What metal doesn't react with sodium? Answered

I am trying to make sodium. I used graphite and copper wire at the anodes and cathodes. Both of them combine with the sodium and corode. That leaves me with 0% sodium.

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How to make pure sodium?

Is there anyway I can make pure sodium from salt or balking soda,and no I would not make a bomb with it.

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How to make at home Sodium Polyacrylate ?

How to make at home Sodium Polyacrylate ?

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how to make sodium acetate?

Making hot ice for science project, need to find sodium acetate. what store, not internet can I purchase, or how do I make it?

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is it illegal to sell sodium and calcium?

I know sodium and calcium are both strong alkalines and make hydrogen gas and ignite it when put in water. So is it illegal to sell it completely or do you need to have a license.

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How to forecast Sodium Chloride can dissolve in water?Why? Answered

How to forecast Sodium Chloride can dissolve in water?Why?

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Sodium Glow

Sleep is not restful here. The clouds serve as reading lamps. The sodium vapor glows. Cloudless, moonless nights, I can see my feet. The darkness will not come. Night escapes we tired city dwellers. The sodium glows just as bright as before. The ancients knew what night was, They couldn't see their hands in front of their face. They went to sleep at dusk. We modern night owls fire up the street lights. The ugly sodium glow.

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How to prepare the NaOH solution? Answered

How to prepare the solution of Sodium hydroxide using Carbon and Calcium

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Sodium Acetate Trihydrate or Sodium Acetate ANHYDROUS

I am dying to try the hot ice experiment but i was wondering witch of these 2 chemicals is the write one ??? Sodium Acetate Trihydrate or Sodium Acetate ANHYDROUS . Any help would be great. thanks

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Has anyone put up or feel like putting up a guide for high pressure sodium ballast construction?

I'm looking to build a 400 watt high pressure sodium ballast with mogul light attachment, I kinda would like a step by step guide though, thanks!

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how to make sodium metal from sodium acetate?

Electrolysis of sodium hydroxide to make sodium http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rL1cKb3_ojE video showing sodium being made a diagram of how it works http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Castner_process heared some where that sodium acetate molten (with no water) produces sodium metal, carbon dioxide and ethane http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ethane#Chemistry> Sodium Acetate  Melting point 324 °C, 615.2 °F (anhydrous)  58 °C (trihydrate) still has water baking soda and vinagar   Sodium Hydroxide Melting point 318 °C, 591 K, 604 °F

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Where can I buy pure sodium metal?

Where can I buy pure sodium metal and is it legal?

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SOme Uses for Sodium Carbonate? Answered

What are some uses for Sodium Carbonate?

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sodium production

Another way for sodium production heared some where that molten sodium acetate  produces sodium metal, carbon dioxide and ethane Sodium Acetate baking soda and vinagar melting it and doing electrolysis to make sodium Melting point 324 °C, 615.2 °F (anhydrous) 58 °C (trihydrate) still has water Sodium Hydroxide Melting point 318 °C, 591 K, 604 °F ive made sodium with lye very useful thanks alot to this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rL1cKb3_ojE message back on what you think

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Sodium Hydroxide Question

Does anyone know of an effective way of making sodium hydroxide from salt and electro-chemistry?

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is there more easy way to make sodium acetate?

Is there a 3 easy steps to make a sodium acetate than 6 steps??

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Controlled Sodium Reaction? Answered

Is it possible to control a sodium or lithium reaction so it doesn't explode, it just quickly produces H2 and O2 which could be used in vehicle, so it needs to be safe, and fool proof.

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Sodium Chlorate production other ways?

Sodium chlorate production without the need of keeping the solution at around 50-70°C from  the electrical power used for electrolysis?  sodium chlorate production besides having to heat from amperage the sodium chloride solution and electrolysis then would a catalysis to help with oxygenating the solution like instead of water use 3% hydrogen peroxide or manganese dioxide or ever ammonium nitrate and yield sodium chlorate using electralysis with out needing to keep the solution at 50-70°C? 

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Can you use nitric acid + sodium hydroxide to make sodium nitrate? Answered

I am trying to make some small rockets and I can't get or make KNO3 (It's banned and I can't find potassium chloride in any supermarkets, if you know where to find it please tell) so I have been making sodium nitrate out of ammonium nitrate and sodium hydroxide as a substitute, so in trying to make the process cheaper I have found this HN03 + NaOH = NaNO3 + H2O will this work?

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i need help designing a coal furnace to reach tempuratures over 1300 celcius

Hello, after remembering my trip to sovereighn hill when i was 10, and remembering learning how gold bars were made during the gold rush, seeing that a small wood / coal powerd furnace( 1 Metre high 0.7 metres wide) made from clay , was capable of melting gold (melting point 1060 celcius), and having long discusions with my friend as to what method we were to take , in building a sodium furnace, i sugested we build a furnace and make our sodium metal using the deville process involving boiling sodium carbonate and carbon together then passing the metal and monoxide gas through oil. and we agreed on this as we could smelt metals with it also, make grinding media ect, and it would be cheaper than using propane. now that i have decided to make this furnace, based on what i saw when i was 10, i need help designing it correctly, so that it acheives tempuratures in exess of 1300C, the one at sovereigh hill i was told could reach 1500C. at the moment, my idea is that i can build the furnace 1M high and 50cm wide (roughly ), out of bricks and mortar, then fuel it with coal, eventually after being pre ignited by wood. at the base, i plan on having a small vent which i will pump air into using a small inflatable matress inflator, to supp,y the furnace with air. at the top it will have a small round hole in which i will insert things to smelt, which lie inside a ceramic pot .in the case of making sodium via deville proccess, it would have a steel pipe sealed off at the base, reduced at the top running nto a deep cooled oil bath also at the top, there would be two small vents to allow air flow as there air must go somewhere being pumped in. what i need to know, is if htis will work, and if i need to place my ceramic pot right inside the furnace, or just partially in it, as in the diagram of my design. i am asking all this as i have no idea if it will work at this small size, and because i have little experience or knowledge of the potential tempuratures that can be acheived.

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can Sodium polyacrylate absorb nitic acid or hydrogen peroxide?

I would like to know if mixing Sodium polyacrylate with nitic acid or hydrogen peroxide will form a gel-like structure of solid material for disposal.?

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How do you make sodium chlorate? Answered

I want to make some sodium chlorate.Is there any way to make it?I have heard there is some way to make it through electrolysis.I have a wall wart.

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Why is my sodium chlorate glowing? Answered

I was making some sodium chlorate using https://www.instructables.com/id/EGXGY5PF23Z375E/, but instead of using some 9v, i put a bridge rectifier on to my AC power (i live in south Africa so 240v) and the I put what i hope was DC into the salt water, which began to glow and made a noise. Why was it glowing and is there any danger to let it run for 2 hours?

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kick out lamps with emp

Hid lamps (sodium and halide) are used for outdoor lighting they are sensitive to momentary power interruptions (even the smallest ones that dont make computers reboot) and mechanical stress (like beating the electrical pole with the lamp). they extinguish and need some minutes to cool down before they strike again i thnk it should be possible to kick out the lamps with emp (electro magntic pulse) as well. how strong pulse is needed to affect this kind of lamp ? is it possible to pack such energy in a portable device ?

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whats better for electrolysis, 12vdc or 24-70vac?

Hello, i am wanting to make large amounts of potassium and sodium chlorate and perchlorate, through electrolysis, but am a little stumped at my current position right now, i am clueless as to what is better, a 12v dc @500ma battery charger , to electrolys salt, or, a christmas lights power supply station wich gives out 24-70 volts ac, at something around 1-3 amps. though some research i have not been able to determine wether ac is better and safer than dc or vice versa, when making chlorates in electrolysis. i have heard that ac apparently is better because it generates heat which allows for a faster reaction than dc, but also ive heard ac power at those voltages may just jump from one electrode to another through the air, and not do any electrolysis at all. whereas dc is just weak. someone pleas ehlp me out!

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What mixed with sodium acetate?

Will make a gel like substance that is flammable but the person using it doent get burned ?

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Soduim hydroxide container? Answered

Is it safe to keep sodium hydroxide (NaOH) in a glass container or is PYREX necessary for safety? 

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What is the chemical reaction between hydrocarbon and sodium hydroxide?

I was wondering what is the chemical reaction between hydrocarbon and sodium hydroxide when they react with each other. I can not find it on the internet that's why I asked y'all. Thanks

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Does synthesizing Sodium Chlorate NaCl03 produce any harmful fumes if i electrolyize the solution while it is hot?

Does synthesizing Sodium Chlorate NaCl03 produce any harmful fumes if i electrolyize the solution while it is hot? I saw on wiki if you heat the solution while electroyzing the solution the reaction is NaCl + 3H2O = NaClO3 + 3H2 but if it isnt hot the reaction is 2NaCl + H2O = NaClO + NaCl + H2O , NaClO (Sodium hypochlorite) is what is used in household bleach. DOES THE SAFE VERSION PRODUCE CHLORINE FUMES?

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Does heating a sodium hydroxide solution create fumes?

I want to do the chemistry trick where you turn pennies into a silver and gold color. I am looking to do this by heating a sodium hydroxide solution with zinc metal and then adding pennies. I just need to know if I can do this in my garage on my hotplate or if I should do it outside because of fumes. Thanks :)

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How to make hot ice with sodium acetate?

Using 100 gram bottles of sodium acetate and boiling into water to water can't handle any more crystals. Then I pour into a glass and cool off in fridge, then pouring into another container to try to get the "freezing" effect but nothing happens. Any ideas what i'm doing wrong? 

Asked by brentrepsch 7 years ago

what purities of sodium iodide and hydrogen peroxide are required to replicate the bogfoam prank from brainiac?

Helo , i would like to know, what purities or quantities are required to replicate the bogfoam prank from brainiac, in which dr. bunhead puts hydrogen peroxide in the water resevoure and sodium iodide in the bowl, then flushes the toilet and the whole room fills with foam, i need to know how much and how pure, please, a and also if the foam is bruoght up by soap, and if not is the foam toxic

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Does Cl2 gas destroy plexiglass?

I'm building a sodium hydroxide generator and I'm planning on building the cells out of plexiglass, but I know that chlorine gas has effects on some plastics, so does chlorine destroy plexiglass?

Asked by Jimmy Proton 5 years ago

Caustic Soda / Lye / Sodium Hyrdroxide

I need some Caustic Soda for my next Instructable, and I've found a drain-cleaning product with Sodium Hydroxide listed as the main ingredient. (Potassium Nitrate as the second, yay!) Is there any way to measure the purity of any of the ingredients? Does anybody know of a better source of lye? (As it's kind of a pain to sift out the pellets of saltpeter from the mix.)

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Fire Extinguisher Case as a Water Bottle?

I went to test an old 2lb fire extinguisher we had by pressing the green test button and, it didn't work. The fire extinguisher was a BC type dry chemical fire extinguisher. The label reads (CONTENTS OF BC DRY CHEMICAL POWDER: SODIUM BICARBONATE, MICA, CALCIUM STEARATE, NUISANCE DUST, IRRITANT; HMIS 0-0-0.) I took the chemical out to use as crude sodium bicarbonate, and now I want to use the bottle. My plan is to keep the labels on, find a cap like they use on most aluminum water bottles, and clean the inside out really well. The question I have is, is it safe? It says the contents are non-toxic, but I would still want to clean it really well. What would I clean it with? Would I have to coat the inside of the bottle because of the metal, (powder coating type place) and if so, what type of coating? Thanks! 

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whats the best way to electrolyse salt to get a high yeild of sodium chlorate?

Hello, i just tried electrolysing 50mls of water with a teaspoon of dissolved salt inside it, using my tv's power cable which gave out 12v @5.5A. after about 5 mins of electrolysis, my entire room began stinking like chlorine, and the salt water was splattering and bubbling out of the very small container i was using. i was using carbon electrodes for both the anode and cathode, and they were fizzling like bi-carb soda in vinagar as soon as they both touched the water. what i need to know is, how can i improve on this method to get a high yelid, say 99% of sodium chlorate in the end, and not end up with perchlorate, or hydroxide?' i know that if i want to get a high yelid of chlortae, then no chlorine  ions should be lost in the proccess, is there any way to keep all the chlorine? or is it inetivable that they bubble out? also, would it help to add hydrochloric acid to neutralise any sodium hydroxide that forms during the electrolysis, or will that destroy my electrodes? lastly, is 12v 5.5a too much? and is 66 watts too much? also is it watts that makes the electrolysis go faster, and not the voltage, because i have a power supply that can give out 12v 500ma instead. also, as with all my questions, whoever gives the best answer will be given a best answer.

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can sodium nitrate be used to make a cotton string fuse that will not go out after i blow out like a gun powder fuse? Answered

I will soon make soidium nitrate but a instructable said it will absorb water and become useless qquickly so im going to plan ahead, i will make it into a fuse to ignite hydrogen balloons i let into the air for fun , the methanol string fuse keeps going out and a whole hydrogen balloon takes 12 minutes to inflate, like i sqaid im planing ahead

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how can i make sodium hypochlorite bleach from rudimentary material.

Please help me to make sodium hypochlorite bleach from rudimentary material for sterilisation purposes ( i was told by a US trained man that it was so) someone told me to check you out on the net.(that u knew all sorts of wonderful hands-on chemistry) and for mouth wash. it is for a rural health post in northern ghana. we buy the stuff from accra and transporting it across the country to the north is making the cost difficult for the rural folks here to afford. but they need it as cheap as possible for hygiene purposes.

Asked by zoserox 8 years ago

how salt can be extracted from vegetable or animal sources? Answered

I am planning for the coming zombie apocalypse and have decided to run into the mountains around my home with a group of people.  Said mountains are a long way from the ocean, but we will need a long-term supply of table salt.  I know that many plants contain naturally occurring sodium, which we could use to escape deficiency, but I want a way to obtain salt crystals for purposes such as drying meat.  Without leaving my mountain haven, how can I accomplish this?

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