kid died from drinking too much soda

Last day i read in an artical that this kid died from drinking too much soda. do you think is true or fulse?

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What do you prefer? Diet or Regular Soda?

What do you prefer? Diet or Regular soda? Find out today what other people prefer!!!

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How do I sneak coke?

I need to get some more cola, but my parents wont let me. I stay at home a lot unless im at school, but i need a way to go buy some cola without my parents getting suspicious

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recycled soda tab earings

 this is a likeable recycable, that will bring attention to any look.

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Soda carbonation?

Hi I want to carbonate my own soda with co2 (everytime I use yeast it comes out wrong/disgusting). I know I need a co2 tank and a keg, but what do I need in between? (simplest system possible).

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how can i make a soda tab purse?

If possible please post a video on how to do it like the one  shown

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where would you get 1000 tabs Answered


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Gas (CO2) Operated Pump

So I was given a set of 6 of these pump, they are from a soda fountain system. Still has pressure gauges and lines attached. My question is, what can I do with these? Any ideas? I know that they are good for something, I'm just not sure what yet.

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I want to set up a carbonation system for making soda. What stores can I go to in order to get the necessary materials? Answered

I'm looking for a local store to find the materials I need (hoses, regulators, pressurized container). Specifically, I guess some type of chain store (I doubt any of you know the local stores where I live). I checked Ace Hardware and Home Depot, but neither had the stuff I need.

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I need help on a survey. (ITS DUE TOMORROW, VERY URGENT)

Ok, I need survey help. I have to get 30 replies by tomorrow. And it was assigned today, so its not procrastination. Yes, my math teacher is ****ed up. so, The question is "what is your favorite soft drink". I have 10 replies already, so I only need 20. Thanks for your help! -DJ Radio

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How a Soda Can is Made

The basic soda can seems so simple and, well, basic, but how do they make them? And so quickly? This video from Discovery covers the details of how to churn out 2,000 cans a minute with no mistakes allowed. via Core77

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how do you make a soda tab purse? Answered

I would also like to know how to sew fabric into it, please dont show croshayed ones :)

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Arduino soda fountain?

I would like to make a arduino soda fountain but i need some advice. Heres my plan Take an 8 channel relay board hook it up to the arduino. Then I take a 8 key keypad and hook to the arduino. I would buy 8 solenoid valves and hook them to relays. The valves would hold 1 water line and 6 flavors. Then i get stumped how do i get the last line to be carbonated water because if you had to take a soda stream to make the water it would take away from the effect of the machine. If any body knows how to do that i would love to hear I will also take any other advice Thanks Kaden

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why is it when i make a soda tab bracelet it dosen't work (it gets all tangled) why what am i doing wrong?

It just simply wont work for me what do i do? thanks Kellie Lowrie

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How much psi can an average 500 ml water bottle hold?

I'm making a soda machine with the "Carbonating: The cheap and easy way", and I would like to knwo how much pressure it can take, as I would prefer that my soda doesn't blow up in my face :)

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what is a good science project for my brother? no baking soda volcanos please. Answered

Hes looking for something that will at least get him a B so any ideas? can be for any age group but the more advanced the better. thanx

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Plastic Bottles?

I would like to melt them in an oven,and have them slump around a mold. At what temp should the oven be set ?

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What kind of life hacks can you make out of aluminum cans?

I am looking for craft project ideas and such made from aluminum cans?

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is there anyone who can make a piggy bank cola? Answered

is there anyone who can make a piggy bank cola???? plz send a massage to my tih artical is made by google translate

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How can u tell if your addicted to caffine?

I think i may be addicted to caffine. I saw on a show that you could be addicted to caffine. What are the warning signs and adverse affects of caffine addiction?

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Soda Dispenser

Hi does any1 know how to make a soda dispencer

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Can caustic soda and soda ash with sunflower oil and coconut oil be use for liquid soap?

I Need a help can i use caustic soda soda ash and good oil to make liquid soap instead of potash?

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How can I carbonate soda using a CO2 tank and not have to carbonate each 2L bottle one at a time? Answered

I want to start making my own soda and I can get my hands on a CO2 tank. I've seen how to do it, but it involves carbonating each 2L bottle separately. I was thinking of filling some sort of tank up with the soda and carbonating that. What would I need in order to set something like that up, and how should I got about doing it?

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Soda can fisheye lens

Make your own cheap fisheye lens for your camera with a peephole lens. This type of hack has been covered before including here and here, but it's always cool to see another take on it The fisheye tin cam via Photojojo

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Free Dr. Pepper, anyone?

Thanks to Guns-N-Roses' new album, Dr. Pepper is giving every American a free soda. All you have to do is go here and register for your free coupon. They'll only be available for the next 24 hours, so hurry up!

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How can I get a smooth cut when cutting plastic bottles? Answered

I am cutting the bottom portion of  a LOT 12 & 24 oz soda bottles (green craft!) and I am having problems getting a smooth edge. Right now I'm using a miter saw with a very fine plywood blade in backwords. I need something that would work quickly and not too time consuming.

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Robots working together to serve up cold drinks

Behold, the future of robotics! No, not Skynet, but a couple of robots diligently working to bring someone a cold beverage from the fridge. The big robot doing the work here is "Alan" and was made by Bosch Research and Technology Center. Nice stuff if you won a fancy lab, but Bosch also developed its own PR2 Remote Lab so anyone from around the world could develop for robots and test the results. Bosch Researchers Work to Bring Robotics Into Tomorrow’s Home

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how do you make baking soda into a tablet?

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Where does the word coke and soda pop come from? Answered

 Some people say coke, some say soda pop . Why ?

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how to get free soda?

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what kind of plastic are pop or soda bottles made of? Answered

Specifically mountain dew. is it styrene or a type of pvc?

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Soda / Pop / Fizzy drinks...whatever you call it, It's bloody damn GOOD!

LOL.Yeah, so there are many words to call the "drink" but it all boils down to one fact :I'ts Lovely!Soda / Pop, ( gets called different in the U.k than U.S.A), I'ts lovely isn't it.Whats your top 3 favourite flavours or brands?Mine are: Fanta - Fruit twist ( So refreshing! )Dr Pepper - Normal ( Very nice stress reliever! )Sprite - Normal ( A bit of a kick )Anyways just asking different people, when / if you buy six packs of Pop / Soda how much does it cost for you?Cause for me it is *1pound and 22 pence*. Is that a good deal? ( comparing to other places).Also don't you think Pop / Soda is addictive. I always feel like having another can after the one I had! My parents always nagg me about drinking to much!{ Remember we are talking about NON alcaholic drinks!); D

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nerf gun airtech 2000 and 3000 mod!

Alright... so i hooked a soda bottle up to a nerf airtech 2000 (when i get the stuff for the 3000 i will do that one too) and so now i have a big resivoir and i have a way of hooking it up to a bike pump so i can pump it up to a reasonable pressure and run around and cause pain without tired arms. but the guns pump still works (and gets it up to about 40 psi after 2 minutes of pumping) you use a 4 way coupler WITH HOSE CLAMPS! and use tubing rated for pressure! you have a schrader valve (or similar) and plug the pump on the 4 way along with the out line. (this was done on a 2000, the 3000 may or may not work) DONT HOLD DOWN THE TRIGGER! if you do then much of the pressure will be lost. now you can shoot easily and not be found out by pumping noises) im sorry i dont have a diagram. so when your done... the soda bottle (2 litre is the best! it lasts longer), schader valve, output, and input from the onboard pump should all be on the 4 way coupler and be hose clamped (if not the hoses will fly off and youll hear a loud hiss and be angry) the 2 litre bottle can be consealed in your backpack or be heald under your armpit, glued or taped to the gun, whatever!

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How do you make a pressurized 2 litre coke bottle instrument

I have found this video on youtube of this guy who made an instrument out of 2 litre soda bottles. He says he drilled a hole in the cap and put a tire valve through the hole. Then he used silicone to seal the hole, screwed in onto the bottle, and pressurized it. Then he hit it on his hand and other various objects and it produced a very clear sound. I have tries to recreate this, pumping my bottle up to 120 PSI with no results. I noticed that he is from the UK and that his bottles were shaped differently than mine(from America), being more of an hourglass shape. Would this have any affect? Also i noticed that when i was doing it that there was a lower PSI(somewhere less than 100... mabye 80ish?) where i could hear a faint sound similar to in the video. Is it possible that I missed the correct PSI?

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Any Club-Mate drinkers out there in the NYC area?

It is being imported from Germany special for anyone that may want the high caffeine drink Club-Mate. For those familiar with it from overseas, you may post as to your like/dislikes of the beverage and what you think about it overall. This link was the first I got wind of this and forgot to mention it before or forgot that I DID mention it before?

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OK I HAVE OVER 300 16OZ cans of mtn dew. and they are good and everything only problem is what could i build with it they are not open and they have the dark knight on in so they good. yeah walmart had a deal one sixpack for a dollar so i bought 70 six packs and some extras but im open to any ideas let me know what you think

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Pop bottle caps?

I have been saving pop bottle caps for a short time now.  But with the amount of pop my wife and I drink I am going to have them coming out of my ears in no time.  So anyone have any crafting ideas to do with pop bottle caps?  One thing I thought of was to make a computer case out of them.  But maybe I have watched that video of the guy making an 8-bit Zelda case out of wooden blocks too much.

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Coca-Cola Bots! Attack!!!

The Coke (aCola) Bots Attack!!Just spotted, a Coke vending machine robot walking around outside of Shibuya Station in Tokyo. Coca-Cola has oversized robot vending machines lumbering around Tokyo pinching the heads of people who prefer a different brand.These robots have been made to the likeness of the 11inch tall desktop toys which feauture the regular as well as the black Coke Zero available in Japan. The toys feature bendy arms and have a little coin slot for saving up your yen and buying more coke.The Images pretty much speak for themselves.

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is koolaid better for you than soda?

So the big koolaid (the drink) better for you than soda? or equal? BTW: i just ordered new blue cold cathodes and i fixed the gears on my old bike.

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Are there any recipes on making soda or something like it? Answered

I love soda but i dont always have the money to buy some besides they dont always have the flavors i like, so why not make your own.

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How to remove the top of a soda can without damaging it? Answered

What would be the best way to take off the 'lid' of a soda can, so you can use it for other things without destroying it? soda cans have these 'lids' that are put on after they are filled, anybody know how to remove these while keeping the rest of the can intact?

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What is the ratio of baking soda to vinegar that produces the most gas? Answered

It be helpful if you gave me a measurment like cups or something.

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how do i make a electronic soda can luncher?

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Soda Bottle Change Purse

Store your change in this recycled plastic bottle change purse.  Throw this environmentally friendly accessory into your bag.  What a great conversation starter!

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How do I neatly open a soda can?

I have tried with a can opener, but it leaves really rigid edges which are sharp, crooked, and dangerous.

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How Much Soda does everyone usually drink?

How much soda do you usually drink? measured in 12oz (300mL) cans or 16oz energy drink cans. Also, what do you usually drink if you ever go out to eat? Man, i miss my bird rocky

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