Anything simple to make with basic tools, please?

Im 15 and I want to make somthing simple, at a low cost that is also quite exciting. Any suggestions

Asked by grazer 6 years ago

Ultimately Simple Calculator

Listed in the Built By Monkeys blog from Design News, comes the ultimately simplistic calculator that anyone can use. It can be found At this location

Posted by Goodhart 8 years ago

Simple Cthulhu?

I do not know how to crochet - i can sew by hand (can't use a sewing machine!) but would like to make something that has to do with Cthulhu for my sister. HELP! (perhaps an easy Cthulhu plushie? or hat?)

Asked by roxtncjusmgk 9 years ago

Has any one got a simple receipe for sweets or candies that need no or very little cooking??

I want to make some candies with my Beaver Scout group but I dont want any thing that involves a lot of cooking any ideas?  I have made peppermint creams so I am looking for something different.

Asked by greatbadger 8 years ago


Although a rather simplistic tool, has anyone fiddle about with the ALICE graphics creator program?

Posted by Goodhart 10 years ago

top 10 coolest things to make for under $20?

Title says it all really im on holidays and have a bit of extra time on my hands so i thought i might make some stuff im not looking for anything massive just some simple stuff that will impress my friends :) stuff like a disposable camera taser (ive recently made one)

Asked by pete54321 8 years ago

Ideas for a spooky gadget?

I have a P&P group and we're playing Cthulhu. I thought about giving an artifact as a handout that does something strange. Like a small stone figure that becomes warm or moist after the unsuspecting player holds it for a while. Or an old phone which is clearly unusable, but when needed it rings. Maybe I will need a remote to do that. But I'm looking for really simple solutions. Any ideas?

Asked by falkreath_guard 9 months ago

how can i build a wheel chair from an old bike a skateboard and a chair?

My friend recently broke his ankle and all he does is sit around the house i want to build him a wheel chair but have no money and limited parts...keep in mind i have no welding tools or experience please help asap !

Asked by Pinion Props 5 years ago

How do you make an ominous fog?

Ok, I need to make a fog. Problem is I don't have a smoke machine, and I don't want to get one. I am trying to figure out a way to make the fog with a chemical reaction. I can only buy so much, and don't have very useful shops near me. So all I am asking, I want to know if there's a way to make a fog, easily. Also, if the fog is ominous, it makes it all the better. Also, ominous fogs hug the ground and billow out. ANY help is appreciated.

Asked by dragonfathom 8 years ago

simple salads recipes

Hi.... I need a simple salad recipes that only takes 5mins to prepare and serves. (no cooking stuffs) thanks Arie 

Asked by koeswardana 8 years ago

cool simple designs, you could kinda change my life!

Im trying to find cool simple designs to decorate my room any suggestions?

Posted by yuckzee 9 years ago

how to make a simple swich with objects that can be found aroung a home? Answered

Im juslt looking for a way to connect a battery to a moter with a simple offordable swich that i could build using things found around home

Asked by skeleton1102 9 years ago

what are some simple safe booby traps?

My bro goes into my room and i hate it help....i dont wanna hurt him tho hell kill me

Asked by 9 years ago

Laser pointer upgrade

Can anyone help me find any way to upgrade a simple laser pointer to a burning laser?

Posted by randomperson 10 years ago

create a JavaScript war game

I am trying to make a JavaScript game like Genghis Khan except tiled and simple like Conways Game of Life  it sounds simple but I cant figure out how to start. any help would be much apriciated

Asked by FastLearner 7 years ago

how to make a simple shocker circuit without using components from a camera?

 I want to make a shocker circuit whose o/p voltage will be adjustable according to my needs but it wouldn't be high enough to kill anyone i.e will give an o/p current of <=9 mA.

Asked by mouli20 8 years ago

Simple CNC question... Answered

This is probably really obvious, but I wanted to know if there is a better way.  I was thinking about how I would go about making a simple "mounting plate".  Then I realized that wouldn't I first have to cut it to size and then mill out the holes.  But then the since I had to cut out the plate it kind of takes the point out of the cnc, because I wouldn't be very accurate for the outside dimensions.  So is there a way to machine the outside, even though it would be in the cnc's vice? Thanks in Advance! AI

Asked by JaredsProjects 8 years ago

complicated simple instructable

I'm working on an super efficient portable rechargable lithium-ion usb charging pack (if that make sense). If I were to make an instructable basically all it would say is make this PCB and solder everything. Should I just post when I'm done on like a forum? The only reason this is complicated is because it has about 30-40 electronic components.

Posted by guyfrom7up 10 years ago

knex back massager

Well i made this back massager out of knex and its very nice for when u need a massage but i dont know wheter to post it or not i will post it if people want it its very simple to make to :)

Posted by knex-4-life 10 years ago

where can i find instructions on building a working hoverboard?

I dont mean a hovercraft, i mean a skateboard-like thing that actually hovers above the ground. i dont have a lot of money..... so i cant make one that is like a hundred bucks. i would also like for it to be simple and easy and compact.

Asked by chucytbear 9 years ago

Photocell Controlled Vibrating Motor

I'd really appreciate some help with a simple experiment I'm doing. I'm trying to wire up a CdS photoresistor to control the speed of a vibrating motor based on black/white marks on paper. I wired it up with a transistor, but it didn't seem to have much (if any) effect when I covered the photocell or shined light on it. Any help?

Posted by pharoah 10 years ago

How do I draw with just a ruler and pencil? Answered

Is there any way with which I can draw something with a ruler and pencil

Asked by 9 years ago

Simple Electronic Help

I'm currently building a small hybrid solar panel car for a school sompetition(runs off of batteries or solar), and I need a bit of wiring help, here's my problem and some other stuff. I have 2 SPDT switches and 1 DPDT switch. I'm using one of the spdt switch for on and off, the other to switch from solar to battery, but i need help for the dpdt. There's 2 sets of solar panels (2 pairs of 3 hooked in series, for simplicity sake, I'm just going to say 2 solar panels), and I want to hook them up to the dpdt switch and the motor and the battery so that: I can turn on/off the motor (easy), switch between solar and battery (easy), and switch between paralell solarpanels or series (what I'm having problems with), any help?

Posted by guyfrom7up 10 years ago

Searching for a maker to help me with 2 robot artwork prototype

Hello guys I have two ideas, both are artworks, very simple as shape and movement. I need somebody who is enthusiast in making objects/robots and experienced as well. I am willing to pay (not too much since I am an artist:) and also credit the work. One of the my work should be similar like  this, but it must be programmed. It must be opening and closing in exactly 1-1 seconds. It must be smaller than this and some other details.... Maybe you know persons or forums, where I can find the right person. More details later. Thanks in advance!

Asked by glazur 5 years ago

DIY Ipod Amp Kits

I have all put together all the parts to make your own iPod Amp as seen in ReadyMade magazine issue 23 and Instructables.The kit includes:Velleman Amp kitSpeakerArmy Surplus Case1/8" Stereo JackWireLEDResistorNuts and Bolts to secure speakerPower Switch6AA Battery Holder w/ snap connectorThe price is $45 + $5 for shipping. You can follow the step by step instructions at:,-JoeYou must pay with paypal and I will only ship to the US, sorry I just end up losing money any other way.

Posted by joe 10 years ago

Need something to demonstrate in 3 minutes

For a class I'm taking, I need to make a speech in 3 minutes that demonstrates how to do something. It could be something very simple, but being the person that I am I want it to be at least mildly impressive. My hunch was to do something computing related with my eeepc and a projector, but that idea got nixed. I'm also interested in electronics, though, and I have a lot of stuff in my junk box. Anyway, I'm not asking anyone to do my work for me, this is more about presentation skills. But if you happen to have an idea of what I can do quickly and with minimal likelihood of failure I'd be eternally grateful.

Posted by pharoah 9 years ago

accidental syrup fermentation

I made some blackberry simple syrup the other day, and realized that it has started to ferment. I was baking bread around the same time, and it smells like bread yeast, so I imagine that's the culprit. It's currently in empty glass Izze bottle with a plastic bar stopper in my pantry, and is happily bubbling away. My questions are: How do I keep it fermenting? (does it need to be in dark/light, what are good temps, should I put a different stopper on it, how can you tell when it's done?) Has anyone fermented with bread yeast, and how does that turn out? Has anyone fermented syrup before? Does it make mead, or does it turn out more like liqueur? Thanks for the interest, and hopefully this will turn into an instructable later! 

Posted by luckbug 6 years ago

What IR source &amp; two terminal Photo transistor can be clubbed to replace either QRD1114 or CNY70 reflective sensor pkg?

I'm referring to - Building of a SPURT BOT(a simple line following robot) submitted by ignoblegnome (See I'm building one for my cousin who's in the 7th grade & found this to be the most simplest & one that looks like its been made by a kid.           It looks so, as it has the least number of electronic components. But unfortunately i have been unable to find both QRD1114 & CNY70 reflective sensor packages. While going through the comments section, i saw a comment by the author himself saying that the package can be replaced with an IR LED & a 2 terminal Photo transistor which happen to be the same components that make up both QRD1114 & CNY70 packages. I would be extremely thankful to fellow users if they could mention the exact part/component number of the IR LED & a 2 terminal photo transistor that can be clubbed & used instead of QRD1114/CNY70 for the same voltage rating & circuit used in the instructable mentioned above. I need this info ASAP, THANKS a TON & kindly forgive me for my bad grammar.

Asked by eltro 6 years ago

amazing packing peanuts

I was thinking I could do a conversation about this under my instructable and I probably will but maybe I can get different feed back from here but I guess you would need to check my instructable first to really know what I am talking about unless you are some one who is also sticking organic packing peanuts as an art media. AND I would love so much to here from some one doing the same stuff because I have yet to hear of any one else doing this or even if I could start to hear of people starting to do this would be cool.

Posted by thaicares 7 years ago

looking for a free simple drawing appication

I'm looking for a free drawing application thats simple like graffiti on facebook but has a few more features.

Posted by Tanners 10 years ago

Simple 'Megaphone' like voice amp?

If I wanted to create a simple voice amplification unit, what materials would I need and how would they be wired?

Asked by GreenPhantom 9 years ago

Some cool, creative and simple idea's needed!

Hey people, i want to do some expiriments for school with a other dude, we want to do some simple things with, steam, max 12v electro and some more creative things! do you guys have some ideas that we can do?! we alredy want to make a hero engine and maybe the minifrig (USB) bb

Posted by mingus15 7 years ago

Does anyone ?have any good plans on how to make a small, simple, Lathe?

I like lathes and have always wanted one. I want to make a very simple, small, lathe for wood. I want it to be pretty simple and easy to build. Perfect for small spindles and similar things. If someone could give me some good instructions on how to make one, I would be very greatful.

Asked by 9 years ago

Does anyone know of how to make any type of screens(display screen), or any other cool,simple electronic projects?

I am always looking for some cool, simple, electronics projects. Please recommend some electronics projects and how to do them.

Asked by 9 years ago

Get Cooking for the Fake It, Don't Make It Contest

The Fake It, Don't Make It Contest ends this coming Sunday! That's coming up soon so get out there and make some tasty food. The recipe has to have six ingredients or less and have at least two shortcuts.Prizes include Crate & Barrel gift cards, Real Simple aprons, and a chance to be published in Real Simple magazine. And all you have to do is cook one item. Fake It, Don't Make It Holiday Recipe Contest

Posted by fungus amungus 10 years ago

Who wants an easy Best Anwser? Answered

Anyone who can answer my simple question correctly(you do have to work for it some) can get the Best Answer! The profile picture I use, the picture below, has an important historical meaning. What person/group used this flag? 

Asked by JohnJY 7 years ago

How to make a simple robot with simple household items? Answered

Just want something to work with

Asked by KIPPstar 9 years ago

Fake It Results?

Just curious, are the Fake It Don't Make It Contest Results up yet? If they are, anyone have a link, if not, does anyone have an idea when they will be? Thanks!

Posted by Brennn10 10 years ago

where do you make guides? Answered

It seems like someone said no more guides, but is that true? cuz i would like to make one

Asked by sev17 9 years ago

I have an interesting, but simple task at hand here!

I have just been given an old laptop to checkout, a Toshiba Tecra 8000 at that. It's a fairly old laptop and needless to say, I don't have a pcmcia ethernet cards, or any at all! I should try and aquire a crapload of them, wifi would be nice. Anywho, I'm stuck with a built in modem here, a 56k modem. I know, and have seen it done, that you can connect two computers that have dialup modems, together, and transfer data between them, and possibly share an internet connection?? I've done a bit of googling but so far all I found was about connecting two windows 98 computers together. I'm currently installing a slipstreamed version of xp onto this laptop and I have xp on here, where should I try starting with this?? I need to get an internet connection on here somehow.

Posted by Punkguyta 8 years ago

A Good Electronic Project For a Beginner.

May I ask for something which is good and nice to create for a beginner like me. I don't really have an idea what to  make. I just hope you'll help me.

Posted by imatrianidar 2 years ago

Transistor help.... very basic, LDR/LED

I'm trying to make a very simple circuit to light an LED based on light from an LDR. I have all the components, it's a white LED, I'm using two AA batteries, and the LED glows brightly when I attach it to the batteries, but when I attach it to the LDR, it is either dim or dimmer due to the resistance... I'm sure I need to use a resistor for this... I have some assorted PNPs and NPN2222As... I've looked at a couple tutorials, but none of them seem to work... does anyone know how to do this without any (or as few as possible) other components? Thanks

Posted by perkinsb1024 10 years ago

does anyone knoew how to make any cool usb projects?

I am always looking foe cool usb projects. Not too easy or too har.d. Like an air conditionor or a stove or anything.

Asked by 9 years ago

can i add another battery? Answered

I am using a 3.7v 500mah battery that lasts 6 hours. if i add another one exactly the same in parallel, does that mean it will last 12 hours? and yes, the device can handle 1000mah

Asked by fossilshark 3 years ago

Instructables version of dummy books

Great stuff! One thing I'd like to see is a dummy book section for those of us who are technically challenged. I can handle a battery, a switch, solder and some wire, but that's about it. I guess you could call it Instructables for dummies

Posted by netcandyman 7 years ago

does anyone know how to make a robotic arm with easy to get materials?

I have always wanted to make a robotic arm but lacked experience ansd supplies to do so. If somebody could show me how to make one easily, with easy to ger materials, I would be very gratful.

Asked by 9 years ago

would this work to create a 3d display?

okay, I saw those video glasses devices they have, and as many have two screens, one for each eye, I was wondering if you could process a 3d signal to each eye, and enable the glasses to show 3d. it would be somewhat like those autostereoscopic and lenticular displays, but by separating the left and right channels and sending each to the screen for that eye only, the device should be able to give 3d without polarizing or shutter glasses. is this possible? how would one go about splitting the left and right video channels and feeding the split signals to each screen? my idea here was to try to create a simple cheap 3d display for people who use 3d video cameras and camcorders, as this would be an easy way to view the 3d images without dealing with headache inducing lenticular or autostereoscopic displays. thanks for any input.

Posted by Nyanman 7 years ago