smoke greandes

Ok i was thinking of makeing a smoke greande with a toilet paper role and ppotassium nitrate with sugarand i was like wat the hell is potassium nitrate and i looked it up and i found out its basicaly dried up piss mixed with sugar(if im rong blamb wikapidia)also i was wondering what would be a good other ingreadient in this to make it more smoke but not for it to creat a pulpution thing like maby smoke coming form both sides because i was watching thes video heres the link

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smoke grenades

Ok i was thinking of makeing a smoke greande with a toilet paper role and ppotassium nitrate with sugarand i was like wat the hell is potassium nitrate and i looked it up and i found out its basicaly dried up piss mixed with sugar(if im rong blamb wikapidia)also i was wondering what would be a good other ingreadient in this to make it more smoke but not for it to creat a pulpution thing like maby smoke coming form both sides because i was watching thes video heres the link

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Smoke Bombs

Alright I'm a dude who lives in the middle of nowhere...USA...i need some household chemicals to make an awesome smoke bomb. please help..!

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Smoking instructables?

So, would smoking related instructables be frowned upon? i was thinking about instructions on how to smoke/hide your smoking blend of choice, there will be no pictures of me smoking weed, since i don't smoke weed, i will include pictures of me smoking legal smoking blend (damiana), will people rate low just because? is it worth all the negative feedback?

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Who here smokes?

Come on fess up, we know you do.

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Soldering iron smoking? Answered

Hi Guys, I just bought a new soldering iron for the first time. When i plugged it into the wall outlet it started smoking (not alot) well that scared the living crap out of me, so I turned it off. So can any of you guys tell me that should I just dump the iron or is it normal. Please guys help (and there was a bit of smoke near the handle too). Oh and another interesting thing is that after 10 seconds of plugging it in it started melting solder ( its a 35 or 30 watt iron ) Thanks in advance. -Prickly Potato

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Smoking on a gas grill?

I have a question on smoking on a gas grill. I have a 2 burner grill and i was wondering when smoking do i have on both burners or just 1? Also where do i put the smoke chips and meat? If anyone could help that would be great. Thanks again.

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smoke bomb ideas?

Does anybody know how to make a smoke bomb from household chemicals?

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smoke bomb ideas?

Does anybody know how to make a smoke bomb from household chemicals?

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Chips in smoke detectors

I have a bunch of smoke detector circuit boards all of which have IC chips. All of them have slightly to widely different numbers, some Motorola, a philips, etc.  The main question I have is what type of chips are these as far as function goes? I tried looking these up but so far nothing absolute. Some numbers I remember are 8506, 8605, 8502; other numbers are way different and I don't remember what they are.

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Smoking Pot(entiometer)

I have hooked up a 5k pot to this thing, and it dims it ok but1) how do I get a fuller range of dimming? it only dims towards the last 45 degrees. Any higher value (10k, +) gives worse results. Do I need 1k pot? Is there a way to make the 5k work better?2) even when the pot is all the down, the led is still dimly lit. Please make it go away.3) Do I need to use all three terminals on the pot?As you can tell from my questions, I am slightly above doofus level so please be kind.

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Device to make sudden smoke indoors?

I want something that will make smoke really quick and can be used indoors, I want it to be about as fast as a smoke bomb, a smoke bomb would work if it could be used indoors

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how do you set off the smoke fluid?

Once you make the fluid how do you set if off ? Do you put it in a fog machine

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how to make a smoke bomb snapper? Answered

Does any1 know how top make a smoke bomb that u snap like a glowstick and it starts smokeing i have heard of these and want to know how to make them or where to buy for use in airsoft wars

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how to build a smoke house for fish and meats something to smoke about 3-5 fish that weigh about 3lbs

Small type and be able to smoke using a small eletric fry pan or some thing along that line

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How can you make a airsoft smoke grenade?

I want something that i can attach a pull pin. Something that makes a ton of smoke and has a shell that wont break if dropped on the ground.

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how do you make a colored smoke bomb?

How do you make a colored smoke bomb with household items or cheap easly found items? (organic dye dose not work)

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how do i make a moldible smoke bomb?

It can be molded into any shape then you put a fuse in it and light it and it turns to a big cloud of smoke and you can make it from stuff at your local walmart

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how do I change the battery in a hard wired smoke detector?

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How Do I Put The Magic Smoke Back Into Electronic Parts So They Work Again?

Magic Smoke Is what makes all electronics go...mine escaped one evening when I applied power to a circuit board.

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For my Halloween costume, I want to add some fake "smoke" to come out of my shirt or hat. Just a puff or two on demand.

For my Halloween costume, I want to add some fake or artificial "smoke" to come out of my shirt or hat.  Just a puff or two on demand is what I am looking for.  Could be battery or chemical powered, but still needs to be safe next to a person. Thanks!?

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How can I make a USB driven heating element?

How can I make (if it is even possible) a heating element that runs off usb, and produces enough heat to burn a (tiny) piece of wood to the point of producing smoke?

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where can u find potassium nitrate from fertilizer ? Answered

In what type of fertilizer can u find potassium nitrate

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High tech smoke signals

Daniel Schulze is an industrial design student in Berlin who is working on a sweet smoke machine. The plan is to have a 7x7 grid of holes that shoot little clouds of smoke into the air. The smoke comes from a fog machine and is shot up in the air with drivers. Check out the video below to see a test of one row. The full setup will be shown next week at DMY Berlin. A Modern Take on Smoke Signals: "For Those Who Can See" via engadget

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Smoke bombs that explode on contact

My idea is as followshave an outer layerthen inside that is a layer of a shock reactant chemical or substancethen another very thin shellthen the inner core of a regular sugar & potassium nitrate smoke bombthe way it works is the bomb will hit the ground causing the first chemical to react then that ignites the smoke bomb which will make smoke billow out a designated holemy example and original idea includes Nitrogen Triiodide and the regular smoke bomb mixtureps. if you want to know how to make these things go to for nitrogen triiodide for the smoke bomb

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can a smoke detector be modified to be so accurate to detect cigarette smoke in a small room?

In my small 12qm room i wanted a kind of smoke detector to say when the smoke is too much and i should open the window, like when it stinks.. cuz smokers in a smoker room dont smell it anymore.. guess few of u still know that =)would love to hear some answers or suggestions(and no im not looking to modify a already there smoke detector.. ill buy a new one..dont worry)

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Miniature arduino controlled smoke generator

I'm looking to build a Miniature arduino controlled smoke generator for a static model of a B-17 Flying Fortress (so it has to be quite small).  I'm going to add stepper motors for the engines and start them in sequence, have Wav files for the start up and running, lights etc but I'm also looking to create the gout of smoke that is generated at start up. Any pointers in the right direction would be appreciated, it has to be controllable so that it can be timed for each of the engines. I was looking at the something like the smoke generators on the model railroads but wasn't sure how they work. Thanks in advance.

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How can I get a ventilator to suck air from a smoke machine and trap the smoke?

 Hi, I`m making a 2meter laser etched cardboard dinamic sculpture face of a girl inhaling smoke with a smoke machine on the mouth, and I want to imitate this inhaling effect!:  2 Q> what can I use to get the "nose" to absorb the smoke? :  {"A fan or blower can be used to suck the vapor in. Then if you have a long enough duct or large enough chamber let the vapor evaporate/dissipate. You can also run it through a furnace filter to help condense the water vapor faster. "} I got the fog machine 2.1 Q> -I am looking for a strong fan or blower that sucks the air in like a nose (and some machine that traps the smoke particles coming from the smoke machine), but What am I looking for more specifically?  

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Smoke detector and ozone generators / air purifiers

I recently made a quite disturbing discover and thought I share it here so other are aware of it. We all love to protect ourself in case of a fire and the first and most vital of the information chain is a working smoke detector. In my house I had the old type installed, based on a radioactive isotope that detect smoke through ionisation. The newer types working optical or using combined optical and isonisation detection should perform better - but does not really matter for this "warning". If you do have pets, smoke in the house or just do a lot of cooking you might also use one of these fancy air purifiers that use Ozone to clean the air in your room. I only have a tiny unit for a fish tank that I also use to remove smells from my work clothes or purify some water for the plants. My discovery started with a simple cooking exercise involving a lot of onions, garlic and a big wok. To avoid filling the house for days with the smells I had the ozone generator running as well. At some stage I noticed that the whole kitchen was covered in the fumes from the cooking, nicely visible from the hallway - like fog. To my surprise the smoke detector did not the usual alarm but performed fine with the test button. So I blew some cigarette smoke directly at it - still no reaction. Next day I started to investigate and was prepared to buy a new detector but whatever I used, smoke, steam or just killing a burning candle underneath cause the alarm to go off. Then it hit me: The ozone! A quick test with the hose of the ozone generator next to the smoke detector and no matter what I blew in it the device staed silent. Ozone is ionized oxygen, the detector uses the ionized particels from the radioactive material to detect smoke. Smoke or very fine dust / steam will bind the ionized particles forcing the electronics to sound an alarm because the sensor no longer detects the ionized particles. With enough ozone entering the detector there will be always enough ionization to prevent the alarm. Conclusion: If you do use ozone in your house upgrade your smoke detector to a model that uses optical AND ionisation detection! Otherwise there is a good chance that the device is unable to detect a fire. Of course chance are slim that you would use the ozone while sleeping and a fire starts, but if it does....

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How do I ignite this smoke cartrige with a shorter battery than AA and with no explosives? Answered

Updated question: As using nichrome wire does not seem to work in my application, I am looking for ideas how to ignite this smoke cartige, electrically and with no explosives and with a battery shorter than AA. Thanks! Hi, First, I have very little experience in electronics. I am familiar with Ohm's law but don't undestand it fully in every situation. However, I'm developing a product in which I need to make a nichrome wire glow for at least 5 seconds, with help of a battery. The lenght of the wire must be at least 5 cm and must be at least 0.2 mm diamater. (Longer/bigger is even better). I am trying to find the smallest battery possible, due to very limited space. After 5 seconds, it doesn't matter if the battery goes flat, as long as it doesn't explode, catch fire or anything else unpleasant. I have already read through every forum with similar questions like mine, and have understood that I need a battery that can deliver enough current. I therefore have an idea that I maybe could use a high capacity coin cell battery of model CR2477 (1000 mAh, 3 V). However, as I, due to my limited knowledge in electronics, I cannot predict what will happen to this battery and I'm too scared to try. I also found this website that let's you calculate, for example current requirement with a given wire: If I punch in the following data: 5 cm length, 32 gage, 2 volts, I get a current requirement of 1.15 Amps. I entered 2 volts because of internal resistance of the battery, don't know if that was correct. Will the CR2477 battery be able to supply 1.15 Amps for 5 seconds? Will anything not nice happen to it? In the data sheet of the battery I read a maximum pulse current of 25mA, which makes me think that it will not work. But at the same time, I know that a standard 9V battery would work, and this has less capacity in mAh (though higher current). Can somebody help me understand? Thanks!

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somking laser pointer?

I found a trick on youtube with a laser pointer and breathing smoke i whanted to know how to do it

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can you cook sugar? Answered

I am making a smoke bomb and I want to know if it is all right to cook sugar by it self?

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Wood gasifiers and safety - Carbon Monoxide poisoning - hospital

Sorry if it is in the wrong section of the forum. If it can be moved to a better place then do so. This is a quick mention to anyone that is playing around with any burners such as:    wood gas generator    bio-gas    wood gasifier    'hobo' stove I am not severely concerned but it did happen, I think it needs a mention, as it is for everyone's safety. After playing with wood gas and attempting methanol creation from a small gasifier unit for a few weeks, I had started to realize that each day I had a most annoying headache / migrane in my frontal area of my brain / head. They ended up getting so bad that my body could not tolerate them anymore and started to go into shock, causing a rather painful, endless throwing up session for many hours each time even.  It came to a point where after 3 weeks of playing with a bio-gas generator for about 4 hours a day had started to lead me into temporary blindness an hour and a half at a time. This was when I was concerned as I could not read any more instructables :( After a quick jot to the local doctors, I explained what I had been up to and I was correct. I had given myself the rather classic, and very close to death, carbon-monoxide poisoning where my doctor insisted I go to emergency at the hospital ( 2 hours away ) immediately and have someone else drive me. Pretty much equivalent to staying inside a garage with your car running for 5 hours, all the doors closed. I was very close to severe carbon monoxide poisoning and death.  At the hospital, blood was taken, analysed, and they had discovered large traces of C02 that they attempted to flush with some oxygen, but this only works to a point and they mentioned that nothing else could be done apart from telling me not to use or be near any smoke sources for at least 3 weeks and I should recover fine. I am still playing with my wood gas generators, and attempting to make methanol, but these days, after 3 days ago, I take further safety precautions to make sure it wont happen again. Such as: ventilation / exhaust fan ( I WAS OUTSIDE WHEN I WAS POISONED! DONT TAKE THIS LIGHTLY! ) keep a distance, find a better way to ignite / extinguish the burner keep your face and body out of the smoke dont watch the flames / smoke from above for any longer than 2 seconds do not taunt the Criosote by-product of wood. I am not sure which is more toxic. The smoke or this.   ( criosote / bio-crude, whatever you want to call it, it is the condensate of the burner unit containing more chemicals, very stinky) do not store criosote indoors withough a sealable container ( the smell likes to soak into things, like my kitchen ) if you know what you are doing, keep oxygen tank nearby use all protective clothing and masks, etc. There was a small arrogance in my head when playing with these units. And that is simply that I was thinking 'it is just smoke'. Wood gas generators are generating a much more toxic smoke than just sitting around your camping fire and should not be considered to be something to play with, without proper valves, pipes, burn off points etc. It contains on some scale: carbon-monoxide, methane, acids ( acetic ), tar and many other defects that will cause you issues if you are not careful. Keep it safe guys, this was a rather difficult one for explination, but I do not want someone other than me to be in that same sickness / position as I was with the poisoning, as it is the most painful experience I had yet had.  Worse than me hitting a tree head on at 80km/h. Worse than falling 2 stories off a cliff onto rocks. Worse than being hit by a car and thrown over it's windscreen. Worse than the feeling of an unsuccessful home made rocket launch. All of these above I have had happen to me, and the poisoning was by far the worst and I was scared more for my life than than any above accidents. It is not a very nice feeling, it is a deathly, sickly, useless feeling, blindness is not far away from death if found in this situation. Oxygen / fresh air is the only thing to help you if poisoned, even if in hospital. Keep it safe guys. If you want me to write up a full on poster on wood-gas / wood-heater safety I can or even just a propper write - up on general safety with this smoke and the wood gas units etc. Ask please and I will. Hospital staff will most likely give you 'items of interest' for instructables if you just ask them too. I have a heap of things from a stethoscope to vials to 'red dots' for homemade ECG machines. They tend to like crazies like me that make weird stuffs .. i hope ive gotten the point across anyway.   

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how do would you make a toy smoke ? Answered

I know some older toys would blow a small puff of smoke like trains and robots is there a way to do that on a small scale ?

Question by Triclaw 4 years ago  |  last reply 3 years ago

Any body have a way to create a smoke cloud?

I'm helping with Aladdin the musical and I got put on special effects and I need a way to make a Puff of smoke that the genie can disappear into, any ideas? Also fire cant be involved

Question by Emsaid 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

candle's black smoke deposit seems not to be electrically conductive

(This is the first topic of the "failed experiments" group.)I was wondering if the black smoke of the candles could be electrically conductive (carbon) when deposited as a layer over a piece of glass.After a quick and basic experimentation, it seems it is not.Here is how I proceeded :- I've put a piece of glass over the flame of a candle so a black smoke deposit appear on its surface.- I did so that it becomes opaque (if you want to try, be careful that the piece of glass may break because of the heat)- then, I used two crocodile clamps to make the contact (I've put a certain depth of aluminum foil between the claws of the clamp and the piece of glass)- then, I tried to measure the resistance with a multimeter, but the multimeter displayed no value at all.

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smoke smell removal from oriental wool fire.

How to remove smoke damage smell from oriental carpets. small house fire left residue, ash and smell throughout house. now I am on clean up, but can not find place that will clean theses type carpets with in 100 miles, (I live in the country), sure I can send to some rug company that does just rugs, but these are pure wool and expensive, do not want to take that chance. sorry, not knocking rug cleaner industries, they have done the deep clean steam on the wall to wall carpets, came out fine, but steam is not used on these rugs. well, any suggestions...thanks.

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How expensive is it for a trip to jamaica for 6 people for about 2 weeks?

Question by Amanda101 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

Can chemical based projects be posted on instructables?

 I know there are projects with more hazardous components but I just want to check before I post something.?

Question by Jbeaubrun 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

What parts to salvage from detectors?

Hey all - at the place I manage I have 15 defective Kidde smoke detectors coming back - now obviously there's something wrong with them but it won't be every part that's garbage. It IS however a good opportunity to get some multiples of same parts.  SO - if this was you and they are in the garbage otherwise..which parts would you salvage?  I'm willing to invest  maybe 2 hours of desolder time.  Other than the resistors and the LEDs, i'm not as familiar with the components used on these boards. suggestions appreciated, This looks like the closest model:,8062,pageId%3D28537%26siteId%3D463,00.html

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I am in need of a compound that i can use in a flash pot that will burn cold, so that it can be used in doors.?

I am in need of a compound that i can use in a flash pot that will burn cold, so that it can be used in doors.?

Question by bondo86 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

Homemade Smore Marshmallow Testers

Ok,Here's an idea for those of you who want to get into the kitchen this weekend and play around. Some of you may have seen my Ible on making marshmallows.So here's the experiment. The favorite marshmallow treat for many people would have to be the s'mores made over a campfire. Lets see if we can recreate some of these flavors in a single marshmallow treat.Ideas:-Use the standard vanilla marshmallow recipe as a base.-Experiment with liquid smoke flavoring to add some smoky taste. Probably not too much.-Possibly add a bit of burnt sugar. Might be able to do this torching the outside of the marshmallow or by some other means.-Graham crackers. Either crushed into a powder and added to the powder coating, or left whole and just stuck to the marshmallow.-Chocolate. Could be added in multiple places. Could be added directly to the marshmallow itself. Cocoa powder could be added to the powder mix. Melted chocolate could be drizzled over the marshmallow or dipped in.Anyone else have any other idea or feel up to the challenge of testing out the recipe?

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My mower smoked and won't run? Answered

I was mowing with my push mower (brigs and Stratton) and suddenly it blew out a large amount of white smoke and stuttered to a stop.  Later that day I tried starting it again and it almost started up but it sputtered and filled the area with a plume of white smoke.  Now (a year later) I decided to attempt to get it running again.  I am not sure about taking out the spark plug because I think it may need a torc wrench or something.  I did however check to see if it would still spark one of my spare plugs which it does.  The fuel in it is still the same so I may try draining it and re-filling it.  It smells like gas.  I have heard of water and oil being probable causes, could this be true.  I know that it has mistakenly been filled with the mix of oil/fuel from my chainsaw's can.  I drained it, but could there still be oil in it or something.  Can I pull my spark-plug out with a mere crescent wrench and replace it?

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How to hack a smoke detector's alarm to change the sound?

I want to change the alarm sound.

Question by sheen16 5 years ago  |  last reply 5 years ago

Smoke your daily dose of Caffeine? Answered

These electronic cigarettes ( are becoming quite a rage and I just wondered, when (if possible) will they make them for caffeine and not nicoteine? I don't smoke now but would definetley consider smoking a caffeine cigarette.

Question by Koosie 9 years ago  |  last reply 5 years ago

How to make a cigarette smoke detector

I have searched for a cigarette smoke detector circuit. But  can't find one. I need it for my research project.. Pls. help me.thanks! :)

Question by jhenna 7 years ago  |  last reply 3 years ago

Miniature smoke machine for a briefcase anyone?

Ok. So i ordered this really cool briefcase on Ebay and I'm just dying to put a smoke machine in it. Got any idea's? It would have to battery powered and obviously small enough to fit in a briefcase. I was thinking about chucking a few LED's in there as well but that shouldn't be any problem.

Question by nicholasfmccarthy 10 years ago  |  last reply 10 years ago

smoke detector piezoelectric transducer hack?

I'm thinking of building a basement water leak detector like this: I wanted to hook it up to something loud like a smoke detector. Is it possible to take adapt the piezoelectric transducer circuit with the water sensor? Any guides. Thanks

Question by phillyj 6 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

How to build an EVAP smoke machine?

I would like to build a smoke machine for testing the EVAP system on cars. Have seen some on other sites, but the guys on this site are geniuses, so come on and give me some ideas!

Question by jalle1 6 years ago  |  last reply 5 years ago

Is lighter flame/smoke/fume toxic?

I was going to make an instructable on mini roasting when something hit me. When you use the lighter to light maybe a marshmellow, is the fire or smoke or fumes from the fire toxic? I mean the gas/alcohol gets neutrilized when it burns up and turns into flame but If i cook with it, it may be a different question. If someone asks me to think about smokes, the I should say to you that smokes are already toxic and anyone smoking shouldn't care. ( I don't smoke, I want to live) If possible you can answer this question and have credit in my next instructable.

Question by knex_mepalm 8 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago