Ok here is the idea, I have a main tower, plus a dozen or so old ones.  I wsa wondering if it is possible to some how link 2 motherboards so that one acts as a slave for the other.     First thought was that it may be as simple as running a cable from the ide ports.  That may be totally off but that is where I got the idea.    Target goals of theory 1. Additional disk drives- this would allow you to use additional HDD in the other case this was my primary objective. 2. Might the additional processor be able to split the tasks of the computer as a whole? In theory would it then be ran as 2 seperate computers or as one whole with dual processors (does such a thing exist?) 3. extra usb space. 4. additional vga outputs- I have 5 screens right now using the onboard, a dual port pci-e and a pci vid card plus a usb adapter one.  rather clusterry.  I have a additional screen but no card space for it.  I intend to eventually be able to use each independantly or as one large 2x3 screen for watching movies, but that in itself is not as of yet crucial to the theory. So can it be done buy this method or for that matter any method? If so how would I even start? I thank all those much wiser on this that I in advance

Posted by married_n_macon 7 years ago

multiple arduinos in a network (mesh), with each possibly being both host and client.

Hello there, I am trying to put together a mesh topology of arduinos. I have never used them interconnected and now I am hoping to be able to put them together in a way that they may power up and communicate when plugged to one another. so I need them to receive both power and data connection from the one previously connected. for that, i think i need each one of them to be able to act as both host and client. am I correct? would anyone know more, and willing to help? I very much appreciate any feedback. Thank you, Karim.

Posted by karimskarim 3 years ago

Master and Slave Control

Does anyone know how to make a master and slave control?Watch the guy in the background, what he does, the robot imitates.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7a-3inc1iNQ

Posted by hedawei21 10 years ago

How do I build a master control? Answered

I want to build a circuit that has several led groups. Each group has an on/off switch. I want there to be a master control switch that overrides the state of all other switches; i.e. when master control is on, circuit behaves normally, when off, all outputs are 0. How do I build this circuit? Are there any parts that can simplify the process? I thought of using a multiplexer but it only outputs one value and I'm not sure how multiple output multiplexers work. Thanks for the help!

Asked by kaddyshack 6 years ago

bluetooth sheild library

I have created a library for bluetooth sheild . but its showing some errors while compiling .. plz help me .h file class BlueTooth { public: BlueTooth(int Rxd, int Txd); void setupBlueToothConnection(); private: int _Rxd; int _Txd; }; .cpp file BlueTooth::BlueTooth(int Rxd, int Txd) {   pinMode(RxD,INPUT);   pinMode(TxD,OUTPUT);   _Rxd = Rxd;   _Txd = Txd; } void BlueTooth::setupBlueToothConnection() {   blueToothSerial.begin(9600); //Set BluetoothBee BaudRate to default baud rate 38400   blueToothSerial.print("AT+ROL=0\r\n"); //set the bluetooth work in slave mode   blueToothSerial.print("AT+NAME=slave\r\n"); //set the bluetooth name as "Slave"   blueToothSerial.print("AT+PSWD=1234\r\n"); // DEFAULT PASSWORD = 1234   blueToothSerial.print("AT+CMOD=1\r\n"); // CONNECT TO ANY ADDRESS   delay(2000); // This delay is required.   blueToothSerial.print("AT+INQ\r\n"); //make the slave bluetooth inquirable   Serial.println("The slave bluetooth is inquirable!");   delay(2000); // This delay is required.   blueToothSerial.flush(); }

Posted by selvak 5 years ago

I need help with an electrical schematic

I'm working on a project where you press a normally open button that lights an amber light (represents Master), this button then lights other buttons that are lit green (represents Slave). The accompanying schematic should be fairly clear and also repeats this question. What I want to have happen is when you press one Master, the corresponding Slaves light. Release it and the board goes dark. Then if you press one of the other buttons in the Slave category, it becomes the new Master and lights up other corresponding buttons. I'm sorry if it's confusing. The project is a flow chart of sub-subsystems that when completed link to a larger tab, then that tab links to another set of subsystems finally culminating to a final result.

Posted by javajunkie1976 5 years ago

how can i connect a pic18f4550 to a pic16f88 using a max485 with details about the wires connection between them?

Hello; i want to create a Master-Slave connection between a pic18f4550(Master) and a pic16f88(Slave) using the max485. i need to know how to connect them and how can i program the pics using the proton ide application . then i want to connect the master to a pc using the same mode and i need to know how. thank you very much

Asked by rimchahrour 2 years ago

I2C in arduino

Hi, I am trying to connect two arduino UNO together. Lets call one U1 and the other U2. U1 is master and U2 is slave. Now I want to attach a wave shield to U2 which is slave and operate it from U1. Is that possible? If it is possible, then can I use any pin to transmit and receive signal?? Cause in some forums they say that I2C is done by using digital pin 4 and 5. However, these pins are taken by wave shield. So please help me out in this.

Posted by Bam Boy 5 years ago

Is this a simple RC buddy box system ?? Answered

Hi Guys, I have recently resurrected my interest in Radio Control Aircraft. When I was teaching I ran an after school club to build and fly RC aeroplanes - However it is very hard for youngsters to pick up the skills without excessive crashes. There is a system to over come this - The buddy box system available on many of the high end RC transmitters. 2 compatible transmitters are linked with a cord one is the master and one the slave. The operation of the master slave is by a switch on the master system. Now all of these radios are relatively expensive - £100s. where you can buy relatively cheap equipment without this facility for £30 or less. As far as I can tell the signal on the buddy box cord is a PWM signal which is passed serially from the slave into the master processor to proved the stick position information from the slave. My question is will the much simpler cct below work or have I missed something in my though process. I propose to cut the 5 volt line to the sticks in the master and insert a DPST switch This switches the 5 volts to the slave system which is un-powered. With 6 lines - 4 signal 1 +5 volts and 1 ground line I can provide the necessary position signals to drive the master transmitter. If necessary I can fit a DPDT switch and cut the ground line as well. Flicking the switch back will give control back to the master by switching the +5 volts. If this looks OK I will get another transmitter and do the modification - Have I missed something obvious here.

Asked by rickharris 4 years ago

usb enclosure hack

Current inventory: 2 Seagate ST340015A IDE hds (40 gb each) 1 Rosewill External usb 2 ide enclosure (pl2506 controller chipset) 1 40 conductor ide cable (mobo-slave-master) soldering iron/solder way, wayyy to much free time. OK, given the above items, is it possible to run both drives at the same time from the one enclosure? Fitting inside the enclosure is not an issue. So far, I have removed the original ide cable the came with the enclosure controller. And, installed my own ide cable. The only drive that is detected is the one jumpered as master, at either location on the cable(master vs slave). No matter what the other drive is jumpered as(slave, cable select), it is not detected. I tried setting both as master and neither are recognized. I have run out of ideas... suggestions would be great. And please dont suggest getting another enclosure. IM CHEAP!

Posted by danman1453 9 years ago

How do I convert RCA portable dvd players slave usb screen into computer monitor?

Well my portable dvd player has died, it says disc error on everything and I unscrewed it and cleaned it all with alcohol, it no longer works so now I've got the second screen for the back of the other car seat, the only input is usb, it's 5v but if i plug it in all I get is a blue screen, if I try to install any of the displaylink drivers it doesn't work with this screen. how do I utilize this usb screen as a second screen?

Asked by TjW13 1 year ago

How to send information between 2 HC-05? Answered

I need to send a number from 1 Arduino to another using 2 HC-05. I have followed the AT setup and connection in this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hyME1osgr7s. I have successfully connected 2 HC-05 module but I can't get the master to send a relatively large number to the slave. I uploaded my code and result--serial command is the slave's (Basically I want the slave to receive the number and print onto serial screen, but it doesn't happen) Another question is if I want to send 3 integers in a row (Like 23, 34, 56) and let the other receive as 3 different integers (int1=23, int2=34, int3 = 56), how do I do that? Btw, how do I suppose to upload the files to Arduino properly? When I have the TX->RX0; RX->TX1 (Bluetooth pin to Arduino pin), I can't upload the file. I have to disconnect and upload, then it seems to upload but doesn't work properly. Thanks in advance.

Asked by Shizen 1 year ago

potentiometer for servo motors? Answered

I am building a master slave roboarm and using 2K potentiometer. When I rorate the potentiometer knob, the motor is rorating, but a very small rotatioin potentio meter is casuing teh servo to move very fast. How do I calibrate it? Am i using the right potentio meter? which potentiometer should i use?

Asked by srikodati 1 year ago

Power outlet controlled by windows driver (not master/slave circuit)

HI, the idea is to control a power outlet when the OS is booting. And even more important, when the OS shuts down. the outlet should turn off before the PC goes in shutdown.A master/slave socket (which i have) only switches off when the PC goes into OFF modes which results in a big bang on my Active Speaker setup. (behringer B2031A with B2092A).So, in short. i need a circuit thats being controlled ON after a driver has been loaded during BOOT.and that cicuit needs to power down when the Driver is being offloaded during shutdown.AC being controlled by a solid state relayThank you for anyone who can helpbest regardsmarco

Posted by marcoNLD 2 months ago

soft serial communication on Arduino Micro.

Hello all, I have a few Arduino Micro units, and need to connect them together (in a mesh network) so that every unit in it is interchangeable, meaning that any unit may be in connection with more than one unit. As the Master/Slave form is out of question at this stage (because any given unit cannot be both Master and Slave at the same time, of course) I decided to go for a simple serial communication. However the Arduino Micro units (and frankly none of the Arduinos) do not have sufficient serial pins and I was advised to use Soft Serial instead. I was looking into the pin out of the Arduino Micro but cannot quite figure out which pins I can use for the serial comm.; I need 4 to 6 serial communications. Any help is much appreciated, as the nature of the problem may not be changed. So I need to solve it as it is. Karim.

Posted by karimskarim 3 years ago

arduino ultrasonic communication

I was thinking about using the ultrasonic  module (hc-sr04) for communication for two or more arduino.the way i was thinking of do to turn a 8 bit number into single bits(i have no idea on how to do that) and send them one at time(with delay) to a another arduino which turn it back into a number also  has a master arduino  and slave arduinos 

Posted by act casual 6 years ago

How Do I Harden This Rock-Pick ? Answered

After seasons of cracking rocks my nice rock-pick, it was rounded and dull. A grinder put a new point on it  ....   but it is Now a soft tip.... see the picture. Do I need to heat it red and stab it into the butt region of  a slave or will cow blood suffice. If there is a reasonable tip hardening method please let me know.. A

Asked by iceng 4 years ago

need linux help

I finally finished downloading Ark Linux Dockyard, but my computer won't boot from the cd drive! I set the BIOS to cd, and set the cd drive to slave, but I can't seem to get the computer to boot from cd! It is an old Gateway E-3000 that ran Windows 98. I have tried to install both Ark Linux and Ubuntu. Please help!

Posted by gimmelotsarobots 10 years ago

switching on a device using a mcu

I just want to know, I have a device (a gravis game pad pro) that continuously sends out a 3 byte serial packet via 2 wires (the game pad drives the clock, so the mcu is the slave, the clock is at 20khz), but there isn't any chip select or slave select or anything like that to start the serial transmit, and since my application circuit already has another serial device on connected to the spi pins of my PIC, I can't have the game pad on all the time, so I decided I need to control when to power on the game padwhat should be used (that i have on hand right now)?a switching regulator like the TC110 from microchip? (i don't have this one yet)a mosfet driver (i have lots of tc4424)?2n3904 or 2n2222 or bc547 transistor?EDIT: I'm just gonna use the mosfet driver... But what is the proper way to do this?or waste some program space and manually interpret the clock and the data pins? there is always five consecutive "1" in the first byte of data, and that condition can never be repeated

Posted by frank26080115 11 years ago

Robot that rebuilds itself after kicked apart

As this video of a modular robot re-assembling itself after being kicked apart by its creators at the University of Pennsylvania shows, the day is soon approaching when even smashing apart our rebellious robot slaves with hammers and axes will not prevent each individually severed body part from crawling towards you across the room, a murderous and autonomous agent of servo-controlled musculature.

Posted by laminterious 10 years ago

Needed: Low start-up cost home business ideas that support/involve the maker community. Tool library, hacker space, etc Answered

Wanting to get out of the rat race, I am looking for business ideas that would allow me to be self-employed.  I have approx 5k in start-up capital and can operate without income for at least 3 months (possibly longer).  I would really like for my business to support/involve the maker community.  Some ideas that I came up with thus far are starting a tool lending library, selling kits/parts (similar to the Maker Shed or Adafruit), or a coffee shop with integrated hacker space. I am willing to work with a partner or a group of people so long as the chemistry is good.  I am willing to work long hours and weekends, forgo vacations and sick leave, etc.  I don't mind working like a slave when I am only a slave to myself and my idea rather than to some corporate monstrosity. So, does anyone have any ideas?

Asked by Jesse.Hawkins 8 years ago

(newsletter) Steampunk Top Hat, See-Through Concrete, Polaroid Camera Hack

Steampunk Top hat See-Through Concrete Non-Polaroid Film in a Polaroid Camera Fix Your Headphones Paracord Belt Cats Plastic Bags Traditional Carved Bone Pendant Hard Drive Rotary Sander Stealth Bumper Sticker Prank Under Shelf Spice Rack Disposable Camera Slave Flash Red Oak Pyramid Bow Guitars Heating and Cooling Jacket

Posted by fungus amungus 8 years ago

peer to peer communication between Arduino Micros, serial? half-duplex?

Hello all, I have a few Arduino Micro units, and need to connect them together (in a mesh network) so that every unit in it is interchangeable, meaning that any unit may be in connection with more than one unit. As the Master/Slave form is out of question at this stage (because any given unit cannot be both Master and Slave at the same time, of course) I decided to go for a simple serial communication. However the Arduino Micro units (and frankly none of the Arduinos) do not have sufficient serial pins and I was advised to use Soft Serial instead. I was looking into the pin out of the Arduino Micro but cannot quite figure out which pins I can use for the serial comm.; I need 4 to 6 serial communications. If not Micro, what other Arduino (or any other solution) would you suggest? Each unit needs to have the following information ready at its serial ports: - its ID - its MAD - sensor value (analog or digital) Any help is much appreciated, as the nature of the problem may not be changed. So I need to solve it as it is. Karim.

Posted by karimskarim 3 years ago

Puma's robot likes toasters too!

So Puma has a holiday shopping ad where a robot is slaving over a sewing machine, while products scroll across the screen. I wonder if anyone at Puma checks out Instructables? I didn't realize that robots universally loved toasters. I like their ad, but I don't think their line-up of products is very cool. They could be doing better on the design front. I would be curious who they think their target audience is for this ad.http://www.puma.com/holiday/pindex.jsp

Posted by lebowski 10 years ago

two arduino communicate via LAN or Internet. LED on / off example?

I have two arduino uno with Internet Shield, which I want to communicate via LAN or Internet. want to set up so I can use a button on one to send information. and an LED on the other (slave?) that will turn on when the button on the "master" is enabled. I've looked back and forth on forums etc. without found any sample code for such communication. does anyone have such a code? or know where I can get such a code for this? assume there is hope to find that up in internet Hoping for good and helpful answers Best regards. Vegard

Asked by vegisen 4 years ago

About RN-42 bluetooth (with two arduino MICRO and one laptop)

Hi, there. I have a question about RN-42 bluetooth module. I want to make a bluetooth HID device (keyboard and mouse) and ,because of my direction of team project, it has two pieces. One arduino MICRO (using RN-42) is going to be master and the other MICRO (using HC-05) is going to be slave. Actually their roles can be changed! The goal is to connect RN-42 to my laptop while RN-42 is also connected to HC-05 and use this as a bluetooth keyboard. Now, Is it possible that RN-42 module has multiple connections?

Posted by 태현김3 1 year ago

50 pin JAE connector pinouts? Answered

i just recently got a cd drive from a broken laptop, hoping to use it in a project of mine, but i noticed that it has a very different connector in it for data transfer and power, i read online that it is a 50 Pin JAE connector, and it has 40 pins (just like normal IDE) for data trsnfer and 10 pins for power, sound, and the master/slave/cable select option. what are the pinouts of the JAE connector? the cd drive model is a HP CD-RW/DVD DRIVE model: GCC-4244N (SO5D) FW: 1.01 HW: A Mecha: A Type: MGCO does anybody know the pinouts of this drive?

Asked by zack247 7 years ago

How to read uart data and write to i2c device.

// Port for the I2C #define I2C_DDR DDRD #define I2C_PIN PIND #define I2C_PORT PORTD // Pins to be used in the bit banging #define I2C_CLK 0 #define I2C_DAT 1 #define I2C_DATA_HI()\ I2C_DDR &= ~ (1 I2C_PORT |= (1 #define I2C_DATA_LO()\ I2C_DDR |= (1 I2C_PORT &= ~ (1 #define I2C_CLOCK_HI()\ I2C_DDR &= ~ (1 I2C_PORT |= (1 #define I2C_CLOCK_LO()\ I2C_DDR |= (1 I2C_PORT &= ~ (1 void I2C_WriteBit(unsigned char c) {     if (c > 0)     {         I2C_DATA_HI();     }     else     {         I2C_DATA_LO();     }     I2C_CLOCK_HI();     delay(1);     I2C_CLOCK_LO();     delay(1);     if (c > 0)     {         I2C_DATA_LO();     }     delay(1); } unsigned char I2C_ReadBit() {     I2C_DATA_HI();     I2C_CLOCK_HI();     delay(1);     unsigned char c = I2C_PIN;     I2C_CLOCK_LO();     delay(1);     return (c >> I2C_DAT) & 1; } // Inits bitbanging port, must be called before using the functions below // void I2C_Init() {     I2C_PORT &= ~ ((1     I2C_CLOCK_HI();     I2C_DATA_HI();     delay(1); } // Send a START Condition // void I2C_Start() {     // set both to high at the same time     I2C_DDR &= ~ ((1     delay(1);     I2C_DATA_LO();     delay(1);     I2C_CLOCK_LO();     delay(1); } // Send a STOP Condition // void I2C_Stop() {     I2C_CLOCK_HI();     delay(1);     I2C_DATA_HI();     delay(1); } // write a byte to the I2C slave device // unsigned char I2C_Write(unsigned char c) {     for (char i = 0; i     {         I2C_WriteBit(c & 128);         c     }     //return I2C_ReadBit();     return 0; } // read a byte from the I2C slave device // unsigned char I2C_Read(unsigned char ack) {     unsigned char res = 0;     for (char i = 0; i     {         res         res |= I2C_ReadBit();     }     if (ack > 0)     {         I2C_WriteBit(0);     }     else     {         I2C_WriteBit(1);     }     delay(1);     return res; }

Posted by Blixxer 3 years ago

Replace 3-way light swtichs

  Hi Folks,   I have a small laundry room with two 3-way light switches and no outlets. I would like to replace both switches using one of these options: Replace "master" switch with combo switch/outlet (like Pass & Seymour TM838. Replace slave switch with an Occupancy Sensor Switch. -OR- Same has above but use a regular outlet instead of combo. If I have to I would be happy with disabling one of the switches and just have the Occupancy switch. I have posted photos of the wires coming out of the switches here: http://stellabotte.smugmug.com/Other-1/Electric/37036170_Zc4KSw/#!i=3075021321&k=gGJ9vgJ The replacement switches are: Pass & Seymour TM838-WCC   Combination Sw/Outlet    Pass & Seymour RW3U600       Multi-Way Occupancy Switch   One side bar question, can any 3-way switch work with any other 3-way switch on the same circuit ? Thanks -Fred

Posted by fstellab 4 years ago

Dvd drives will not work, reads dvd and cds, will not see blank dvd media for burning?

Why does my computer's dvd drives show me dvd then when i try to put a dvd in to copy files it changes to cd and won't let me do anything can you help please. all drivers are up to date. i have a 80 wire ide cable working both dvd which are brand new. one on master and the other on slave. is it possible that i should have a 40 wire ide cable for a connection. i don't know but it's really making me mad. this is my 4th build and i have never come across this problem before.......I'm really stumped thanks in advance if you can suggest any fixes?

Asked by danthomas28 9 years ago

How to control 6 servos with 6 potentiometers wirelessly using arduino and nrf24l01 wireless tranciever?

I am building a robot arm and am using the master-slave control system with it. In other words I am doing the arduino "knob" example but with 6 servos and 6 potentiometers. I already have the code written for this but it is with a wired connection. I need to wirelessly do this with 2 arduinos and the nrf24l01 module. I would be very grateful to anyone who could provide me the code for the arduino knob example with 6 servos and 6 potentiometers  using the nrf24l01 to communicate between 2 arduinos. I do not have much time left before I need to finish this project so I am pleading to anyone who could provide me with the code or at least help me with the code.

Asked by Science102 2 years ago

Dual-Booting Windows XP and Ubuntu? Answered

I just want to make sure I have this right before I go ahead... So, right now I have two drives. One is partitioned into two, one half is Win Xp(about 60gb), the other completely blank(about 20gb). Then, my slave drive is just for backup. I'm planning on installing Ubuntu onto that blank partition. By doing so, it shouldn't affect any of the files on either of the other drives, right? And when it boots it should boot into Windows as usual unless I directed to go to that partition since the windows drive is the first in the boot order. This, I think, should work without worrying about anything getting wiped right? And this setup won't have the OS's conflicting with each other? Would I have to use GRUB and if so how? Help, is greatly appreciated.

Asked by Rockerx 8 years ago

are multiple Arduino's and a Raspberry Pi 2 capable of controlling a humanoid robot? Answered

Hello, I am building a humanoid robot, around 1 meter tall. I was wondering if I could use a Raspberry Pi 2 to control Ai, voice recognition, and OpenCV, while I would have multiple Arduino's controlling the electronics (motors, sensors, displays, etc). I would have an Arduino Mega or Due as the master, while I would have multiple Nanos or Micros as slaves, for controlling dc and servo motors. I plan to have 5 DOF in each leg and arm, I have yet to decide on a gripper. I was also wondering if Arduino can control bipeds with the use of (simple) AI? Would it be easier to use another microcontroller, perhaps one stronger than both Raspberry Pi and Arduino? Thank you.

Asked by mderton 1 year ago

Can anyone help me design and program an LED selector circuit?

Schematic http://tinypic.com/r/21lsfnn/7 I am currently trying to design a multi board circuit (as detailed in the attached diagram). I want one control board with a PIC program which governs the selection of LED's across the three different boards.  Q1 needs to flash six times  .25s on .25s off and then stay on for 10 seconds Q2 needs to turn on and stay on for 15 seconds Q3 has two functions either:                                                     red LED on for 15 seconds OR                                                     red LED on for 1 second then green LED on for 15 seconds Q4 needs to turn on and stay on for 15 seconds I only want one LED option to be on at anyone time across the three slave boards. If anyone can give me any pointers for starting this project I would be really appreciative as this is quite an urgent task. Many Thanks

Asked by cgalmrott 7 years ago

Looking for Specific K'NEX pieces!

Hi there, I'm looking for 2 specific pieces for my next K'NEX Slave I Starfighter project. The pieces are: - 2 times K'NEX Fluorescent Ball Half (http://www.knexusergroup.org.uk/acatalog/info_K90973.html), will be used as thrusters - 2 times K'NEX "mini missile launcher" (not listed as individual item), will be used as weapons for this build. Images found in attachments The Ball-half appeared in the following sets: - K'NEX Apollo-15 Lunar Lander, set number #13147 (only 1 piece) - K'NEX Saturn V Rocket, set number #15122 (two pieces) The miniature missile launcher appeared in the following sets: K'NEX Mech Warrior mini series 1 & 2: "Firefly" #11148" "Uziel" #11146 "Vulture" #11142 "Hollander II" #11152 "Thor" #11144 "Uller" #11150 If you have: These pieces and want to sell them individually These pieces, but want to sell them in a set any information, where to buy them, then post a reply comment, send me a Personal Message or mail to: GWorksmocs@gmail.com Thanks, GWorks

Posted by GWorks 2 years ago

Wanted: Two Specific K'NEX pieces

Hi there, I'm looking for 2 specific pieces for my next K'NEX Slave I Starfighter project. The pieces are: - 2 times K'NEX Fluorescent Ball Half (http://www.knexusergroup.org.uk/acatalog/info_K90973.html), will be used as thrusters - 2 times K'NEX "mini missile launcher" (not listed as individual item), will be used as weapons for this build. Images found in attachments The Ball-half appeared in the following sets: - K'NEX Apollo-15 Lunar Lander, set number #13147 (only 1 piece) - K'NEX Saturn V Rocket, set number #15122 (two pieces) The miniature missile launcher appeared in the following sets: K'NEX Mech Warrior mini series 1 & 2: "Firefly" #11148" "Uziel" #11146 "Vulture" #11142 "Hollander II" #11152 "Thor" #11144 "Uller" #11150 If you have: These pieces and want to sell them individually These pieces, but want to sell them in a set any information, where to buy them,  then post a reply comment, send me a Personal Message or mail to: GWorksmocs@gmail.com Thanks, GWorks

Posted by GWorks 2 years ago

Does anyone here know about vintage hats/caps?

You know those caps they had back in the 20s and 30s, the ones where the top would kinda hang out over the bill, kinda like the one in the pic, but not exactly. Well, does anybody know how to make one? If you can make one, then please post an I'ble, 'cause I've been needing one for a while and can't find any. By the way, the one on the right is sideways, incase of any confusion. I was kicked off of Yahoo! Answers today. I never realized how much of a slave I was to them. You Instructables people are smarter. I am leaving Yahoo! I have switched over to my Gmail account, and I'm happy. I've asked about this cap on Yahoo, and never got an answer. But you guys/gals are smarter and craftier, and I can actually go a good while on here without calling someone an idiot, unlike Yahoo. Well, have fun crocheting, knitting or sewing a cap from the long ago(if you'd like to).

Posted by extremegtafan 9 years ago

how to fix permanently unstable and stutter LEDs strip 2812b in my Arduino ambilight project?

Why after several weeks with my LED strip (2812b) some LEDs tends to stuck or stutter and with them the rest of the strip (up the din stream)? This mostly happens under white light. And after several weeks of use.  It seems like I never can enjoy them without worries of led slaving... You replace the cultprit enjoy some time and than the problems starts again. Also whenever I open the strip I put ambibox options on colors dynamics than they stutter for awhile until they warmup. then I switch the option on ambibox to screen capture for the rest of use, where under white light they stutter again( I guess white withdraw the max current and this cause the din line to "crash") i have the wires, resistor and cap connected appropriately following the tutorials online.  The V shows around 4.7 and the power connected to two places as I use 160 LEDs with 5V 10A PS.  hope someone can help thanks for your time

Asked by TalT4 1 year ago

is there a fix to my ambilight 2812B endless malfuncion?

I am using ~170 LEDs (2812b) with a 10A 5V PS. the power is connected to two parts of the strips due to voltage drop that results in a yellowish white color, close to the end of the strip. I also added a 1000uF 6.3V Cap on the PS and a 470ohm Resistor on the Din starting point. GND connected to the Arduino and using Ambibox software. after a few weeks of usage and especially when turned on, the LEDs flicker or stuck on a certain color up until led (x). few minutes later it overcome whatever problem it had and works regularly. Alas, on white color (guess when it consume the max current) it start to flick again mostly on this led(x) again. of course, I replaced led(x) and led(x-1), enjoy a few weeks of the Ambilight project working perfectly and then another led(y) want my attention and again and again.... should I replace the whole strip? am I using too much current? is it a known issue?or there is a galaxy where these leds replacement slaving don't occur. thanks in advance

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how do I connect 2 stepper motors for a single Axis using two different drivers (slaved drives so I dont lose current)?

Hello,    I am currently building a cnc machine and realized that if I use two NEMA 23 to operate the Y-Axis from one controller, each would get half the current, I don't really have an understanding of electrical components but I keep reading forums suggesting I slav two drivers together using one signal input, I found the wiring diagram for the cnc I'm building and was wondering if someone could explain it to me or draw a diagram.    My understanding is I can use another driver that is powered separately but I run the signal wires for both motors from the same source, would this work or would this cause hardware issues or destroy the board. I would really appreciate any and all help. I've included the image from the build I found, I was hoping someone could draw ontop of this or explain it to me in a diagram.

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How do I connect several Arduinos through RS485 with the SN75176 chip? Answered

Hello, I want to connect several Arduinos together in a star network (1 Master, several Slaves), but they're too far apart, so I can't use I2C. I researched a bit and found that I can use the serial protocol RS485 and that I can use the SN75176 or the MAX485 chips to do it. Being the MAX485 more expensive than the SN75176, I bought the latter. My problem is: now that I have the SN75176 (I have two, actually), what do I do? I have no clue whatsoever. I found some circuits for the MAX485, but I don't quite get how I should connect them to the Arduino.. Anyway, the chip I have is the SN75176... The only thing I find with Google is about DMX - for lights and stuff like that -, but I'm not interested in that. I just want several Arduinos to send data gathered from temperature and humidity sensors to another Arduino... Thank you very much. :)

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PPM vs PWM, why choose PPM over PWM and how does PPM work? Answered

I understand the basis of operation of PWM, however, PPM is what confuses me. What is it, and why would I choose to make a system for data transmission using it over PWM? What are the benefits? and also the drawbacks? I have a Skyfly 6 Ch radio Tx and Rx, it is even remotely possible to squeeze a slow serial data communication (9600 baud) down one of the channels reliably? I was wondering for simple non critical auxiliary mode control, I could have more than one thing controlled by a single channel on the radio, such as lights on or off, acro mode, GPS hold, and GPS return to home mode switch, and other auxiliary things by using a output of a microcontroller to multiplex all of those things with a serial data Tx. I do not want to make any major modifications, possibly use the S video port-like thing on the underside where another slave remote control can go.

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Anyone know of a cheap Digital Video-Camera that has (or can be hacked to support) External / Asynchronous triggering?

Basically, I'm wanting to record something from several vantage-points (tennis-strokes mostly, but it would be relevant for things such as baseball or golf swings as well) using two or more cameras. The problem of recording with multiple-cameras is, if they're not triggered simultaneously, they could be capturing their respective frames at as much as 1/(fps*2) of a second (i.e.;16.7 ms for 30 fps) off from one another; which for many, if not most things wouldn't be a concern. However, since they wouldn't capturing the event at the exact-same moment, the usability of the video information for motion-analysis purposes is greatly reduced. For everything else other than lacking support of external/async. triggering, something like my relatively-cheap $120 ApiTek 60-FPS 1080p Camera (Std-Def would suffice) I picked-up on a whim at Walgreen's would fit the bill quite nicely. While professional cameras do have this feature (also referred to as a Master/Slave Camera Array), this is simply for my personal-use, and I'd have a hard time selling my wife on the idea that I need to spend multiple thousands of dollars on it.

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IDE hard drive wont spin up in external array, using hacked power supply.....?

           So after building my new computer I had three old IDE 250gb and two 40gb hard drives.  I took some scrap aluminum and built a rack to mount the drives on. I hacked an old power supply and made a power supply for the drives. I bought 4 IDE to USB connectors and ran then into a USB hub. For some reason the power supply turns it self off a few seconds after plugging in the 250's. It will run the 40's no problem and the system instantly recognizes them.  The jumpers are all set to slave. When I individually try them with my single IDE to USB kit they work fine. 400w for just 5 drives should be more than enough power. Please help me out. Specs. Power Supply Antec-PA-412x 400W drives-250's WD2500-WD Caviar SE WD2500-WD Caviar Seagate Baracuda 7200.8 drives- 40's IBM Deskstar 40 WD400- WD Caviar  

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