what are the best bindings for my skis?

I am getting a pair of 2009 k2 bad seed skis and atomic rolla 90 boots. what are the best bindings to get?

Asked by Spidey123456 9 years ago

Whats an axel on a bike?

I was looking how to build a ski bike and i came apon something called an axel but i dont know what an axel is on a bike. So all i need to know is what an axel is and where it is located.

Asked by Dalton Andrews 7 years ago

l love mobiles

it was a huge round one..purple

Asked by lovegumm 8 years ago

how to make a remote controll boat ?

How to make a boat engine

Asked by heads187 8 years ago

How can we create a new group? Answered

I want to try creating and handling a grp  thats why pls send ASAP 

Asked by goneholidays 3 years ago

how to make an rf remote controller?

How does a rf remote works imean its principle and how to match transmitter and receiver

Asked by avinash reddy 5 years ago

want to study robotics.Which engineering branch should I take for this?

I want to study in the field of robotics which field of engineering i have to do

Asked by yash.goyal.9887 3 years ago

what is the basic way of using leds as display from its matrix? Answered

What is the way of using leds as a display and how a specific leds are lighted in matrix 

Asked by avinash reddy 5 years ago

about mini project

am doing one mini project about light following robot....iam in need  of source coding for that.could u lend me that me for .....awaiting for ur rply..........

Asked by srinandhana 7 years ago

effecient charger making?

I wanna make a charger for 4v, 0.5A batery 1)just suggest me the value of capacitor and inductor for filter ckt 2) and wat ampere of current should be sent to battery for fast recharging (at safe zone

Asked by electrical sniper 5 years ago

pleas help

I am sami ,i have iphone 3g 16gb, i have not account on app store, i want to download apps from  app store for free, pleas you can help me for on free account?? thank you soo mush

Asked by redouan 7 years ago

i am having a trimmer which i am not using can any one say me hoe to use it for electronics apllications?

Pleaze say me as many apllications possible example in audio side , digitalside, communication side and like wise

Asked by avinash reddy 6 years ago

Interfacing the nxt and rfid via the ardiuno?

I am  having a problem here,I am to connect an rfid card reader to the arduino microcontroller and then the microcontroller to the nxt robot.From the researches that i have made i have learnt that the nxt communicates with the ardiuno microcontroller through I2C while the microcontroller itself reads data fom the rfid antenna using an UART bus.I am wondering if you could help on the code to make the arduino send a message to the nxt.

Asked by roagile-2007 8 years ago

Hello all friends , I wanna make a DSSC , i need to make TiO2 as Semiconductor ,from which sources can i make it?.

I have a research to make Dye-Sensitized Solar Cell-DSSC and i should make every materials by myself in Lab. how can i make TiO2 and from which sources ? to be more cheap and easy . and what is an alternative material for Iodide ( electrolyte ) in DSSC? thank you for replying and for sharing your knowledge about. :) 

Asked by Omid1985 5 years ago

how do you make a ski jump ?

Can somebody give me an instructable or video on how to make an awesome ski jump????

Asked by taterbond 7 years ago

Cthulhu Ski Mask

Yowza, this custom Cthulhu ski mask is all sorts of awesome. You get to look all evil and still be able to drink. For now it's a one-off, but with some demand it might pop up on Etsy. Cthulhu Ski Mask via BoingBoing

Posted by fungus amungus 9 years ago

Help with my skis =)

Is it possible to re-laminate the tops of my skis? or have it done?Does anybody know how I can keep them from chipping when they clash into each other in the air? Thank you for your time!

Asked by iamtoats 9 years ago

Why are downhill ski poles bent?

I was cleaning out my garage when I found a pair of bent ski poles. I was going to throw them away when my dad told me they where downhill ski poles. Why are they bent ?

Asked by Quest for Questions 8 years ago

Snow Bike

Im in the process of making a snow bike/ski bike whatever you want to call it and im using a snowboard but i was just wondering if a plastic one would work just as well? if not could i use an old skateboard? i dont have any skis to use so i have to improvise

Posted by footballgirl004 8 years ago

Whats it take for someone to get featured? Answered

More explanation, more photos, hand-job?

Asked by Yerboogieman 9 years ago

Ski / Snowboard Simulator/Trainer

Hi, I've always wanted to figure out a way to build my own ski/snowboard simulator to help teach my kids(and others) how to snowboard. In our  & case, give them refreshers since they know how to snowboard and they're only.  My 17yr old daughter, on the other hand, that's another story. She hates snowboarding because she can't grasp it, so this would be good for her too.  Here are some links to give you an idea of the type of simulator I am referring to: http://www.youtube.com/user/virtualsnowmthigh http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BqXRR2pTD4U&feature=player_embedded#at=169 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ZDeyYq5pyY http://www.virtualsnowoc.com/action.html

Posted by sammyvillarreal 6 years ago

How to Ski in the Summer

I was pretty impressed with the ingenuity and creative thinking that went into developing plastic sheets on ski hills for skiers to continue practicing through the summer. Maybe someone could make an Instructable on how to do one of these on the cheap for anyone who isn't fortunate enough to live near a ski club outfitted with these plastic chutes? I'm not a skier myself; grew up in Florida and live in SoCal so I'm more of a summer critter, but I love the Winter Olympics. 

Posted by PlasticPanama 2 years ago

Instructables Company Retreat

We all went out to Cloude's cabin in Bear Valley, CA, last weekend to hang out. Here's a video of the ski jump we made and subsequently fell off of, repeatedly.

Posted by nagutron 10 years ago

Ski Helmet Walkie-Talkie Instructable Help

Hey, all! I'm new here at instructables. I'm majoring in Electronic Engineering Technology in college at the moment. Anyways, I was reading through the (https://www.instructables.com/id/Build-a-Ski-Helmet-walkie-talkie-%22ACS%22/) Build a Ski Helmet Walkie-Talkie; and I have a couple of questions. I posted on the topic, however, no-one has posted on it in quite a while, so I figure I'd post here. Basically, I want to use this instructable to make an Airsoft headset (more than likely 2-way). Here was my comment: "I know it's been a while since there was a comment, but I have a few questions. My friends and I play airsoft. I thought'd it'd be pretty neat if we bump-up the realism in the game with helmet (in my case a mask) to helmet communication. Now for the questions: 1. I may not be getting this, but how do you sync up the walkie talkie and the Xbox Live headset? I skimmed over your instructions, but have yet to try it. 2. Is it possible to have helmet-to-helmet communication? As in 1 Xbox headset to another Xbox headset, not to a radio. I would really only want just two headsets (for now, at least). I'm not really expecting this part to be possible with this current set-up, but any information you can give will be extremely helpful. I'm currently majoring in Electronic Engineering Technology, so I have a slight idea of what I'm doing. I thought that this would not only be quite helpful and efficient, but also great practice for the field I'm going into. Thank you for your time, Darryn" Any help on this project (and answering my questions) would be greatly appreciated! Darryn. 

Posted by dsmith14 7 years ago

Convert to Electric Car? Answered

Ok i had a powerful, fast, and great RC car, but the carb went out, i tried a different carb but it just wouldn't turn over, how can i convert it to Electric and still be fast?

Asked by Yerboogieman 9 years ago

Japanese tyre ski-jumping

Having seen a few good videos contributed by fungus I thought I'd add this one:http://www.snotr.com/video/121What happens when you roll tyres down a ski-jump?How fast do they go, how far do they get?L

Posted by lemonie 10 years ago

What kind of glue/adhesive can be used to stick a molding material to a snowboard/ski surface?

If there is a specific kind of molding to use, please tell!! I plan on creating a mold around EL wire to place around the top edge of my snowboard and i need to make sure it doesn't fall off from a simple hit.

Asked by Bearyboo35 5 years ago

Follow me on twitter!!!

 Follow me on twitter... i need some followers... my twitter username is xxHalfBakedxx                                   -M

Posted by GianniMora 8 years ago

can you get me one ?

Asked by kenneth123 9 years ago

rollerblades for skiers

Well, I'm a skier, and have been for most of my life. As it is approaching summer here (Australia), I'm thinking about buying a pair of blades. I am just wondering, what are the similarities and differences in handling between the two?

Posted by the_mad_man 7 years ago

does my instructable have potential? Answered


Asked by Yerboogieman 9 years ago

Not sure if there is an intro forum so I posted here

I posted this in the pro section as well under the "welcome" forum, not really sure where it belongs. . . Hey guys, I just wanted to introduce myself to the community here, and shoot some ideas off of you.  I have been a lurker going on a year now for instructables, and I decided to join when my friend submitted a project.  He did the www.instructables.com/id/Pallet-Playhouse/ Pallet Playhouse where he built a playhouse out of used pallet wood.  If you haven't seen if, I would suggest a quick look he did a good job on it! For me, I think I have decided on what I want to do, and I wanted some suggestions from you guys in terms of what I could do for my project.  I want to build a system to connect ski boots to skis and recharge the heaters on the boots via solar power on your skis.  Now, I am not sure of the surface area of solar cells that I would need, the power the boots usually run off of, if it is better to just buy an existing system, or if I should put in some kapton heaters and a control system, and do the board design myself.  I have seen even etching for board designs here, so I could theoretically do this very cheap in terms of monetary cost if I wanted to go that route.  What I am looking for is going through a good cost breakdown analysis, what my budget in time and money is, and what is doable.  I am pretty handy, and will mess with anything I can get my hands on, and I have a fairly high learning IQ so I would be able to replicate most of the instructables here just to give you an idea at what I could do. So here is what my ideas are initially.  Taking an existing boot and battery system, disconnecting the existing battery pack, putting on my own battery system, and using the solar power to top off/charge the batteries. . .or using the solar power to power the batteries.  I still need to see what the power requirement is for existing boots, and what the maximum power output per ski would be if I had solar cells on the ski, what to do with the excess power, if there is any, how to handle the overflow power, waterproofing the system etc, but I think it is doable.  I am unemployed, and I have a business that I am planning, but I am awaiting loan approval from the bank, so I have a few weeks of free time soon.  I was thinking of some cool projects to do, came to the sight and thought of my own.  I figured this would be a great project to learn some stuff about ee, since I am a me by trade.  Anyhow, I love the site, wanted to introduce myself, and if you have any ideas of suggestions, please let me know. Cheers, Michael

Posted by chomerics 8 years ago

iron man is jealous, and I need your help

Anyone want to help me build a diy version on a flyboard. Looks like I hose which attaches to a jetski jet which controls the direction of the jet stream from a foot mounted modified wakeboard. Not sure how the controls and hand cannons work, but seems like something we could tackle. Anyone in? http://www.gizmag.com/zapata-flyboard-jet-pack-watersport-boots/20772/

Posted by JoeMurphy 6 years ago

What should the wires connect to if i took an RC Jet ski servo motor out of it ?

I recently took apart a RC Jet Ski. Within the Jet ski there was a servo for the rudder, a impeller to take out water that had been splashed in side and a motor with loads of wire leading to it, to drive a propeller (Jet ski's don't have propellers but this one does. I Need to know what wire leading up to the RC servo motor do (green and brown). If I were to take the wires and use them on something else whhat shall I controll them with? My first thoughts were that sending an electrical current though the postive, would make it turn one way, and by the RC control, electrical currents could be past though postive and negative to make it turn left and right. I know what all of the other wires do. Thanks Oscar 

Asked by oscarthompson 8 years ago

Strange skies

Here is a forum to start off the group, and I really don't care if any outsiders choose to look at the antics around. I though we could start off with something a little weird, because -- well, I can. Here we can trade off strange questions of the universe and listen (Or ignore) the opinions/answers/lies others tell you. Well, to start us off, What do you think a star tastes like? The question has been bothering me all morning. . .

Posted by Thergox 6 years ago

What is the best wire for generating heat? Answered

I am making an Instructable for some contests. The basic concept is below: -Put two peltier modules on each bloodline on the neck -Put small heat sinks that takes advantage of wind on the other sides of the peltier modules -Use the electricity generated by the peltier modules (While skiing in ~20F) on a heat-generating device located near the hands -Cover the parts that I can with some fabric and possibly build it into a neck warmer or face mask So my question here is: What kind of wire should I use to generate the heat on my hands? I'm looking for high-efficiency and fast to generate the heat Also, do you see any flaws in my concept that I should change? Lastly, the most important question I feel I should ask here is: Will the peltier modules generate enough electricity to make a significant difference on the heat of my hands? My hands get cold enough to hurt when I go back into room temperature if that helps.

Asked by knexpert1700 3 years ago

Wakeboarding Tricks

I'm counting down the days until summer for one thing; wakeboarding.Its something I think I'd be good at, I don't like sports, but i'm sort of athletic. Last year i was just getting the hang of it by the end of the season. This year i'm stronger and bigger, and i'm optimistic that i'll be able to get a lot better this year. Plus my friends are going to learn with me on our boat.I'm positive that i can get the basic two wake jump down, riding switch, doing surface 180's and maybe a 360. Maybe some simple board grabs? No idea.But I wanted something I could practice on and perfect that's more than just that, some kind of aerial trick.Are there any wakeboarders out there that are willing to tell me what to start off learning once i have the basics down?Thanks, I cant say how excited i am for school to end...29 more days....hopefully by the end of summer i'll be acceptably good.as a side note, does anyone know the legal age in FL to drive a ski boat alone? I took my boaters safety test and i already have my learner's permit for driving a car.i know you have to be 14 with a boaters license to drive a PWC, but what about boats?I also know for people under 21 you have to have a boaters license and (i think) a picture ID. But i'm not sure, does anyone know for sure?Thanks

Posted by John Smith 9 years ago

Spreading the word of Instructables...on the chairlift!

I went skiing this past weekend, and took along some Instructables stickers. I stuck them to a couple of the chairlifts I rode on. Here are a few pictures of them. There were plenty other stickers on the lifts, so I decided to spread the word of a website through stickers as well!

Posted by Brennn10 10 years ago