no sound

'i do not get any sound when i view the videos what am i doing wrong

Posted by deedee808 10 years ago

how can i attenuate sound so that possibly no sound is heard?

Hi i am working on a device which completely attenuates and scatters sound waves,so that possibly no sound is heard,and also i want that device to be as small as possible.Any help would be appreciated

Asked by yashashweta 3 years ago

how to make a sound activated switch? Answered

Making led light up win you hit on a drum

Asked by dentman1 8 years ago

Is there any instructables on "sound guys for dummies"? Answered

My band has a gig coming up and a "sound guy: for dummies" would be really amazing!

Asked by 8 years ago

How do I put some knid of sound into a stuffed animal??? Answered

I want to make some Taun-Taun stuffed animals for my kids...I dont know how to put sound into the stuffed animal...Is there a program or circuit I can build to get the Taun-Taun sound on a circiut & then put it into the stuffed animal??? Is there any thing lying around my house I could use???

Asked by bigmark 5 years ago

Make a sound recorder?

I bought a cheap answering machine, but it's too big for the container I want to put it in. What parts can I use from it? I just want it to record a sound and play it back when a button is pressed. Also, I salvaged a part from a touch lamp. How can I incorporate this for the power?

Asked by metalshiflet 4 years ago

Sound Sensor - Parking Assist Sensor

These are automotive applications, and I have no use for them.. I THINK they fit a Honda... I could be wrong... These are sound sensors for autos.. this could be hacked? Dorman Products Parking Assist Sensor 695-800 Please let me know if you want #1 or #2 You MUST upload a 'IBle with what you do with this!!! PayPal me a few $ for shipping??

Posted by digitalmonkeyman 1 year ago

looking for one of those squeeze toys that play a random sound byte. Anybody have any ideas?

I remember seeing one of these for Napolian Dynamite. It was a keychain that said random phrases from the movie whenever you squeezed it. I'm looking for something like this to hopefully make my own circuit with my own sound bytes.

Asked by Spaceman Spiff 9 years ago

Soundtrack remote

I want to make a sort of remote with 20 buttons that when pressed each one plays a different sound from a built in speaker if someone could help me i would really appreciate it.

Posted by cyzco 6 years ago

Where would I find ear peices similar to the ones on the provided link?

At my church, we use hearing devices to help some older people hear better. A lot of the ear pieces have broken because the little piece of plastic that holds it to the ear has broken off. The ones we have are the same as the ones in the link, but I can't find any for a cheap price. The dealer I have talked to says he can get them for me for $9, but I was wondering if there were any cheaper ones out there. It is just a standard 8th inch plug. Thanks.

Asked by sound91 9 years ago

sound systems

Hello, who likes sound systems

Posted by The nerdling 7 years ago

how do i run a sound mixer?

I need to lern how tp run a sound mixer

Asked by doyel 7 years ago

Sound modules?

How could I make my own sound modules like those in greeting cards and toys? And preferably easily, and cheaply.

Asked by Zem 8 years ago

buzzer with custom sounds?

Does anyone know how to take a buzzer similar to the one pictured and give it a custom sound and not just the "errrrrrrr" thing?

Posted by hannahdrew2 9 years ago

What would you need to create a small device that would recognize a beep and play a random sound consequently? Answered

The random sound played would be a selection of a short mp3 sound out of 3 preset sounds.

Asked by Dandoen 6 years ago

what do you do if your sound controll on your computer doesnt work??

Because i try to listen to music but it tells me something is wrong with my sound controll? where is the sound controll localed? how do you fix it

Asked by jasmine farrior 8 years ago

sound over smell

Could a certain sound frequency cancel out smell? as in the sound waves dissolve the smell molecule? i need to do a lot more research on this... but if it actually heads in the direction of a product where a non-hearable sound kills all the smells i copyright the idea as of now if you steal my idea and make money i will kidnap you and shred all the money you make until it is liquid and inject it into your bloodstream.

Posted by ledzep567 10 years ago

How can I build button panel that produces sound clips? Answered

I am tying to build a panel with approximately 30 buttons (I would like the buttons to resemble door bell buttons). When a button is pushed a sound clip is played through a speaker. I would like one sound clip assigned to each button rather than a random sound clip. If the sound clips were randomized there would be no need for all the different buttons. The large panel of buttons is an esthetic that is important to this project. Thank you for any advice.

Asked by Tedbo 7 years ago

looking for sound activated light?

This light I'm looking for had a spinning T inside with leds along their length that would change with sound pressure, shinning on the screen covering the front of the light. One of the simplest lights I have seen. Schmatics would be very helpful.

Asked by misterneal 7 years ago

Can I put sound on an instructable?

I thought it would be a hoot if I could get the MacGyver theme tune on a MacGyver instructable   can it be done?

Asked by liquidhandwash 5 years ago

can we record ultrasonic sounds. ?

.if it so how we can.can we recieve it using microphone(ie it can be converted to electrical energy ah

Asked by thenmozhi 9 years ago

How can I record sound over a LAN?

I want to record sound over a LAN so that me and my friend don't have to use skype or put a mic between us for it record (I'm using fraps as a game and sound recorder). Does anyone know how I would go about doing it/setting it up. This should cost preferably under £5.

Asked by willywoozle 5 years ago

Doorbell - press button and make an explosion sound

I'm thinking of making a prank doorbell where you press the button and an explosion sound goes off. I seem to be a little stuck on choosing a simple audio input that I can put an explosion sound on. Any suggestions? thanks!

Posted by abugslife99 5 years ago

Loudness measurement alarm? Answered

Hi guys, I'm looking for a plan to make a very simple plan for a device that can detect the loudness of a sound and sound an alarm if it is beyond a programmable dB value. Best regards, Vuur.

Asked by Vuur 2 years ago

How can I improve the volume/sound quality from my Asus EEE PC netbook?

The sound on my netbook is pitiful, even with decent earbuds.  How do I make it better?

Asked by Hubiewan 8 years ago

how do I make a sound reactive for anything to plug into? Answered

Hi, I have seen many different types of sound reactive adapters, but I am looking to make something that is kind of like the "clapper" where you can plug any appliance into and then is sound reactive to music.  Now for example, if i wanted to plug in some Christmas lights, or a tube light into a plug adapter where it would light up to music.  I have cold cathodes that use the 4pin molex on my computer. if you are familiar with those, I am looking for the exact same effect except for me to use with a standard plug.

Asked by 63 7 years ago

Sound proofing a small room for cheap?

I said i would help my sister transform the old office in the garden for her to use as a chilling room with her mates, there going to be drinking and be loud so we wanna sound proof the room, the problem is its quite a small room so hanging blankets will make it smaller, and its already contructed from standards bricks so we cant get it propperly sound proofed... is there a way that doesnt take up much space and will look nice? we've also got a single glassed window in there that lets alot of sound out, is there anyway to prevent this without getting double glassing?? on a tight budget 

Asked by Chumlee 5 years ago

Sound Activated LED's

Good Afternoon everyone, A friend of mine asked me to help him build something and I sort of hit a snag in the process. I know how to make LED's flash to the beat of music but what he wants is so that way when there are sounds around him the LED lights flash with the sounds around him (Such as if he was at a party, the LED lights would flash with the beat of the music even though they weren't connected to it.) Is this possible and if so what would I need to build or get? Thank you! Sincerely, Khris

Posted by khris91 6 years ago

help on sound controlled light

Hello! I am developing an art project in which I will need to control one lightbulb's intensity by the sound coming from one microphone. I haven't got the knowledge to build the circuit and the arduino program. I believe this is not a very hard thing to make. I just need to control a bigger voltage with a smaller one right? i would really appreciate some help...

Posted by alfdroid 6 years ago

Recording ultrasonic sound

I looked up at bat detector, a device that converts ultrasonic signals into audible sounds. Most bats produce high frequency calls which are often higher than a human ear can pick up. A bat detector picks up the frequencies and then converts the sound into a lower, audible frequency. I was thinking if I could get a bat detector, I use it to capture the ultrasonic sounds.While bat detector could pick up these high frequencies, it would be interesting to see how it will pick up the faintly heard, to human ears - sounds of the industrialised areas/city or even at isolated/quiet areas. The bat detector I want to use is this - ... _Bat4.html I'm thinking of hooking up the bat detector to a digital recorder and a binaural microphone and capture the sound through those equipments. I would greatly appreciate your suggestions/opinions on this matter.

Posted by drifterocean 4 years ago

sending sound over light?

I have seen those thngs where you can send sound with a laser pen  i have an old sterio with a ir sensor and a laser pen i was wondering how i would go about making this thing  im not the best with eletrinics so need a dumbed down vertion lol      would the laser pen work with the or recever or would i need an ir bulb to

Asked by nonamesleft 7 years ago

how to make simple and cheap home sound proofing?

My home is on 2nd floor,just beside a busy road . due to ts construction materials and elevation sound pollution is more and unbearable.  as its the accommodation provided by the company i cannot modify its elevation, etc, but i can upgrade its interior. i need methods, metatarsals which helps me to reduce its noise.

Asked by sudmake 5 years ago

Adding sound to a project

Hey there fellow modders/hackers/builders. I am in need of your help. First off, my keyboard is broken so I may miss some mistakes. Now to my problem, I have an idea for a project but have run into a problem... How do you add a single sound to a project? I just need one sound to play when a button is pushed. After some Google searching, I didnt find anything that could help me. So if any of you know of a way to fix my problem please please let me know. Thanks in advance!

Posted by JGWalrus 5 years ago

Sound Proofing A Wall...? Need Cheap Ideas That Work...

Hey Everybody I Need Some Advice On How To Sound Proof A Wall Between Mine And My Room Mates Room...It Seams At One Time There Was A Door There But Someone Took The Door  Out And Replaced With Drywall...There Seams To Be A 3 Inch Depth And Would Really Like To Use This Space For Egg Cartons Or Other Ideas...Please Let Me Know No Matter How Crazy Thank You...

Asked by doriean 6 years ago

I messed up one sound setting in Vista. And now I can't hear youtube videos...

Can you help me? Trying to tweak the sound, on my laptop running vista, I changed the setting under speakers properties>advanced>Default format. I foolishly changed the default format to another setting, thinking I could always switch it back. Immediately the sound from my youtube windows ceased. I tried switching it back and applying the settings. No joy. I tried restoring default settings. No joy. I can still hear windows sounds, just not stuff I WANT to hear. Anybody know how I can fix this? EDIT: Nevermind, I fixed it...errgh...should've just rebooted in the first place.

Posted by Lithium Rain 9 years ago

I need a simple cheap circuit that will record and then play a sound?

ere can I buy a small, cheap circuit that will record asound and play it back at the press of a button?

Asked by XOIIO 8 years ago

why wont my computer make noise? Answered

My computer(windows 7 laptop) is 3 or 4 years old and recently YouTube did not work we fixed that but now there is zero sound coming out of it speakers headphones you name it and windows media player says something like this:  Windows Media Player cannot play the file because there is a problem with your sound device. There might not be a sound device installed on your computer, it might be in use by another program, or it might not be functioning properly. Any help appreciated!

Asked by FarmerKJS 4 years ago

loud pool pump build sound cancellation for it without overheating pump motor because of possible enclosure requirement?

I have a pool pump. it seems a bit loud especially to the neighbors. I tried to buy some foam and 'for sale' signs, glued them together and wrapped them around the pump but it's still too loud, and I'm worried about overheating the pump/motor because of the wrapping of the motor/pump. Is there some way to build a sound cancellation system for this for say a hundred bucks that will run outside?

Asked by kishjeff 4 years ago

How do I make a motion/touch-activated sound player?

Hey everyone,I'm looking at making a device that plays a single .mp3 file when it is moved/interacted with, i.e the device will be in a container of sorts, and when that container is hit or shaken, the sound file will play. Is this possible?I've tried looking on the website for similar projects but couldn't find anything as all the motion-sensor ones were to do with if something walks or moves in front of the device, whereas I want something where the motion is acted upon the device.Hope you can help me out!Thanks

Asked by s3542476 4 months ago

How to make a small sound generator for a 1:6 scale toy? Answered

This is my first post so please excuse me if it's in the wrong place or a repeat. I am making a 1:6 scale WWII toy truck out of balsawood and would like to add a sound generator for engine and gun noises. My problem is that apart from seeing a radio Controlled 1:16th scale model tank at a show recently I don't know how this might work and what parts I would need or the type of cost involved. But from what I have seen people doing here I am sure someone will be able to suggest something suitable. Any help will be very much appreciated as it is for my grandson to play with. he is expecting to be able to push the jeep around but the addition of suitable sounds would realy make him happy. :) Kind regards, Bern

Asked by InvictaJ26 5 years ago

Looking for an inexspensive synthesizer for distorting the human voice.?

I run the sound system at our church and want to have a little fun with the Pastor and others.  Since I may not get to play with this too much before it gets taken away, inexspensive is good.

Asked by rogerrwj 7 years ago

Listening to electricity.

Hi does anyone know how to make something similar to this electroprobe - - (@ 0.24 seconds in) In order to listen to the 'sound of electricity'. What kind of microphones would I need? (surface, telephone etc.) Thanks for any help.

Posted by samput 7 years ago

gentle touch activated sound?

I have a little toy that makes noise when you squeeze it that I want to give as a Christmas present, but tiny little hands have trouble doing the squeezing properly, so I want to do a little surgery on it so that the sound activates with just a gentle touch instead.  Such as if you flick it, pet it, pick it up... that sort of thing.  I know when I was little, we had a doll that was supposed to make noises when played with, but it was so sensitive that it would go off from just the blow of our AC.  My problem is, I've no idea what parts I need to do this.  Can anybody help point me in the right direction?  And I only have about a three inches to work in, so it needs to be fairly small. Thanks.

Posted by aliasjanedoe 8 years ago

How can i soundproof "inexpensively"?

What is the cheapest way to soundproof a room

Asked by canada5 9 years ago

I need install a system for sound reproduction

Hello, I need URGENT help, I must construct a system to help a few children with disability to go freely by some rooms 1 - I need to put into each of the 20 rooms, 20 cells (one for room) with infrared light placed spectrum that activate an MP3 system that every child has individualy. They must to have earphones to listen the MP3 2 - This MP3 must have 20 different tracks of sound, therefore, every lounge or room will have to activate the sound track that corresponds to every place. Room one activate track one, room two activate track two an so on. Per example. If the child goes to room 14 there must to be activated into his o her track 14 into there MP3. If one of the childs go out of the radio of influence of the cell, the system will go out in expectation of being activated by another cell of another lounge, the children's quantity that for opposite to every photocell is 20 3 - Also I am looking these children microcips of sound that can be placed in the cards as like those of Christmas so that they give a small message of Christmas to the precionarse for them, which we could record with one helping messeges no more that 9 o 15 seconds I am much needed from this PLEASE, YOU THAT QUITE THEY IT CAN IN THESE TOPICS... HELP ME Thank you Rodrigo Gutierrez Bogota South Colombia America 

Asked by Paracelso2005 7 years ago