I have made a new group called 15th sniper squadron, any can join and i need more snipers: i accept models real nurf paintball and knex as long as they are snipers anyone can join aswell p.s please could someone make this sniper model or knex please!!

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Lets discuss knex snipers

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Knex sniper

This gun shot through a cardboard box outlined with tinfoil at a distance!!!

Posted by halo1232 11 years ago  |  last reply 11 years ago

knex sniper

This message is to the dude who made the instructions for gorkems sniper easier how long is it going to take u to do the next steps? thanks super knex maker

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USMC Sniper? Answered

Ive been wanting to join the Mariane Corps lately like my Dad did ( he gat to rank CPT. but i want to be a sniper in the USMC. i have great aim in mine and my dads oppinion, but how long do i serve before i could retire, and alos after i retire could i still be NCIS agent

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Knex sniper

Hey guys, i'm trying to find a sniper that doesnt use an abundance of pieces, and it works/looks good! thanks       -Muffin

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snipers and members

Hey everyone :D please if you havn't already joined my group JOIN or else :P and if you see anything good about snipers of instructbles please comment or orange box me please so i can have a look and add them if there good p.s PLEASE could someone make this sniper i really want to make but everytime I trying I just mess up

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New sniper.

Here is my sniper i made a week ago. just to clear, i took it apart so don't go on about me posting it. Pic 1: overall gun it was a total failure. it shot 20 feet and the mech ALWAYS broke. It once made a unearthly sound that was Like BOINY. Please comment on bottom.

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sniper rifle

I'm looking for a knex sniper rifle that has minamal pieces, decent range, a mag (preferably 5 shot) and has a true trigger

Posted by alfpwns 10 years ago  |  last reply 10 years ago

Sniper Request!!!!

I am asking that someone make a knex M110 SAS. I play alot of soldier front and would love it if somone would make it :D thanks for viewing

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sniper pistol

Any ideas for a high powered sniper pistol. it would be a really high powered pistol the is very accurite

Posted by nick.z 12 years ago  |  last reply 11 years ago

new sniper

This in my new sniper it only uses like 110 yellows it uses a new firing system made by me and is more reliable than the sr-v1 range; have not tested power: it can pierce cardboard at like 40 or more feet

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knex sniper

Um i have the knex big air ball tower and the thriller or something like that rollercoaster. im gonna make a gun cause i already have one pistol but i wanna know what gun can i make using those parts and how powerful. id like it to be a sniper but most of the snipers i dont think i have pieces for. dont worry about difficulty i can build anything (not to brag)

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sniper rifle

I know this probably belongs in the calaborations section, but i'm not very good with computers and I couldn't figure out how to put it there. I am working on building a high powered knex sniper rifle, but I am sort of stuck, I don't know of any magazine and barrel combinations that are accurate and don;t jam at all, any ideas?

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'Sniper' rounds.

I've never bothered to make any, so I was just wondering: How many of you have made them?Also, any tips on how to easily make them?EDIT: I decided to make some, and they're a pain to make, but it's worth it. I got 217 ft. for range. I measured on google earth. Also, I found that if you do it right, you can use duct tape for the fins. I like the duct tape because it's sturdier, and doesn't bend or deform as easily.

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Knex Sniper Rifle

Hi, im new to Instructables, and i havent found a good looking sniper i can build :s i got around 95 yellow connectors, 10 blue spacers, and 6 grey spacers (ouch!) and i got no misc. pieces only some tan connectors and the black/blue moveable thins (idk the name) so if you can help me finding a nice looking sniper rifle (range doesn't matter) please let me now :) ps. sorry for my bad English, it aint my native language

Posted by iColourStuff 6 years ago

gorkems knex sniper

I need help pn steps 4 and above its to hard to follow from 4 and over it gets to complicated for me so im asking gorkem or anyone else to either help me by showing more clear instructions. p.s put gorems knex sniper help in the topic box if u want to reply

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Knex Sniper Rifle

A mod of the DSMan Crossbow it has a range of about 75 feet, and its accurate up to about 50, although I haven't tested it since I put on new bands, should I post?

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Best Knex sniper

Here are the rules. The sniper must be your own and it must be rated over 3. They will be judged on range, pierceing, accuracy, and amount of pieces. I will need a judge or two for each. The winner will recieve 5* and will be on my Bect of Instructables 2008 instructable. If you want to enter post your sniper on the comment area.Enterants- DJ Radio's knex SPEC-9 sniper rifle T36 Long Range sniper by Darth Gecko Man Kakurito's DragonavJudges- Heat-Seeker Volenteer on the comments if you have a lot of pieces and free time to build.Range-Pierceing-Accuracy-Amount of Pieces (lower is better)-

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Sniper Rifle Bbs

Hi, I don't have a lot of experience with airsoft guns and I'm thinking about buying this sniper rifle (MB04D) It is recommend to take .25g bbs but I want to hunt small animals with it so , would it break the gun if I put in .36g bbs? I am also in Ireland so the gun will have to be reduced to 328 fps from ~450fps thanks for any feedback

Asked by DennyM1 4 years ago  |  last reply 4 years ago

Knex sniper rifle

I have a partially completed sniper at home and i wanted to know if you guys want me to finish and post it, i mean, theres no point posting if it gets a cr*p reception, eh? And it is currently unnamed so i am open to suggestions about that aswell. At the moment it has a cool carrying strap (not mine), a bolt loading system (classic) a bipod, a monopod, and a nifty scope (not mine) I am also working on a new mech for possible semi auto, ill get back to you if it gets anywhere.

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New Knex Sniper !!!

Hi there :D Im working on a new knex sniper. It will be an A(ccuracy) I(nternational) A(rctic) W(arfare) L96....i like it because its in WarRock and this sniper pwnz is that game :D it will be bolt action with a true trigger, sad enough untdetachble mag but maybe in the future i make it detacheble. It shoots yellow rods. I also could use red ones but if i used red rods the mag would be to big and unstable and i didnt like that. I have 1 pic of the original L96 and 1 of my gun so far. Hope you like it!!!!

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K'nex Sniper thoughts?

I'm drawing up some mental plans for a Sniper rifle. I posted some non-gun k'nex projects but they were never as popular as weaponry. I know there's a tonne of K'nex snipers out there already, but most of them underneath the body are just a basic gun with a blue rod mag, and a lot of the time the mag isn't actually removable. Of course there's nothing wrong with this, I myself have made guns with this setup. However, for my new Sniper, I want a removable mag with lesser-used ammo. I was thinking either orange-connector+grey connector ammo or yellow rods. Basically I wanted to see what the community wants the most, aside from Oodammo, because that's a tad awkward!  Also any suggestions as to what else I should add to my Sniper? I was thinking: Removable Mag, breach loading single shot chamber, rails (like ironman's), detachable scope and Bipod, rear monopod, true trigger (of course), pin guides and maybe a section where a small pistol can fit, probably TheDunkis' flat pistol or r3con's (spelling?) mod for it. Oh and maybe a heartbeat sensor for all the MW2 fans out there XD -Lowney

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the easiest knex sniper?

Which knex sniper is the easyist to build

Asked by tcocco 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

LEGO sniper rifle

This LEGO rifle by Jack Streat at is pretty awesome. If there was ever any ideal way to shoot LEGO bricks, this would be it. Even the creator is impressed: This is by far the best rifle i have ever made. it is a working magazine-fed rifle in bolt action configuration, with detachable magazines, sniper scope and bi-pod. Check out the video to see it in action and the link below for a lot more pics. Lee Enfield Bolt Action Sniper Rifle via Neatorama

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Knex Sniper Rifle

 this is a cool sniper that i made please note that the Stock, Handle and Scope was made my BestKnex from Youtube I will get pics as soon as i steal the camera from my bro XD Pros: Looks good (kinda) Range: 30 - 70 Ft easy to reload Since the block trigger is on the Grip, you cannot dual wield the sniper Cons: A bit flimsy on the stock Its light no true trigger Note: if your wondering how long this took me (which i bet u dont care) well it took me about 100 minutes ( an hour and 40 minutes) Updates: well i got a Pic and do u think it kinda looks like a Battle Rifle, cuz i dont want it to be

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Knex sniper rifle

HI. This is my new knex sniper rifle that i made. Here are some features. 1 the ram dosent fall out, the ram dosent stick out of the gun, begging true trigger, fires yellow rods, powerful, sturdy desine for minimum breaking, recoil is in the mid to balance it out, detachable tripod or bipod, and its longer than my paint ball gun. Here are some pics, if you like go to dannys fourum topic and vote on is the pic order.1 as you can see this sniper is longer than my paintball gun2 Hahahahahah i got more knex than yoooouuuu!!! =P3 this is the trigger mechinisum when its not pulled. 4 Sorry for the blurry pic but this is the trigger when pulled.5 looking at the stock of the gun.6 The front7 The chamber where you put the rods in8 a last look at the trigger mech.9 the whole gun. Beuty eh?I hope you like this, dont forget to vote on this in dannys fourum.

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what is a good knex sniper? Answered

I wil make a knex sniper but what is the best. its under the 150 yellow connectors and i wil shoot a target from like 50 feet

Asked by cool bas3 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

is there any good knex snipers

I would like a bolt action sniper that looks like one of the following

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My new knex sniper

What should i call my sniper?

Posted by TheAwesomestDude 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

Knex sniper rifle contest

Ok guys you've got to make a sniper or just a rifle you can enter an already made gun so a sniper rifle or just a rifle!! you win: 5* on all your ibles and a subscription and i will also advertise your stuff for a week! the deadline is: 30th april same as someones micro gun contest HOPE  U ENTER UR SNIPER (RIFLES)

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What is a good knex sniper? Answered

Ok i want to know  a good knex sniper out here, that is accurate and does not consume too many pieces ( i have a good ammount but not like the killerk stuff etc.)?

Asked by Nazgul 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

What is the best slingshot sniper?

It cannot be the 2 snipers form Mr.Stealth, the SRV2, or DJ's OSSR 2; I've tried them all and they are all great! Very pleased with them but wanna try something new. Also does not require too much pieces.

Asked by The Nomlack 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

airsoft sniper rifle mods

I have been modifying my FAMAS airsoft gun so it is more suitable as a sniper rifle. I thought that maybe if there is anyone who might be doing the same or wanted to post their airsoft gun modifications here that would be great!

Posted by Robot Lover 9 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

What is a sniper with good range? Answered

What is a sniper with good range, doesnt use more than 35 half moon connectors and no more than 5 tan locks? ( I would like it if it has a mag.)

Asked by ~Z~ 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

Will the Marines (or any branch of our military) let you be a sniper (or anything at all)? Answered

I am 13 and am interested in being a sniper. But I have glasses!

Asked by titanvince16 9 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

Knex halo sniper rifle? Answered

Hey everyone  I'm currently working on the sniper rifle from halo reach and was wondering if i posted instructions if anybody would be intrested in building it because I dont want to post for nothing. It will be mag fed, fires yellow rods, and decenly big but not too big. It is also realistic too.

Asked by KnexFreak360 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

Bartboys Barrage of Sniper Rifles.

I have made 5 different sniper rifles, and one rifle that uses less pieces, and is ready to add an electric remote control thingy. They all have good rage and power. Please vote on Favourite.

Posted by Bartboy 10 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

Project Chasm: Knex Sniper

Welcome to the Project Chasm Forum. This is a forum I will use to tell you KNEX gun builders about upcoming designs. Ask questions as you wish, and I might even create a gun for your requests.

Posted by chasm 10 years ago  |  last reply 10 years ago

Spring Airsoft Sniper Rifle

I want to build a large spring airsoft rifle that looks as realistic as possible. I will be using a large very strong spring from ace hardware. I want it to be as efficient as possible but i want it to also be very cheap. Any ideas? I would prefer a metal body, but wood or plastic would be ok. I was also wondering if somebody had a drawing of the trigger mech and magazine assembly. i was thinking a brass inner barrel with a larger metal or pvc outer barrel. i want the gun to look like the one in the picture. i think it's a mauser

Posted by itri45 7 years ago  |  last reply 3 years ago

KNex Sniper Thingamabob: Reborn

I've decided to take DSman's advice and make a beter rifle. It will feature: 1. a better barrell 2. True Trigger 3.Fuller Stock 4.No Cage Sadly, I dont have enough green rods to make both my sidearm and new rifle(w/ a better barrel), so i might make it using MLCAD. Range: I got 38Ft. Con: Single shot

Posted by alfpwns 10 years ago  |  last reply 10 years ago

Whats the best knex sniper?

I want to build a knex sniper and i was wondering which shoots the farthest, fastest, and does the most damage

Asked by ThomasRex 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

my skewer sniper gun

What do you think.yea it really shredded the plastic box.

Posted by assasin 11 years ago  |  last reply 11 years ago

K'Nex sniper rifle contest!!!

K'Nex sniper rifle contest!!!the first contest for this group. this contest is not intended to give people time to make a sniper rifle now, but already have a sniper rifle made AND posted. all you have to do to enter is to put your instructable in the group. this saturday i will make another forum with a list of the entrants. then the voting will begin. so to enter you1. have to have a sniper rifle2. have a insructable for it.thats it.3. it has to be made out of knex only, they can be modified as broken but not melted down to make a barrel or anything like that.4. it can only use compression(string) torsion(string twisted) and tension(rubberbands), no air compression good luck to everyone!for inspiration, i will put a picture of my newest creation, MY SNIPER RIFLE! it is finished and i will post a instructable soon.(i won't enter it into the contest though)

Posted by dsman195276 10 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

my skewer sniper gun

Hey guys heres my spear gun.yea it really went through the plastic box.can't post though.what do you think.

Posted by assasin 11 years ago  |  last reply 10 years ago

FX-9 Sniper Rifle

Here it is, The one the only FX-9 Sniper rifle!!!This is the first of five in the FX-9 series. This has been my secret project for the last 2 1/2 months. Here are the pros and cons: Pros: Range 70-80 feet weighs 5 1/2 Pounds sturdy reliable new trigger design 11 layer design cons: uses a lot of pieces no mag bad bipod but if I post I will make a different one Now that you know about it tell me what you think. Should I post it?

Posted by Killer~SafeCracker 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

My skewer sniper gun

Hi u probably saw my ads 4 this.what do you skimmed my face once it hurt.i pulled it back too far so it dident go in the barrel.yea it really went through the plastic box.

Posted by assasin 11 years ago  |  last reply 11 years ago

True bolt action sniper

Ok so i got fed up of people saying that they're guns are bolt action when they arent. so i got this idea that an actual bolt action mechanism would have some sort of carrier that would pull the ram back and then return to the forward position. so what do people think?

Posted by phlorgan 11 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

DGM's Blazer Sniper Rifle

I am reviewing Darth Gecko Man's latest sniper! What to expect: Strength: 8/10 Why: Small chance it will break. Range: 7/10 Why: Too effected by wind with the original bullet Looks: 8/10 Why: Looks good. It is nice and small. Parts: Handle: 5/10 Why: Way too small. Cant fit my hand Stock: 0/10 Why: No Stock!!!! Barrel: 0/10 Why: No Barrel! Fake barrel: 8/10 Why: Works easily and look good Bipod: 0/10 Why: No bipod!!! (This is not necissary. I am just noting that it does not have one. Please no more argueing) Modability: 10/10 Why: This gun is very easy to modify and would be great for beginners to play around with. Even I made a mod of it by adding a stock and moving the front handle to the rear and making the rear handle part of the stock. In the end: Erganomics are not too good. Feels too small. BUT in a knex war it would be good not as a sniper but as a secondary weapon. The trigger system cant hold too much pressure but for a medium range weapon it is good Creator: Darth Gecko Man Gun: Blazer v1 Sniper Rifle

Posted by ajleece 10 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

breach loading sniper rifle

Welcome to this fourm, this fourm is about a breach loaders, if you have made any feel free to post (this dose not mean mag gun for the whole point is to help 1 shots/ sniper rifles get a easy load that is acurate fast im gessing at one point in time almost everyone made a 1 shot. But 1 shots have not evolved much, its all almost the same, pull fireing pin back and "muzzle load" it (with some exeptions of folding and back loading it)but wile loading the thing sometimes it fires, so it would hit your hand or your face (and my spring powered rifles have done so) , the solution? simple somehow get the thing to load without ever geing you to look at the barrel, sniper rifles usaly have it hard for they have long barrels (not including mepains) and take a long time to muzzle load the bullet. a faster way would be to breach load itso on this fourm posably post pictures of ideas you have of breach loading and if it somehow makes it more acurate. but just no old mag guns for the idea is to help make a fast and easy way to load. example this sniper rifle i made heres a video

Posted by Sypran 11 years ago  |  last reply 10 years ago