Stan Lee art tribute full of great images

There's a pretty awesome show going on at Gallery1988: LA right now with artists applying their own visual styles to characters from the Stan Lee universe. There is some amazing stuff here and the gallery's own link has tons of images to scan through.Check it out here.See also i am 8-bit.via BoingBoing

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Searching for groups

Is there a way of searching for groups? Also are all the groups listed under groups? (a stupid sounding question i know)

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Water splitter

Learn more aboyt stan mayers water splitter viewing this:

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Hello! I paid for 3 months to you and nupot download PDFs We see you are not a pro member, go pro today to get awesome features! Membership Details USER IS NOT MARKED PRO! INVESTIGATED THIS! Length 3 Month Pro Membership ($ 11.97) Started on Jun 3, 2013 Next Payment September 4, 2013 Self-renewal Turned On (Turn Off) purchaser Name Stan paraschiv Sincerely, Paraschiv Stan, Romania

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Favourite Books!!

This isnt about book instructables but just books.What are peoples favourite books? Mine are probably 1984, Brave new world, The three musketeers, Crime and punishment and anything Shelock Homes.

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How do I print on trainers/shoes?

I am looking to print some designs on some trainers - preferably Adidas Stan Smiths or similar. I'll probably do one colour but I am interested in any technique.

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Please: Unpublish My Two Deleted Instructables

I deleted two Instructables, but forgot to unpublish them, before deleting. For those of you who are not aware of this, an Instructable should be unpublished, before being deleted: Click the "Publish" tab, then scroll down to the "Unpublish" button. Then return to the edit page to delete the unwanted Instructable. I botched this by erroneously thinking that "unpublish" and "delete" were one in the same.  Here are the deleted, but still published Instructables: But  this deleted one continues to appear at the top of the Google searches and continues to send internet users to a dead end, a blank page: Here is my current, and correct Instructable, but is crowded out of the internet search engines by the above deleted Instructable: I have already been informed by the Instructables staff that is probably an automatic filter issue, and that they would catch it after Labor Day and that they would unpublish and clear out the deleted Instructables, but this still hasn't happened yet. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks  

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Is it possible to run a 1.5 volt motor off of standard capacitors? Answered

I'm new to electricity and would like to make a small vehicle that uses capacitors to power a small motor (described above.) Would this work at all? are there resistors or anything that I would need? and if this could work, what types of capacitors would I use. the vehicle needs to move about 7.5 meters.

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What is the best way to attach wheels to a TV stand?

I'd like to be able to roll my TV from my living room to my kitchen and I have a small TV stand.  What is the best way to attach wheels to it?  I am a little afraid to hammer or screw anything into the underside of the thin legs.  Are there wheels attached to "cups" that I could set the legs into and secure?

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Bluetooth repeater

This is actually a question, for a group who appear to be the real hackers of science. OK, so much for the butter.. here's my question: I've seen an add for a Bluetooth device which will connect up to five headsets, forum style. But at 400 plus shipping, U.S., I was wondering if there might be another... more techie... cheaper way to do it. I only need to couple two headsets, but I understand that headsets don't have the smarts to be able to pair with each other. Any takers? Anyone do this before? Thanks, Stan

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Books on electronics?

Hey guys, ive been a big fan of the site for a long time but have only just signed up. I just wondered if anyone could recommend to me some good books/guides on basic electronics and circuit building. Iv always been interested in the way electronic devices work and after viewing some cool looking instructables on here decided i want to try and learn about how to make them. It is also fueled by my interest in physics which i want to pursue in university. Any advice would be much appreciated, thanks.

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Jigzaw puzzle with my scrollsaw, gaps are too thick?

Hello, i am very new at this, I just got yesterday a scrollsaw, and as i knew it was comming my way, I have been looking at tutorials and the like, but now that i made my first 4 simple 5 pices jigsaz puzzles, they seem loose, once i put them together and make them stan, for example a dog, they are loose, and the pices do nto stay together nicelly, i used 3 different saws, an 18.5 very thin cuts with pin, a general purpuse 15TPI with pin and a numer 5 skip tooth without pin. Sorry about the language it is not my main. Thank you for all the help ;D

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No provision on my instructable to add a step!

I have posted a new instructable, but when I went into edit mode, to add a new step, there is no provision for doing so: Here's my instructable: I tried using Internet Explorer 8, Opera 12, and Mozilla Firefox 23, but to no avail. This is the first time this has ever happened with one of my instructables. And please, don't hesitate to be verbose with your answer, as others on this forum have posted the same problem, and the posted answers are not helpful at all. For example, others have answered "... click the add step button..." when the post indicated there was no add step button, or "... maybe the instructable was not set up as a step-by-step instructable" and simply left the problem still hanging there.  Hey guys, these are not complete, problem resolving answers. And problem repetition (with lack of suitable answers) does clutter up our help section. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, shastalore

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Backyard Rockets Book on Sale Now

Ladies and gentlemen, we humbly present to you a book containing the instructions for creating rockets in the comfort and privacy of your own backyard. Backyard Rockets contains a compendium of devices that shoot, fire, explode, throw, toss, or propel. With projects like the vacuum-cleaner bazooka, you'll be flinging things into the air in no time. Mikeasaurus put this one together, so you know it's gonna be fun. Bonus for Pro members: you can buy the book at a discount from ThinkGeek. And if you're keen on launching things, we just so happen to be running a Launch It! Contest from May 27th to June 24th, 2013 (and probably again at some point, those contests are always fun.) Because you’re a longtime Instructables fan (an assumption I’m making since you’re reading our forums), you’re probably not the target audience for these books. You’ve seen the projects before, commented on them, favorited them, and know where to go if you need instructions. These are more for those of you whose parents don’t quite get what you mean when you talk about Instructables, who have a friend who’d love the site but isn’t really an internet person, or who know a camp counselor who is tired of all the tie-dye stains on their nice shorts. So buy a copy. Give it to someone you love. Or give it to someone who you think might singe off their eyebrows by failing to follow safety protocols when making backyard rockets, thus allowing you the chance to steal their date to the movies since eyebrows always beats no eyebrows unless you are Stan Sitwell.

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Instructables Internship - Day 7 (Day @ Google!)

Sorry to keep you guys waiting, I've just been so busy having fun, etc ;)So, without any further adieu, Tuesday through Thursday! (in four separate posts, so that I don't overwhelm you)Tuesday: Google Day!So, yes, it's true. I got to go to Google to talk a bit about Instructables. Yes, it's true, I'm a terrible speaker. And yes, it's true, Google is awesome!I had so much fun at Google, I'm so glad that we (Billy and I) were able to go. We got to see Stan, the t-rex standing outside in the courtyard. We got free foodstuffs and shwag. We saw SpaceShipOne (I think it was a model, though), and had a great time. It's really cool inside Google; everyone's desk has something strange on it, some people are even in "tents." it's just wacky to the max. Unfortunately, my camera died after a few minutes in Google, so I wasn't able to take too many pictures for you guys v_v sorry.There's actually a video of about 1/2 of the talk up on Google Video, and it's already on the Instructables Blog hereAfter Google, we went back to Squid Labs, where Jason and I worked on and pretty much finished up Project X. All we need now is some fine-detail work and it'l be done!So, it turns out that Tuesday was the annual Squid Labs' Intern Barbecue Day! At 6, the BBQ started, but Jason, Noah, Billy, and I were all out in the back, "testing out" Project X. After a few attempts, and an attempt to modify Proj. X, we decided that our brains needed some food to operate in a more functional manner. The BBQ was nice, there was quite a bit of food, drinks, and socializing. TimAnderson and others were flying kites up on the roof-patio (where the BBQ was held), in a mostly-successful manner. We watched the sun begin to fall, and as Squid Labs has the best view of San Francisco, it was spectacular. Unfortunately, my camera was inoperable... due to lack of battery power, and I didn't get any shots of the sundown. v_vAnywhoo, We all got Squid Lab 2007 Intern T-shirts, which were pretty damn awesome. There's a pic of them at the end of the post.After, Jason, Noah, Mike, Mitch, and both of their girlfriends (Erica and Jenna) came down off the roof-deck to help perfect Proj. X. We did quite a bit of work on it, but after several failed attempts, we knew what we had to do. Unfortunately, it was getting really late and we had to stop working on it for the night. Work will continue on Wednesday!Then, Billy and Star (Starsterisk) were going to watch The Boondock Saints on the projector in the conference room, so I joined them for a bit. We (Eric, Christy and I) got home around 10:30... pretty DARN late....Cheers,-Muffinator

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