Robot Virtual World simulating program ? Answered

I'm looking for a program which i can simulate simple roaming robot with something that have simple sensor simple motor control at least can simulate an object avoidance robot but i don't want hard interfaced programs that needs 3d object making just simple program

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Flight Simulator

So I posted a topic in "Tech," but it didn't show up there and none of my posts are, so here is the link to the actual post:, yes, I know. I accidentally called it "FIGHT Simulator."

Posted by mdj817 10 years ago

car crash simulator

Does anybody know of a good car crash simulator hopefully free where you build your own car and then crash it.

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electronic tornado simulator

Anyone knows how this works? there is no instructable how to do it with a electronic solution.

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any z80 simulator ?

Hello, am a student in my final year ,am preparing a project based on microprocessor z80 of ZILOG , i am looking for a software to build my circuit in and simulate it to see if it works on not , i tried PROTEUS v.7, i have ssen also z80 IDE simulator nothing could help me.   so if you can help to find any simulator that includes the z80 microprocessor it will be much easier to work.this is my email :   thank you for answering  

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can i just call my matlab functions in the mex file containing my thread?

Hi guys,i am doing Oop in matlab and  i have to simulate 2 different networks and visualize the results at thesame time. i have all my functions writtten in matlab m-files.Matlab does not support multithreading .To use mex files will i need to re-right all my matlab functions in the c-pogramming language again or can i just call my matlab functions in the mex file containing my thread?

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Fight Simulator

I just had a great Idea last night. Okay, I think we've all seen those $250,000 homemade flight simulators built by people with just a wee bit too much time on their hands (like anyone who goes on instructables). One of the main reasons these are expensive, other than the computer themselves, is the fact that there are multiple LCD screens surrounding the pilot. These things cost a few pretty pennies, so this is where my idea comes in. The first thing you would need to do, would be to arrange some semi-opaque plastic panels where you would usually have the LCD displays. They need to be opaque enough that you can't see through them, but clear enough to let a good bit of light through. In other words, they need to be translucent, not transparent. The second thing would be computer software. It needs to be able to totally invert your desktop display. You could do this with hardware, but it would be a waste of time and materials. Connected to your computer would be a digital projector, which is where all of the magic of this project comes together. You run the projector through a prism (what kind, anyone?), to slightly warp the projected image. You need this warpage (is that a word?), to counteract the different angles of the plastic panels. The projector is set up in front of the "cockpit," projecting its inverted, warped image at it. You can see the images on the inside, because you chose the correct opacity, right? The hope behind this idea, is that it is much cheaper to have 1 digital projector, than it is to have multiple LCDs. Thanks! MDJ

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propane machine gun simulator help

I like to make a small propane machine gun simulator, the kind they use in movies. I need to know how to make the firing circuit board, what type of solenoid's I can use & what type of ignition coil & spark plug to ignite the gas. Put it simply, I need a DIY on How to build an oxygen propane machine gun simulator.

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Dawn Simulator

I heard theres LED's or something like that, that sense light and turn a device off (for example: an LED hooked to a battery.) what about turn a device On? also check out the updates on my 2 newest instructables, although nothing to do with this topic.

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Ski / Snowboard Simulator/Trainer

Hi, I've always wanted to figure out a way to build my own ski/snowboard simulator to help teach my kids(and others) how to snowboard. In our  & case, give them refreshers since they know how to snowboard and they're only.  My 17yr old daughter, on the other hand, that's another story. She hates snowboarding because she can't grasp it, so this would be good for her too.  Here are some links to give you an idea of the type of simulator I am referring to:;=player_embedded#at=169

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Movement simulator platform

We are in search for ideas and/or off-the-shelf solutions for a mobility and toileting issue in response to the following request: "The project proposal is called a \"Movement Simulation Platform\" which is intended to provide amazing sensory experiences for our students who would not be easily accessible to them otherwise.  The idea is to have the students pushed onto a large platform in their wheelchairs in front of a large screen (screen not part of project request).  On the screen will play some fantastic scenes such as hiking up a mountain, visiting different countries, driving a car, riding a roller coaster, etc.  The platform will also allow for very minor movements in all directions through the assistance of the adult holding the wheelchair (also standing on the platform).  We are imagining a very small displacement of movement in all directions (similar to a rocker board).  The platform would need to be a good size with borders and possibly a way to secure the wheelchair to the platform." Happy to hear your ideas! About Tetra Tetra is a non-profit organization that recruits skilled volunteers to create customized assistive devices for people with physical disabilities. See our instructables group at:

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Google Earth Flight Simulator

If you download the most recent version of Google Earth and press Ctrl+Alt+A it will open up a flight simulator. You can select from two different planes and take off from several locations including San Francisco, Switzerland, and the Himalayas. You can also start your flight at a specific location if you go there in Google Earth outside of the flight simulator, and then select the "start at current view" button which is above the airport selection box. The controls can be found by going to help and then clicking on keyboard shortcuts. It's a lot of fun and has pretty good resolution. The pics are of the Himalayas. The start-up screen with the options, Switzerland, New Zealand, and upside down over Washington D.C.

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is there a physics simulator that can simulate air pressure?

I want to experiment on barometers,but it is too risky and i don't have the there any physics simulator that can simulate fluid,air,air pressure,etc.

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IFTC Boeing 737 simulator trip

Simulators are a wonderful thing.They allow teachers to torment train pilots against bad situations. They also do this without risk.OK,maybe there is some risk to the tech guy who was not told it would be used that day.Because the final crash resulted in the motion getting locked up.Youtube playlist

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What's the best flight simulator for me?

I have a decent computer (XP, ~1.5 Ghz CPU). I love dogfighting but that's not all I do. I have a joystick and throttle (pretty crappy but I might upgrade soon as well as get some rudder pedels).

Asked by bowmaster 9 years ago | last reply 6 years ago

Sunrise lamp adaptor alarm

Hi guys and compliments for the comprehensive forum! I would love to have one of those sunrise simulator alarm clock out in the market but since I have no bedside table, and the wall cover with wood on one side, I am looking for a way to make an adaptor to start dimming my existing lamp at a precise time, like 7 am. I found out this product:  but the producer told me it does not work outside US (I'm from Italy) since we have 220V main and the gig would fry out. Also he told me it cannot be modified and power adapters don't work. Any idea on how to build one? Thanks a lot! Sam

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Which software is good for robotic simulation? Answered

In search for a  software which not only helps in designing and analysing but also simulates robotic movements. Designs are going to be new and I am not restricting myself to robotics kits. Please help. 

Asked by ygsh 7 years ago | last reply 7 years ago

My Blender physics simulations!

Just for fun, I created a few physics simulations in blender, All of them of a building getting knocked down with various objects(meteor, plane, car, spheres). Here it is Here is my first one, It is older And included is a screenshot of the second simulation! :D Tell me what you think :) Thanks ~ReCreate

Posted by ReCreate 9 years ago | last reply 9 years ago

Driving Simulator - Google maps

A perspective version of 2D Driving Simulator on Google Maps work-in-progress, using new Map3D class of Google Maps API for Flash. of car or bus)

Posted by lemonie 9 years ago | last reply 9 years ago

How do you create factory simulation software without learning any language?

I want to create or get a factory simulation software ( the same as ARENA or VISIOSIM ), without learning any computer language (though I remember my Visual Basic 6, I dont want to use any). Surely there has to be an opensource software like that.

Asked by mikedu 9 years ago | last reply 8 years ago

pls send the difference between simulation project and embedded project, which is best?

I have a doubt in simulation oriented project and embedded project. pls give the description 

Asked by vijipandi 6 years ago | last reply 6 years ago

electronic circuit simulator?

Where can i find a free circuit simulator doesent just show signals but that shows what the things do like leds light and switches switch and stuff

Asked by coleyy 7 years ago | last reply 7 years ago

SketchUp Movement simulation

Usually I'm using SketchUp 3D designs to create the models before I start my projects but unfortunately its all solid objects ..Now I need more capabilities using an easy way to simulate the movements of my models especially when it related to a Robot Project.Thanks,

Asked by ahmedazouz 5 months ago | last reply 5 months ago

Simulating a T-vo service signal

Is it possible to simulate a t-vo service signal. I want to use a T-vo that I bought at a thrift sotre, to record my outside surveylance cameras, but it wont let me record without the service. Can I bypass this, or simulate a signal somehow? can I make a service simulator for this? I dont want to use it to record tv, I have a dvd recorder for that, just for the cameras.

Posted by Timjoe 10 years ago

3D Domino Physics Simulation!

Just for fun, I made this little video. And these What do you think?Anyways, I made that using a Physics simulation DLL for Gamemaker.Rendered and everything on my Computer, I got Framerates a bit lower than 1(what do you expect with over 1000 Dominoes?), But the recorded video output is much faster than that.Enjoy!

Posted by ReCreate 9 years ago | last reply 9 years ago

could a simulator game like sim city model a eco friendly community model?

Lyn city is a open source sim city that is configured by text files. Now if someoen went to home power magazine and entered the costs input and output of wind solar housing farming ... and consumption # of peep.. lynn city cold be a simulator for a eco friendly biosphere....

Asked by josheeg 9 years ago

PCB design and cicuit simulation software

Hi all first post here could someone recommend a good software package for PCB and circuit design and simulation on a budget preferably compatible with windows vista and 7 and with CNC capability (looking to build one in the future)

Posted by pmills4 5 years ago | last reply 5 years ago

Can Anyone tell me how to simulate the current changes in LM723 in Proteus?

So I'm making a circuit of power supply with LM723 (Proteus File and schematic attached below). Can Anyone tell me how to simulate the current changes in Proteus.

Asked by mnaveed 5 years ago | last reply 5 years ago

Digital Picture Fram Keychain Video Simulation?

Is it possible to flash the firmware in one of the small 1.5 inch digital picture frame key-chains in order to reduce the slideshow feature timing to about 15 milliseconds?  Then one could preview all the photos in memory and simulate motion video. 

Asked by 9 years ago | last reply 7 years ago

Is there any circuit simulation software better than proteus? Answered

Proteus has limited libraries especially maxim semicundoctors IC's and texas instrument IC's are very less ... so if one wants to simulate a circuit that is not in the library then what can be done ?  is there any method to load library from outside or suggest me any other software 

Asked by usbg3rd 6 years ago | last reply 3 years ago

simulate lightning Answered

Hey, i would like to simulate a lightning storm in my aquariun, by using 6 cree xre led's and some sort of micro controller to control the flash, i need to figure out the multi flash and random flash and flash druation, any ideas would be welcome. also what controllers out there can handle  say between 500-700 milliamps,

Asked by tinman11 8 years ago | last reply 8 years ago

a lamp that flickers

Hi, I've discovered this site just yesterday.... I try to use the search engine but it doesn't help. I'm preparing a location for a video. Now, I need to simulate an almost broken lamp, you know, a lamp that flickers. We're using incandescent lamps. It is possible to build a switch (or something else) that can simulates this effect on an incandescent lamp? Tnx in advance, ciao

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Would like to build a simulated water effect light for an undersea themed prom. Any ideas?

Our prom is an undersea/underwater theme.  I would like to make a water effect light to shine on the dance floor and sunken ship to enhance the ambience.  Am looking for something inexpensive.  Overall color is blue so multi-colors are not necessary. 

Asked by 9 years ago | last reply 7 years ago

What about a 3D simulation device??

Hi, Instructables community. This is a great place for making and sharing our projects. I am working on a 3D simulation device that uses rotational and linear motion wheels' axis as well as servos to control the finger position. What do you think about it? I had already made up a prototype. Can you suggest me if it would be a useful device? I think gaming. What are your views?? Thanks! :-) See you soon..... 

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How do I turn a keyboard into switches for a computer based flight simulator? Answered

Yeah, like, I want to take a keyboard, and turn the buttons into switches, oh yeah and I want it to be out of the keyboard, like in a box or something, but more like an aircraft than just a keyboard, you know what I'm saying? like a cockpit, but from a keyboard yeah you know what I mean

Asked by CybergothiChe 9 years ago | last reply 9 years ago

Convert antique fireplace to simulated.?

I have a wall-mounted porcelain coal fireplace from a French chateau.  It has isinglass windows, so is amenable to diffused light. BUT, all the electric simulators are too wide to fit.  I tried using candles, BAD idea. Then I tried flickering Christmas lights, too constant and not enough color variation. Any ideas? Thank you! -D

Asked by Doc Holliday 4 years ago | last reply 4 years ago

Why does a voltage doubler work hard wired, but not on a circuit simulator? Answered

I successfully built a voltage doubler circuit to fire a Xenon flash tube from 120 volt AC power, but when I set up the same circuit in my Protolab 4.0 circuit simulation software the output is less than the input voltage. Does anyone know why?

Asked by Phil B 9 years ago | last reply 9 years ago

I want to ignite my fire simulator remotely?

I run a small business teaching people how to use fire extinguishers and want to ignite my fire simulator remotely. The fire simulator is a small water filled stainless steel container that is propane fuelled and is lit (at the moment) with a gas cartridge weeding torch. what is required is an igniter just above the water level that will light the propane gas at the water level and that will ignite the gas each time the fire has been put out by the extinguisher, so it will get wet. having a wire from the simulator to a distance away is not a problem and because I do this training at my clients addresses it has to be very mobile. My technical knowledge and ability is limited so simpler the better Can anybody help me please Kind regards Mike

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Using "Phun" to simulate mechanisms

I'm not an engineer, and don't have access to Autodesk / AutoCAD, so I've been using Phun to simulate mechanical design.It's not strictly valid in an engineering sense, but it works pretty well for roughing out ideas. The polygons were created in Inkscape, then converted to Phun scenes with SVG2Phun. Some objects won't translate (like grouped objects), so it's necessary to simplify (hence the two images from Inkscape.)

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Minimum Venturi Diameter??

Hi, I'm trying to make a venturi in an application. I've run some simulations with success, but as soon as I simulate it with the right scale (4mm diameter inlet of pressure) the simulation doesn't appear to show any venturi effect and the vacuum doesn't work. Does the venturi effect have any minimum diameter to make it possilbe? If not, how can I generate vacuum using a 4mm inner diameter tube? Thanks, Yair.

Asked by yairtzur 3 years ago | last reply 3 years ago

Focus a laser-like beam from LED(s)?

Is it possible to focus a beam from an LED so that it makes a laser-like beam? Could it be made to burn? I've heard of simulated lasers that sound like they use LEDs focussed into a beam.

Asked by DIY Emilio 7 years ago | last reply 10 months ago

how to make simulated water resin?

Have been using a prod called "Quickwater" to set up branches in small metal dishes.  This product is unavailable & rather expensive.  I think I will eventually need about 2 to 5 gallons for my project.

Asked by shellawb 6 years ago | last reply 6 years ago

simulation error? Answered

Main:irin [1000,main],C.3,b0 if b0=16 then ahead if b0=18 then right if b0=19 then left ahead:high C.0,B.5 ,C.1,B.4 pause 300 goto main right: high B.5,B.4 pause 300 goto main left: high C.0,C.1 pause 300 goto main this is the code when i try to simulate it  the programming editor says variable not found can you please tell me the reason

Asked by robot1398 7 years ago | last reply 7 years ago

Simulate sounds for RC Car using micro-controller and MP3 replay?

Hello!  I'm new micro-controller, very new.  I want to simulate custom sounds for my RC car.  What I want to do is spy on the car servos/esc and trigger different sound effects using this MP3 replay: Can someone help with what I need to make this work? Please be specific.  Thanks!

Asked by triggerxxx 6 years ago | last reply 6 years ago

Simulated dawn & dusk LED aquarium light?

Instead of using a timer to turn the light on and off I would love to simulate dawn and dusk by having the light slowly ramp up to full power and then slowly ramp down to off at the end of the cycle.I do have some limited electronics experience but over the years have done less and less so I'm not as sharp as I used to be.If anyone has some ideas how I can do this I would love to hear them.Thanks to all.

Asked by gjm 7 years ago | last reply 7 years ago

3 Axis Rotating Flight Simulation Rig

I have currently started building a 3 axis rotating Flight simulation rig that can simulated any 3D motion with a pilot inside the main cabin in control. I know the project needs a lot of disciplines working together (Steel design-mechanics-electrical-electronics-control-programming) So I assembled a team of engineers who got interested in the idea but we are not all highly experienced and the issue is new to all of us. So far we managed to design the rig it self as in steel design area. when we started moving along to the next phase which is the mechanical parts and joints we faced a lot of issues regarding the weight and balance of the rigs. The attached image is for a flight simulator done by a company in Russia. We have great ideas for improving that design and building our own non expensive simulator. I didn't post our full design model done in solid works cause it's not yet perfected. All I asking is that , if there is any one out there willing to help us share the knowledge or has a bit of experience in the subject, or wants to join our collaborate work, please don't hesitate to contacts us. I don't know the forum rules so I won't post my contact information here, but please feel free to discuss the subject with us on the forum, so we might benefit all together from this experience. 

Posted by zayed_hossam 3 years ago | last reply 3 years ago

software to simulate light shows?

is there any free software out there where i can design and setup virtual lights in a virtual room and then sync them to music? or just something i can sync to music yet have room for creativity?

Asked by redsuit09 8 years ago | last reply 6 years ago

Phun -- "Coolest science toy ever?"

Phun - the 2D physics sandbox, has been called the "Coolest science toy ever" by the folks at Bad Science.Phun is a neat little physics simulation environment with gravity rules, etc., and a very simple real-time interface. Try it!The free download is here.

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