I have to make a shield to go with my 300 Halloween costume, but I'm not sure what to make it out of. I need a quick, easy and cheap way to make a shield that looks like the one in this picture:

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Arduino Shield? Answered

What exactly is a Arduino Shield? Can I make one myself?

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Arduino Laser Shield

H, there are kits available from here -

Topic by Bitline 8 years ago

Overheating stepper shield

Hi Everyone, As I'm a newbie, please forgive my ignorance for asking what maybe an obvious question.  I've got an Arduino Uno and a DK Electronics v1.0 motor shield (powered separately at 12v). I downloaded a library and managed to get a NEMA 23 stepper motor working. Trouble is, the chip on the shield doing all the work gets scarily hot in next to no time. The rated current of the motor is 1A, although when I tried it, it was under no load. I've checked the power consumption when driving the motor from a standalone controller and it's drawing no more than 250mA. Do you guys think:- a) I'm overloading the shield? b) I've got a fault? c) I scare too easily? Any feedback will be gratefully received. Thanks

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Arduino WiFI Shield

Hello all i would like if you can help me, im doing a project and it is a gps in small plane that transmit data through wifi.i was thinking if i should use Arduino WiFI Shield on connected to a gps and wirless. my questions is: is Arduino WiFI Shield the best thing to use or there is other things you can recommend me to use? if i wanna make the range of a plane up to 1Km and the wireless 1km do i need to fix both transmitter and reciver or it is enough from one side? please help me

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usb shield for ardunio Answered

I have a usb bluetooth dongle, and i want to be able to plug it into my arduino and controll my arduino with my iphone using touchOSC or some thing like that. i will preferably make the shield not buy it. what will i need? and where can i get the libraries?

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Adafruit Motor Shield?

Hi,I have this motor shield and I would like to know is its possible to use its max 2 servos and 2 dc motors at the same time and how much power do I need if I have two standard ra 130 motors and 4.8-6v servos?

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Airsoft swat Shield? Answered

I have an urban airsoft team and we want some more swat gear and i decided we'd get a shield well i need some help please and thanks

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RF shielding.. Help

I would like to know what materials I would need to shield, at least 20k watt microwave device, in a 10 foot by 10 foot space. I need to be able to work on the other side of the wall without danger.

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K'NEX Riot Shield

I've had this idea for a while, and I am kinda assuming that it is a pretty bad one, but do any of you think that a K'NEX riot shield would be of any use? At least, in an out door K'NEX war? If it could withstand a 5 rubber banded oodammo from a TR8, would it even have a chance of being used? And, keep in mind, I'm not talking about making a cheaply done K'NEX shield like the ones we've all seen here on instructables, I'm talking about a good quality, sturdily built, K'NEX riot shield. What do you guys think? (this forum topic was written in haste, grammar and punctuation are not of the best) -The Red Book of Westmarch (which, when shortened, comes to TRBoW, which probably means that I should build a turreted bow)

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Music Shield crash

Hey! I need a help, i used te Music Shield v2.0 With audio analyser v2.0.. I play  1 or 2 songs he crashes, why? Sorry my english, im portuguese this is code i used: #include #include #include #include int analogPin = 5; // MSGEQ7 OUT 3 int strobePin = 12; // MSGEQ7 STROBE 4 int resetPin = 11; // MSGEQ7 RESET 7 int spectrumValue[7]; // MSGEQ7 OUT pin produces values around 50-80 int filterValue = 65; // 1 Bola int bola1 = 23; // 2 Bola int bola2 = 24; // 3 Bola int bola3 = 25; // 4 Bola int bola4 = 26; // 5 Bola int bola5 = 27; // 6 Bola int bola6 = 28; // 7 Bola int bola7 = 29; int Val1=0; int Val2=0; int Val3=0; int Val4=0; int Val5=0; int Val6=0; int Val7=0; void setup() {   pinMode(bola1, OUTPUT);   pinMode(bola2, OUTPUT);   pinMode(bola3, OUTPUT);   pinMode(bola4, OUTPUT);   pinMode(bola5, OUTPUT);   pinMode(bola6, OUTPUT);   pinMode(bola7, OUTPUT);   Serial.begin(9600);   player.keyDisable(); //keys disable first;   player.analogControlEnable(); //enable to scan the A4/A5   player.begin(); //will initialize the hardware and set default mode to be normal.   player.setPlayMode(PM_REPEAT_LIST); //set mode to repeat to play List   player.attachAnalogOperation(A4, adjustVolume); //Grove - Rotary Angle Sensor connected to A4,to control the volume   player.scanAndPlayAll(); //If the current playlist is empty,it will add all the songs in the root directory to the playlist.   Serial1.begin(1200);   pinMode(analogPin, INPUT);   pinMode(strobePin, OUTPUT);   pinMode(resetPin, OUTPUT);   analogReference(DEFAULT);   digitalWrite(resetPin, LOW);   digitalWrite(strobePin, HIGH); } void loop(void) { // Set reset pin low to enable strobe digitalWrite(resetPin, HIGH); digitalWrite(resetPin, LOW); // Get all 7 spectrum values from the MSGEQ7 for (int i = 0; i < 7; i++) { digitalWrite(strobePin, LOW); delayMicroseconds(30); // Allow output to settle spectrumValue[i] = analogRead(analogPin); // Constrain any value above 1023 or below filterValue spectrumValue[i] = constrain(spectrumValue[i], filterValue, 1023); // Remap the value to a number between 0 and 255 spectrumValue[i] = map(spectrumValue[i], filterValue, 1023, 0, 255); // Remove serial stuff after debugging Serial.print(spectrumValue[i]); Serial.print(" "); digitalWrite(strobePin, HIGH); } Serial.println("Analisador de som"); // 1 Bola if(spectrumValue[0]>150) {   Val1 =spectrumValue[0]; } analogWrite(bola1, Val1); if(spectrumValue[0]<110) {   Val1 =0; } analogWrite(bola1, Val1); // 2 Bola if(spectrumValue[1]>150) {   Val2 =spectrumValue[1]; } analogWrite(bola2, Val2); if(spectrumValue[1]<110) {   Val2 =0; } analogWrite(bola2, Val2); // 3 Bola if(spectrumValue[2]>150) {   Val3 =spectrumValue[2]; } analogWrite(bola3, Val3); if(spectrumValue[2]<110) {   Val3 =0; } analogWrite(bola3, Val3); // 4 Bola if(spectrumValue[3]>150) {   Val4 =spectrumValue[3]; } analogWrite(bola4, Val4); if(spectrumValue[3]<110) {   Val4 =0; } analogWrite(bola4, Val4); // 5 Bola if(spectrumValue[4]>150) {   Val5 =spectrumValue[4]; } analogWrite(bola5, Val5); if(spectrumValue[4]<110) {   Val5 =0; } analogWrite(bola5, Val5); // 6 Bola if(spectrumValue[5]>150) {   Val6 =spectrumValue[5]; } analogWrite(bola6, Val6); if(spectrumValue[5]<110) {   Val6 =0; } analogWrite(bola6, Val6); // 7 Bola if(spectrumValue[6]>150) {   Val7 =spectrumValue[6]; } analogWrite(bola7, Val7); if(spectrumValue[6]<110) {   Val7 =0; } { analogWrite(bola7, Val7); Serial1.println("Music Shield"); }; } void adjustVolume(void) //User-defined function { unsigned int vol_temp = analogRead(A4); unsigned char volume = vol_temp / 12; { if (volume == 0x55) volume = MAXVOL; //MAXVOL = 0xfe; player.setVolume(volume); } }

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Connecting Arduino with Adafruit GPS shield and Wave shield ?

Can any one help me find how can I connect Arduino with Wave shield and GPS shield

Question by moonwa 6 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

No sensory input on a motor shield?? Answered

Hello, I recently acquired a seeed motor shield But what i notice now is that there is nowhere to attach my Sr04 ultrasonic sensor! How do I include sensory input on my robot with this shield? Thanks bunches. 

Question by TheIronHobo 5 years ago  |  last reply 5 years ago

How to read an arduino shied schematic to replicate said shield? Answered

One of my many projects I have going requires an arduino and wave shield. I have a wave shield from adafruit already, along with an uno, and I have already done what I wanted.  However, price is an issue. I would like to make a board that has both a bare-bone arduino and a wave shield. Adafruit has the schematic for the wave shied, but I have a very limited understanding of what it is I'm looking at. I understand (or think so at least) that the MOSI would go to pin 11 on the arduino (using this). Goes without saying that I would also take all other pins with matching names and pair them up, Thanks in advance! 

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how to get rid of the paper mache texture?

I'm using paper mache on a shield and i don't want it peal off when I fight with it?help.

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Hello. I saw certain Arduino Tank projects like the A.A.T. in particular... I saw a maker using an SN754410NE Motor Driver, which got me confused. Im a beginner Arduino user, so i dont know very much about it, but I am wondering why did he use the SN754410NE Motor Driver  and not a motor shield? Thanks

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Need help in identifying connections for CNC board?

I need help please anyone. I have bought another CNC shield recently, goes by the CNC Shield ver 2.7 name. The board has printed on one corner. There are 8 optical isolators on the board for the limit switches and a socket for a Nano. Also there is a heavy duty hexfet near the laser connections. I am not able to find out much about this board, even though I have asked the seller and even a few other sellers that are on ebay. I went to the website as shown on the board, but it is all in Chinese and after trying to use Google translate was still not able to find out any further information. The board looks well made and seems to have a lot of good features, but lacks the needed info to be able to put it to good use. I am not sure if the board has a laser TTL built in or not, it is possible due to the hexfet being there,  There are two heavy duty connections (two pin each marked + - ) and a small connection with a xh2 socket that could be for a laser or maybe a fan.  Can't get any further info on it. If anyone can help with info, please let me know so I can start to use the board with my machine build. I have managed to program a Nano with GRBL 1.1f and it works OK when testing the board on a dry run, no motors connected or laser.

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A Tutorial for making an Arduino Shield.

Hi Folks, I've put together a tutorial on how to make an Arduino shield using EAGLE. It can be found here:

Topic by aarone 8 years ago

Arduino Wi-Fi shield

It is the second Arduino Wi-Fi shield board that i buy it and I have the same problem, after a period of work the shield stops working and shows a phrase " Wi-Fi shield not present " i don't know if it is hardware or software problem, please if anyone can help me because it is an important part in my master thesis.

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Arduino Motor Shield Question

Hey, I'm looking to build an RC boat using an arduino uno and a motor shield. My motor shield power source is an 18v dewalt drill battery. I want to use this motor : but the max voltage is 11. How can I compensate for that? Could I just turn down the PWM? a resistor maybe? Thanks for the help, -Ian  

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How shielded are sheilded speakers?

I want to build the below but with a marine speaker and a waterproof case to take canoeing. Worried that my Zune has a hard drive and the speaker magnet might wipe the HD. Can I let my Zune within 6" of one for mounting purposes inside the box?

Question by RedFilter 10 years ago  |  last reply 10 years ago

Dust shield for midi-lathe?

I recently snagged a midi lathe to teach myself how to lathe. However, I live in a studio apartment. My landlord has approved the lathe and use of it, however, I did not realize just how much dust this produces. As such, I was wondering if anyone has made or knows of someone who has made a dust shield for a midi lathe. Preferable, collapsible. 

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Arduino Motor Control Shield

Hi! I am having trouble with two motor control shields. 1 - Arduino motor control shiels                                               // Hole-through devices  2 - Adafruit motor control shield V2                                         // SMT devices My problem is the installing the libraries.                                // will not compile,  need an AFM !!! I have done this before, but every now and then I'll get stuck or confused doing it.                    I've read the tutorials and seen the Youtube, what can I say I'm still stuck.                          // simple get hard sometimes I normally build my own circuits and programme them, but lately, I'm buying them already made and most of them need a library. . If anyone can help me I sure would be thankful. Thanks Frank G.   

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Can this be converted as a shield with Arduino?

I've scrapped a broken Nyko wii perfect shot which I don't care about now so then the only thing this has is this port which is a wii nunchuk port with a male port to stick the wiimote on I've tested it with my guitar hero WOR Guitar and it still works well, now my question is this is even possible to reverse engineer this and turn it into over to Arudino and use it as a usb controller port with Nintendo's Wii Classic Controller?

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What is an Arduino Ethernet Shield used for?

I am wondering what an Arduino Ethernet Shield is used for.  I understand that it helps to connect the Arduino board to the internet, but could someone provide a specific example that it is used for?  What is the difference between an Ethernet Shield and the XBEE?

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When using an arduino what are "shields"? like ethernet shields or ones like the one in this link? Answered


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A Beginner’s guide to making an Arduino Shield PCB

So you’re pretty fond of your Arduino. You make blinking lights, and beeping noises. You’ve made a robot that was pretty cool. Or maybe you didn’t. Who cares, You’re ready for the next step. You want to extend it. Although you can just plug in wires, there’s something very appealing about making a shield. Instead of a rats-nest of wires piled about and plugged into your prototyping breadboard, you can have a nice clean shield with labeled connections and a smaller footprint. So here I’m going to tell you everything you need to know to make a schematic and PCB layout, and get a beautiful shield that will plug into the top of your Arduino For More Check Out this blog.

Topic by frenzy 8 years ago

Anyone Have the Arduino Duo Shield Sparkfun Brand version?

I'm just wondering if it's worth buying their Duo Shield since I have no other option to get the official one and just wanting to know if anyone had problems with their version before on the Rev 3 Duo. Many had said it doesn't fit correctly due to the USB making it hard to snap on to the pins and I would love to get one if I had the chance, or I should avoid their version completely and find another retailer that sells the Official Duo Shield? I really want to prototype a circuit on it and make it permanent and I can buy another one and do the same thing again. I don't wanna make the wrong choice of buying it and I can't use it do the flaw they done to their branded Duo Shields. - here's the reviews on what is the problem on these boards, some say I should get the bare PCB one and not sure if there's a conntector that's the same as the official pins. 

Topic by SuperScourge 4 years ago

I have a seeed studio music shield how do I get it to work?

I need to know so i can play music with my arduino

Question by nerd7473 5 years ago  |  last reply 4 years ago

I'm looking to get a Arduino Duo Shield but can't buy it from the official site

I'm planning to buy myself some cool things from Sparkfun with an Arduino Duo, but their Duo Branded Shield doesn't sit on the Duo correctly so I would have to buy that from the official site, the one problem is....I don't have a pay pal account to pay for the shield I'll need to prototype and finalize the board. Also with paypal I have a limited number of Guest checkouts once that's up they'll force me to make an account with them. If anyone has these Duo shields and don't use them as much I'll love to have one, you can message me here so I be happy to give ya the address to send them to me. I wish RadioShack sold the Duo Shield so I can order as many I can. I really want to learn to code on Arduinos.

Topic by SuperScourge 4 years ago

Controlling two servo motors over internet using arduino ethernet shield?

Hi , I am a Newbie for arduino boards , i want to make a project i.e, Controlling a camera mount using two servo motors over internet ( i mean Pan & Tilt movement of the camera) . Please help me in code , documentation . If u can help me it would be much needful.  Thanks in advance , Regards, Prawin

Question by prawinieee 6 years ago

Can I add LED's to an MP3 shield?

Total noob at this, I made my first project yesterday(flashing LED's), but I would like to add an MP3 shield to the project. Do I just add the MP3 shield, then put the wires for the LED's back in the MP3 shield?

Question by lifeofB 4 years ago  |  last reply 4 years ago

i need help getting my arduino ethernet shield working?

I recently bought an arduino ethernet shield and it is not working. the lights blink, and my router appears to be recieving and sending data, but the ip address i typed into the sketch gives me this error-not found message.

Question by red_green 7 years ago

How to write code for an Arduino with the Arduino motor shield. Answered

What would the code for an Arduino, with the Arduino motorsheild, look like to run a 6V 300 mA DC motor? I want to stop and start the motor at a certain frequency (I don't have to reverse the direction of the motor). For example at every 5 minute interval I want it to run the motor for 2 minutes and stop it for 3 minutes. Any help or advice is appreciated thanks.

Question by thecoonskin 6 years ago  |  last reply 3 years ago

how to get current track name using breakout shield

Hi! I am using the vs1053 breakout shield from adafruit that is hooked up to Arduino. I wanted to write an if statement that if the currentTrack name is not equal to the name i set it to then the code will restart the loop and they are not equal then it will play the song (this is so that every time the loop runs it won't replay the song if it is already playing ). Do you know how i would be able to get the name of the track that is playing using currentTrack? it is not very clear on how to use it in the library reference...also is there another easier way to do this? Thank you! if (abs(newVector - storedVector) <= SLOW_THRESHOLD) { Serial.println("MOVING SLOW!!"); trackName = "track001.mp3"; if (currentTrack==trackName) {      loop(); } else {      musicPlayer.startPlayingFile("track001.mp3") } }

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bending wood? Answered

 I am planning a project to build a wooden shield, and I need to know what the cheapest way to take a single sheet of balsa wood and bend it slightly and keep it like that. it will also have a design on it and I want it to look good. If you guys can help me in making it, the person with the best answer will be credited in the insructable. here is a reference picture. P.S. this is MY idea so if anyone posts an instructable on it, prepare for the gates of Hell to open.

Question by Iridium7 9 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

Has anyone any advice on building a Faraday cage for VHF - 20GHz or higher?

Hi, I've found lots on the 'net about building Faraday cages, but most of these are a couple of years old and targeted at lower frequencies up to around around the 2.4GHz range. I'm looking at making a Faraday cage for a room, to shield against a recent phone tower upgrade with transmissions now in the 19GHz range. (I've seen some other towers, fortunately not near me, recently approved for transmissions at 38GHz.) From what I've read so far, I'd need about 20 layers of heavy duty alfoil to come close to getting effective shielding, or wire with holes less than 7.5mm wide, which is going to be pretty tricky. Just wondering if anyone's tackled this problem before and, if so, how?

Question by powerup 2 years ago  |  last reply 2 years ago

it about our final year projcet

I want interface arduino with mp3 shield with 2GB sd card.our project is about communication system which useful for handling of exam neatly  in the college during exam we use computer as a host and it's wireless communication through which we can send a message to every class room according to our need using ZIGBY which kind of microprocessor should i use for all this process.give any idea if your having? 

Question by chinmay limaye 6 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

EMF [electromagnetic field] shield fabric?

Does anyone know how to make EMF [electromagnetic field] shield fabric?

Question by lindaoak 8 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

Intel Edison Base Shield compatibility

Hi everyone, I was selected for the IoT invitational of Intel + Instructables and I as I was going to start testing the sensors I received, I noticed that there was no base shield for the sensor connections included in the package. I suppose the rest of the chosen participants didn't receive the base shield as well. Since the local stores near me do not have that shield ( I wonder if other Arduino compatible sensor shields can be used on the Intel Edison expansion board, since it operates at 1.8V and I don't want to fry it. Thanks in advance!

Topic by plugable 3 years ago

arduino ethernet shield connect to facebook?

I have an Arduino Uno R3 and an Ethernet Shield R3 (Both official) and i want to connect it to facebook. Can someone help me?

Question by tzq33tdq 5 years ago  |  last reply 5 years ago

Using Adafruit Motor Shield in MATLAB

Hi All, I am quite new to robotics, facing an issue and looking for expert advice, appreciate if you can guide me. I got Aurdino Uno connected to the laptop, set up all good. connected a potentiometer to the board, and could read the voltage in MATLAB from 0 to 5 V, all ok. Connected a DC motor to Adafruit Motor Shield, connected 5 V DC power to the motor shield. connected the motor shield to the Aurduno board (put it on top of the board, but loose, no soldering involved).  MATLAB is not recognizing the shield and see error message like the hardware disconnected. This might be a silly question, I can use  stackable pins, solder to the motor shield and then connect it to the Aurduino board. In that case, every input/output pins of the Aurdino will be connected to the corresponding terminal in the Adafruit Motor Shield and also available from the top (by stackable pins) to connect potentiometer etc... Is that how i can get the Adafruit Motor Shield recognized by MATLAB? need to use a few potentiometer for my project, so need to have the analog pins available. Also, just wondering: which pins establish the communication between Aurduno and Adafruit Motor Shield? using stackabke pins will connect all of them, but i can not figure out how connecting the analog pins of Aurdino to the motor shield adds any value... Thank you

Question by Begginer2017 1 year ago  |  last reply 1 year ago

Arduino: Connecting Wifi Shield to Robot

Good morning, I bought the new Arduino Robot: and wanted to connect the Wifi Shield to it: However, the pins 4,7 and 10 which are required are all occupied by the LCD.  Could you please supply me with instructions of how to connect the Wifi Shield to the robot, both hardware and software instructions. Please help me on this topic, I really need to get this working. Thank you in advance. Kind regards Stefan Marggraff

Topic by namboy29 5 years ago

Arduino compatible relay shield???? What for?

 Is the "Arduino compatible relay" for control of an AC motor using the arduino board? what are relay sheilds used in when it comes to every day life? Thanks for any help,

Question by crob09 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

How to use this relay shield (arduino)? Answered

Hi, How can i use this relay shield, I have put (5v) and (GND) on the relay it turns on an LED that says power there are 4 other pins ( i assumed it just wanted a blink code so i tried that and the on board led of relay 1 turned on. However i never heard the relay click and i could not work out how to wire it ether as it has 3 pins on the switch side. Any help appreciated. This is where i got it: i want to wire it so i can power a light bulb or something simple. Thanks again! :)

Question by Daniel Deacon 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

My HID "Shield" doesen't work :(?

I follow this video: but with the same steps it doesen't work In windows 10 it doesen't works...device manager give me this error: Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43) A request for the USB device descriptor failed. i create the circuit identically to yours...i'm using the ide in 1.0.5r2 and using the same library...what should I do?

Question by Vincenzopaolo FlameE 2 years ago  |  last reply 2 years ago

Problems with my arduino mini shield

So i built an arduino mini shield for displaying numbers(i used the 4511 bcd to 7 segment decoder ic ) using only 4 pins excluding v+ and v-(power).It seemed to work well for while but later when i tried displaying 0001 ( 1 in binary) ,it suddenly stopped working or some all the segments got dimly lit . .Also if i plug it into the breadboard and connect some jumpers to the pins of the arduino(+5v and gnd) ,it seems to work fine,however when i plug it directly into the arduino,setting pin13 high and the gnd pin near it ,it does'nt work properly and all the segments glow dimly.The control pins for the digits are pin 12,11,10 and 9.also when i plug it into the breadboard and instead of connecting the pins with jumpers to +5v and gnd of the arduino,if i connect it to pin 13(HIGH) and the gnd near it it displays only 8, also can't i use pin 13 being HIGH as 5v' s? WHAT AM  I SUPPOSED TO DO?

Question by Strontium 5 years ago  |  last reply 5 years ago

LED Car Badge/Emblem/Shield

Hi there, Firstly, I am a mechanical engineering student with a limited knowledge of circuits and electronics, so therefore I may be a little out of my depth. However I am very keen to learn about electronic circuits and have completed other simpler projects and that is why I am attempting this project. So onto my dilemma, I want to use my universities Shield of Arms to make a car badge for the single-seater racecar we are building as a project. However this badge won't just be a run-of-the-mill plastic car badge. I want it to be made from stainless steel (laser cut) and acrylic with the idea that I will solder a bunch of LEDs in series and when the ignition is turned on, the LEDs light up one at time until they are all lit, after which they all flash three times together and then remain lit up until the ignition is turned off. The LEDs I intend on using are 0603 SMD LEDs and the aim of this whole design is that it is reasonably thin (No more than 1/4 " or 6.35mm thick for the PCB however ideally I would like it to be as thin as is physically possible. The dimensions of the badge will be very similar to a Porsche badge (51mm by 69mm). I have included the Shield of Arms in question and also the Porsche emblem for comparison. Also price is an issue since as I am a student, I have limited resources, so if someone could point me to some cheap electronics parts shops etc it would be greatly appreciated. (I live in the United Kingdom so a lot of American shops will be unavailable to me) I don't really know how to read schematics but I do have friends working on this project who do,  however if anyone can guide me in the right direction with maybe a couple of how-to's (particularly the requirements for the lighting up process) and some really good pointers, it will be very much appreciated. If I have not made myself clear I do apologise and I will be happy to explain further should you need to. Thank you all in advance. I hope to hear from you soon. H

Topic by hmacdonald1 5 years ago  |  last reply 5 years ago