Site search box? Answered

Where is the search box on this site?

Asked by bigbbubble 7 years ago

Why i see a ERROR ?

Asked by mantux100 9 years ago


Why did you change what was good? This new site is awful! I see pics with no idea of what I'm looking at because the titles and brief descriptions are gone. I can't even hover and get a mouse over text. BTW - the pages don't format right in my OS / Browser combo - couldn't you have tested this first? This was a great site that needed no tweaking. Sad, so very sad....

Posted by johnclifford77 7 years ago

how do I unsuscribe? Answered

I would like to unsubscribe

Asked by silverhead53 2 years ago

this "To view larger images, please sign up" feature is the worth ever ! when will it be removed ? Answered

This "To view larger images, please sign up" feature is the worth ever ! when will it be removed ?

Asked by 8 years ago

gifts? Answered

Whats the best gift site?

Asked by Sean_Voodoo 8 years ago

Full site closes mobile browser

When browsing the site on my iPod (Safari, up to date), whenever I hit the option for "full site" at the bottom of an Instructable, the browser closes completely. No messages, it just closes, including any other pages open as well.

Posted by Kiteman 5 years ago

New site layout

I like the new site layout. I'm sure others will have a problem with it but change is typically a good thing. It will just take some getting use too is all.  Keep up the good work!

Posted by mpilchfamily 6 years ago

How do I change my password on this site? Answered

The "Normal" links do not work! I keep getting "Done" "Error on page" at the bottom of my browser! My PDA was stolen with all of my personal information on it and I need to change my password "Like Yesterday"! I can not fimd an Instructables site "Contact us" link like most sites have!

Asked by Normjr 9 years ago

Nice Changes to the Site!

I really like the new layout, with the different drop down menus, and the tabs. It looks really good. Anyway, just my 2 cents, nice job Instructables team.

Posted by Brennn10 10 years ago

Site suggestion

It would be really helpful if there was an option when you upload a photo to have it as the picture for the form topic and not for the photo under the message, and an option to have the photo for the photo under the message and not the form topic photo.

Posted by The Cartographer 6 years ago

site navigation

Do you think that the site could be easier to navigate? i think that if you could choose how many items were listed per page e.g. instead of 20 per page, you could have 100 or more. it would make it easier because you would'nt have to click next page as many times. another thing to make the site easier to navigate would be if the names of the 'ibles, questions ect were listed in each category in alphebatical order, so that you could easily find an instructable by name.

Posted by RedScoutMonkey17 6 years ago

Instructables doesn't use HTTPS for its logins

I just noticed instructables doesn't use https for its logins, which is terribly insecure.  You should secure at least your login (and preferably the whole site)

Posted by zkus 3 years ago

Putting my instructable on my site?

I want to be able to put my instructable on my website. It would be nice if I could have all the fancy image notes too. As my instructable really is missing a lot with out them. If have tried a whole bunch of ways. Anyone have any ideas?

Posted by CowGuy 10 years ago

Just about done with this site

This site has jumped the shark.  It used to be a good place to find DIY projects of all kinds for all skill levels.  Over the past few years, it has changed in the following ways. - The majority of new instructables on the site involve elite technology - 3D printers, laser cutters, etc - that are too expensive or require a membership to Techshop or similar to have access to them.  In other words, they are mildly interesting to see what's possible, but of no use to the average person. - Many instructables are just implementations of things that can be commonly found on Pinterest and are being passed off as original ideas. - Drug content has started showing up as instructables.  While I understand that some states have legalized cannabis, not all have, and I don't want my family to be exposed to it. - "Collections" may be useful in some cases to pull together instructables on a common theme, such as photography or boat building, but they are overused so much that they clog up everything else on the site.  Again, it's an example of people posting without creating any new content. - I'm a non-paying member of the site and the ads and other "recommended links" have started taking over everywhere. For years I've been following the site and checking the recent instructables posts almost daily to see what's new.  The site continues to meet other's needs, and that's what's important, but I'm sorry to say that it's no longer worth my time.

Posted by webman3802 2 years ago

site question

Recently my latest "make" I shared here won the honor of being Featured. Thanks by the way.  :) I also won a premium service for 3 months as a result. My question is, after it expires, will my account go back to its original state? or will it be frozen? I like to know these things before I go further since I had this happen to me at another site. Also I kind of like my account and it would be disappointing if my current account would get messed up. Thanks. :)

Posted by Treasure Tabby 6 years ago

layout of the site

why does instructables have to change the layout for the worse every time i get used to the old one? this most rescent one is horrible! it just might make me quit the site. ***edit***  i didnt realize how whiny this sounded until after i posted it. i dont like that there is a drop-down for the different channels in the catergories. and the tape around the pictures in the instructables are annoying. the main screen doesnt fit onto my internet window any more, i have to use a scrollbar at the bottom to see it all

Posted by Dr. Who 5 years ago

Method or option for switching off the Irritating Site Jingle on every tab when signed in

As an instructables user signed thus I know how nice Instrutables used to be with out this child like Jingle on every tab ! Where is the option to turn this auto play jingle off please?

Posted by T3DT 1 year ago

Site release with tiny updates

I just released a set of small changes, most of which are under the hood helping admins do their job a little easier.  The things you may notice are: we removed the gmail address importer as nobody but spammers was using it :( image deletions from your library are fixed search term is retained if you enter one and choose 'Graphical Search' instead of the google search button forum topic preview is now formatted correctly As always, file a bug if you find any problems!

Posted by rachel 8 years ago

2 suggestions I have for the site.

Firstly, I think we should be able to reply directly to the topics posted in the "Site updates" category.  The reason why I think this is because otherwise discussions on recent updates spill everywhere else, such as other forum topics, or ibles, or answers, and that just creates a discussion irrelevant to the original post.  This happens especially on knex instructables. Second, I suspect this might be already done, but I think we should have an option to be notified of when someone we subscribe to posts a forum topic.  Note I said "Option" since some people might not like getting notified on when people they subscribe to post topics, while people like me might want that.  If it's already happening, I really don't see any evidence of it at all. In any case, thanks for taking the time to hear me out.  Peace.

Posted by DJ Radio 7 years ago


I looked around but can seem to find a way to search within a category.  Is there any way to do so? Thanks.

Posted by CaptainJester 7 years ago

Join plaster of paris and clay

Can a clay ware be joined to a ware made of plaster of paris

Asked by KhobbyB 5 months ago

Deleting a draft collection?

I accidentally created a copy of one of my draft collections, anyone know how to get rid of it?

Asked by DerDok 4 years ago

Awesome animation

A great idea for animation, doing everything in a room and letting the drawings interact with reality. Enough words... just watch.

Posted by fungus amungus 10 years ago

How can I browse all the instructables faster? Answered

I am new to this site, (this is my first post on any forum, ever) I want to look at all the instructables but being on dial-up waiting for each page of thumb-nails to load then selecting pages at bottom. I can only go as far as three pages. Each session I have to work my way, three at a time, untill I get to the pages I have not seen. Any help? Thank you in advance. This is the best site I have ever seen. And YES I voted. (repeatably) I am selecting Tech as my category because I do not see a category for Administrative stuff.

Asked by notmyfault 9 years ago

view all comments link.

I cant seem to fint the view all comments link for any of the instructables anymore. Did they take i away or somthing?

Asked by cousinles 9 years ago

How do you add favorites?

This may sound REALLY STUPID, but how on earth do you add things to favorites( I'm VERY new).

Posted by theophilus 10 years ago

What has happened to Christmas?

Has there been some sort of Grinch around? Really, it is the second week of advent already, and I still see no signs of it here...

Asked by gruffalo child 6 years ago

Keep getting an impolite page?

Every time I go to view an Instructable, a page displays saying "that was impolite" and I can only go to the home page. Why? 

Asked by djsfantasi 4 years ago

What's up with the favorites button?

How come the favorites button doesn't work?? There are a LOT of messages about the favorites button NOT working, but no one has come up with a solution. Is there one?

Asked by Louise542 5 years ago

3000 watts inverter

Anyone knows how to build or make an inverter? a 3000watts inverter? can u give me the list of parts and picture diagram or schematic diagram? thanks guys

Asked by dangzching 4 months ago

Category changes under the hood

Just pushed out another release of the site.  The big news here is that we have enough content now that it was time to reorganize it. The new system isn't live yet but before we can do that, we have to get the current Instructables sorted... Christy wrote a post about it here which explains the whole thing in detail. I invite you to read and comment on it.  Additionally there are a couple administrative changes to make things easier for the site admins, and a bugfix or two... and I just noticed we broke the RSS feeds AGAIN!  Will fix that first thing in the morning, boy do I feel silly doing that twice in a row. Please let us know if you see any problems by filing a bug! Update: RSS feeds fixed (all the ones I saw, anyway; let us know if yours is still broken).  Also authors' ability to update their categories & channels.

Posted by rachel 8 years ago

Site Update

So maybe I've got the right spot for this comment this time (Thanks, Kiteman, for the wake up), but here goes..the last time the site had an update wasn't too bad. Things were relatively easy to see and find, and the previous style had been a little cumbersome--now it's a big mishmash and confusing as hell. What is it with geeks who can't leave what works well enough alone, but have to try and fix it? (I'm looking at you here, too, Firefox.) Pay attention here folks! The project of the day humongous header at the top of the page--it's frickin' annoying!! It was good to be able to see all the projects in a row, very neat and organized, and then go to the one I'm interested in. Surely I'm not the only one? I can't get here everyday and now the different projects are extremely hard to catch up on. I'm not trying to be mean, nor am I against constructive change or fixing problems, but changing something just to be different doesn't always work. People come here to see the projects, etc., To connect on ways to do things or build things, not to see a website where someone wants to show off their building skills. Please take a poll of your readers or something and see what everyone else thinks. If I'm a minority opinion I'll just learn to lump it, but I still won't have to like it!

Posted by beatyruth 7 years ago

Site messages and other changes

I've just pushed the first significant release after a couple engineering vacations.  Rested and refreshed, I offer you these updates: The confirmation/error messages that some processes give are now 'modal', meaning that instead of an easy-to-miss orange bar at the bottom of the page, they are now a box in the middle, with a button to remove them.  We found that many users did not see the bar at the bottom and were confused about whether the site did what they wanted, or why it apparently did not.  We've done some work on removing confirmations that are common enough that it would be annoying to have to close them all the time, but if we've missed any of those please don't hesitate to let us know. We've reluctantly implemented a 3-contest limit when you publish a new Instructable.  We just had too many cases where someone, for example, entered their Arduino Instructable into, say, the cupcake contest.  It became a real load on the contest managers to keep removing ineligible Instructables.  We hope that a 3-contest limit will help authors select the appropriate contest(s) to enter. We made Facebook login a bit more obvious Clarified the Pro payment page to make it clearer that there is a free account always available Couple of bugfixes around PDFs, ebooks, and patch sending That's it for now, as ever if you find problems with these or any features, let us know by adding a forum topic in the Bugs section.

Posted by rachel 6 years ago

Launch status issue

I've published a new tutorial recently, but it's launch status is not updating.I has around 16k views, but if I check the launch status for the last month it only show zero visitors.

Posted by IgorF2 5 months ago

This forum confuse me.

What was wrong with the old one? It didn't work well on mobile devices? Why do you make me hate people with mobile devices? Some of them may be a good persons...

Posted by Waldemar Sha 4 months ago

Small Site Changes

I've just released a small set of changes: new footer featured and popular items are now split out by channel home page shows both featured and popular items in the same list searching on an exact channel name gets you to the main page for that channel various small formatting fixes There is also a new backend process to check for Pro members whose membership is about to expire but is not set to be automatically charged, to email them and see if they want to renew it.  However we screwed this up a little, as the email text wasn't completed and it is pretty much incomprehensible. Some of you will have received a rather confusing email, which you can totally ignore; we'll fix this and try it again in another couple of days.  My apologies to anyone who got that! Also for a short time there was a display problem for all unpublished instructables (and like 20 published ones), but that has been fixed.  If you were editing during this time don't fear, your work was not lost.  Go try again now.

Posted by rachel 8 years ago

How do you copy and paste? Answered

I have had people telling me that there is something wrong with my computer. That is not an answer! Every other site with text entry works fine!.... You might be using some kind of 3rd party.. 1737 lines of HTML for the ask a questions page. I don't know if this is a lot but seems like it. 2000 for an average instructible about 2000 for each editor page. I guess that's pretty good, but then again there is only a title bar, bottom bar, and a couple of text entry boxes. All the rest is just functions and stuff I am not going to read through, and it doesn't look like my computer wants to read through it all either.

Asked by chrisayad 4 years ago

instructables facebook account integration?

Hi folks! I have this account long before the facebook integration. Problem is that at somepoint, I created a second one with my integrated with my facebook account. Is there anyway I can merge both or at least delet the other one and integrate this one with facebook?

Asked by Yemerich 2 years ago

Stats cards!

I've just pushed out another release which has a pretty cool new feature, stats cards!  We've collated a bunch of what we think are some interesting stats on members, like their view count, comment count, feature percentage, etc.; and those are now shown on the member's page as a quick overview of their activity on Instructables.  This was inspired by the awesome Top Trumps-style card game created by Jayefuu with gmjhowe, Lithium Rain, Kiteman, Yokozuna, KentsOkay and Lemonie. This release also changes how we serve up images.  This is an under-the-hood change so you should not see any difference, but if you do notice missing images anywhere, PM me or one of the other site admins and let us know. Update: oops, this update broke PDF images!  We'll fix that ASAP. Update: fixed.

Posted by rachel 8 years ago

The Best Suggestion I can Make

The biggest thing that bugs me about the Instructables site occurs to me every. single. time. I visit.  I can't be the only one. This can't be the first time this has been mentioned --- can it? I know how to "fix" it, too, and I have done that on my end.  But still. It seems I ALWAYS have to hit that "View All Steps" button.  EVERY.  SINGLE. TIME. Yeah, I know I can login and change my settings. I did, and I do.  But the login cookie is set too short so it doesn't stick for long.  So I come, back from an email, and AGAIN- I have to go through the first step(s), HIT THAT G*#$&MN "View All Steps" button, GO  BACK THROUGH THE FIRST STEPS ALL OVER AGAIN AND TRY AND PICK UP WHERE I LEFT OFF.   Arguh. There's this nifty thing called AJAX where you can have more steps loaded when you hit the bottom.  It's a bandwidth saver, but not a complete PITA for the user. All the good sites are doing it. And one is not.  This would be you. Fix this, please.  Your traffic and conversions will increase.  I've hated this issue for long before I became a web designer. Thank you, Instructables!

Posted by awemaker 2 years ago

Behind the scenes changes

I just released a set of changes which, with luck, you will not notice!  We're doing some work on additional ways to view Instructables, and how we'll handle Guides going forward, but so far it's all underneath as there is some further prep work remaining.  Next release you will see some of these changes live.

Posted by rachel 8 years ago

how do i continue from ible to ible after i check out an ible? is there a 'next' button im not seeing? Answered

Is there a way to go to next ible in a category from the screen where i just viewed an ible? if i have to click 'next page' fifteen times, ima goan lose my mind up in here...

Asked by southbaysue 7 years ago

What happened similar Instructable suggestions?

Until recently every article had a few links to similar Instructables top right (just under the equally useful and equally missing other posts by same author box). Did I somehow accidentally change my layout preferences or did this get helpful information get nixed for the sake of a cleaner layout? If so, please restore that functionality. Without it each article is a dead end. You're killing my flow, man.

Asked by alhazen 5 months ago

"Here's What I Have - What Can I Make?" - New Functionality

I enjoy small projects, tinkering and making. I will admit though that I am not that creative. I often have to come here to find something someone else has already made and try to replicate it on my own. That means going out and buying or finding all of the parts and then building whatever it is. And that is all fine and good. A foundational idea behind the site to begin with I suppose. But I also have a shop full of stuff, parts, thingies, bits and pieces of this and that, but like I said, I am not that creative and often have a hard time coming up with something to make out of it. The Instructables community is filled with creative people with amazing ideas that are more than willing to share and suggest new ideas. I would like to see a functionality where I could come in and list all of the stuff that I have, or a subset thereof, list the tools that I have to work with and then put it out to the Instructables Community to suggest to me what I can make with the things and tools that I have at hand. Possibly even have them vote on those suggestions and then, I as the user, go and create that thing and post my Instructable once completed. I think it would be one more way in which the community can interact and help each other. What are your thoughts?

Posted by darrinmcl 3 years ago

Editor change

I've just released a new version of Instructables, with a new updated version of the rich text editor. Also, we set the default for comments to not use rich text, because most comments don't need it; but you can click the 'rich text' button if you want to use formatting in a comment. The new editor looks a little different but works basically the same. As always, Pro users do have a greater range of formatting options.  It has a couple nicer features than the previous one (e.g. you can paste directly into it) and runs a bit faster.  We hope you will find it an improvement too; please let us know of any problems you may encounter with it!

Posted by rachel 8 years ago

Backend changes

I've just released a new minor version of Instructables.  There are no significant front-end changes but we have done some things under the hood to allow for upcoming features.  There are a few minor bugfixes, and for Pro members, you now have a note with your renewal date listed and if applicable, a link to renew your membership. Going forward, I will write a forum in this area for each release, even if all I have to say is, "stuff under the hood".  For bugfix releases, I'll edit the topic for the appropriate release.  If you find a bug, I'd appreciate it very much if you would take a minute to file it in the bugs section. Update: Whoops, broke some RSS feeds with that last release.  Should be OK now.  Let us know in the bugs section if you are seeing any RSS problems still.

Posted by rachel 8 years ago