no-sew stuffed animals? Answered

I cant sew or knit (i dont even have the stuff for it, or any money to buy things like that) and i am in need of a no-sew stuffed animal.

Asked by 142687 8 years ago

no sew fleece ponchos for adults.

I recently saw some very adorable new sew ponchos for women at a craft sale.  I totally regret not buying one, and since then I have been scouring pattern sights to find intructions for one.  they we like the blankets only they had an off center v neck and were of course ponchos.  they looked very fashionable. I am really interested in finding out how to make them.  Can anyone help me? PLEASE?? thanks

Posted by piroska1063 8 years ago

The best way to sew vinyl? Answered

Any suggestions on how to sew vinyl? I have a regular singer sewing machine.

Asked by BeSomebody 7 years ago

Coming Soon: Sew Warm Contest

Planning on sewing something together to stay warm this winter? Then get ready for our upcoming Sew Warm Contest with SINGER. We will have some excellent prizes from SINGER to give away to any excellent project that helps you fight the cold this winter. All we ask is that you involve sewing in some way. So get your sewing machine and needles ready! More details coming soon. As with all our contests, entries must be published during the contest. Previously published Instructables are not eligible. UPDATE: Contest is live and can be seen here

Posted by fungus amungus 8 years ago

Where can I buy a roll of silver or brass zippers. I also need stops for them.? Answered

Where can I buy a roll of silver or brass zippers. I also need stops, those pieces that stop the zipper from coming off, for them.?

Asked by imrobot 8 years ago

Singer Contest!

I've entered several contests including winning one a few years ago - the valentines day contest with my soapy beating love heart! (aparently the system for flagging it as a winner won't because I won before the system was implemented! nevermind!) I was very suprised that my first prize was shipped all the way from the US to me in the UK.  I'd not won a competition before that and was very happy to have done so from so far away as well. I didn't realise the rules had changed and the new 'sew warm' competition is US and Canada only. My wife has decided to make her own instructable for the sew warm competition - the prize was a big motivator in getting her to post.  She's not done it yet but will probably over this weekend.  She's completed her project on a 100 year old Singer sewing machine!  Just the sort of thing I would have thought singer might be interested in! If she was ever-so-lucky enough to win, I'd be happy to sort out the customs etc as I would any purchase from abroad!

Posted by tim_n 8 years ago

how can I make a bucket cover for the cat litter buckets?

I have found bucket covers but they are for round buckets. Does anyone have a nice cover for the cat littler buckets?

Asked by 9 years ago

DIY version of this bag?

Roxy Vagabond Crossbody Purse It looks easy enough but I'm terribly without a guide, or pattern. Any ideas? Thanks so much. (I know its suppose to be do it yourself, but i guess I'm a WOPDIF,  watch other people do it first) 

Asked by WhyHello 6 years ago

Complete Sew Warm contest 2010 rules? Answered

Ok, how and where can you read all the contest rules for the sew warm contest 2010?  Do you have to be a pro member to view the entire rules?

Asked by sunshiine 8 years ago

I would like to start sewing and making my own clothes.

I was not raised in an environnement where it was thought to be a suitable activity for a boy. I'm looking for some clues on how to start off. Where to begin with ?

Asked by WillZurMacht 9 years ago

How do I sew or stitch a patch onto a t-shirt? Answered

I'd like to know how to sew or stitch a patch onto a t-shirt. There is an instructable but I'm not sure what technique to use.

Asked by EPL 9 years ago

So You Think You Can Sew

Check out Anna Maria Horner's new book, Seams to Me: 24 New Reasons to Love Sewing and enter their "Sew Like a Pro Sweepstakes" to win a bunch of awesome stuff like a new Singer sewing machine, and more!So you think you can sew?Can you sew like a pro?Then enter this sweepstakesAnd make your skills glow!You could win a machineFabrics, thread and a bookWant to learn more?Here, take a look!Now show us your crafts,A dress for the prom!Share your mad skillzWith!Killer sweepstakes brought to you by our buds at Wiley Publishing, Singer Sewing Machines, Westminster Fibers, and Coats & Clark.

Posted by scoochmaroo 9 years ago

Cutie Plush Cupcakes

Make these super sweet, calorie free cupcakes for all your friends!Need a quick hand-sewing tutorial? Get the scoop from jessyratfink's How to Sew.Via: CRAFT

Posted by scoochmaroo 9 years ago

How do you cut and sew thumb-holes into sleeves?

Ive never had a top with thumb-holes so ive not seen how they are done but have always liked long sleeves and think thumb-holes are a good idea and want to add them to my long-sleeved tops!

Asked by PAWZ 9 years ago

Patterns for basketball jersey?

Does anyone have a pattern to make a basketball jersey?

Asked by Quiksilver2693 9 years ago

How do you Make Candy Wrapper Purses?

The Mexican Folk Craft people make amazing purses or clutches out of candy wrappers or other forms of paper. Some with zippers and cloth internally. I now how to make the chains to start it off. What I am having problems with is how to sew them together. Please help with a detailed instruction or video. 

Asked by jpeek 7 years ago

how to make a cardigan out of a sweatshirt?

I would like to make a cardigan out of a sweatshirt and embellish it for the fall. I saw some at the store the other day and they were selling for $50+. I'm a medium sewer, but have never tackled anything like this. Any suggestions/help/ideas?

Asked by dearest 8 years ago

how to make a patch

I recently got my hands on an awesome jacket from Goodwill, and it is the perfect material to put a couple patches on. I have a couple designs in mind for the patches I wanna make, but I have no idea where to start, so please help me out. I am a complete newbie too PS printed or sewn patches are both a help, but preferably sewn.

Posted by Schisler7 9 years ago

Last minute no-talent Christmas stocking ideas?

Can't find our Christmas stockings! (We moved) Tomorrow I'm heading out to try to find red and white felt and a glue gun. I don't have a sewing machine or time to learn to knit or crochet. I need to make 4 of them, and they need to be super easy and not take special equipment or a lot of time. So I'm thinking I'll just cut out 8 stocking shapes and glue them together and glue some white trim along the top. And if I get real creative, maybe write the names in glitter glue. I am well aware that this is pretty cheesy, but it's all I've been able to think of. I hope one of you will have a better idea. I don't want to spend a lot of money because I'm convinced the originals will turn up before next year. Any better ideas than glued felt? Thanks.

Asked by katetx2001 8 years ago

RoBot Gets E-textiled. First Ever Interactive Bot on Fabric

Just thought some of you, may enjoy this.My little Tribute to I' know I'm going to get good use out of this shirt now. It has already proven itself as a valid power checking device. I may even mod it into a joule theif.Oh RoBot friend of mine, you'll follow me to the end of time. Your glowing light ye shall thus shed, upon my darkened task ahead.I hope you like it.RoBot Gets E-textiled.

Posted by Lftndbt 9 years ago

In need of help. What can I do to make my craft project better and more popular?

I had recently made my own school bag out of some, of my excessive amount, of scrap fabric, took pictures of its creation, and then added it to instructables.   I have minimal views and no comments. I feel that I have done something wrong in making it or showing how I made it.   Can someone give me advice on how to make this better for future references.  I know it is entered in the back to school contest but I am not trying to make myself win now, since I messed up.  I just want to fix it for later. This is the school bag.

Posted by Crystalline_Chaos 7 years ago


Can sewing instructables be entered in the Fiber Arts Contest?

Posted by Susan Cirigliano 5 years ago

Where is my sewing entry -CRY-

Why isnt my sewing contest entry showing up? It has been published....

Posted by genag2000 9 years ago

help sewing one inch welt to a pillow?

I am making silk pillows with one inch silk welt. It always twists. Any tips on how to apply large welt without it twisting?

Asked by 8 years ago

I have 15 pairs of jeans that I cannot button at my waist! How could I resize them so that they do fit?

My jeans fit in the legs and I can even zip them up! However, the extra poundage I have gained since giving birth is haunting me now. LOL These jeans are expensive designer brands so giving them away or throwing them away is NOT any option! I am looking for some ideas as to how I can alter them to fit me at the waist area..I appreciate any and all the help you can give me!

Asked by cherigirl29 9 years ago

omputerised sewing machines? Answered

Where is computerised sewing machines are available? how much price of this machines?

Asked by dhammu 1 year ago

Are there any thick sewing needles that can be used to sew with yarn? Answered

I was curious because every sewing needle I've ever used only fits thread/ embroidery floss. Is it possible to sew with a thicker string?Thanks!-Dawn

Asked by DawnS49 1 year ago

Best way to sew in a zipper?

How to avoid zipper curving out at top when sewing

Asked by Frossttee 1 year ago


This is a great place 2 share information, 2 ask questions and 2 talk 2 other fellow sewers.

Posted by baconnlegs 8 years ago

Sewing Machines are on their way!

Sew Useful Contest winners- I just got in touch with Singer, and the sewing machines will be mailed out tomorrow.When you use them to sew something awesome, be sure to post the project here- we want to see what you've made!

Posted by canida 10 years ago

how do you sew a fly-front zipper? Answered

I'm sewing a pair of shorts and need to know how to sew the zipper. Thanks for any help.

Asked by tang6567 8 years ago

Broken sewing machines?

Hi guys. Thought of a project and i really need a sewing machine motor. Anyone has one that they don't want? Will pay shipping. Pls help!

Posted by micraman 6 years ago

How to sew leather handlebars ?

Anyone knows how to hand sew leather handlebars ? I'd be glad if someone could post an 'ible about it. Thanks.

Posted by lordofthedonuts 9 years ago

Sewing machine? Answered

I have an industrial sewing machine. I'd like to use it to put together the fringed bag. Do yo foresee any problems with this?

Asked by Inlinesk8man 9 months ago

Sewing Machine Part Identification.

I need to know what the name for the part of the sewing machine that the presser foot is attached to. It's missing on my machine and I don't know where to get a replacement.

Posted by masterochicken 8 years ago

Where do I post my sewing items

Where do I post my sewing items?

Posted by modestdresses 7 years ago

How do I sew on a crest?

I need to sew (by hand) a crest onto my son's Karate uniform (Gi). I don't know any fancy stitches, but I need to make it "invisible" and strong. Any suggestions?

Asked by bridgethill 5 years ago

"Summer Sewing" or just "Sewing" contest

As an un-indicted co-conspirator on one of the finalist entries, I hate to seem like a sore loser, but I think the judges missed the boat on a few of the winners. Considering it was a "Summer Sewing Contest" that was looking for "Summery" projects that were "celebrating summer", Upcycled Quilts and Pokemon Snuggie Costumes, without even a hint of summer theme, seem a little out of spirit. Fine instructables to be sure, but best saved for the next iterations of SEW SCARY and SEW WARM. To give credit where credit is due, the Grand Prize winner could not have been more appropriate. It was unquestionably "Summery", most definitely a sewing project, and very well done.  I hope the judges will weigh more heavily the theme of the contest in the future.

Posted by jed.watkins 7 years ago