how to reuse/modify old cell phone camera as a cctv?

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Homemade skate / mountainboard trucks?

Does anyone have any ideas how I could make something that resembles a skateboard or mountainboard truck at home? I want to build my own motorised mountainboard from various parts on the very cheap, of which none will actually be from a board. The trucks seem like the one thing I might have to buy since I can't think of a way to add turning and carving capability to a homemade board. Any ideas would be most appreciated.

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Illuminated Figure Skating Costume

The animated lighting element in this figure skating costume by ShowOfLight reacts to music by using beat and pitch recognition technology and motion sensor to bring the animation in sync with the performer. While this sounds great, and looks impressive, the video demonstrates how this is one example of technology overshadowing art.  Though many of Marina Polakoff's other works integrate soft circuitry with subtlety and beauty, the line of costumes for the performing arts may be too distracting.  Consider the lovely ice skating routine in the video that must be performed in the dark.  Which were you watching - her salchow or her flashing bananas?  (seriously, there are animated bananas) Regardless of my opinion, I'm sure this is one performance the judges will never forget. via: talk2myshirt

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Who skateboard`s here?

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good,durable skate shoes for about £30?

Pictures would be useful if possible please

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handle bar and motor for skate boards experimental

Handle bar and motor for skate boards experimental

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is there a small skate company that will be willing to sponsor me... my best trick is a tre flip.

 i was thinking like skate anatomy but i couldnt find there site... someone please get me the link!!!

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Who here skates?

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DIY Shred Style

Fuel TV's show "Built To Shred" is kicking off it's third season this Sunday the 26th. Jeff King hosts and demonstrates lots of DIY know how, offering up inspiration for anyone who has ever said, "There's nowhere to skate." Worth a watch. Check out their site on Fuel TV Older episodes available on Hulu

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How to make a caster board?

They go by various names - wave boards, ripstick... They have two caster wheels and a spring loaded joint in the center. I've seen the caster wheels (inline style) in a DIY shop. Maybe there is a trick to making the connector using a simple hinge and some bungee elastic?

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The ultimate urban downhill board

I was wondering if its possible to mount some mountain board brakes to some mountainboard trucks with normal wheels. Hell, you could even use some randall trucks. The reason I'm bringing this up is that in urban conditions you may have a rally nice hill.... that leads right into an intersection. I would love to add these to my latest bomber. Also, can you mount normal wheels on 15" mountain board trucks?Let me know what you guys think.-Butt

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I want to get into Slalom (a type of skating)?

Hello, so I want to get into Slalom.  If you don't know what Slalom is, its basically really advanced skating with cones, here's a good example: I have a few questions about skating in general: 1. Where can I get good skates, where/what should I look for? 2. What it more important: Balance, or agility? 3. How can I improve my balance/agility? A few questions for Slalom people: 1. Is there a term for people who play Slalom? 2. Where can I get some good cones? (I've been looking at these, but they're a bit expensive: 3. I don't have any skates currently, I was thinking of getting Slalom skates instead of recreational skates.  I thought this would be cheaper and I'm probably going to end up getting them eventually but I don't know if that would make a difference starting out. I'm looking at these skates if I get Slalom-specific skates: I'm eyeballing these skates for recreational skates but I don't know if they would be a good choice:

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Ice Skating Rink - Where it dosnt snow Answered

Hey I want to make a ice skating rink BUT I live in NZ Its spring now and even in winter it dosnt snow here. I would need to freeze the water somehow, and be able to use it year round, Can you help me?

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How to refurbish an old pair of roller skates?

I have an old pair of roller skates that look like this. They are really old and dirty, but they have sorta new ball bearings. How should  I refurbish them and should I refurbish them or get a new pair? Thanks.

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Should I get outdoor or indoor roller skates?

Hi! Just rediscovered my love of roller skating, after 15 years away from it. I am wondering if I should buy a pair of outdoor skates and use them on rinks sometimes, or rink skates and risk them outdoors? I'd check the wheels for rocks before I rode on the rinks, of course. I've never done outdoor riding, but I can't go to the rink all the time, and I'd like to work this into my daily exercise. I'd also like to get into good enough shape to join Portland's active Roller Derby scene. Thoughts?

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attaching grind plates on aggressive skates

I havent ridden my aggressive skates for a while so i cant remember which side to attach my grind plates, (for some reason i took them off when i stopped usin them.) can someone help.

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Ideas for slowing the wear on skating shoes?

Im starting to skate more and ive seen how my friends go through a pair of shoes in a month and a half and i dont want that...any ideas to slow the wearing on the bottom of the shoe? ive tried duct tape but that rubs off too fast.

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Skate was right. Yeah.

Skate was right. Firefox PWNS. I got fed up with chrome. I love it in many ways, but it's just too buggy and slim on features. I'm still using it sometimes, to help beta test it and all, but my heart belongs to another. So I downloaded FF the other day, and am installing addons like a madwoman. Greasemonkey (the comment rater script! No knex! No yarn!), themes, games, rss feeds-it's like a whole new dimension to the internet. It does run better in vista though-still slow on my XP machine. I should have listened to you earlier, skate!

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What's the best website to buy cheap inline skate wheels?

I need three sets(8 wheels/set) of inline skate wheels for a project. I need them to include bearings. Diameter does not matter as long as they take regular 608 bearings. Also they can't be pink/purple. The cheapest I've found is $20/set. 

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skating or surfing?

Please comment ther good sports but if you would like my feedback say 5555

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any skate shops in seaside heights NJ?

Going there tommarow so hurry up if you can answer this one

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How do you tie hockey ice skates the correct and tight way? Answered

It's winter time and tying your hockey skates is a hassle. One time my cousin didn't tie his hockey skates well and ended up with not a sprained ankle something else a little worse I forget the exact name. I don't want this to happen to me it looked very painful.

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how to make a cheap skateboard?

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where can you get really cheap tech decks??

I want to know which store sells tech decks the cheapest. right now im getting them for almost 4 dollars at target and walmart.

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Tech deck vs. Z shred

 ok... i want a z shred but for a complete its like buying a real deck... i want to no if theres much of a difference with performance,because a tech deck is only 4$. btw z shred is made of wood      check out the z shred site there pretty sick!!!                              -M

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Mountain Boarding?

I recently saw a show about extreme sports. This included mountain biking, street luge, and long-boarding (all of which I do) and it also showed mountain boarding. I had heard of it before, and I think that it would be very fun. But how much do they cost, and are they easy to use? I am willing to learn, but I cannot go out and spend $500 on one. Any info would be helpful, so please post! Thanks

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Why are there no instructables on skating?

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Cycle Skates

I once read that technology never dies.  There are people today that still make flint knives and start fires by friction.  Furthermore, these skills have been passed down generation to generation.  To prove the hypothesis, the authors got an old Sears Catalog from the 1890s and picked out two pages of stuff they had never heard of.  They found all of them still available for purchase somewhere. Why then, can I not find the Cycle Skates in this 1923 video? They were apparently invented in 1870. ( I cannot find the patent info as they seem to be from France. I know in 2004 someone "re-invented" them as Chariot Skates.   Anyway, I would like to learn how to make my own 1870 / 1923 style cycle skates.    Anyone out there who can help?

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how to build "skateboard" ramps?

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Does anyone know how to make these skateboard deck stools?

I just recently came across this linkhttp://www.deckstool.comand love these stools, but since I have several old skate decks laying around I figure I can try to make one instead of paying for an expensive one from the site. Can anyone help me out with some instructions?Thanks!

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Ripstik/Waveboard at skatepark

How many of you have tried bringing your ripstik or waveboard to a skatepark? If not, it's really fun.

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What kind of tech deck do you have?

What company is your deck?????????????

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How to wear a helmet and headphones at the same time? Answered

I've looked around, and I can't find headphone-compatible skatehelmets anywhere. Looking around for an instructable wasn't a succes either. Now I thought that if I couldn't get it into my helmet, why not mod my headphones into a neck-hanging-on-your-ears headphone. Do you guys have any ideas on what I could do? Note: I dislike earbuds, to say the least, so they are not an option.

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i maid a card house 6 stories high. How high can you make it?

I maid a rediculus card house, how high can you make a card house?

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can i use a laser printer's printing powder as dye? Answered

i have a broken color laser printer that i could get the colored powder out of the cartridges, i want to dye skateboard wheels (polyurethane i think)  like in this instructable,

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Concentrated Solar Power Hits Pop Culture in the Best Way

Check out this graphic of concentrated solar collectors on Saul's new skateboard. My first skateboard had a dragon sitting on top of a pile of human skulls. We've come along way, I guess.

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Snaped Skate Deck New board Ideas

Hey, I flipped out yesterday and snapped my skateboard In half (I got it for free too!). Now I need a new board, I was thinking any other online skate shops that you guys know of. If someone even thinks CCS I'll eat you children, lol. Oh yeah my price range is like cheap, lol

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How to make roller skates out of regular shoes?

I have tons of pairs of Converse All-Stars lying around my house, and I've always wanted to convert a pair into roller skates. Does anyone have any experience with doing this, or know a good place to start? I found a website that was selling them, but they were something like seventy British pounds, which seems like quite a bit. Thanks!

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how to grease skateboard bearings with metal shields?

I have a couple of abec 5 bearings and i tryed to grease them but i couldnt remove the metal shield withou t damaging it anyone know how to do it correctly?

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skating birds!?!?!

My bird has been ripping off some major air and I got some pics of them in action.1. big air2.dropping in3.180* FS grab 4 spine killer.

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rollerblades for skiers

Well, I'm a skier, and have been for most of my life. As it is approaching summer here (Australia), I'm thinking about buying a pair of blades. I am just wondering, what are the similarities and differences in handling between the two?

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What's a good first skateboard to get? Answered

I don't want the board to be too expensive incase I don't like skateboarding, but incase I do like skateboarding I want the board to last for more then a few months.

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How would i clean bearings from roller skates for use in a DIY CNC machine? Answered

What would get off road scum but not the grease inside the bearing EDIT: HERE IS A PICTURE of a clean one next to a dirty one

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I'm going to make a snake board

I'm going to make a snake board out of an old skate board and the only thing I need help with is how can I make a rotating 'hinge' so the decks can spin freely?

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How do you make a skateboard halfpipe?

How do you make a skateboard halfpipe for under $300? Please give sensible answers. Thanks, Gerrit

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I am looking to make a light-up Skateboard with EL wire. What power source/ inverter would I need to use to power it?

This project is for my AS lighting project. I am really interested in using EL wire, but am slightly confused at what power source I would need to use to power the circuit. I was also wondering whether I need to use an inverter.

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Can I turn my skateboard into a shlongboard?

If I were to cut my skateboard into a mini-longboard shape, bought longboard trucks and wheels, drilled new holes in the "shlongboard" deck, put the trucks and wheels in, would it work as a mini-longboard? I measured it, and if I made a kicktail board it would be about 25 inches long... 8 inches wide. Yes? No? This would be purely for riding around my neighborhood. Would it work or not, and why? Could I make it work by doing it differently?

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half pipe

Do you want to build a half pipe because your local skate pipe has trashy influences then you came to the right place I'm working on posting this at the moment. I want to know about how many will use the instructions.

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