneously, but each at different rates. Currently I have figured out how to run 4 servos simultaneously but at the same rate, and how to run each at a different rate, but not simultaneously.  

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How to "size" a servo motor? Answered

I have a 28lb solar panel that I'd like to position with servo motors, but not having worked with Servos I'm having a tough time trying to understand how to size the servos that I'll need. I'm finding a ton of "hobby"/"toy" servos that are rated at 25/30KG but am I under/over-thinking that would equate to the ability of those servos handle the full weight, if centrally positioned, of a 28lb array? I get that if they weren't centrally positioned I'd need to figure in leverage weight multiplication, etc., but if they were positioned in the center of the array to form 2 axises would a 30KG servo be able to handle the weight of the array?

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anybody knows what company manufactures SG90 servo?

Hi, I recently need a large quantity of SG90 servo. I only find those sellers from Aliexpress or Allbuy, but I need to contact in business way with a specific company that produces SG90 servo motor in real. Anybody knows a answer? Thanks.  

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Servos are reversed with servo.h for my stuff?

I am new to Arduino, but i have spent quite a while today proving that 1500 is neutral but 1700, 1900 , and 2000 is LEFT not RIGHT.  I used two servos as well as two different arduino program style to prove  (myservo.write(30) and writeMicrosends(2000). What Am I doing wrong?  Thanks!

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How can you increase the range of a servo without losing the positioning feedback system?

I am trying to use them for the joints of a robotic arm. I have the Towerpro mg996r servo. Also the servo won't attain full ranged that can be reached when turning it by hand. By hand I can turn it about 240 degrees but through a micro-controller (arduino mega 2560) it only turns about 180 degrees. If it can get the range that I can get by hand that would also be enough. I might be using the incorrect code or something, not sure exactly what the problem is. I would greatly appreciate any help or ideas.  

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What are continuous rotation servos?

Does 'continuous rotation servos' run on commands like myservo.write(360) (for Arduino servo library)?

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Servos motion not smooth

Hi, im trying to program my servo to do a simple sweep (smooth motion). but instead it jerks a small degree everytime. the code i've used : #include Servo myservo;  // create servo object to control a servo void setup() {   myservo.attach(9);  // attaches the servo on pin 9 to the servo object } void loop() {   myservo.write(10);                  // sets the servo position according to the scaled value   delay(1000);                           // waits for the servo to get there   myservo.write(150);                  // sets the servo position according to the scaled value   delay(1000); }

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Servo help

Do I need a motor shield for my arduino to use servos? Also where can i find REALLY cheap servos?

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Servo to shaft ? Answered

Hello, I would like to ask if there is a way to couple a servo motor to a shaft. Thanks.

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spraypainting a servo

Does anyone here have any advise on how to best spraypaint a servo or if it can even be done without causing damage to the servo. thanks

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micro servo controlling?

hai guys, i have a micro servo motor . i planed to do hobby project with it . can any one guide me to make the servo turn around.  

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Servo Controlled door

Hey I'm making an arduino controlled door. Will a servo provide enough torque to open and close a bedroom door?

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What is the difference between a servo motor and a regular motor? Answered

What is the difference between a servo motor and a regular motor?

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PIcaxe servo? Answered

How to i control a servo with the picaxe can someone explain in detail i saw in the command section the servo and servopos commands but didnt quiet get it can someone plzzz explain it to me ang give a eg code for making a servo move from side to side .

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servo controlled by arduino

Hi everyone and thanks for looking. I wanted to conrtol a servo using ardunio. This is what I want the servo to do, I want to be able to flip a switch and have the servo move. switch in "off" position, servo is at rest flip the switch to "on" position, servo moves 90 degrees and holds switch to "off" position, servo returns to rest position I am just starting out with arduino and really didnt know what was need to acomplish this. any help would be great. Thanks in advanced

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Need Help Finding a Servo Motor...

I need help finding servos that are similar to these (sadly, it doesnt look like Conrad Electronics ships to the US). i cant spend more than $10 USD per servo and the site has to be able to ship to the US.

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Can I reverse servo direction in Arduino?

On my robot, both servos move clockwise. Is there any way in the  Arduino Environment to reverse the direction of one, to make it move counter-clockwise? 

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Can someone recommend me a servo for my project?

Im building a weedwacker powered RC car and I need a really strong servo to drive it, I'm also trying to keep it cheap what would be the best servo to use? Extra info: -Im planing on using 2 servos configured together -Final project will weigh 11 pounds without gas (max)

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Controlling two servos with one pin and a NOT-gate

Here's an interesting idea. It may be possible to control two servos independently with only one output pin and an inverter/NOT-gate. Normally, a servo is at its 'center' position when a pulse is 1.5 ms & its angle (or speed for continuous servos) is based on the difference between the length of time of the pulse it received & the base-time of 1.5ms. The servo itself does not react to the time BETWEEN pulses however. If the signal was inverted, the result would be a pulse with a time being that of the time between pulses of the initial signal. If the width of a pulse and the time between pulses can be independently controlled, then it would be possible to control one servo with the signal directly, and another servo using the inverted signal. I found something similar here [http://www.diyrc.com/reversers.htm] but it seems to be intended for 'reversing' the signal used to control one of the servos.

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Transform a Servo into stepper?

Hi, I'm wondering if it is possible to transform, with mecanisms like in watchmaking, a sigle servo into a stepper. When the servo turns left, a crank will turn of a fixed amount of degree in the clockwise direction. When the servo turns right, a crank will turn of a fixed amount of degree in the anti-clockwise direction. The main advantage of this is that we can have a stepper motor created with a servo. I'm searching such projects without results... Am I the first one to think about this ? How can I imagine such a mecanical project ? Thank you

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How to power multiple servos with an external power source?

I need to power the following servos (with the following quantities): 1 x HS-422 Servo Motor, 2 x HS-645MG Servo Motor, 1 x HS-755HB Giant Scale Servo Motor, 1 x HS-805BB Giant Scale Servo Motor, 1 x HS-485HB Servo Motor. I have an arduino uno controlling them but am powering them off of 1 6v 2800mAh NiMH battery (I have 2 at my disposal though). I am using the power strip on the side of my breadboard. I connected all my servos and battery to the same power strip. My servos seem to be going crazy when I have more than 1 connected (they don't listen to the input and just keep going from 1-180 degrees). I have attached the layout below.

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Servo Position

Hey i was trying to control the servo using joystick(potentiometer). i am but stuck at a problem when joystick is at center servo is at 90° when i move the joystick to left, servo sets at 0° and when i release the joystick it came back to its 90° but when i move the joystick to right, the server does sets to 180° but does not come back to 90° on release the joystick, it sets to a little more than 90° like 100° what could be the problem ? #include Servo servo; int sp ; int js_x; void setup() { servo.attach(3); } void loop() { sp= map(js_x ,0 ,1023, 0, 180); servo.write(sp); }

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How would you use a standard servo and linkage to raise the visor of a repro Ironman helmet?

I am thinking that I could use a standard servo (or 2) to do the raising of the visor incorporating a DPDT switch to reverse the polarity to bring it back down again. I am struggling with the translation of the rotary action from a servo to push the visor out and up.. What would be the best linkage to use? what would be the interface between the servo and the linkage

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Arduino And Servo

Hi..  i want a motor which can drive my robot at humans normal walking speed.. and also whose speed can be controlled dynamically.. Can anyone plz suggest me such servo or any dc motor.. motor should be compatible with arduino uno..?? 

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Connecting 12 Servo to Arduino

Hi all, I am building a spider-bot using an Arduino and 12 servos (at finish it will be 18 I am waiting for the Arduino mega to arrive) do I need to set something in my Arduino so it will be able to control so many servos?it seems that if I try to connect more then 2 it goes nuts. Thank you.?

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What is a suitable portable power supply for 5 servos?

For a project 5 servos are needed. Currently I am thinking of using a 9V battery to power them, but several articles say that the 9V would not be sufficient or it would destroy the servo. Some articles claim that using a voltage regulator would work, others say to use a higher power battery preferably a LiPo battery. The servos used are 5 Micro Servo SG90 servos. So if a 9V could be used what is the appropriate method? If instead of using a 9V battery a LiPo should be used what should the power of the battery be?

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How to fix a servo with a burned out green circuit board?

I have a Hitec HS -805BB servo that seems to have a burned out component on the green pcb circuit board (the component looks like a H- bridge of some sort). For this reason the servo won't work. I tested the potentiometer, gears, and DC motor inside this servo and they work great. I was wondering if I could somehow get this servo working again since it was really expensive. Could I cut out the current burned out green circuit board and wire the other working components through an arduino? So pretty much use an arduino as a replacement circuit board for the servo. If this is possible how would I wire it and what would the code look like. Here are some links to instructables that I think could help with this problem but am not sure: https://www.instructables.com/id/DIY-Servo-Motor/ https://www.instructables.com/id/Make-your-own-low-cost-servo/ If there is any other way to get this servo working again please let me know as this servo is vital in my project and costs a fair amount. Thank you for your help in advanced.

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Arduino servo random sweep help?

Hello to the ibble world, I have tried to generate a random sweep for two servo connected to 9 and 10, the problem I have is I don't know enough about the code to figure out where I have gone wrong. Same old story, I have taken the standard code from the examples "sweep" and tried to add a second servo using a random position genorator. I would appreciate some advice with the following case and if you can help me to understand where I went wrong I should not make the same mistake next time :-)  (probably!) It seems to generate the fault where I try to use "change(ypos,ynew)" I have defined change but somewhere I have dropped a boo boo. Thanks in advance. Kind regards Darren // Sweep // by BARRAGAN // This example code is in the public domain. #include Servo xservo;  // create servo object to control a servo Servo yservo;  // a maximum of eight servo objects can be created int xpos = 0;    // variable to store the servo position int ypos; int ynew; void setup() {   xservo.attach(9);  // attaches the servo on pin 9 to the servo object   yservo.attach(10);   ypos = random(180); } #define change(a,b) if (a>b) a--; else (a void loop() {   for(xpos = 0; xpos < 180; xpos += 1)  // goes from 0 degrees to 180 degrees   {                                     // in steps of 1 degree     xservo.write(xpos);                 // tell servo to go to position in variable 'pos'     delay(10);                          // waits 15ms for the servo to reach the position   }   for(xpos = 180; xpos>=1; xpos-=1)      // goes from 180 degrees to 0 degrees   {                                    xservo.write(xpos);                  // tell servo to go to position in variable 'pos'     delay(10);                           // waits 15ms for the servo to reach the position   }    {     ynew = random(180);     while ((ypos != ynew))     yservo.write(ypos);     {       change(ypos,ynew)       yservo.write(ypos);       delay (10);     }     }

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servos run on 6.5V, but how many amps?

I have five servos running off a picaxe sd21 servo controller and it will operate using four AA batteries, but I want it to run off a wall adaptor. Now theres plenty of adjustable adaptors on the market giving from 3V to 12V and I've seen one that might work for me that can be set to 6.5/ 7.5V, but does anyone know the suitable current range for my device.

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I need to know how to power two or more servo motors with a arduino. Answered

I need to know how to power two or more servo motors with a arduino. should I use a motor board and if so which one? or would the arduino be powerful enough to work two servo motors I am planing on using the vex tank tread kit http://www.vexrobotics.com/276-2168.html and the 2-Wire Motor 393 http://www.vexrobotics.com/276-2177.html.

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i need help changing voltage from 5-6v to run my servoes from my servo controller that runs at 5v 1a?

hello all i am going to be running 4 servos from this servo controller. it uses a 5v 1amp power and i would like to run my servos at 6v is there a way to do this?  i was thinking not sure if its possible but 5v to controller circuit and 6v to servos  and leave the signal wire connected to controler.. here is the Data Sheet  2. i feel dumb but my second ? is on a potentiometer do i hookup the middle pin to signal outer left to 5+ outer right to ground sorry just want to make sure i get it right. thank you

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Servo SM-S4304R

After long time of searching, without success, i would like some help. I purchased one Sm-s4303r servo motor. My questions are: 1.How can i do it work for 3 seconds at normal speed and to stop it for example 12hours. To work 2 times per day. 2.What will be the suitable servo which can do 180° in every movement. I mean 180° now and the second (to complete the cycle 360) in 10 hours.. I would be glad if somebody could help me. Thanks, Chris

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Is there a way to calculate how much weight a servo can lift? Answered

I'm working on a 6 legged, 3DOF, spider-like robot, and I was wondering if its possible to find out how much weight the servos I have can lift... It says they are rated 3.9kg - cm so for 1 cm pole, its 3.9kg, and how can I convert that to see how much weight it can hold? the servo's that move the legs I'm not worried about but the ones that lift the chassis, make me have second thoughts.. The chassis is less than 1 pound, so at the point of the servo is about an inch and a half away, will it be able to lift.. Also, 6 servos will be lifting, so does this add all the torque together for a total product?

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Is there a store where I can find a servo motor? Answered

I need a continuous rotation servo really fast, so I can't wait for shipping (a normal one would work too, I can modify it for continuous rotation). I live in New Jersey, but I can go to New York (city) too. I just need to find an actual store where I can buy one, not something online. Thanks!

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Push button to toggle servo direction - monostable 555 circuit? Answered

I would like to build a circuit where I push a button once and a servo moves 180 degrees and stays there.  If I push the button again it should move back to the start position. A switch is good alternative, whichever would be easier. I've been looking at circuits to do with 555 timers and servos and have found these two which seem useful: http://www.555-timer-circuits.com/servo-controller.html http://www.dummies.com/how-to/content/electronics-components-555-timer-chip-in-monostabl.html Is that second circuit what I need?  How would I change the direction of the servo each time it runs? I looked into flip-flops such as the 4013 which came up as a suggestion instead of a 555 but quickly got out of my depth.  I'm happy tinkering around with electronics but unfortunately don't know too much of the theory...

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Increase Torque and Current inside Servo

Hi; I have a DC Servo motor. I want to increase its torque. It has 12volt and max 900mamp current gives 15kgcm torque. I want to remove the tiny DC motor and fix a 5amp 12volt big motor with metal gears. I want to ask " How can I give more current without burning the main SMD circuit board". If I place a battery in parallel to the motor terminals it can burn the circuit. Any ideas ?

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need a cheap way to use a servo and switch on LED's with a remote

I need to move a small servo left and right and have it stay where I leave it and power 1 or 2 sets of lights with a simple remote but I have no idea how to achieve this apart from use a radio control transmitter/receiver and an electronic speed controller. I see there are lots of little devices out there that could work but being a noob at electronics I'm not too sure what will work. I found this, would something similar to that work? It is 12v, my servos would only take about 6v max though, same with the LED's, I suppose I could use something to lower the voltage output? Cheers.

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How do i set up & program a servo? and what do i need?

I am a total newbie to this, i know i need a micro controller of some sort but dont know exactly what i need or how to set it all up. i will be using the servo to lift a faceplate on a helmet up and down. and would like it on a push button, so when i push the button once, it lifts the faceplate up, and press it again it takes the faceplate down? many thanks

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Feature rich servo controller

Hi All, I'd like to write a servo controller that allows another system to offload some of the low level motion control work to the controller. This is primarily for amateur robotics applications. I'm trying to work out whether a controller implementing the features below would be replicating effort of existing open source drivers and not really worth the bother. Has anyone come across an existing controller that can some/any of the following? Position feedback Alterable traversal rate(s) changeable in real time (mid motion) Different seeking modes (acceleration, stall detection, hammering, error margins) Different communication modes (position queuing, position interrupts, upstream arrival and stall messages, etc) and so on... I'm looking at doing this probably with an Ardunio Nano and controlling as many servos as possible, but the primary goal would be feature richness. I could also see applications for an Attiny version (1 controller to 1 or 2 servos, limited feature set). Has anybody got any thoughts on the idea? Thanks in advance, Andy

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Arduino, Can anyone help with a servo program for arduino?

What I need is that at power up the servo should start at a center point then wait 15 sec then sweep left once return to center wait 15 sec then sweep right wait 3 sec then sweep right again then return to center. I also would like for this to only run once at start up and not again till the arduino is powerd up the next time. I'm new to arduino and have been trying the write the code without luck. I am using the Arduino Uno (SMD Edition). Thank you for any help, Greg

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Hello i would like to know if you guys could help with a code to make a servo reacts to an ultrasonic sensor. The way it would work is that when an object gets close to the sensor for example 2 inches, then the servo goes from 0 degrees to 135 degrees, then wait 5 seconds and go back to original position ( 0 degrees). i was thinking of using loop. something like . loop if  sensor is close to 2 inch then servo goes from 0 to 135 degrees then delay 5 seconds and go back from 135 to 0 degrees else do nothing end if end loop

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exact materials needed for a servo motor build

Ok hello everyone im back again ive got everything built but my servo motors i need to make atleast 126 of these ive got the gears of all different sizes i just want to build my on motors so if you could just give me  materials list of what i need to the very smallest of materials id be greatfulll and i will make a instructablle on how to build what im building. thank you very much  oh by the way it has to be materials for a very high torque motor with very high revolutions

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Servo Help!

First of all, I'm not the best with Technology projects, just putting it out there in case its an obvious answer. Anyway, I have an arduino project that im working on. All it is is a servo that spins after 24 hours, I thought it would be a simple project (I've worked with arduino a little bit) and I wired it up correctly, I'm sure of that, but after I coded the program, the servo wouldn't spin! It just made a dull buzzing sound. At first  I thought it was my program, so i tried just about every basic "sweep" program i could find online about servos. Every program had the same result, a faint buzzing sound and no spinning. Next i thought, maybe the 5v wasn't enough to power the microservo, so i used a external 9v and ended with the same result, buzzing, no movement. Can Anyone Help me?! Please! Is it just a simple solution? Or is my arduino micro controller not working! Please help me because i would like to enter the project in a contest that ends soon! Thank You!

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Motor selection for Humanoid

Hi All, I have recently made a 6 degrees of freedom half-humanoid (no torso) using springRC analog servo. But, I realised that it cannot be made to walk unless the hinges are rigid. Joints are made of plastic. mail.google.com/mail/ After much thinking, I decided to make a new humanoid with parallel plates connected to one shaft. This way, the legs will not bend much. But, in most of the humanoids, that I have seen in instructables, 2 servos were used to control a joint. This will make it costly and program intensive. Has anyone seen a servo motor which has a double ended shaft? I have browsed through Futaba and Hitec motors, but in vain. Please help me out on this. Thanks, Shishir

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