Hi all,  I just wanted see if anyone else had free Spotify and could select which song to listen to next without paying? Is this a glitch or just a feature?

Topic by snozzle1 3 years ago

Cannot acess spotify? Answered

I am trying to get spotify premium on my laptop, whenever I try to enter the site it comes up with "Internet explorer cannot display the webpage". I can access anyother webpage except this one, the laptop is still running XP (I know but I cannot afford to upgrade to 7 0r 8 or 8.1). I have no problems with other pages and sites so I cant imagine that is the problem. Can somone shed some light? 

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Facebook Spotify music streaming partnership?

Guess this seems to be all over the news, that they're planning to bring out some new Facebook Spotify music streaming service in a couple of weeks or so. Sounds to me like a quite good idea the Facebook Spotify partnership, I heard Spotify is a good music streaming service with loads of music. If you guys already use Spotify music streaming, is it as good as I've heard and is it gonna get even better with facebook partnership?

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New music-playing website.

I just came across a website called Spotify.It's a pretty simple idea - they have oodles of music (check the list of labels signed up!) that you can search and play in any order, for free.All you have to put up is a 30-second advert break every 20 minutes (instead of every 12-14 minutes on commercial radio).If you don't want to put up with the adverts, you can pay for an advert-free day (99p) or month (9.99).I've only been using it for a hour or so, but I'm having fun listening to a mixed bag of Duffy and Jehtro Tull tracks.

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In-car arduino BT remote -> Iphone

Hi, I am considering a project in creating input buttons to send requests to my iPhone so that on Spotify I can change track forward and back, start and stop the track, and hopefully use spotify SDK to display track name on an LCD screen (not essential). As far as I am aware for this I would need a bluetooth module for Arduino and i already have an LCD screen with combined input buttons (tell me if anything else might be required). I have tried understanding this article - - but a lot of the stuff goes over my head because I am a programming/arduino/electronics simpleton/beginner - does anyone know of some simple ways I might be able to send requests to my Iphone to be interpreted by Spotify? Thanks in advance

Topic by Tech10007 1 year ago

Smart Digital Clock combined with Raspberry Pi and Google Assistant

I want to make a smart digital clock using Raspberry Pi and Google assistant. I also want it to display the temperature and also to have a regular alarm in it if there is no wifi connection. I am wondering what parts do I need to be able to make this and what do I need to make Google assistant connect other accounts like spotify or anything else?

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Question concerning legality

Hey guys, quick question, I figured this would be a good place to ask it. I have a setup that allows me to record streamed music from, say, Spotify (yes, this is legal, as long as I don't use the recordings commercially) and basically get free mp3 files. If I wanted to use one of these recordings non-commercially in a video on Instructables or anywhere else, would it be legal? Danke schon in advance to any help you guys can give!

Question by Thorondor95 9 months ago

Fancy stereo build?

Hi everyone, So I recently purchased a new house and it has these built-in speakers in every room. Thing is that I dont have a fancy stereo or something to hook it up to, so I wanted to build something myself. I wanted to build a device that could be controlled through an old smartphone I have laying around, via bluetooth. On which I can then select songs on Spotify or radio etc. And it should also allow me to switch between which speakers I want to use. (Each one has a separate cable) Does anybody have any ideas on how to do this? Or is there maybe something on the market matching my descripion that I can buy? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance! Kind regards.

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