Do you know a schematic for a machine that makes sparks for igniting gunpowder or other flammable things? Something easy to make, but effective, so I can light up gunpowder at a distance of 20m. Something whit transformers or capacitors...

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iv been trying to creat an igniter for my spud gun that's small and portible i didnt know if enybody could help.

My gun is 4 ft with a 1" barrel and a 3" tank for hair spray.....this is just for funn not to kill animals..etc all i need is a spark it dosent have to be big just a little strong.

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Why the #@$% isn't my potato cannon igniting?

I can see a spark, but can't get it to ignite. I have tried using hairspray and Lysol, and have tried different amounts of both. I also tried wiping off the screws for a better spark (which actually seemed to help, but still no ignition.)

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How to make a fire come from your fingertips...

Well, hello there, I'm trying to figure out how to use some small flexible gas tubing of some kind and a sparker to make a project that will make it look like a flame is shooting out of each finger and thumb. I'm also trying to figure out a way to control the sparker and the highth of each flame without using my hands as they'll have flames shooting from my fingertips. So any thoughts? Thanks, Daemon Ulf

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banger for re-enactment

I need to make a small banger that i can fit into a a re-enactmen rifle (or near it) that will reliably bang on command. i am thinking something run on butane with a piezo sparker..any ideas?

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Piezoelectricity Experiments. Help Needed!

I'm currently experimenting with piezoelectricity.And at the moment my experiment is limited to just a few piezo sparkers extracted from cigarette lighters.The sparker works with observable voltage spike on my multimeter. No voltage spike however when I use the tiny crystal (the size of a zippo flint) taken out from the sparker.I was trying to replicate this experiment (without the oscilloscope):Piezoelectric Rochelle SaltAnother thing, Would continuous vibration produce continuous voltage?It is known that piezo crystals produce high voltage, yet very low current. What are the options to increase the current? Would winding un-insulated copper wire around it (or any kind of contact with conductive metal) increase the current? Apart from lighter, what other surplus sources of piezoelectric crystals (i.e. quartz, PZT, Rochelle)? Can the crystal in RC toys, radios be used to generate electricity? Although there is the option to grow my own Rochelle salt, I'm not looking into it at the moment since it's going to take quite a while to grow.Thanks in advance!

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pyro system

Im making a pyro system like Everett's 2.2 system i got it built for the most part im having trouble hooking the sparker up to the thumb loop so if u have any ideas please post them

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Why doesn't my potato cannon work? Answered

Today, I finally got to test my spud gun. I loaded it up with a plug of potato, sprayed in one second of hairspray, twisted the cap shut, and pressed the barbecue ignitor. I heard the ignitor work, but nothing happened. I tried this again and again, using different potatoes, cleaning the cannon, and checking the sparker. Every time I did it, it didn't work. I followed the instructions step by step from Backyard Ballistics, but I used ABS instead of PVC. I also used a barbecue ignitor instead of a lantern ignitor. I used all ABS parts, with the right cement for ABS, so I don't know what went wrong. Could it be my hairspray? I bought a $1 can, which seemed a little strange, because all the other cans were at least five dollars. Is cheap hairspray made with different chemicals? I believe the hairspray brand I used was called "White Rain", but I could be completely making that up.  Thanks, Noahh 

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