speaker help

I am trying to find how this speaker works and I can't. Please help me.Please respond.

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DIY Speakers

What we did was took different types of copper wire to find out which was the best for the quality of our speaker. We tried a wider gauged wire, a longer, and a couple other unsuccessful hypothesis´. The best one was the longer wire. About 1 meter long.  The things you need:  -copper wire -av cables -box without the lid -magnet from a speaker -av cables -stereo to connect to the av cable -tape to put you copper on the box

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Speaker issue

I'm not sure if this is the right place for this topic, but I am having a bit of an issue getting a speaker to work. I don't know the specifications of the speaker because it came out of an old toy. (The speaker is 2 inches in diameter.) Here is a picture: http://i55.tinypic.com/sgmts1.jpg http://i52.tinypic.com/2ekqb5w.jpg I want to know if there is a way to solder head phones to it so I can plug it to my Ipod. Like this: http://i56.tinypic.com/2091r1v.jpg EDIT: If this is the wrong place for the topic, let me know... I'm new Do I need a battery, or a resistor.... or what?

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DIY Speakers

I gave up my B&W; speakers that I've had since I was 16, which was a long time ago. I'm now in the market for some DIY speaker ideas. There are a bunch of speaker Instructables, but I would like to do something new and hopefully unique. Does anyone have photos of what they have built for inspiration?

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Directional SPeaker

I saw a youtube video of a guy who built his own directional speaker (actually I remember it as a directional megaphone as he would talk into it, and it would target a person). I was wondering how easy it would be to do this? Can we build one with household material? Thanks for being awesome guys!

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Turn laptop speakers into aux speakers

My laptop just died and I took it apart. The speakers have a 4-pin connector, which I would like to splice into aux and power to make an aux enabled speaker I can use. How do I do this? Pics: https://goo.gl/photos/PdyBhVxXLBfJfL3Z8 Thanks and RIP laptop. A little eulogy, because why not: Dear laptop, you will be missed. I had you for 5 years and you were a great machine. I took you apart and put you back together. We had a great time together and you lived a long life. I hope you have a great afterlife as a set of speakers, external monitor, hand warmer, and many more projects. You will be missed.

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Turn passive speakers into active speakers?

Hi, I finally got around to starting the Altoids Tin Guitar but I have a problem: I have no amp. And an electric guitar is kind of useless without an amp. I figured I could use some old computer speakers but I realized that they are not powered speakers. Is there any way to turn passive speakers into active speakers? Or at the very least is there any software I can download that will let me hear the guitar on my computer as I play? I've tested the piezo (attatched to the 1/8" jack with an audio cable.. I forgot what you call it, but it's the kind that has two plugs) by plugging it into the mic jack for my computer and holding it near my acousic guitar while I strum. I can record audio just fine but I can't hear as I play. Is there any software that would let me do that? (A demo is fine with me.)

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Convert USB speaker to 3.5mm speaker

 I have a USB speaker (image attached). These work great off the computer, but now I want to extend these to work with my ipod. I want it to host a 3.5mm input switch for connecting a normal ipod or mp3 player, at the same time still use it my computer when I want to. I tried following this, but it's not exactly what I want. Any ideas ?

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Resistors on the Bluetooth speaker!! Answered

I wanted to know why the resistors were used on the Bluetooth speaker and if I need them,  what size are they? 

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What is this? (speaker circuit)

I found a pair of broken speakers in a junkyard a while ago and wanted to take the good-looking connectors. When I removed them from the chassi I saw that there was a circuit board on the other side and now I wonder what it does. At first I thought it was an amplifier, but there is no connection for power or batteries. I made some schematics of the circuit, I hope that will help. Gogo gadget, internet community intelligence!

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Bluetooth speaker not turning on?


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Opposing coil speakers?

Today's speakers have large heavy magnets, but what would be the result of setting up two coils which create opposing fields, one being the typical voice coil, the other being a replacement for the magnet.  Why isn't this in use today, is the power needed to create the required field just too great? This method could be used to increase volume while not overloading the voice coil right?

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Adding speakers to a toy

(Hullo. Please excuse me if this is not the right forum.) I want to add speakers to a toy but I have no idea where to start. I assume I need speakers of course but how do I figure out which is which? And if it's possible at all. I want to add 2 speakers that will make the toy sounds more audible. I am not sure of the following though: (a) What kind of speaker to use (b) I assume I need to add a separate power supply for the new speakers, but how do I connect it to the toy Thanks!

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when porting a speaker Answered

  could i use diffrent sized ports in the same box would there be an advantage to tuning freq " 6x1 3x2"

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Series or Parallel speakers?

Quick question guys. I have two speakers I extracted from a laptop, and I need to use them for an iPod. The loudness is the goal here. So what's best for the volume - attaching them in series or parallel? Does it make a difference? I don't have time to get an amplifier, for it's due tomorrow morning, and I didn't think about using speakers until this morning. Thanks!

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Speaker amp size?

Ok Im making a speaker, I´ve got 3 speakers connected in parallel and I want to buy an amplifier from Maplin. What kind of amplifier should I buy? Speakers:3W+3W+5W=11WMy multimeter says theyre 2 Ohms but thats because theyre connected in parallel really they are4Ohm+4Ohm+8OhmSo basically could someone tell me which amplifier to buy (it doesnt matter if its a DIY kit)

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Making speakers louder?

I'm totally new to sound systems, and I'm using an old pair of computer speakers. These computer speakers have no volume control, they were controlled completely by the "Volume Control" icon on my taskbar. I'm currently making a stand for my iPod (I know, real original) and I want it to have speakers. Only problem is that it's not very loud. When hooked all together, I think my earbud headphones at full blast are louder than this speaker at the same distance. I'm wondering if there's a way to add power to these things to make them louder. Any ideas are appreciated.

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Wiring a USB to speakers

I want to wire a usb female end to my speakers so I can use the ipod connector instead of a 3.5 mm headphone jack, how would I wire it up?, the usb has 4 colored wires red, blk, wht, grn, and a bare wire. My speaker wires have 1 pos. and 1 neg.  So, how would I wire the usb to work?.

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Cell phone speaker?

So, y'know how sometimes you might feel like sharing your music with friends, but you dont want to share you headphones? The solution would be to carry speakers, but usually they're sort of bulky and they wont fit in your pockets very well. So, what about cell phones? even some that are maybe a few years old are still smaller then some speakers. Everyone knows taht cell phones can be Really loud, so what if we somehow add a cable to attach to an audio device, and switch around some things inside, and use the dead phone as speakers?! I would try and do this, but i have no idea how, so this is just an idea for you peoples to think about.!

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Amplifying speakers and IC's

I have come to the instructables forum today in search for knowledge. So I have been working on a simple speaker system for my ipod shuffle, the speaker I used is quite old, but was the only one I found laying around. When I plug my ipod into the circuit everything works fine the only problem is that it is barely audible. Is there a way to amplify the sound so I can actually hear it without having to stick my ear right next to it? Pictures of my work so far will be provided. Oh also identifying the IC's included in the gallery would be of utmost help. Thanks in advance.

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DIY Wifi Speaker

Hi everyone, I'm not a native english speaker so sorry for my language's level. I'm new on the forum. Watching amazing DIY projects on Instructable make me want to do same things. I have a old 5.1 audio kit : http://www.amazon.com/Logitech-Z-5450-Digital-Speaker-970181-0403/dp/B000AM6QHO One of a rear wireless satelite is broken. I tried to fix it but without result. So my new idea is to use this stuff to make something like Sonos Audio products. 5 independant wifi speakers connected to a wifi network to stream music, and most important to sync sound of a movie streamed on TV. In an other project, i want to create my personnal NAS / Media Center with Plex. In fact i want to create a system, to stream video and sound wirelessly from a Data Server. Is it possible ? My knowledge is not very large so i need your help to improve my skills. I saw this product  but maybe i can find a other solution, more easy to build and cheapest. http://fr.aliexpress.com/item/Wireless-Wifi-Audio-Receiver-music-streaming-receiver-Supports-iOS-Android-Airmusic-DLNA-AirPlay-Qplay-Music-Radio/1993464174.html I want to create something easy to connect with a only centralized system/app. Do you think it's possible ? Thank you for your help. Best regards

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Turntable speaker with piezo speaker glued to make-shift horn? Answered

I'm wondering if I could take a piezo speaker, glue it to the bottom of a make-shift gramophone horn, and wire it directly to the RCA output cable of a turntable. Would this blow the piezo speaker? And I'm not sure if it's called a piezo speaker or not, but it's the small, flat circle, I think it may be called a piezo element.

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Converting HP laptop harman/kardon speakers to external speakers?

Hey, I just tore apart an old HP Pavilion zd7000 for the speakers (nicest laptop, nay, compact speakers I have set ears upon) and was wondering how I'd go about hooking them up as an external speaker (3.5mm input) with the option of either battery or wall power. I suppose I'd need the input voltage, a variable resistor for volume, and a switch for power. I'd also need to change the red/black and blue/black wires into an 3.5mm female audio jack (red is left channel, blue is right, and black are ground). Of course, it can't be as simple as that... help me out, please! I apologize for poor photo quality. All I have is this iPod, and the camera's not quite the best in the world. The big black panel is attached to the right channel for resonation reasons, I believe, and the small tube (not seen) on the left is for bass boosting. Update: I've tried hooking them directly to a 3.5mm jack, as user Re-Design suggested (thanks!), but there's a lot of clipping, and it drains my iPod's battery like crazy, so an amp is a must. Would the amplifier out of some old PC speakers work?

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Small battery powered speaker

Does any one know of a small speaker that can be powered with a 9v battery? I want to sound the speaker with a 9v battery and two wires for a little project.

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How to solder potentiometer to speaker? Answered

Hi,the speaker for my alarm system is too loud, so i soldered this adjustable resistor (that i plucked out from my headset) on to the speaker. but somehow, the adjustable resistor only works as a resistor, i cant use it to control the volume.how can i solder it so that it works ?and btw potentiometer = adjustable resistor ?thanks

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LM386 speaker + LED help?

How would I go about making a speaker out of an LM386 which has lights that pulse to the music? is there a simple schematic to go by? all the ones I've tried work, but the 8 ohm speaker sounds drowned out and the leds just stay lit or burn out

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Speaker and microphone system for a helmet? Answered

I'm getting more and more done on a set of helmets (Daft Punks, to be exact) and ran into a slight snag. While fitting them and what not, I found out people have a hard time hearing me, and I have a hard time hearing them. And this is in a perfectly quite room. So when I do finish these, and start wearing them...I'm going to be a deaf mute. I did some looking, and I know I can at least get my phone worked into it. However, I was wondering if there is either a pre-existing soultion to this, or if someone has any cleaver ideas for a system that will feed outside audio into me, and inside audio out. Thanks in advance! 

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Connect 3.5mm Jack to a Speaker

Hello, I am trying to connect a 3.5mm jack to a speaker I salvaged from an old radio. The speaker has 2 wires: A + wire (marked yellow) A - wire (marked black) The problem is, the 3.5mm jack has 4 different wires: on one side, there is a copper one and a red one on the other, there is a copper one and a blue one. I got the speaker to work for a few seconds while plugged into my phone, but I cannot remember how it went.

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New flat flexible speakers

A new kind of speaker has been designed by engineers at the University of Warwick - a flat one!From http://www2.warwick.ac.uk/newsandevents/pressreleases/new_flat_flexible:"A groundbreaking new loudspeaker, less than 0.25mm thick, has been developed by University of Warwick engineers, it's flat, flexible, could be hung on a wall like a picture, and its particular method of sound generation could make public announcements in places like passenger terminals clearer, crisper, and easier to hear."Projected uses include applications in advertising, automotive, and public address systems. Link

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DIY Headphone/Speaker switcher

Hi. I want a box where I can select whether I was the signal to go to either my headphones or my desktop speakers. I know I can just get a 3.5mm splitter cable, but I'd prefer to be able to switch of either one when it's not being used. To get around having to use several switches, I thought of this. If you think (like me) that it'll work, could you please let me know. Thanks, wbr

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Bios speaker randomly beeping? Answered

I finished building my computer a while ago, but initially removed the BIOS speaker as it kept beeping. Not a full alarm like if it were overheating, just a pathetic little "bip" every 10 minutes or so. The speaker is connected properly and it is the one that came with the board, and it makes a proper beep when I turn the computer on. I have disabled the CPU fan warning as I had it connected to my fan controller instead, and I also have thermal sensors on everything and everything runs nice and cool, so I honestly can't figure out what the problem is. I thought it may have been my dying hard drive, but I have replaced it now with a brand new hitachi 500gb sata-II drive that runs smoothly and I still get the problem (it just went off again whilst tying this). Any idea on what could be causing this problem and how to fix it (without removing the speaker). I have also tried it on Ubuntu and Windows, and I get the same problem, not that it should matter.

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Joule Thief Speaker Amp?

If a joule thief circuit can be used to amplify a battery to power an LED, could it possibly be used to amplify a speaker instead of a LM306? chip?

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50W amp 60W speakers? Answered

Ive got a 50w dual output Bluetooth only amp, I've also got Two 60w speakers would putting the max volume into the speakers damage them if played for a while. The speakers are 4" and slightly distort at max , could be from slight under power , the amp is rated at 8v to 24v and I am using a 19 v 3.16 amp laptop power supply Speakers 8ohm 60w  Amp dual output Bluetooth only 50w x2 Amp power 8v to 24v

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cat5/6 as speaker cable?

If I wire my house with cat5/6 can I use it for audio/speakers?

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is there a way to convert a headphone to speaker?

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2 x lm386 Speakers? Answered

Is it possible to make speakers that use two lm386 IC's in order to power 2 speakers or is it possible to to just use one lm386 IC. If so for either can somebody please show me a simple circuit or point me in the right direction.

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Make a simple speaker louder.? Answered

I have a small simple speaker - just the magnet part, with no wires - and i have connected the positive and negative terminals to a simple 3.5 mm audio wire. The speakers play sounds, but at a very low volume even when the volume is max. Is there anyway to increase it?

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ipod dock with fisher speakers

So i was wondering  if any one would be able to help me out i have a pair of fisher STV-862 speakers and was wondering  if i could use them to make a ipod dock  with either a regular line in connection or a dock built in or possibly both, i have some electrical knowledge but not enough to get me through this and help would be greatly appreciated 

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Cheap Speaker Stand Help?

M'kay, so I just spent several hundred dollars on a PA system and am too broke to afford paying 100+ more for some stands. Anyone wanna help me out with making my own? I'm looking for something like this:http://www.audiolinks.com/Fender/FenderProAudio/speakerstand.jpg(middle item)

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What to do with an old radio SPEAKER

Hi, I've got a speaker from my butchered old radio. I took its whole part, including wires that it connects, then I told myself why not make my self my personal speaker where I can play it in bluetooth or in drive. But I don't have and materials. What's the missing piece?  I think i am missing this: Bluetooth module Usb Port ON/OFF switch volume module(some kind) yes i need a rechargeable battery some kind of chip board (arduino i think) Am I correct?

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How to make a mini stereo speaker louder?

Hi, I bought a mini stereo speaker to connect to ipod and phone etc. but it isn't very loud. How can i make it louder?  I opened it, theres 2 speaker magnet with 8ohm .25W, and just the wire that connects them in series. If i were to add in a battery in series would that help? Or should i make an amplifier? or adding resistors in parallel? This is just for fun and understand the circuit more!!  Thanks to anyone who can help!

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speaker problem?

Hai, umax speaker board is problem.i have  25w speaker and 10w speakers 2nos  any Idea to work on sony w700b led tv pls tell me the solution.or how to use 3.5mm jack on this speakers. 

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weatherproof motorcycle speakers and amp?

How do I make powered, weatherproof motorcycle speakers?

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Portable speaker?

I have a 12v battery and a radio head unit along with 2 JBL speakers that are 70w rms 210w peak and 4 ohms  will this work if connected up?

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  I have a pair of tv speaker that are 16 ohms and 11 w, and I wanted to turn them into wireless bluetooth speaker kind of similar to this one. (https://www.instructables.com/id/DIY-Bluetooth-Speaker-PartyBar/) . I was wondering what kind of amplifier, bluetooth module and battery would I need. these are the speakers I have- http://www.ebay.com/itm/378G110A567YAK-TELEVISION-.. I am a noob in these kind of project so, detailed explanation would be helpful. Thanks in advance.

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I have a Klipsch LLC speaker that gets hot and hums can i fix it? ?

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How to make a speaker works by flash memory?

I would like to be the answers about how to make a speaker works by flash memory, and be by electronic circuits with a summary of the principle of work.. and thanks

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How to supply power to self made speakers?

I am experienced with playing with earphones once attached 2 pair of ear phone together' i saw a speaker thought of connecting it to comp.and did so by simply soldering it with jack but realised that energy coming is too low as compared to power of speaker so I want to add a power source but dont know where to how to connect it help me Extra power may be supplied from usb or any battry in future planning to add some more speakers

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Are there any instructables on making speakers?

I mean the actual speaker, not the enclosure because I've seen plenty of those. I mean the part that produces the actual sound. I've seen one that shows how to make a low quality one out of a paper cup and stuff, but not one how to make a good quality one.

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