This is a great place 2 share information, 2 ask questions and 2 talk 2 other fellow sewers.

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Can sewing instructables be entered in the Fiber Arts Contest?

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how to sew a corded pillow ?

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How do I sew on a crest?

I need to sew (by hand) a crest onto my son's Karate uniform (Gi). I don't know any fancy stitches, but I need to make it "invisible" and strong. Any suggestions?

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How do I make/sew a pillow cover?

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what is the cost for your classes?

What is the cost for your classes?  esp.the sewing classes.

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dome canvas cover

Anyone can explain how to sew a fiting canvas cover for a dome shape?

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Need sewing project idea

I bought a bunch of fabric to make an apron then realized it was way too light of is light cotton patterned fabric.  What are some other projects I could make with it?  FYI I'm a beginner sewer.

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any tips for cutting a pattern on velour?

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need pattern for a bean bag chair?

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How to teach myself tailoring techniques at home?


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Is it true new fabrics has formaldehyde which can cause cancer?

 Hi All, I love sewing and went to store to buy some fabrics and saw this warning, Fabrics contain formaldehyde which can cause cancer. Is this true? how can I protect myself. will washing the fabric prior to use help? please advise

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how do you make a complete gents shirt from start to finish?

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Homemade bias tube turner?

 Does anyone have the directions to make an easy tube turner to make narrow straps of fabric using pvc pipe and dowels?

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How do you make the straps for the switch flip flops?

They are a size 10. I want to make them for my daughter, to buy them is expensive.

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Can I fix a hole in my jeans with out a patch (right back pocket left side)

I have a hole in the back of my favorite jeans I tried sewing them but as I am a novice in that department the hole opened up at the worst of times in class the hole is on the side of my right back pocket and I was wondering if I can fix it with out resorting to a patch? 1st Picture is the hole after previous attempt 2nd Pic is previous attempt at fixing them

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I would like directions on how to cut the long sleeves off a shirt and make it short sleeved.

These are brand new dress shirts and I don't want to ruin them.

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Free Sewing Patterns

I'm trying to find a bunch of patterns for various pieces of medieval garb. The idea is that I want to make a bunch of outfits from my book, mostly as visual aids, but also as cosplay (because it's way more fun to dress up as your own characters than someone else's). If anyone can help me find the patterns, I need them for: Tunics (both laced and otherwise) Trousers Hooded cloaks Kirtles (sleeveless and long-sleeved) A buckled leather jacket (i.e. a jacket with buckles in place of buttons) (it's for a male character, by the way) I would preferrably like the patterns to be free, but, if not, I need them to at least be downloadable. The jacket will probably be a little tricky, since it's leather and not a very common design, but if anyone can find somewhere that sells them fairly cheaply, let me know. Of course, I'm not going to dump the work on everyone else and then slack off. I'm going to keep searching as well, so I can compare ideas and suggestions from everyone.

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how do you make a cosmetic pouch?

I am looking to make a small bag or cosmetic pouch with a lining.  It has a fold over flap with a velcro closure.  i have a sample that I am trying to recreated, but am having difficulty.

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I want to take some of my old t shirts and turn them into a great skirt with these points like a handkerchief .there made with 3 shirts and I've seen them before but I want to make my own.

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The best way to sew vinyl? Answered

Any suggestions on how to sew vinyl? I have a regular singer sewing machine.

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Where is my sewing entry -CRY-

Why isnt my sewing contest entry showing up? It has been published....

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My entry is not showing up in sewing contest

Can someone advise me as to why my entry is not showing up in the sewing contest? its been published a while back...HELP..i need to get some votes and cant if its not there.

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How to sew stretch fabric without a serger?

There are quite a few sewing projects that I want to try, but they all use stretch fabric, which I've never worked with before. We have a sewing machine with about 10/12 stitch options but I don't think it can take double needles. Would a zig zag stitch work? Or would I need to use something else as well?

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What are some good sewing Instructables? Answered

I used to sew quite a bit... 20 years ago.   Now I once again have a sewing machine (!!!) and I'm looking for a few good projects to get me back in the saddle. (Or on the treadle.)  Smaller, but not too basic projects would be best.  I'm not exactly a beginner, but I know I've forgotten a whole lot. Difficulty:  I'm a guy.  So anything with phrases like "...into a dress" or "adding ruffles to..." or anything else exclusively feminine is not going to pique my interest, though I can probably be persuaded to make a squid hat or an unusual plushie.  

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Please help I need to know if it's possible to get my sewing machine working. Answered

 i have a dressmaker 2 sewing machine that goes crazy the minute i plug it in even when the foot pedal is not connected! Im very new to sewing so i don't know what's going on, is there any way to fix this

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What is vinyl? Answered

 I've been seeing "vinyl" in some Instructables I've seen. Most of them had to do with sewing.  Is Vinyl a cloth or something? 

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Machine sewing a patchwork quilt together

I am making a patchwork quilt for an art project and want to machine sew the squares together. I do not want them hemming, I would prefer to have the stitches visable and the square edges butting up to eachother. I understand this would not be as neat and tidy but this is how i want it. Does anyone know a machine stitch that would work well for this? Thanks x

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I'm looking to buy a simple, sturdy sewing machine. What's simple to use, and easy to afford?

I want to buy a sewing machine to use for beginner-to-intermediate projects. I want something simple to use, but sturdy, and affordable. My budget is $150, but preferably less. I don't need a lot of bells and whistles. I'll be using it mostly for hems and piecing fabrics together, possibly denim, but mostly flannels and jersey. Can anyone recommend a machine?

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How do I do smocking with elastic thread? Answered

I want to learn how to smock using elastic and a sewing machine. Any help?

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What is vinyl? NOT vinyl records.?

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Suggestions for a great sewing machine??

I'm trying to get back into sewing again and need to get a new machine. I make creatures, stuffies, monsters, and embellish my daughter's clothes. I'd love a machine that can help with needle threading and the horrible bobbin... stuff. I heard about a machine that has some built-in letters - that could be cool. I don't want a really complicated machine though - I had a Husqvarna Rose embroidery machine and the learning curve (for me) was more than I had time for. It was never used. Any advice is appreciated - Thanks!

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HELP!! Why is my instructable not showing up in sewing contest??

My instructable has been published but is not showing up in the contest..Can someone tell me why or if there is something I need to do?

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How to Sew?

"Do you have any sewing machines?" I asked the voice on the other end of the phone. "Yes, we do." said the voice. "Great!" and I hung up and hopped on my bike, out the door before they even heard the click. Minutes later, I was home with my new $30 White sewing machine. It had electrical problems, but that's okay 'cause I'm an electrical engineer! So I fixed the wiring and set to work. The trouble is.. I'm not a sewing-engineer. In fact, I've barely ever sewn before. There are all these knobs and buttons. I played around with them to see if I could figure out what they do, but there are still mysteries. Maybe you can help me out. How do I throw it into reverse? As far as I can tell, there are two possible selector knobs for stitches. What's going on there? What should R-C-L-TN do? What am I choosing, when I turn the knob more towards SS or M? Why does the bobbin thread bunch up underneath like Gandalf's beard? The pink button in the middle of the stitch length wheel?? Anything else I should know? Muchos gracias! PS - who wants to be the first to post a "How to Sew" instructable?

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I am looking for a simple and easy way to make slipcovers.

I really need to find a way to make simple but nice looking slip covers for my couch and matching chair. The inexpensive ones you see in stores that you have to fight to put on and again after someone gets up, with just aren't a bargain. I can sew simple strait line sewing like a small square baby quilt, however, I'm just no good at much else. Any suggestions?

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Why does it hate me?! (plus an actual question)

I'm trying to make something for an instructable but my sewing machine must be out to get me! The zig-zag stitch will not work and just ends up as a straight line. I was sewing it like that for a while and it worked but then on the bottom the tread from the top kept getting all bunched up. It will also skip stitches and generally is trying to make me mad. I've tried changing the stitch length and width and type and adjusting the tension but it still won't work right! What might be the problem with it?

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What is the item in this picture? Mahogany.

Found in aunt's estate.  She was a seamstress.  Marked as mahogany with holes on the top.  

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Ive been given a singer excelle 6212c, dont know what all the dials are for?

Hi Ive been given a singer excelle sewing machine, but I dont know what the dials are used for, could anyone help me please, havent been able to find any help online anywhere, would appreciate any help. Thank you

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How to measure pre-shirred material for a summer dress?

I am new to making clothes and am self taught on my sewing machine. I bought this really cute cherry pre-shirred material, and am trying to figure out how to measure it to fit my body right. Is there a special way I need to do this, or is the answer right under my nose and its passing me by? Any adivce would be greatly appriciate. So, again, my question is, How to I measure the pre-shirred material to make my summer dress?

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Do I start quilting in the middle of the block?

I am new to quilting and am trying the quilt-as-you-go technique. When quilting the blocks, do I start in the middle of the block, or can I start anywhere I want to? 

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How to stiffen a collar?

I have several dressy shirts that have floppy collars, or collars that crease in the wrong place.  They have to be ironed each time I wear them.  How can I permanently stiffen the collar so that it stands up nicely and looks good?

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My daughter would like an apron that has only one tie threaded through the apron--I know sounds strange, but she saw one and loves them. Thanks, reets

Asked by reets 9 years ago | last reply 9 years ago

can you give me understitching directions for dummies? im having a very hard time getting it..?

Im putting a pocket in a jumper and it asks for understitching. apparently i have a mental block and i have not been able to understand any instructions i have found. can you simplify it to step by step of the actual process...

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How do I make a cloth guitar cover?

Hey there,I am making someone a chamois leather guitar cover and am having problems with getting the right measurements so it doesn't look loose and sloppy as it wraps around. Guitar covers wrap around the back body to the front, leaving open the strings and they use an elastic band to get it around and keep it snug on the guitar. Here is a link to one... got any suggestions?thanks so much!

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no-sew stuffed animals? Answered

I cant sew or knit (i dont even have the stuff for it, or any money to buy things like that) and i am in need of a no-sew stuffed animal.

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