I have a pair of tv speaker that are 16 ohms and 11 w, and I wanted to turn them into wireless bluetooth speaker kind of similar to this one. ( . I was wondering what kind of amplifier, bluetooth module and battery would I need. these are the speakers I have- I am a noob in these kind of project so, detailed explanation would be helpful. Thanks in advance.

Posted by Rafi321 1 year ago

I need your help with a computer speaker amp

Hey guys, I need your help with troubleshooting a problem that I have with a pair of amped speakers that I purchased at a yard sale ($1.00!). They are Koss SX50 computer speakers, and when I turn the switch to turn the amp on; everything goes dead. There are two speakers; each powered by 2 C-Cell batteries. This is how they were powered when they were in their Koss enclosure. I disassembled them to get rid of the ugly case. Now, this morning instead of using a coin cell, I connected two C-cells to the speakers. This gave a little bit of sound to the left speaker. However, as soon as I hit the amp switch to on - all the sound turned off.Here is a link to my gallery of photos of the circuit - I do not have in the picture the second speaker with the other 3V source: the picture you will see the two-female jacks that connect to the other speaker.I tested each speaker with the batteries hooked up and I don't get any reading of voltage. This is with the amp turned on and off.Thanks folks

Posted by Brennn10 9 years ago

What to do with an old radio SPEAKER

Hi, I've got a speaker from my butchered old radio. I took its whole part, including wires that it connects, then I told myself why not make my self my personal speaker where I can play it in bluetooth or in drive. But I don't have and materials. What's the missing piece?  I think i am missing this: Bluetooth module Usb Port ON/OFF switch volume module(some kind) yes i need a rechargeable battery some kind of chip board (arduino i think) Am I correct?

Posted by MikoT7 1 year ago

Plasma Speaker

I've made a plasma speaker

Posted by geo bruce 7 years ago

iPod nano 1st gen built in speaker

Anyone add a built in speaker to an ipod nano 1st gen? Pop off the back. Cut a hole for a speaker. Do some wiring to connect the speaker?

Posted by gregdove 10 years ago

speaker help

I am trying to find how this speaker works and I can't. Please help me.Please respond.

Posted by Sun Gear 10 years ago

Outdoor Halloween MP3 Motion Speaker

Does anyone know where I can find an easy DIY MP3 Motion Speaker for Halloween instruction kit? Or find a cheap loud speaker at stores?

Posted by dmurillo3 4 years ago

Speaker Help

I am trying to take an old "portable" speakers (which is rather large), remove the speakers, solder on heaphones, and make a new more portable version. I did all that. But the sound coming from the speaker is so soft I can hardly hear it and it is choppy. Before I removed the speakers, it worked very well and loud. How can I make it louder?

Posted by Soileau 10 years ago

Punctured speaker dust cover (bubble)

I punctured the dust cover (the centermost part of the speaker that looks like half of a ball) of a Sonance Visual Performance VP65 speaker.  The puncture is about 1/4 inch in diameter and did not touch any of the internal parts. Can this be repaired?  Will it affect the performance of the speaker?

Posted by edieppa2 5 years ago

What can i do with an old speaker?

Hi every body i have just dismatled a old computer speaker and now have a broken PCB but a perfectly healthy speaker can i make something useful with it, i really want to make a speaker 4 my mp3 player but i dont know if it will work as the speaker's power source was on the PCB any help please

Posted by mayney93 10 years ago

How do you add a headphone jack to a speaker?

I want to take a speaker from a toy that has a speaker, and add a headphone jack to it so I can play my Zune on it for portable use.

Posted by Caveman477 10 years ago

Nedd help with a speaker mod

Hey i'm fairly new to this whole DIY thing and I need some help on how to modify some speakers to i have. I want to make them portable ipod speakers but i am not enitrely sure what i will need, they are 2 seperate, 4.5" 5v speakers. It is possble to make them portable? and if so how? Your help is much appreciated.

Posted by jumper985 9 years ago

Need help hooking up a speaker

I made a mistake when ordering some speakers for a project and ended up with specialty marine speakers. They only came with the speakers themselves and some red/black wires that plug into the back. They're still good so I'd like to get them set up but I have no idea how and no experience with wiring electronics. Can somebody help me figure out how to convert these into regular speakers with a wall plug and audio jack? As for the specs: 200w peak power and 4 ohm impedance. Any help appreciated.

Posted by Ronmarru 7 years ago

iHome ID3 speaker repairable?

Hi, I need some help with a speaker I tried repairing last summer. It's the left speaker of a fairly new iHome ID3 which was purchased by management for my workplace as a gift for me and my coworkers to enjoy. Well, it got moved around a lot and eventually someone dropped it. Once we realized the left speaker wasn't working I took it apart for a closer look and discovered the center of the left speaker had popped out, but still appeared intact. I thought it would be simple, I just sanded and glued it back in place, then re-soldered it. However, there is now a problem that has become progressively worse. When playing music the lower frequencies cause a 'farting' sound similar to if the diaphragm were damaged, but that part appears intact. Also, when I touch the speaker diaphragm while music is playing the damaged speaker is vibrating only half as much as the fully functioning speaker. Can anyone please help me fix this or diagnose the problem?

Posted by ljossul 5 years ago

DIY Speakers

What we did was took different types of copper wire to find out which was the best for the quality of our speaker. We tried a wider gauged wire, a longer, and a couple other unsuccessful hypothesis´. The best one was the longer wire. About 1 meter long.  The things you need:  -copper wire -av cables -box without the lid -magnet from a speaker -av cables -stereo to connect to the av cable -tape to put you copper on the box

Posted by Emilie Kunkel 6 years ago

What amp would fit these speakers?

I'm looking to buy an amp to hook some speakers up to but I don't know the specifics of what I should be looking for. I'd like to get it from a store and know what to get ahead of time. The speakers are two combo woofers/tweeters and rated at 200w peak power and 4ohms. How many watts should the amp be? The amp needs to take bare red/black water, have a 3.5mm line in, and plug into the wall. This isn't going to be part of a big home theater system, just a little unit so what would be a good cost of a low end amp? Thanks for the help.

Posted by Ronmarru 6 years ago

Looking to activate a loud buzzer with a board speaker...

I have a home security system (fortress SO2) and the door chime only comes thru the little board speaker.  We have a loud shop and sometimes we are in the back and cannot hear when someone enters.  I would like to activate an external buzzer with the speaker chirps.  I've search the interweb :-) and haven't been able to find something that will for sure work. I'm no electronics guru but I can follow instructions or would pay if someone wanted to build me something that would basically activate a momentary switch every time the the little speaker chirps and I could wire up the buzzers from there.  edit: I can solder if needed

Posted by wannab1 2 years ago

This is what I made, How do I power it?

I made this mini powered speaker box to use with my laptop because the built in speakers suck on my ACER (great laptop just crap speakers) right now its powered by a INPUT: 120VAC 60Hz 21.6VA OUTPUT: 9VDC 700mA power adapter anyone have any ideas for a portable power supply so it doesn't require an outlet? I'm trying to keep it portable. right now it fits neatly in my laptop bag and sounds great, there's even an input for a Sub when I'm at home. I'd like to go USB if there is any way........ but I'm open to battery ideas P.S. if people like it let me know and I'll post it as an instructable ...... I've seen many speaker ibles on here so I wasn't gonna post it unless people want it

Posted by chaoscampbell 11 years ago

Wire only (no PCB) Speaker in clear resin ball.

So I had an idea to recycle on old speaker into something a bit more aesthetically pleasing.  Firstly I realise this will not improve it in any way   and over heating may be a serious problem but I never use the speakers and want to make this mainly as a novelty item rather than best functionality. What I had in mind was taking the speaker amp apart and resoldering all the components with wire rather than using the pcb, this would then be set in a clear resin ball with volume control, jack, power and cone sticking out. Firstly what would be the best way to prevent all the exposed solder contacting, Hot glue? Next what is the best resin to use, for clear resin I only know of polyester, is this best? If so are there any kinds of mould material that cant be used with this type of resin? Lastly could anyone suggest a way to ensure that all components are completely covered (i dont want any bits sticking just above the surface as it would ruin the look of it.) Thanks for any thoughts!  

Posted by inarranes 5 years ago

I need help for a coffee table with built-in bluetooth speaker and wireless charging capabilities

Hey people, Hakan here! I'm planning to start a diy coffee table with built-in bluetooth speaker and wireless charging dock. I ll start with electronics and I want to have high quality high volume sound because I ll be using the table also a home theater system. Unfortunately I know nothing about elecronics, can anyone help?

Posted by hakantopaloglu 1 year ago

Acoustic instrument with added speaker in the Body?

Hi... :-) I am in a mariachi band and play an acoustic instrument called a guitarron. Sometimes at gigs it is too noisy or too large a venue that it is difficult to hear the acoustic instruments and singer w/out mics and would like to try and make my guitarron into a portable speaker system which has ample space to add hardware. I am looking forward to reading all the fantastic, innovative ideas (even the sarcastic with, if any), but would like to:  *Keep the weight at a minimal level (as I will be carrying my instrument)  *Allow inputs for a mic and 1/4" jack (1/4" my guitarron has thanks to an "instructables user", which works great!)  *Allow for mp3 input  *Battery powered, if possible Also the speaker will have to be small to fit through the sound hole, but if needed for better, louder sound I can make an opening to the body to allow for a larger speaker. And if anyone has any other suggestions or a similar idea to what I want to achieve, please post it... Thanks to all who have taken the time to read my project idea!!! Hopefully it is possible and not too far-fetched...

Posted by Karma213 3 years ago

Portable Party box (A.K.A the toolbox speaker)

Hello all, recently I replaced all 11 speakers in my car since after 15 years or so they all had developed dryrot and stopped working. As many of you are aware however car speakers only come in pairs so I was left with one perfectly good (and expensive) speaker when all was said and done. So not wanting it to go to waste I devised a plan- I would use it to make a portable sound system. I went to amazon and purchased a dayton DTA-1, this little T amplifier runs on AA's and puts out 30 watts. Now all I needed was something awesome to contain this all in. Luckily during my  daily commute to school I stumbled across a rusty old craftsman toolbox left out at the curb to die; well needless to say its been given new life. Look at the pictures I provided to see whats what, but my basic plan is to mount the speaker in the lid by building a cradle for out out of plywood, cut to fit the inner contours of the box. I will then secure the board in place by using adhesives as neccisary. I also plan on painting the wood so it matches the toolkit. In the spirit of keeping things as utilitarian as possible I dont want to deck the thing out too much, but if you guys have any suggestions as to what else I should include in the build id be glad to hear them. (Leds, decoritive touches, ect.) 

Posted by homsar57 8 years ago

Eggshell Speakers

Thee eggshell speakers are lovely to look at even if the sound is "narrow" according to the maker. Link

Posted by fungus amungus 9 years ago

Small battery powered speaker

Does any one know of a small speaker that can be powered with a 9v battery? I want to sound the speaker with a 9v battery and two wires for a little project.

Posted by glitter_bug 10 years ago

bluetooth speaker

I need schematic of the bluetooth  speaker  i want to build that   thank to everybody

Posted by noam2013 4 years ago

Speakers in wall

Anyone tried to put, in wall speakers, in wooden boxes? I know in wall speakers are build for wall but how they are going to sound in regular wooden boxes. I got, very cheap, high end in wall speakers. Why not build boxes and save $1000 ?   Any experience ?

Posted by mavava 1 year ago

(cell) phone can call into a speaker

Has anyone seen a solution where a (cell) phone can call into a speaker in a shop? Like have a phone that auto answers and connects to a loud speaker in a shop floor? Or another type of solution. thanks

Posted by gregdove 4 years ago

When will we have new Contests like speaker contest or something else?

When will we have new Contests like speaker contest or something else?

Posted by Alexvolos1 7 years ago

My bluetooth headset speaker uses 3 wires, what gives?

I'm trying to mod my bluetooth headset to give better sound quality and volume.  I disassembled the whole thing, but I noticed something kinda weird.  The speaker on the BT headset has 3 wires coming off of it, instead of the usual 2 that most speakers use.  The 3 wires are: 2 that are of a similar color and are connected to where the magnet of the speaker would sit.  They're not connected to the same spot.  One is connected to the 3 o clock position of the magnet of the speaker, the other is connected to the 9 o clock position.  1 that appears to be connected to the metal speaker housing (I'm assuming is the ground?) Anyone know why this Samsung unit uses 3 wires to power the speaker?

Posted by erikiksaz 8 years ago

Microphone how?

I was wondering, How could I turn an old speaker into a microphone?

Posted by batboy61490 11 years ago

Bluetooth speaker running on batterys?

Well today i managed to hook up 2 9v batterys to a bluetooth speaker i had laying unused. Basically now its portable and it works. But as some people probably already guessed, the batterys dont last very long at all. About 30 minutes continuous playback so far and ive had to reduce the volume significantly. Basically, can anyone suggest a better source of power? The speaker accepts 9v 2a DC which is normally supplied by mains. My batterys give 9v 1.5(ish)A DC,  Connected in parallel Link to speaker

Posted by srcruls 8 years ago

Speaker issue

I'm not sure if this is the right place for this topic, but I am having a bit of an issue getting a speaker to work. I don't know the specifications of the speaker because it came out of an old toy. (The speaker is 2 inches in diameter.) Here is a picture: I want to know if there is a way to solder head phones to it so I can plug it to my Ipod. Like this: EDIT: If this is the wrong place for the topic, let me know... I'm new Do I need a battery, or a resistor.... or what?

Posted by Rbug2006 7 years ago

Speaker on the blitz

I moved all my stereo equipment around a month ago or so. And I noticed that my speakers never sounded the same as before the move around. Today I got a little fed up with the shitty sound they had, and apon turning my balance on my mac to the left, the music sounds very tonal. It's not very bassy like my right speaker. If I turn it over to the right speaker it sounds normal, and shakes the room, but the left one does not vibrate my room worth 2 cents. I even switched the speakers around to see if it was my left channel on the amp, and it's not, it's the speaker. Anyone have any ideas why it sounds like this?? And yes, it was hooked up correctly, I did try switching the wires around, and it sounded worse, so yes it was connected correctly. These are technics twin woofer floor speakers, thought they were decent but my faith in them is very little right now. Thanks guys for anything you come up with.

Posted by Punkguyta 11 years ago

Bluetooth speaker with Usb port

Hi, I need some help here..iI have a small 2.1 bluetooth amplifier and I would like to add on it a usb port inorder to plug my usb it possible?

Posted by VassilisT 2 years ago

Microphone to speaker amplifiers

I want to make a microphone to 8 ohm speaker amplifier. I have tried using the lm386 op amp, however, the results were poor. What other IC could I use for this project? PD: It would also be of great help if any of you could send me a schematic along with the new IC since I am relatively new to electronics and still learning.

Posted by MrB12 1 year ago

MP3 Players and Magnets Newb Help Please?

I am planning on doing the project below for my Zune using a dry box and a marine speaker so I can take it canoeing with friends. The one thing I was wondering is if the speaker's magnet will wipe out my Zune's HD seeing as I would mount it in the box near the speaker. I know I can find shielded speakers, but I don't want to shell out a heck of a lot of cash for only one speaker seening as this is my first project like this. would be appreciated very much.

Posted by RedFilter 9 years ago

What is this? (speaker circuit)

I found a pair of broken speakers in a junkyard a while ago and wanted to take the good-looking connectors. When I removed them from the chassi I saw that there was a circuit board on the other side and now I wonder what it does. At first I thought it was an amplifier, but there is no connection for power or batteries. I made some schematics of the circuit, I hope that will help. Gogo gadget, internet community intelligence!

Posted by Jur 9 years ago

DIY Bluetooth speaker build, advice please

Hi all Apologies for the newbie questions, I've decided to build my first portable speaker system. I was hoping to make my own version of the 'Vintage Audio Suitcase Speaker' e.g. I have found some second hand 6.5 inch 'Response' woofers for a cheap price and I have two spare satellite speakers from my Logitech Z-5500 system. Suitcase should be relatively easy to source. What I'm struggling with is the amp and battery choice. I'd like this to be able to run for a few hours on battery, and be easy to recharge via mains or USB. I don't mind spending a bit of money on the amp as I'd like this to last a good few years. The tricky part is, with my current speaker plan, it would need to run 4 speakers that are rated at 70wrms each. Plus the Logitechs are 8 ohm and the Response woofers are 4 ohm. Is this possible? Advice much appreciated.

Posted by SpookyGhost 1 year ago

How to re-use an old speaker

So, I have a bunch of old speakers lying around and I`d like to use them, but the input is those two wires (sorry, dont know the exact term) and I cant seem to use them anywhere other than the sound system itself. The problem is that the soundsystem is broken and, believe or not, the repair guy said he wouldnt even take a look at it because he probably wouldnt find the replacement parts if needed. So now I have a bunch of speakers and nowhere to use them. Ive seen a few tutorials, like this one, but thats not exactly what Im looking. I just want to use these speakers plugged on my notebook, or maybe via bluetooth (Ive seen some modules capable of that). What do I need to get? Thank you all.

Posted by vitorassuena 4 years ago

Speaker system on Mc!

Hello i have create an music system on my mc. It's build up with 4, 6x9 3 way speakers and a car amplifier (250w) and all that is connected to a ordinary carstereo. I got an 12 volt battery with maybe 50-70 amphere hours to get enought power to the system. Now to the question i want to connect some leds to my system to light to the music i playing! But i need some help to know how to do it. I can load up pictures and movies on my project later but for now on i need the help, so please write in comment how to connect! 

Posted by iwanttoolearn 5 years ago

Laptop Speakers Broken ?

Hello, everybody. I have a problem that is really driving me crazy and I was hoping that someone could help. The sound has gone out on my HP dv6131. At first I thought it was just a Vista issue, as the computer originally came with XP, so I tried updating all the drivers that I could could think of (Conexant), but none of them helped. Next I plugged in headphones and realized that I can get sound through my outputs, but there is also no input through the internal mic. I can however plug in a mic just like I can headphones or external speakers. When I go into the control panel and play music the mixers show that everything is working. I'm sure it's the speakers, but I'm really hoping it's something I can fix. I just have no idea where to start. Will someone please help. I have worked myself into delirium with it and I am desperate. Thank you.

Posted by DANKILL1 10 years ago

Old Computer Speakers

Is there any way i can hide my old computer speakers? I would like for it to be kind of easy. Any ideas?

Posted by tirth5 8 years ago

removing power supply noise from my bluetooth speaker

Hello guys, so i made this bluetooth speaker and when i hook everything up and runing i get this weird noise from it im pretty sure it has something to do with the voltage step up but im not sure how to remove the noise would be great if you could help :)  yeah yeah i know the schematic is pretty epic, lets pretend that the two amp audio input and bluetooth dongle audio output are connected, and ignore the fact that there are no switches and stuff like that pretty sure thats not hwat causing the noise.   i know that theres a way to remove noise by using capacitors but i dont really know how to use them. thanks for tips :)

Posted by VytasŽ 2 years ago

How to hide a large speaker in a Halloween display?

We're preparing a bit of an over-the-top Halloween display.  Part of it involves three singing pumpkins on some sort of pedestal.  To provide the audio, we're using a guitar amp — it's about 16 inches high and sounds fantastic. Sounds fantastic, that is, until we stick it inside a cardboard-and-foam pedestal, at which point it sounds muffled and sad.  We could crank up the volume, but that doesn't really produce the clear sound we're going for. At the same time, I don't want the amp just sitting there on the lawn... I want to preserve the illusion that the pumpkins are producing the sound.  So I need to hide the amp in/under the pedestal, while still allowing clear sound. We've considered just having the pedestal open on front, draped with a thin dark cloth to hide what's inside.  That would probably sound great, but it no longer looks like a stone pedestal.  If there's going to be a big dark hole in it, I need some explanation for why the hole should be there, so it doesn't seem out of place. Anybody have any ideas how we can effectively hide this big speaker in the scene?

Posted by JoeStrout 4 years ago

today at school

I was pushed down the stairs, and it hurt, so i told the principal, and then i went to class and got in trouble cause i didnt have a note, isnt that messed up? oh yeah, i put a little diy amp i found in my shed on my bike with 4" 10watt pioneer speakers, it sounds really good, not the best but when you cant hear people going around you on the bike trail, it scares the hell out of me when they zoom past, still its pretty kool and has pretty good bass

Posted by Yerboogieman 10 years ago

Singing Book Cover

I want to build a book cover that plays a song i chose when pressed the button. I wrote a book about our good times with my girlfriend. I have it with hard cover. I wanna add a button on it that will play the song. But I'm so new to these things and have no idea how to do it. It have to be a little slim so to keep the esthetics. Anyone can help me with that ?

Posted by Morfildor 4 years ago

Easy and Cheap Ways to Make Speakers into Different Things

I am wondering what inventions could speakers be made into different things

Posted by camdog7d 6 years ago

Water dancing in a Speaker

At 6 volts,* the speaker cone filled with water produces standing waves. at 10 v,  maxing out the speaker, water droplets splash up.  i coated the paper cone of 1 speaker with liquid electrical tape to waterproof it.   an identical speaker went unmodified.  water doesnt seem to harm the paper cone. both speakers work with water. when directed down into a bucket of water,  sound stirs the water. * chopped dc voltage from an ordinary ac to dc transformer

Posted by Toga_Dan 3 years ago

Resistors and speakers

Hi, Is it possible to create a 16.5-17Khz speaker output using only resistors? or should I look into a 555 timer? if so, how? Thanks, Dan

Posted by danward 7 years ago

Speechbubble speakers

Hey guys and gals! I saw this cool speaker design on Yanko, speechbubble speakers. essentially two speakers in the form of speech-bubbles. (see link) So I was wondering how to go about making speakers in this style myself. Would I use two speech-bubble shaped pieces of wood with a cutout for a speaker, connect them with little wooden blocks and cover the sides in some sort of flexible wood and the front with black speaker fabrick and paint all the wood a glossy white or what? Would I be able to fold real plastic around the wooden sides, as it would be with the real speaker design? Or do you gals and guys have any other ideas? Images below!

Posted by Tinseltoy 10 years ago