Can I link my online shop in some of mine instructables? Or it is against the policies? Thanks anybody for answering.

Posted by marcellahella 3 years ago

T.O. Chapter of Tetra needs machinist

Hi, the Toronto chapter of the Tetra Society is looking for a machinist within the city who can volunteer some time and a machine shop. Tetra is a volunteer organization dedicated to designing and building assistive devices and adaptations that improve the quality of life for people with disabilities. Tetra would pay for the materials used, and the volunteer machinist may receive a tax receipt for the hours the machine shop is used for Tetra projects. If you know of a machinist in Toronto who's willing to volunteer time and shop space please let us know. Thanks.

Posted by Cruzin 9 years ago

2 questions

1st- is it or if how possible to combine 2 electronic devices into 1 2nd-Can you give me a link to a  shop like thinkgeek that sends anywhere in the world

Posted by Ilija Miljkovac 6 years ago

Alpha Channels In Photoshop

How do I make a transparency (alpha channel) in photoshop that I can upload into a program called Second Life?

Posted by Chief Blackhawk 10 years ago

circular saw using a guide, need help (solved)

  Ok I'm doing something stupid and I can't figure out what.  I have been cutting a lot of plywood lately with my circular saw.  I have a metal level that I have been clamping down as a guide.  I have also used a board to do the same thing.  For some reason after I get part way through the board the saw starts to stall.  When I pull the saw out I'm off my line and the cut is moving towards the guide.  It's like the saw is going straight but after a while the blade is moving towards the guide.  Any ideas what I'm doing wrong? I'm using a Ryobi  5-1/2 18V saw. Now that I'm typing this I'm wondering if the piece I'm cutting off is pushing on the blade and pushing it off track.  Thank you for any help

Posted by mats-notes 5 years ago

WANTED: Metal/Wood Shop in NE Ohio

I am looking for a metal/wood shop in North East OHIO that me and my dad can use.

Posted by Clayton H. 10 years ago

Firebert010's Shop

My shop will be updated as I see fit. For Sale: JET SKI: Stand-up jetski of unknown brand or type. It runs perfectly, and the motor is in excellent condition. Outside is a bit buffed up, but it runs like a charm. Pictures below. Bidding starts at $350 if you pick it up.

Posted by Firebert010 10 years ago

Anything like TechShop in IL?

I wanted to do some more fabrication on an aluminum block (1' cube), and was wondering if there were open machine shops that gave members access to a CNC lathe/mill, specifically in IL.

Posted by Junkbots 6 years ago

phenoptix - LEDs, 3mm, 5mm, 10mm, SMD and Superflux

Www.phenoptix.comLEDs, resistors, Kynar wire and many new products coming soon.UK based with fast and low priced shipping worldwide.

Posted by phenoptix 10 years ago

Shop made bench power supply.

Hello I have an atx dual sata 550 watt power supply... I have seen a bunch of instructables on here that allow just a few different voltage selections.. I have also seen a few with potentiometers to allow it to be more adjustable (dial up or down the voltage). That is what i want, i dont want to be limited to just three different options. S my question to you is, what type of potentiometer do i need to buy for this? And will a regular autostore purchased dashboard voltage meter window work? Also, what type of fuse/or breaker should i use?. Do i even need one? I also head i need some kind of "switch" for this as well. I found circut diagrams, i found list of items needed, but most of the instructables ihave found arent very specific on the specs of these extra items needed... Any help or direction would greatly help. Im going out to radio shack today and would love to grab the items needed to finish this priject. Thanks all...

Posted by SlickSqueegie 5 years ago

Portable Work Space

Hello,  I have been kicking around this design for a portable work bench. My profession is product design however I am a DIYer by nature (mostly wood working, furniture and the occasional home renovation). I would always loose count of the number of trips I would make back and forth to my shop in the garage.I thought that a portable table that could fold into a hand truck would be a good solution to design, build and possibly sell. I have teamed up with a metal worker in the PA and we are considering crafting a few of these tables however I would like to ask the community if an idea like this was worth anything. If you are at all interested in something like this, could you please take this very short "yes/no" survey so that I could tally and see if there is enough interest in this idea. Also, could you please let me know what you think of this idea? If enough people think this is worth the time I will build a  few tables and post pics.  Survey Link: Thanks, -S

Posted by sricci714 4 years ago

Instructables Store

Unfortunately we've closed down the store for a while. You can get t-shirts and other goodies through us by winning contests! ---------------------------------------------------------- We very recently opened up the Instructables Store! Right now it's still very early and only has a few items in it, but we are going to be expanding it a bit more soon. Currently available are T-shirts, packs of Sugru, and a couple of cardboard kits. Next to be added are more cardboard animals for construction. After that we'll be looking to add a variety of very limited edition items. It will be experimental and we hope to learn a lot from it as well as offer up fun and unique items to all of you. Again, that's the new Instructables Store! Thank you.

Posted by fungus amungus 6 years ago

Say you had a giant wall designed for fastener storage....

I've been working on a project for the last week. When it's done I'll have a chunk of wall with: 90 1"x2"x4" drawers 64 3"x4"x7" bins 48 3"x6"x9" boxes My goal is to get all my various hardware organized and to fill in some gaps so that I always have a small handful of whatever size of nut, bolt, nail, lag screw, rivet, sheet metal screw, etc. that I need and don't have to go making a trip to the hardware store unless I'm doing something big and need dozens of something. So my two questions: If you had this setup, what sorts of less common hardware would you make room for? Where would you go to buy hardware to fill this thing up? I know if I go to the big box stores and buy those little plastic bags with four of this or five of that in them, I'm going to end up spending a lot more than I need to. I know places where I can buy hardware by the pound, so that will help keep costs down. But I'm also imagining that there are people here with on-line sources that might be cheaper still?

Posted by Austringer 11 years ago

Reverse Shop Lifting

You've heard of shop lifting, but have you ever heard of Shop Dropping?"Shopdropping as it's known, is an ongoing project in which artist Ryan Watkins-Hughes replaces the packaging of canned goods with his own artwork, and then shopdrops the items back onto grocery store shelves."Read More...

Posted by Weissensteinburg 10 years ago

Kiteman's NEW Shop!

I am currently putting together a new Spreadshirt shop.I'm not going to offer specific products this time, so that you, dear customer, can have as wide a choice as possible.This is the link to the shop, but all you need to know is that all the designs will be tagged with at least instructables and kiteman.It will, naturally, be offering the infamous Zeroth Law design.

Posted by Kiteman 10 years ago

Whats your favorite coffee shop?

 Add your favorite: coffee shop, cafe, place, and even your favorite drink to get there!  If its a gastation, add the location and name of it! If you add a picture, i will add it to the pictures on this topic! don't forget to join the llcoffee group!  

Posted by J@50n 8 years ago

Links to cheap jewelry (web)shops???

Please, send me links to cheap jewelry webshops!!!!! I love making jewelry :) but i just don't know any cheap webshops:( A real shop is also fine, but they must be also located in the Netherlands or in Belgium please, help me

Posted by emilyvanleemput 6 years ago


Does anyone work in an out-of-the-house space? I just published a blog post about how I keep my wood shop warm, just wondering if anyone here has stories to share about their workspace. Also, does anyone have experience with thermostats? I wouldn't mind a critical eye to review my post. Thanks, David J. Ulschmid

Posted by DUlschm 7 years ago

Hot Holiday Gifts

'Tis the season again for holiday shopping, and the hottest gifts will be found at The Crucible's Gifty Holiday Art Sale, this December 13-14th. This is probably the Bay Area's most unusual shopping experience. Where else could you find fabulous affordable handcrafted holiday gifts while experiencing art in action in a space where furnaces roar, sparks fly, and imagination runs wild? Food, demonstrations, performances, fun for all ages. The artisans donate a portion of their sales to support the arts education programs here at The Crucible, so by shopping at the Gifty shoppers support both local artists and arts education. Share this information with family and friends, and come on down to experience the holidays Crucible-style.Saturday & Sunday December 13-14, 2008 10AM 4PM For more info: ADMISSION Family FriendlyThe Crucible 1260 Seventh Street, Oakland, CA 94607 (2 blocks from W. Oakland BART)

Posted by plasmajan 10 years ago

rolling work bench

Does anyone have any feedback on workbenches on wheels? I've got some old shop lockers from a school that got demolished and I'd like to put wheels and a top on and use as a moveable work area. I've got two locking casters and two free moving casters to put on the bottom, but am not sure about the steadiness of the work surface. Any thoughts or Ideas? I will be putting tools in the locker so that will weigh it down quite a bit. Foothill Frontier

Posted by foothillfrontier 8 years ago

Clubworkshop open in Denver

Clubworkshop recently opened its doors- they have everything from woodworking to welding, CNC mills and rapid prototyping equipment. 16,000 square feet of maker heaven. I know I could spend some serious time there!

Posted by Honus 10 years ago

Links to cheap jewelry webshops???

Please, send me weblinks to cheap webshops for jewelry. I really love making my own jewelry but I can't find any cheap stores. By sending the links, you actually support me in making more jewelry instructables :) An example of a necklace I have made:

Posted by emilyvanleemput 6 years ago

Some really great ideas that would make good Instructables projects

I came across this site the other day and thought there were some fantastic projects (like a band saw made from plumbing pipe) that would make for great Instructables. I've personally been thinking about a lathe to go with my new mini mill....

Posted by Honus 9 years ago

Cigarette Display Stand - What could I make it into?

Hi guys! This is my first post.  I'm wondering if any of you have any crazy ideas for this cigarette display stand? (see photo)  I bought it off of ebay for 55p! Yes, 55 whole pence! I could of course use it for general purpose shelving in the garage for screws etc, or perhaps as a key cabinet with some hooks? Any ideas? Maybe I could transform it into an advertising box light? Hit me!

Posted by instructascott 6 years ago

Whats your Instructables work space?

About a year or so ago, when I started to get a little more serious about builing things as a hobby I took my wooden storage shed in my back yard and converted it to a workshop. I wired it up for power and light, I added some insulation and a small ceramic heater (I live right on lake erie, the winters are windy and cold) and a fan for the summer time. I'm always making improvements to my small but useful space when I'm inbetween projects. I was just posting to see what other people use as an instructables space. what kind of gear do you have in there? pictures are great too...... love to see what they look like. I'll post some of mine when I get home from work today.

Posted by chaoscampbell 11 years ago

Are there any community shops in the Vancouver bc area?

Hi. I am wondering if there any community shops in the Vancouver bc area? I have a couple projects that require large and expensive tools / machines that I cannot buy and store myself. I think that finding a community shop would be the best option.  Any help would be appreciated Professorred

Posted by professorred 6 years ago

Editing on pixlr

Here some pictures I pixlred (photo shopped) on pixlr editor if other people have questions on how to do this just ask me how to do it and will post an instructable about or reply directly.

Posted by DELETED_bertwert 5 years ago

What ever happened to the book?

Last I knew they used to have a book you could buy, you gave them a list of projects and they put it in the book for you and after buying the book, they would send it to you in color so that you could work on the projects. I've been in need of that book for some time, it's sorida a life and death matter. But not for a few years at least. So is the book still around to buy and could I buy it?

Posted by crlsh 6 years ago

Public Workshop who would be interested?

Interested in starting a public workshop. A place for people to buy time or perhaps a membership, to work on personal projects using shared tools that may be to big of an investment for private use.  Garages to work on vehicles to for people who live in apartments or just don't have a proper place to keep a disabled car.  A place to store materials.  Needing tools for a one off project that wouldn't be wise private investment.  So on and so on.  Anyone dig the idea?

Posted by laoich 8 years ago

TechShop opening in Austin-Round Rock TX

Texas Makers: TechShop Coming To Austin Round Rock Area! Our friends at TechShop are opening another location this fall in Round Rock, TX near Austin.  TechShop is a do-it-yourself workshop, sort of like a fitness club, that offers its members access to a complete range of tools and equipment, software, classes, personal coaching, and access to other creative people so you can build the things you have always wanted to make.  Membership is about $125 a month, and classes start at around $50.  They currently have over 5,000 active members system-wide. The TechShop team is throwing a TechShop Austin-Round Rock Pre-Opening Party this Friday and Saturday (September 7+8), and they invite everyone in the Austin and Round Rock area who is interested in making things to attend. This will be TechShop's 6th location and they have 3 more locations under construction. For more information about TechShop and this event head over to

Posted by mikeasaurus 6 years ago

US Navy Shop Manuals and other books

I also found a source of shop manuals courtesy of the US Navy site. HOOYAH! Download aweigh my boys! Downloads aweigh!

Posted by blkhawk 4 years ago

Tech Deck Work Shop

this is a group for people who want to make obtacles for finger boards/ tech deck.

Posted by s0nicthewerehog 8 years ago

Shop dust collection, computational fluid dynamics HELP needed

My plan is to build a shop dust collection system (probably two stage) using a house furnace blower as the "blower" for the system. They are cheap, readily available, quiet and multiple speed. The help I need is the design/ sizing of the collection bag. Thanks for your help, Carpe Ductum

Posted by naic98 11 years ago

Regular Knex sets?

Does anyone know if it's possible to buy knex sets that are entirely composed of the standard sized knex? I've noticed that micro knex dominated over many of the value tubs. I intend to find a set to build knex guns

Posted by planktons1 5 years ago

NIMBY 5 Year Birthday Party - March 28th

Who can believe we have been doing it wrong at NIMBY for 5 years? Come see the Bay Area's largest and most prolific industrial art/ DIY space in it's new 64,000 square foot location. NIMBY 5 year anniversary party featuring: The Life Sized Mouse Trap, Esmerelda Strange, art by Ryon Gesink, Wink and Yoni, The Disgusting Spectacle, DJ Zeljko, Fatwater, live art by Jordan Fillers, art by the Museum of Unnatural Selection, therm's robots, art by Janine Miller, art by Orion Fredericks, Brian Kenny Fresno, Glen Meadmore, DJ Big Daddy March 28th 9 pm $10 to enter 8410 Amelia Street, Oakland

Posted by rachaelb 9 years ago

Make SF Meeting

This past Sunday I went to the Make SF meeting graciously hosted by Tech Shop in Menlo Park. I unfortunately do not have names and/or links to work relevant to the presenters, but I will try to give an overview of what I saw as best I can.The first presenter showed a musical interface he made with a laser pointer and a photocell that altered a track of music to correspond with the disturbance of the surface of the water. He told of how he embedded many such bowls in a table and had the laser pointers shining straight down into them from the ceiling so that it seemed as though the water itself was changing the music. He used it a party the previous weekend (side note: I never get invited to parties nearly as cool).Followed him was a man that created a device to interface with a computer as a USB HID. In short, it pretended to be a keyboard, mouse or joystick and then you could send it commands from a micro controller. He had his device installed in a model plane and based on accelerometer readings used it to control a flight simulator. Next there was a man from Google who showed the low-cost Arduino based glowing orb that he was working on based on the Arduino Orb Build Warden. This was presented as one possible solution to have widespread visual indication for monitoring the status of their ongoing projects. Presenter #4 promised not to have anything quite as high tech and passed around a copper bracelet made using copper wiring and traditional cold forge methods. He then spent the rest of the time talking about how he welded the ends of the bracelet with a tig welder made from a microwave much like this one. And even though he promised not to have anything technical to show, he went into the finer points of building your own microwave welder in regards to transformer modification and the importance of finding a reliable metal foot pedal to control the weld. Lastly, someone came from Shape Lock and demonstrated his "Ultra-High Molecular Weight Low Temperature Thermoplastic." Or in other words, you stick it in a pot of water heated to 160 degrees for a few minutes, take it out and bend it into any shape you want, let it harden for a few more minutes and you're good to go. You can use it to quickly and easily make all kinds of high-strength custom shapes and fasteners. It is actually very cool. However, remember, don't stick it in your mouth (or anywhere else!) because albeit non-toxic it will lock your jaw shut and good luck getting that back to 160 degrees. Oh... I should also mention that the meeting was organized and hosted by the legendary Andrew Milmoe.And that summarizes what I saw and heard.The next meeting will most likely be the first Sunday in March and you can get more info on the official Make SF site. Also, there will be a Make SF social gathering next Thursday at Mars Bar in San Francisco (7th and Brannan).It starts around 7 PM and there is rumored to be a special robotic guest attending. (if anyone has more info on any of the presenters please let me know)

Posted by randofo 10 years ago

instructables shop

I think instructables needs a shop for us to buy hats and other stuff.

Posted by cooy 12 years ago

point shops and a lego question


Posted by Ilija Miljkovac 6 years ago

Shops popular with British teens?

For reasons known only to myself, I need to know of some shops popular with British teens. What shops do you guys on that little island like to go to? I kinda need to know actual shop names, I can assume you shop for candy, clothes, gadgets, and whatnot like us on the other side of the pond. Your quiz crazy pal,RocketScientist2015

Posted by KentsOkay 10 years ago

Do you like Online Shopping

The best thing about online shopping is that I can shop 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There are times that I am awake at midnight and I just feel like shopping. All that I do is log onto and shop at my leisure. What do you think?

Posted by Cardinal Cipriani 11 years ago

Public Shop

What do you think about a community shop with access like a gym membership? All the tools and equipment you need to get your job done. Check it out:

Posted by TheShop 5 years ago

Shopping Cart Furniture

This set of furniture made from a shopping cart by Ramon Coronado is pretty sweet. There's a table, a chair, a lamp, and even a swing, all made from a shopping cart with a plastic basket. It's a lot like Tim Anderson's Shopping Cart Chair, but with the extra option of bending the plastic with the help of a heat gun. MERCADO NEGRO via MAKE

Posted by fungus amungus 8 years ago

Best ways to get free access to a metal shop

So im looking for ways that people are able to get access to metal working tools for quick projects for free. All I need to do is just turn a flashlight body on a lathe and make the inside of the body 18.5mm (from 16.5mm) so that i can fit 18650 size batteries. I was thinking maby I could call up a metal shop and ask to machine the body if I help clean up the shop at the end of the day or see if I could find someone in my area with a lathe. If anyone has any ideas or proven ways to get quick metal projects done please post away.

Posted by tomtortoise 6 years ago

Shop Vacuum Hose Adapters

The more I try and understand the nightmare that the shop vacuum hose and adapter issue has become, the more I have to believe Washington was involved in its design. There is apparently no more oversight of this industry than there was over Wall Street and the banks that led to the second great depression... Can someone tell me where a person can find a source that makes real problem solving adapters, and tells you the true inside and outside diameters of both ends instead of contributing to the confusion of this national mystery? Thanks

Posted by TerrifiedCitizen 4 years ago

Charity Shops - A Bountiful Haven for Project Parts

I've been a member of Instructables for some time now, and browse the site daily, but I have never really engaged in the Community, So this is my First Community Post!I wanted to share with you a great source of Parts for all you projects, ideas, plans and schemes. Charity Shops! Any decent sized town or city will have at least one, if not several different charity shops which are almost all run by volunteers. These shops get hundreds of items donated to them each week, all of which have to be catalogued, tested, cleaned, priced and sold. Working as a volunteer in one of these shops not only helps a worthy charity, it can also give you experience in fixing/testing electronics and other items. And typically, you can have your pick of any items deemed unsuitable for sale, which would otherwise be binned. These shops are almost always desperate for Volunteers, and will be happy to have new people to help.Charity Shop - Do's and Don'tsDoHelp out because you want to help the charity, this is not just for freebies!Donate any of your old or unwanted items/clothes/books to the shop.Volunteer as many hours as you can.Get to know the other Volunteers, these are your coworkers, treat them with respect.Don'tExpect to take things, ask politely and ensure that is is OK with your supervisor.Take too much, take only what you need, this isn't a free for all.Be annoyed if nothing turns up in the first few weeks, You're helping a worthy charity, freebies are only an added bonus.Personally I work in Save the Children which has a local shop in my town. I typically worked for several hours on a Wednesday afternoon, as an initiative within my School. I also worked Saturday mornings, and ran collections whenever they were required. All of the other volunteers are really friendly, it is a great source for components for my projects, they have an extensive book selection, and I can use my two years experience there as Retail Experience for Job Applications. In my two years of Volunteering, I have been given/salvaged a lot of awesome things, but there are a few highlights:> Full Size Projector Screen - Almost New Condition, amazing for Movies/Games> Mini-Television - Given to me because they could not Sell it, Works perfectly, with all Cables> Numerous broken Electronic Toys - Great source of Components>Board Game Parts - Scrabble Tiles, Dice, Game Pieces - Great for Craft Projects/SparesI hope that you have found this information useful, and I hope that you go out and help a worthy charity near you.Best of Luck, Tj Cosgrove

Posted by cosgrove 9 years ago

Photoshop is Awesome

My friend has Photoshop, and he is awesome with it. Here is a picture of what he did. That is me on the bike.

Posted by jollex 10 years ago

Maker Faire 2009: Scott Landon Woodturning and Lasercutting

Wood-turner Scott Landon was hanging out in the shop building at Maker Faire. He's trained as a machinist, but now spends most of his time at the Sawdust Shop working wood on the lathe and experimenting with the ways he can use the shop's Epilog laser cutter to do new things with wood. He's come up with some pretty amazing stuff!Traditional veneer inlays are quite tricky, so he's been experimenting with using the laser cutter to etch the space for the inlay then testing different materials to fill the gap. Check the pictures below for examples using thread, laser-cut fabric, laser-cut paper, and polymer clay as inlay materials. These materials are more conformal than wood veneers, and can span the curved edges of a bowl nicely. For those interested in following up on his experiments, he swears by Gorilla Wood Glue as it apparently dries without cloudiness. We'll definitely be trying some of his ideas here at with our own Epilog laser! I bought one of his small laser-cut paper pendants (see the red piece below) to put up at Instructables as inspiration.

Posted by canida 9 years ago

shopping cart car thing

This is a forum for me to post my ideas on a shopping cart car that im designing

Posted by darth acexxacer 11 years ago

Shopping cart kennel

We just acquired 2 large dogs.  Dog crates/kennels are expensive especially when you have to buy two. I'd love to see if there is a way to make one.  Maybe out of a broken shopping cart?

Posted by mazelady 7 years ago