Spell Check ?

Has any thought been given to adding a Spell Checker? 

Posted by rclayled 5 years ago

Spell check is missing!

Today, I noticed a button on the comment box was gone. It was the spell check box. Is this a bug, or is it now a pro feature?

Posted by DJ Radio 9 years ago

Spell checker

The spell checker does not seem to work. When I start this option (clicking the "ABC" icon) the spell checker window  is opened but no errors are detected nor are there any suggestions given. (is it due to Safari and OSX? )

Posted by bertus52x11 7 years ago

spell check in the toolbar of the message body in the forum

I think a spell check button in the toolbar above this box I am typing in would be nice.

Posted by wirepig 6 years ago

Spell Checker on search

 I propose a new feature similar to Google, where is you make a spelling mistake in your search is comes up with "Did you mean: etc", because its rather annoying when you think your spelling of a word is correct but when you search it no 'ibles come up.

Posted by asasklfjklasfkljasklfjaklfsjkl 8 years ago

Spell checker

I would like to know, where does the Instructables spell checker come from? I use it whenever i post anything but when i use words that the rest of the world are yet to discover (like Squircle) you have no idea how many times i have to click ignore or correct, it is extremly annoying. i am making my own Instructable and i spell check after every paragraph (i have noticed the checker misses somethings) and i have to ignore or correct it every single time and it really annoying me. with Microsoft word there is an ad do dictionary button, which would be very useful here, but i didn't know whether it is even possible. if anyone knows where the spell checker came from please tell me. (there were 20 errors before the spell check)

Posted by Quickeagle 10 years ago

We Have Spell Check!!!

Hurrah!!! We now have a built in spell checker on comments so now there is no reason for poor spelling anymore!

Posted by Loosewire; SOE Operative 10 years ago

Grammar and spelling.

I hate when people don't spell properly. Or when they have poor grammar. I just hate it when they spell bad. Well I use to be one that spelled badly. What's your take on the bad spelling? Also, I hate it when they say "dude u spell worse than my sister". That just really tics me off.

Posted by Easy Button 10 years ago

and please nomore comments about my spellings.

And please nomore comments about my spelling

Posted by zeogeo13 11 years ago

Website Spelling mistake


Posted by JohnC34 3 years ago

i'm sorry...

I am sorry about my spelling. my spelling is not this bad in real life. it's just when i type i some times type a wrong key, and then forget to spell check. I AM SORRY!!!!!!!!!! :(

Posted by dsman195276 10 years ago

Spell check and next step button

 Two points i've seen: The spell check does not recognize "instructables" as a real word, despite it being used in almost every instructable. It also appears to be having some issues with contractions such as "i've" instead of  "I have". Secondly, the "next step" button is often hidden behind the box with the facebook, embed, flag, etc. in it when there is only a small amount of text on the step. While writing this, another problem appeared in the spell check, as shown in the attached image.

Posted by The Skinnerz 8 years ago


Guys learn english and proper grammar for example ok are you RETARDED the thing on the end less time makin sure its not out of the barrel Disgraceful ;( hey here's a tip for instructables make yours on microsoft word and spell check or something and copy and paste on to the place where you fifst make your instructable.

Posted by assasin 11 years ago

Spelling 101

Okay, I'm going to cut straight to the chase here, people NEED to use spell check on their Instructables I've seen a butt load of crappy ones that I can't even understand, let alone read (not mentioning any names *cough* Knex *cough*). Okay so here's some helpful hints.1.MICROSOFT WORDI mean holy crap is this elementary copy and paste it from Instructable into word then hit spell check, I know it doesn't really work for grammar but its better than nothing.2. Dictionary Tooltip If you have Firefox which you should, this is just a spell checker that works in Firefox.

Posted by TheCheese9921 11 years ago

Spell checker

I was going to put this in bugs, but its really a feature request.  Feedback I guess? Does the WYSIWYG editor support custom dictionary additions?  It would be nice if it didn't attempt to correct the name of the website. It would also be nice if I could swap it to British English, but I'm used to being second guessed now! Thanks

Posted by ratMoose 2 years ago

Join Us (You know you want to)

Feel free to join a society with the aim of collectively correcting Instructables users' spelling mistakes.But, please, correct spellings constructively.Be nice about it.:DGrammar Police

Posted by bumpus 9 years ago

Mis-spelled User Name

The bug is human - me! I just notice that I misspelled my user name. I would like to correct it so I don't have to learn it the wrong way. Can it be changed? Thank You.

Posted by 1aminstructable 9 years ago

Why da peeple on Instructabels have sucdh bad spelleng and grammer!!?

Hi,I was just wondering why people on instructables have such bad spelling and grammar, as the title probably would have informed you of.I'm from England and besides from the obvious difference in languages between Standard English and ,erhm, the so called "American English", people just seem to have appalling spelling.By the way I was just spelling badly in the title to try and be ironic, but i guess my efforts were futile.(If you don't know what any of the words mean, LOOK THEM UP).Take a look at these pics i nicked off the InternetP.S. Colour looks so much better spelt with a "u"Spelt, yum yum.If you don't get the above joke look the word"spelt" up on the InternetP.P.S. Try and count, and point out the spelling and grammar mistakes I made on this topic.

Posted by tahirhh 9 years ago


Can anyone tell me how to extract platinum from catalyc converters? (pardon my spelling)

Posted by Pumpkin$ 10 years ago


This is posted in Help: AuthorsWhat exactly is this category for? Help with spelling and grammar? Writing styles?Or is it for people looking for other authors to collaborate with?

Posted by Kiteman 10 years ago

ne1 here

HELP@!! I don't want to lose all the work, and i am using your spell checker

Posted by fishcatcher 10 years ago

Typo on new member profile page

On the new style member profile page you have "Acheivements", should be "Achievements"

Posted by steveastrouk 6 years ago


Can i use the capitor (i cant spell good) in a disposible camera for my projects instead of buying new ones

Posted by lil jon168 9 years ago

Please check your presentation before publishing it

Whilst it is unlikely that anyone can achieve perfect spelling and grammar, you are showing off your ingenuity for all the world to see, so you surely want to show how good you are? Also make sure your images are clear enough to illustrate whatever the point is.  I've just read two articles this morning, the first about "Metal-dipping" seed pods has crystal-clear images, but the other from American Pistol Crossbow Association offered under-exposed pictures in black-and-brown, captioned like this  "... thwe safty catch is behind the rear sight."  Their spelling, not mine. Come on Folks, let's all aim for a standard of presentation to be proud to show the grandchildren. Geoff

Posted by geoff_p 8 years ago

site error

Has anybody noticed that after a search, in the little drop down menu, instructable is spelt insrtuctable. just like to point that out.

Posted by hedgiehog 10 years ago


When i tried to reset my password on my old account, Get to da parakeet, It Somehow Got Quientiened!(i have no clue how to spell it)

Posted by Parakeet Crazzzy 9 years ago

New Search Features

Way to go on the new search features! So far, I'm excited to be able to search for a member's name and to have my spelling corrected when I mistype. 

Posted by Brooklyntonia 3 years ago

Instructables transmogrified

Instructables spelled: I - N - S - T - R - U - C - T - A - B - L - E - S transmogrifies to: Bus Scent Lair Think you can do better?

Posted by randofo 9 years ago

Fullauto Lego Gun

PLEASE SOMEONE POST THIS GUN HERES THE VID OF IT AND ONE OF THE TRIGGER MECANISEMS (spelled wrong I know)please http://www.brickshelf.com/cgi-bin/gallery.cgi?f=277710

Posted by Metal4God 10 years ago

Simple typo - Instrucable!

In the new look editor, I cannot believe no-one else has noticed that the "Delete Instructable" button actually says "Delete instrucable"! The top right button. It's plain as day.

Posted by _soapy_ 10 years ago

who insired you to bulid knex stuff

mine was knex_builder_freak my frist gun was his the dessert buzzard (did i spell that right). so whos was yours?

Posted by knexsuperbuilderfreak 10 years ago

Knife POV wants to kill

Flickr user zeni666 has created a lovely knife POV. Wave it around and the 7 LEDs spell out "KILL" in the air.   zeni666's Flickr page via Make

Posted by fungus amungus 8 years ago

**Please Define This Word. Everyone who replies wins a prize...**

PLEASE! At school today, this word came up. I know I have heard it before, but can't remember where, or what it means.Of course, i don't know the spelling...It sounds like DEL-FWAY-GOMaybee spelled like...Delfuaygo, Delfwaygo, Delfaygo, Delaflaygo.Anybody heard of this? Please let me know.By the way, the prize is.... a FREE GAS compossed of roughly 78% nitrogen 20.95% Oxygen 0.93% Argon and 0.04% Carbon Dioxide!It can be picked up where ever dust particles, dander, germs, and airborne carcinogens are sold!

Posted by evy-wevy 11 years ago

does any one know of a house hold chemacel that will etch allumin (sorry fore the spelling errors)

I have access to cheap aluminum sheets and i was wondering is there a way to etch PCB on them?

Posted by ZBM 10 years ago

How is this is going to work?

Well, I guess once we have enough members, we will go to every instructable once, and go through all comments to check for the right spelling. Any other things, we should know about?

Posted by mg0930mg 9 years ago

who here plays baseball

Well just wonderin who plays baseball since my instructable on how to play baseball hasnt got much attieon im kinda gueseing that not alot of people play baseball ( sorry for spelling mistakes)

Posted by Easy Button 11 years ago

What font do you think in?

For those of you can't figure out what yours is, try spelling the word "bicycle" out loud. A picture of the word will probably pop up in you head...what font was it? I'm Calibri

Posted by Weissensteinburg 10 years ago

popsicle sticks

How many things can be created with popsickle sticks? can you make animals? weapons? chairs? cars? big structures like bridges? id like to get some inspiration on what to make out of popsicle sticks i might want to start by learning how to spell it first!

Posted by mepaine 11 years ago


I have a problem - the tip of my scissor cut my finger, and it won't stop bleeding. i've had constant pressure on it for twenty minutes, and i used a styptic (sorry, can't spell it right) pencil. what can i do to get it to stop bleeding?

Posted by sugg22 10 years ago

PDF Files

Alright, well the PDFS are REALLY annoying, since it pins the comments, advertisements, and banner of instructables right on there. I also wonder if anyone knows how to change PDF files so that I don't need to look at the terrible spelling of some users. Thoughts?

Posted by A good name 9 years ago

transformer power

I have been thinking about this for a long time now and in therory it works.  What im wordering is if you could make it work in place of the traditional power outlet.  Here it is, basicly there are just coils of wire inside of a transformer, on coil has say 240 turns of coil. Inside of this coil is another coil with 240 turns also.  So the voltige inside the first coil will be the same as the second coil.  And to half the voltige in the first coil.  If you had a plug that was just a cilender with a coil of wire inside and an outlet that was a hole in the wall with a coil inside.  I know a hole in the wall with 120 volts running through it sounds scary , but put a plastic cylinder inside the hole and vurtaly no shock hazerd. sorry for the spelling errors spell check was not working.

Posted by Laserman595 8 years ago

Zombies Ahead!

Anybody else see this? http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,484326,00.html ? Lots of us have re-arranged the letters on signs to spell funny (and occasionaly inappropriate) things, but these guys take the cake! So, what non-malicious pseudo vandalism have you seen (or participated in)?

Posted by skunkbait 9 years ago

Cookie Contest

On the prize page for the cookie contest the third prize is listed as 3-Piece Stainless Steal Mixing Bowl Set. there is a small spelling error. i do believe that it is a  3-Piece Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl Set. Homonyms will get you. Or am I wrong and these bowls are "Hot"? 

Posted by Verdann 6 years ago


Check out Gilrostwo's KNEX SALE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thankyou so much and merry christmas hanuka kwanza three kings day or whatever you celebrate :) Sorry about my spelling, dont comment on it. Instead, save your comments for the sale! Here it is enjoy!!!!!!!! https://www.instructables.com/community/KNex-for-sale/

Posted by KnexFreek 8 years ago

Making a bug collectors helm.

Does anyone know of some instructions to make a leather type cap with magnification glass or strange levers protruding out of it? I'd like to make something "weird-scientist"-like for my entomologist friend, Thanks! edited to spell "bug guy" correctly

Posted by Oakherder 10 years ago


Hello.  I can see by a topic posted here a while ago that instructables does have spellcheck, apparently there was a bug that removed the spellcheck option.  Has that bug been fixed, because I can't find spellcheck anywhere.  I appologize if I'm missing something obvious, maybe I just need a little help in locating it.  Thanks

Posted by Attmos 6 years ago

Skills every instructabler should know

These are the skills I think every instructabler should know. Proper English grammar and spelling Survival skills Using common tools (drill, dermal, soldering,etc.) Basic rope and knot skills Being resourceful Programing in a programing language Basic Camera skills Have a social life

Posted by starwing123 9 years ago

A Few Tips On Posting Messages. Or: How To Get More (And Better) Responses

. 1) Make your title meaningful. A lot of people don't have the time to read every message and will just skip over titles that don't make sense - you missed out on someone that might be able to help. As you can see from the title of this thread, it can be pretty long.. All-caps and lots of exclamation points are counter-productive. I have Zachninme's No K'n* script set to block more than three !s.. 2) If you are having a problem or asking a question, give as much info as possible. Too much is better than not enough. If a responder has to ask a question, it's just that much longer before you get an answer.. 3) If your message is directed at a particular group of people, post in an appropriate group. Some members may not cruise the All forum. It will show up in the All forum automatically, so you get two posts for the price of one.. 4) Spell-check. Learn it; live it. Firefox has a built-in spell-checker that works very well and it's free. Google "free spell checker" for others. You don't have to be perfect, but at least make an effort.. . Hope this helps. I encourage you to add other tips.. 20080609 - moved to Community:help:FAQs. Added some formatting and link to Zachninme's No K'n* script. Got rid of abbreviations (thanks zieak).

Posted by NachoMahma 11 years ago

yugioh deck help

Hi I have a light and fairy theme deck it's an ok deck but I think it needs something As you can see I lack monsters but I think my lockdown cards take care of that, any thoughts on what I should pull out or add? MONSTERS (10) 1 darklord asmodeus  1 mystical elf 1 hourglass of courage  1 worm jetelkpse 1 interplanetary invader A 1 marshmallont 1 servant of catabolism  1 darklord superbia 1 prime material dragon 1 the calculator SPELLS (20) 1 emergency provisions 1 unstable evolution  1 attraffic control 3 mystical space typhoon 1 monster reborn 1 scapegoat 2 swords of revealing light 1 photon sanctuary  1 crashbug road 1 mirage tube 1 giant trunade  2 lightning vortex 1 nobleman of crossount 1 fissure 1 heavy storm 1 megamorph TRAPS (17) 1 waboku 1 curse of royal 1 just desserts 1 trap jammer 1 half or nothing 2 draining shield  1 spell shield type 8 2 divine wrath 1 shadow spell 1 needle wall 1 gravity bind 1 call of the haunted 1 magic jammer 1 minor goblin official 1 solemn wishes

Posted by snozzle1 5 years ago

Gigantic Halloween Spider Web

Is it strange to ask for feedback about an Instructable before it's published? It's my first one and I'd like to know what people think. Here's the link:https://www.instructables.com/id/EN95RCDG068LMN1Feel free to get nitpicky about details like grammar, spelling, content, style... anything really. Thanks!

Posted by nolte919 8 years ago