soldering iron problem

I have a soldering iron which  is  expensive and used to work well but after some time instead of melting the solder it made balls of iron which were still connected to the solder and never stayed on the soldering iron. please help

Asked by amazinghannure 3 years ago

What is soldering tip tinner/cleaner? Answered

I found this stuff at Radioshack. Is it a useful thing to have when soldering?

Asked by Arya42 5 years ago

can DIY hot air soldering iron solder other smd component such ic, transistor,and other smd component.?

Without destroying anything,especially the board,

Asked by hore 8 years ago

what is the best soldering iron for small projects? Answered

For like circuts and stuff

Asked by moomooman 9 years ago

Where is the best place to buy a soldering and desoldering iron? Answered

I need a soldering and desoldering iron for the Electronics Technology trade in my school. What stores sell them?

Asked by eltoro5 1 year ago

can someone help me with my soldering dilema?

Greetings to you all!!.....had my first crack at soldering today with no success! the solder did not take to the two metals. i got my soldering iron, flux and solder wire from an electronic supply store. my hobby is jewely making (non precious). do i need to have more knowledge of the metals i am using? i was under the impression that i could pretty much solder anything together. the various components i use are not all the same metals. ...any help out there??.....cheers in advance!!

Asked by yorgos 8 years ago

Will scavenged parts survive soldering?

If I pull components out of, say, a dead radio, will those components survive the heat of resoldering? Considering they've already been soldered once, and the leads clipped short, are they still REALLY viable?

Asked by NastySod 8 years ago

can anyone tell me about removing small bits of solder from a chip board that needs a swith replaced? Answered

I have a wii hero guitar and inside the stummer switch has to be replaced. I have new switches but need to melt solder to remove the chip board that the switch is attached to. I have a 40w soldering iron, solder sucker and solder wick. I don't seem to be able to melt all the blobs of solder only a bit of it, not enough to be able to remove the switch. Can anyone tell me how to melt all solder to remove it from the chip board it's attached, to be able to remove the switch

Asked by 8 years ago

can i soldier on with my soldering?

I was give a gift of a soldering iron, it came with a crappy little stand, so im making one i saw here, and a little coil of soldering wire..but while checking out various "how tos" i keep seeing didnt come with flux...for flux i NEED to use flux? is ther a substitute?

Asked by teachme2night 9 years ago

Why I keep failing at soldering? Answered

Hello, I try soldering leds to a PCB board and the lead does not stick, I cant figure out what is the problem. Is it the iron (bought on ebay 5$) but its a 20W, it is the cheap PCB?  Please help, I want to finish my project!

Asked by napstercc 6 years ago

need help soldering

I'm having some trouble soldering and am hoping you guys can give me some pointers.  When I try to get a little bit of solder on the tip of my iron, the bead that forms will sometimes either not stick to the iron at all or will roll up the tip a bit so it's on the side rather than right on the point.  How can I get the solder to go on the very tip?  I am soldering 0603 surface mount LEDs, so precision is key. Also, I've been placing my wire against the fluxed pad and dragging a bit of solder across it, but something I read said you should apply a tiny bit of solder to the pads and the ends of the wires separately then hold them together and just apply heat with the iron to fuse them.  Which method do you think is better/stronger?   Thanks.

Posted by aliasjanedoe 7 years ago

I just bought a soldering iron!

   So im new to the soldering world as well as the small electronics and circuit world. I do know a little about restance capacitance and inductance. But I was wondering if anyone had any good ideas for me to get started off with. I have an old TV, Im not sure if I can use my soldering iron to de-solder it, that I can strip down for parts.      My new soldering iron is  a 20w to 40w, Im not sure what range I need though. If anyone knows any fun easy DIYs that I can do to get started please let me know!!  Thanks!

Posted by crazed rhetoric 8 years ago

Soldering help required

Hi everyone. I just signed up for Instructables, but I have been a constant visitor for a while now. I'm also the happy owner of a cheap soldering iron I bought a while ago for some projects I had on mind, so I've been checking out all those Instructables about soldering to have a clue of how to solder without dying on the attempt. The problem is, most of them are for soldering circuits and I'm more interested in other kind of stuff like audio wires, speakers, LEDs, switches, and the most audio plug jacks. So, I bought my soldering iron (a pretty cheap one) and started to use it but, hell, I just cannot figure out how to do it right. The first time I used it I tried to tin it correctly but I think I might have let a spot I couldn't tin quickly and apparently that spot never heated correctly. After several days of use the tip of the darn thing changed a few times of color to finally corroded and the mentioned spot of the tip fell apart although I cleaned it and tinned it after every use. My second bigger problem is that after tinning the tip the solder appear to have life of its own. Usually I put the tip upon the place where I want to solder and next to the wires, apply the solder, and then the solder: a) Melt, shrinks and go back the way it came.... or b) A portion stays in place but manage to stay down, left or right from the wires to be soldered. When trying to tin wires the solder always rejects them (I think running away from them). So please, help. Could anyone tell me what am I doing wrong. Is it the solder? Do I need to stop being cheap and buy a better soldering iron?? Is it me doing all wrong?? Can anyone post a "Soldering for less than dummies" Instructable??? Any help will be highly appreciated.

Posted by fiola 10 years ago

what is the best/fastest way to improve your soldering skills? Answered

I have recently gotten a "real" soldering iron ( i had a very cheap battery powered one that didnt work well) and i have been practicing soldering but i want to find some new things to good at. Any suggestions?

Asked by deedeedee9 9 years ago

How do i tin my soldering iron and question?

Ok so i just got a soldering iron from radioshack. its is adjustable from 20 to 50 watts. I also have leadfree solder from radioshack. so without tinning or cleaning of any sort (im new to this) i made a couple connections. (8? not at the same time) And so i looked up how to solder cause knew how to do it but i wanted to be more informed. So i learn you have to tin the tip, i go to attepmt to do it and my solder was "beading" or "balling" away from the iron and it started to turn the tip black and i attempted to rub the black of with a sponge but nothing. so what do i do? I also may have accidentally tinned it the first time because i know i accidentally touched the iron with the solder and now there is a spot that is shiny and soldering is easier when i do it with that part. DId i accidentally tin it or is it something else?

Asked by texpert 6 years ago

Soldering: Shaky hands. TIps anyone?

I enjoy electronics work, but all of my joints turn out bad because my hands seem to develop cerebral palsy when I want to hold them still. any tips? pointers?

Posted by bardon08 10 years ago

can i use aqua tube , and then wrapped it with copper wire, will this stand a heat from soldering iron.

And not burn aquarium tube.and can copper stand a heat.

Asked by hore 8 years ago

Soldering Iron advice?

Hello, I'm shopping for a new soldering iron and I was hoping for some advice or recommendations. I'm a professional auto tech, and do plenty of soldering there, but I'm getting back into electronics stuff for a hobby. My butane iron is fine for work, but I need a better iron for boards and the like.  Do you think its too early to get a temp control iron? Would a nice stand alone iron suffice for now? I'm not afraid to spend some money on a nice station but $100 is around the max I could budget now. My tool guy at work deals with Weller, so that would be convenient for a tad pricier set up. I'm greatful for any advice or help, and hope to have a project on here soon. Thank you

Posted by Mrlzeppelin 8 years ago

How can I make a 3 AA rechargeable batteries powered device last longer? Answered

I got a battery powered plastic cutter ( the batteries were used to heat the blade) and turned it into a soldering iron. I thought it being really smart of me, but the power of my 2700mAh batteries is severely not enough to melt the solder for long. Ater 15 minutes' work it simply stops melting, while the batteries are still fully charged, so my charging device simply turns the green light on and refuses to charge them. HELP!!!  

Asked by gruffalo child 7 years ago

how much heat from 1200 watt hair dryer will produce .seperate it from hair dryer and make it as hot air will it work.?

Well. i saw many in other website to use nichrome wire. well the easyiest way to build hot air is take the heating element from soldering iron or hair dryer which is nichrome wire... will it danger me, or any modification that i can do.

Asked by hore 6 years ago

annyone out there know how to make a vacume desolding iron?

Thought of using the intke of a 12 volt air compressor just cant figure out the iron tip.?

Asked by z28racer 9 years ago

Can you unsolder electronics from tv's and things and reuse them? Answered

If so why go to radio shack and buy new parts? Just become good at unsoldering.

Asked by tom311571 8 years ago

Eteyo T862++ Experiences

Hi, I have noticed various youtube videos of people using the Eteyo T862++ but could not find any reviews about this product.  I am pretty tempted in getting one myself but was wondering if anyone else has experiences with it.  Thanks in advance.

Posted by milaswp 3 years ago

Soldering question? Answered

Is soldering pronounced [ SAW - TERING ] ? I was told this, but it didn't make sense to me that it isn't pronounced how it is spelled.

Asked by VinceJDJ 7 years ago

solder wire together? Answered

 i have blow three my soldering iron , and it is because wire positive and negetive collide, when i buy soldering iron wire positive and negetive is not connect to heating element strongly,and can broke anytime when im using my soldering to prevent this collision , can i solder  wire positive and negetive(seperately ) to heating element,and can my soldering iron still function after i solder the wire. and i dont want my soldering iron to blow again , plesea help me.

Asked by hore 8 years ago

Finished Soldering press! check it out

I finished my soldering press. it has a video too!

Posted by DELETED_DELETED_kruser495 10 years ago

How to make a soldering iron? Answered

How can i make a soldering iron from low cost and easily available materials?

Asked by bishal 9 years ago

soldering iron help ?

Well today i finally got my soldering iron Weller marksman 25 watts for $ 17.75 but i turned it on it smoldered for 3 minutes then stopped then the tip started to get black and solder wont stick to it is that oxidization and how and what do i use to clean it off

Asked by albylovesscience 8 years ago

How to solder...i mean whenever i try to solder something, the circuit seems never to work.

Whenever I have tried to solder a circuit, on a perf board, it has not worked. Someone told me that I am dry soldering. Also some said I heat it too much and this leads to 'frying the electronics' I am confused. Please help.

Asked by nikhilmn 9 years ago

Soldering Wires to a Battery

So...If I were to solder a wire to a battery...Is that legal? I mean, will it like explode, or melt, or go haywire or whatever? Or will there be no problems at all, whatsoever? Thanks!

Posted by Joe426 10 years ago

Soldering Sterling Silver and/or Sterling Silver Plated jump rings?

What tool should be used to solder ss and/or ssp jump rings - torch or iron?

Asked by 9 years ago

do you need to be 18 to buy a soldering iron? Answered

 the clue is in the question....

Asked by wizzywoo 8 years ago

Problem in the soldering iron?

Well theres been a minor hicuup in my soldering iron if any cd help the soldering iron doesnt heat up proprly the led which acts as indicator somtyms brights up sometym is dimmd or doesnt lyt is there a problem with the soldring iron or mains line

Asked by chatsbk007 5 years ago

How to buy a soldering station?

I've been looking around for a soldering station but I'm not really sure how to decide which to get? I will be using it for general electronics soldering. Also, I may want to repair stuff by replacing the broken components. I'd like a soldering station over an iron and I'm thinking about $50 or under. What temperature range should I be looking at? Should I consider a good solder iron like a Weller? Thanks

Asked by phillyj 7 years ago

where to buy micro-tip soldering iron?

Anybody know a good place to order a soldering iron with a very small tip? I want it for working with 0603 LEDs. I can't find replacement tips for my current soldering iron. Something not too expensive would be nice.

Posted by aliasjanedoe 8 years ago

Beginners Soldering Iron

I am new to soldering and am looking to buy an iron. Any suggestions on beginner irons would be great. I plan on mostly using it for soldering small electronics. Also I would like to buy at a store and not over the internet. Again, any advice is greatly appreciated.

Posted by sardines454 10 years ago

Soldering Aluminum to aluminum

I'm building an aluminum bridge for my railroad.  I need to solder the side braces rather than using screws and nuts.  I've ordered a 150 watt chisel soldering iron and need to know what items (solder etc) I need to perform this project.  Any assistance greatly appreciated.  I would rather not use a torch on this project unless absolutely necessary.

Posted by trainman707 6 months ago

Soldering iron

Sooo i bought a soldering iron because i though i could be i bought one and now i dont know how to use it...anyone wanna help me with my problem?

Posted by kaseyraex3 10 years ago

I have looked at some soldering videos and was wonder if anybody could suggest what i need to get started in Soldering?

I have tried to solder a few times, but not much look and was looking for maybe a complete set or what it may consist of in it. Any answer would be very appreciated, thanks.~Like2Learn~?

Asked by Like2Learn 9 years ago

soldering iron advice.

It has become apparent in my that a soldering iron is my next necessary resource/skill. Wondering what I am looking for in a good one, or any tips on what other people use. The use will be arduino circuit building. thanks  

Posted by stupidityisanart 5 years ago

Desoldering/soldering a geforce fx 5700 on a toshiba laptop?

I need help on Desoldering/soldering a geforce fx 5700 video card on a toshiba laptop?

Asked by dagronmaster 8 years ago

Looking for a socket I can solder

I am looking for a standard (e-26) light bulb socket with two pins so I can solder it to a printed circuit board.  Any ideas where I can find one?

Posted by Fettda 3 years ago

Looking for a soldering iron

Im liiking to buy a soldering iron. I really dont know all that much about them, so i was hoping i could get some advice on what i should purchase for general use soldering. Do i need a variable heat iron? Wattage? Heat? im hoping something from radio shack (under $20) will get me by.

Posted by ScubaSteve 9 years ago

I'm looking for a lead free soldering station.

Hey everyone, I'm looking for a lead free soldering station. I have to do some soldering/desoldering at work and I'm having a problem. The solder on the board is too high of a temp for my trusty Radio Shack soldering iron. To date I've purchased a 50watt iron and I would say that almost did the trick. But, desoldering was a fail. So, I would like to get a professional strength iron that can do the work without breaking my budget ($120). At this point I don't know what to look at 60 or 70 watt or 80. So, if anyone can recommend a good digital lead free solder station? Thanks Everyone!

Posted by ChrisMc74 4 years ago

Should I use a flux pen? Answered

While soldering, some contacts don't want to take the solder even after heating it. I think some of them might be dirty. Could I use a no-clean flux pen like this to clean the contacts and also make soldering a little easier?

Asked by Arya42 5 years ago

How do I take care of my soldering iron tip?

I am a newbie at soldering, and I recently bought a $8 iron from radioshack. After the first time I used it, it had already began to erode. I think I tined it like I was suposed to. I melted a little bit of solder on it, and wiped off the excess. Would wiping it to much do this. Please help.

Asked by electronicdude 8 years ago

Soldering Survey

Hi there. We’re Solder Otter, a team of recent engineering graduates from the University of Waterloo in Canada that is redesigning the soldering iron so soldering electronics can be safer and simpler. You may have seen the survey we posted back in 2013 when we first started working on Solder Otter. Since then, we’ve built prototypes, won pitch competitions, and learned so much about makers and soldering. We’ve received a lot of positive feedback, so we’re pushing forward with the project beyond graduation. We have another survey. It’s similar to our last survey, but this one is designed to help us refine our prototype into the best soldering iron for you. We’re reaching out to makers and hobbyists across several forums because we want to learn about your soldering experiences, preferences, and needs. We're also considering designing with children in mind, so if you have any input in that regard, we'd love to hear that too. If you can spare 10 minutes to fill out our survey (link below), we would really appreciate your input. Thank you! If you have any questions or comments feel free to reply to this post or send us an email at Link to survey:

Posted by solderotter 2 years ago

Soldering kits...

Where can I find a good quality one for on the cheap? Or at-least semi-cheap? Preferably under $50. My computer wont put a space there. Thanks for all incoming answers. Unless your answer doesnt help. NO THANKS FOR YOU!

Posted by airhead12 9 years ago