can i find a source for small purchases of craft and 'small scale woodworking endeavor' supplies?

Where can i get things like: magnets, squeeze bottles w/ spout (for glu and finishing substances, like shellac and poly-u), industrial ammonia -- 28 % or so, hardwood lumber, etc. ? thanks, rich

Asked by Rich99 9 years ago

Varnishing, shellacing, or polycoating sugar cookies

What would be the best paint-on preservative (some type of clear coat; varnish, polyurethane, shellac, etc) and the method to use to seal a frosted sugar cookie so that it would be durable, colorfast, and not get moldy or crack? I'm not looking to seal it into a block of acrylic, I want to keep it looking like the original cookie.Yours unpreservedly,- FP

Asked by Fusepopper 5 months ago

how can i safely remove shellac stain from a laminated wood stock? Answered

I recently bought a Mosin Nagant rifle and the stock is in decent shape but the finish isn't so hot. it has a laminated wood stock and I was wondering how I could remove the old stain without any ill affects to the stock i have heard of people that have ruined the stock using stain removers? so any ideas will help thanks

Asked by vince 09 8 years ago

How would I reinforce cheap plastic toys cheaply?

Without looking at this question, the best answer would probably be to buy a new one, but that doesn't apply here. Well a while back I bought G2 airsoft handgun for me and a couple of friends. Long story-short, they broke. First the mag release broke, then the bottom of the mag itself, then finally an internal part. I reinforced the mag with tape, but I couldn't do much for the internals. Recently, my friend decided to buy another one, a G13, which is a 1911 replica. Problem is that it comes from the same company, Galaxy, so I'm doubting the quality. I haven't been able to get a definite answer, but some people who own the gun believe the internals are made of ABS plastic, which is better than the plastic in the G2.  For the future, I would like to reinforce the internals with a thin layer of something? Off the top of my head, I thought of enamel paint, shellac, and fiberglass resin. I'm not sure if a couple of thin coatings would do anything. I've heard that friendly plastic is very durable as well. I could potentially use that to mold my own renewable internals. But I have no experience with that either, and doubt it could be molded into certain specifications. Any ideas on how to increase durability? I'm not expecting for it to last forever. I just need an extension on its really short lifetime (couple of months).  Looking for a cost-friendly idea.

Asked by alester333 6 years ago


If the oil/wax mixture was applied as, waterproofing for a permanent exterior canvas surface (large tent), would the summer heat, up to 40+ degrees destroy the finish and need to be re-applied every winter? also any other ideas would be greatly appreciated, I thought oil based paint would become brittle, and im not sure if I can thin silicone to apply with a roller, someone mentioned shellac but I read that it is no good outside, and as I have quite a large area and many tents to do, any ideas thanks.

Asked by QSDR 5 years ago

What is the best way to dispose of used alcohol cleaner? Evaporate, Burn, Flush, ...? Answered

My electric razor cleans itself with alcohol. I need to change the fluid every few months. What is the greenest way to dispose of the dirty alcohol? I can't decide if it is better to flush, burn, or evaporate it. I think it contains some methanol (probably  - it is 'denatured'). The can doesn't say what the denaturing agent is. It is sold as shellac thinner and stove fuel. It also includes a small amount of d-Limonene (orange terpene), plus the whisker residue.

Asked by SFHandyman 8 years ago

Does anyone know to make concrete or like material head planter for outdoor plants?

Hello Wonderful, and Creative people, I need your help in achieving the same or similar look to these terracotta/concrete planter, with an aged moss green patina, $85-$125 at HGTV Marketplace Ouch!!! I would like to use these for small outdoor plants! and achieve the same awesome look for less? I would appreciate any suggestions before embarking in uncharted waters. I was thinking of using those Styrofoam heads and cutting a hold big enough to accommodate a flower pot. What should I use to prep for water/weather proofing...paper Mache, shellac, paint and glue moss??? Please advice this novice. Thank -U-much! Lilmama

Asked by lilmamacita 8 years ago

PVC vs Hydroponics and Rain water collection - a timely warning

Hello one and all- I've been interested in hydroponics for a very long time.  Now the time has come around that I should get out and get some form of it built and begin using it.  I began researching different styles and of course reading here on Instructables. I read about all the different styles and methods.  I looked at kits, partial kits, and building my own design.  I also began to think about moving away from the use of the well on my property.  I looked into rain water capture.  Here in the north east there's been no shortage of rain even in a "dry" year. In nearly every tutorial or kit I've found them based on a PVC product or using PVC materials.  I remembered that there had been an issue with Lead (Pb) being in PVC. I looked it up.  It appears that there are serious issues with the use of PVC and Lead is only one of them. Here is a sampling of the links to the issue of Lead in PVC - This is just a few links - there are a ton more. It's an interesting read and should give everyone working with PVC cause for pause.   For example instead of using the PVC gutters I had planned on for the rainwater collection I've been thinking about making them from wood (Plywood) and coating the inside with Food Grade Shellac.  I will be using PVC pots for container vegetable gardening this year but I will rough up the interior of the container (taking precautions - respirator, gloves etc) and again using Food Grade Shellac to prevent the PVC coming into contact with the growth media or growing vegetables. I was sort of surprised by this info and just thought I should share it just in case someone was unaware of the issue.  I would like to cross post this but am not likely to do so for concern of running afoul of some rule.  Feel free to share this info though.  In fact please share this widely- Good luck with your projects, Marcintosh

Posted by marcintosh 6 years ago

Chemicals people would want to make?

Basically I want to know what lab chemicals you want to make, if you know how to make any useful chemicals. please post, I am not responsible for and injury's, fatality's, or "bad things" of any sort that come from this thread, all things posted here are to assumed for informational purposes only.

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