How Can I Make a full sized laptop stand that can stand on its own?

Using materials that i will most likely have at home.

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How to make a egg stand?

I tried searching on here how to make a egg stand. And i cant find anything on that topic. I want to try and make dragons eggs but i cant find anything on making stands for the eggs. If anyone has a link or something please share. :)

Posted by jessielyn 5 years ago

Old iMac Stand - Project ideas??

Ok, so i had one of those impulse buys.. I purchased a spare iMac aluminum stand (pictured). I was going to use it to attach to the back of my monitor, but the stand would have to fit below the center of gravity for said screen (see second picture) So, any ideas/advice?

Posted by gmjhowe 9 years ago

which way is the air flow going in a laptop stand? Answered

I want to make a laptop stand for my wife but I don't know wich way the airflow of the fun goes, Is the airflow pointing up towards the laptop? or Is it point down away from the laptop? I want to make this instructable and I am talking about the fan that is attached to the laptop stand. thanks for your time and your answer.

Asked by eduardoh 8 years ago

How to make a GameBoy SP charging/suspension protected stand with room for the Pelican 3x battery pack in use?

I have been trying toy design a stand much like necropolian's "knex safe gameboy holder" , but I have ran into a brick wall because I have the Pelican 3x battery installed, which makes it considerably thicker, about 1/4 of an inch.Please help!

Asked by mechaninja 8 years ago

How to Stand Still

I recently joined JROTC and for drills i have to stand still...but i have always have a problem where i always shake. ... its not medical or any thing but i just shake...any body have and suggestions on how to stand still.

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Cutlery iPhone stand

We've had plenty of iPhone stands here at Instructables. But none of them have been made with cutlery. So check out this bizarre and awesome way of using two spoons and three forks to hold up your cellular god. You can even buy one of these from the maker on Etsy or try and do it yourself. Link via Make

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How can I use my cordless drill on this old drill stand?

I got this at a garage sale but my Ryobi cordless drill does not fit properly into the holder/slot, it takes an old sears craftsman drill. Any ideas on how I can get it to work? Thanks.

Asked by hmunster123 1 year ago

Hi I wanted to make a tv stand from MDF and need some help Ill list spec in details. Sorry for the bad spelling.?

Ok so the tv stand i would like to make will be Top & bottom surface : 24" from the wall 48" long middle surface : 24" from the wall  36" long  total unit from width length hight : hight  22" width 24" from the wall length 48" along the wall Now what I am not shear of is how to support it so it doe sent brake under weight. I am going to have  32 inch lcd tv on the left side and a ps3 one the right side ps2 in the middle  id like to have one or two shelves on the middle then a bottom but im also not shear if i should duble the mdf for one  surface one MDF board will be 3/4x24"x48" so im not shear if thats thick enuff for what i want also Sorry for the bad spelling and not knowing how to word this question im not good with english.

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Hi I wanted to make a tv stand from MDF and need some help Ill list spec in details. Sorry for the bad spelling.

Ok so the tv stand i would like to make will be Top & bottom surface : 24" from the wall 48" long middle surface : 24" from the wall  36" long  total unit from width length hight : hight  22" width 24" from the wall length 48" along the wall Now what I am not shear of is how to support it so it doe sent brake under weight. I am going to have  32 inch lcd tv on the left side and a ps3 one the right side ps2 in the middle  id like to have one or two shelves on the middle then a bottom but im also not shear if i should duble the mdf for one  surface one MDF board will be 3/4x24"x48" so im not shear if thats thick enuff for what i want also Sorry for the bad spelling and not knowing how to word this question im not good with english.

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What do I need to make laptop stand cooler?

I would like to make my own custom laptop stand cooler with fan (6 fan) of 8 or 9cm The reason why I need it that many is because my laptop gets overheat quickly & sometimes it shuts down by itself. Ps: I would like to connect the fans to wallplug with adapter or usb wall plug adapter. 1. I would like to know what do I need besides 6 fan, mdf / acrilyc for the stand, adapter, usb cable? 2. For this project, which fan is the best for me, 2 pins, 3 pins or 4 pins? 3. Moreover, which voltage should I have a look and which 1 is better: high rpm or cfm flow? Thanks Edit 1: Sorry as Im complitely blind with electricity, I will have to ask lots of questions. Hp already acknowledge the problem but cannot do anything with the overheating other than suggesting using external fan & at this moment im using deskfan to blow the exhaust hole of the laptop. So this is for example the fan that I found on eBay Voltage, 12V. Voltage range, 6 to 13.8V. Current, 0.20Amps. Speed, 4500RPM at rated voltage and zero pressure. Flow (max), 67CFM. Pressure Rise (Max), 0.3inH2O. Thanks again for all the answer Edit 2: To make it easy, this is my question 1. Id like to put 5 fans with above spec, does that mean I need power adaptor that can handle 1A (5x0.20A) ? 2. Would it be better if I use power adaptor 2000mA or better to stick with 1000mA ? 3. Im planning to use dc connector head (see pict) but I only see 2 cable holes. If the fan has 3 or 4 cables, which cable should be put in the minus hole and which one in the plus hole, and what to do with the rest of the cable(s) ? 4. Would this power adaptor perfect for my project? Sorry again with this dummy questions, but like I said Im complitely blind with electricity. Thanks for all the answer

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Guitar Stand

Is it possible to make a stand for a guitar out of knex?

Posted by Rock n Roll 9 years ago

standing rib roast?

What is the best way to cook a standing rib roast?

Asked by sandyduby 6 years ago

Where do you get the Mac Monitor Stands?

You know the stands that the iMac and the Apple Cinema Display monitors are mounted on right? Does anyone sell them??

Asked by robots199 9 years ago

Need Help

I need you to vote for my Knex Folding Music Stand in the Back to School Contest,  The link is... Thanks

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Nespresso Laptop Stand

Hi, This is my first instructable :DI was just at parents house siping a Nespresso and browsing stuff... and i noticed that i didn't had my cooling laptop base. So I went back to the coffee machine, cleaned up 2 used capsules, slammed the top with a spoon and ther'ya go, a recycled, free, portable and instant laptop base.Images are not that great, but just to get the idea :DDifficulty: Very easyTime: 2minDurability: bad :DPrice: ---

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Ottobock Kimba iPad Stand

We are in search for ideas and/or off-the-shelf solutions for an iPad stand issue in response to the following request: My daughter Talie uses an iPad daily both at school for educational purpases and at home to keep her occupied during g-tube feedings. Right now her iPad sits on the tray of her wheelchair (Ottobock Kimba) and she bends over it as she prefers to use her lip and nose causing her neck and back pain. We would love to have a stand that would hold her iPad at face level so she can use it without bending over. Or alternatively, an adapted stylus that can be attached to her nose or chin. All of the commercial stands we have seen would not be stable enough for her use. She has very high tone and her movements are rapid and jerky. She needs something that would allow her to tap the screen without the iPad moving or falling over. Her OT at school fabricated a mouth stick for her but she gets tired of holding it in her mouth and when she puts it down to talk she cannot retrieve it. Headpieces with stylus' are much too big for her little head. Happy to hear your ideas! About Tetra Tetra is a non-profit organization that recruits skilled volunteers to create customized assistive devices for people with physical disabilities. See our instructables group at:

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How can I make my own bicycle trainer out of cheap materials?

The cheapest one online costs $80!!! It's basically a stand for the back wheel of your bicycle, plus some kind of resistance on the wheel to simulate real riding on flat or hills. I need to stay in shape even when it's too cold or windy to ride outside. thanks in advance!

Asked by laurenmendoza 9 years ago

hammock help? Answered

hello all i have a interesting conundrum i love my hammock (ENO single nest) and want to use it all the time inside but i have a couple of problems 1. my room is tiny and not big enough for a hammock stand and other necessary furniture and 2. i am unable to put any form of hole in my walls so i therefore turn to you instructables community  as my last hope  thanks, fidgety

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can someone help me put an output jack on my guitar amp? and help with my amp stand?

So im building a guitar amp stand made of wood. my future plans are to put up to 4 12-15" speakers in the stand. i dont have the speakers yet but i plan on getting them soon so i need a way to put an output jack on my amps. I had plans to simply attatch a 1/4" jack to the leads from the amp speaker but I now have second thoughts about this because of the fear of doing damage to them (i had the same problem with my computer speakers and I blew out the amp) so how else could this be done? amp 1 -- -guitar amp -19W -transister amp 2 -- -bass amp -35W -transister i dont know if this information helps at all i also want 3 separate channels 1 for each amp (i might possibly get another amp so i want to be prepared) if one is a bass and the other a guitar amp do i need bass speakers or will any do for the Bass i want to control the volume of each channel separately so i will need to know what kind of potentiometer to get and i want the sound to be decent if one amp is not in use at the time basicly i want the stand to act like a high proformance cabnet with volume control and separte channels can this be done? Ive drawn a design is the wireing correct or can it be beter

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No step by step on old project and want to enter contest ?

Just joined the site and I have an old project that I would like to enter in a contest ! Is this possible ?

Asked by Cripplecrab 6 years ago

How to make a portable copy stand?

I will be traveling in South America and need to bring a portable copy stand setup to photograph a book. Has anyone made a portable copy stand?

Asked by lulubug 8 years ago

K'NEX iPod Stands

Post your K'NEX iPod Stands here!

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knex night stand ideas?

Im making a night stand out of knex and need some help coming up with useful things for it do. a few things i plan on adding in already are:drawer,cable sorter,maybe a drink holder, and maybe a phone/ipod dock of some sort.

Asked by tubanator-2.0 7 years ago

K'nex Laptop Stand

Hello all, It's been a while since I've made anything with k'nex, but I just recently made a nice laptop stand that I wanted to share some pictures of it. If you like it you can probably make it from the pictures, but I don't think it's worthy of an instructable.

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Whats the best way to seal a wooden aquarium stand? Answered

Going to build an aquarium stand soon. Going to use wood but was wondering what the best sealer/water resistor would be? I know theres polyurethane clear coats and stain but was wondering if there anything else? Would like for it to be fairly cheap. How do the deck sealers work or are those stains too? thanks

Asked by plasticpopcorn4 7 years ago

Wearable laptop computer sling for stand-up use?

I want to stand up while using my laptop, but instead of putting the laptop on a stand, I want to WEAR it like a sling in front of me while I'm using it.  Maybe something strappy that would hold the laptop securely while I type etc. It's a 15" (diagonal) screen laptop, and not especially lightweight, so I'd prefer not to support its weight entirely by my neck. I'd appreciate any ideas for how to make something like that!

Asked by wimsycat 6 years ago

What chain fed knex gun should i make? Answered

I want to make a chain fed knex gun with a stand its gotta be quite good NO MODIFIED PIECES! plz help!! -megametal8

Asked by MegaMetal8 8 years ago

Digital Music stand with timed page turning.

I really need to make a digital music stand.  Setting up multiple paper pages on a stand is extremely inconvenient.  It takes longer to set up the music than to play the song!  Plus, even with the arms extended on my music stand, it can only hold 4 pages max.  Some songs can be 10 pages or more. So here's what I'm thinking: A raspberry pi running a program to view .PDFs and a flat screen TV or monitor mounted to a music stand. W. Wayt Gibbs, here --> ( has already built the exact thing that I'm thinking of.  However, I'll be using this for drum music so my feet will be busy enough without having to use a foot pedal to turn the page (Maybe I'm not that coordinated. Definitely won't be chewing gum while playing!) So I'm wondering if anyone has any ideas about automatic page turning. My idea would be a .PDF viewer that can display 3 pages (so that the page turning doesn't have to be exact) and can be set to automatically turn the pages at a timed interval after i click start.  The problem with this is that each song will have a different timing.  Does anybody know of a program that can turn pages via a timer AND remember different timings for each file? I suppose I could just write the timing setting on the top of each .pdf and set it to that every time I open a file. Also, I'm not a computer programmer.  I have built a home theater pc which gave me a little knowledge.  But, when it comes to raspberry pi's I've never used one.  Is it powerful enough for what I'm proposing? Is that the route you would take? I'm also not sure what to use as an input device.  Maybe I'll just mount a percussion table to the drum rack somewhere and use a mouse on it. I'm open to any and all suggestions about every aspect of this idea. Thanks for any help or suggestions!

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Scooter Side Stand Alert?

Hi How to create Scooter Side Stand Alert in new TVS WEGO pls tell 

Asked by heartbeat1502 3 years ago


need schematics on buzzer stand

Asked by BANNERMAN 7 years ago

Cake stand?

Hi Jen,While looking through the supply list, I noticed the cake stand. I clicked the link and it said it was currently unavailable. Where would you recommend getting a cake stand other than in the link?

Asked by masterofcrafting 1 year ago

Clever way to extend a Manhasset music stand?

I'd like to be able to extend my 20" stand to 36", so it'll hold three sheets of music instead of two. The solution should be easy to remove or fold up when not needed. I know that professionally-made stand extenders are available (e.g. "Stand-Outs"), but I thought I'd give you guys a crack at it first.  ;?)

Asked by ander 8 years ago

Stand mixer and food processor? Answered

Is it mandatory to have the stand mixer and food processor. I am going to get them but don't have them at the moment

Asked by RobertaY 1 year ago

How do I fix a kitchen aid stand mixer that is not spinning?

Kitchen aid stand mixer

Asked by katieg03 2 years ago

Stand mixer? Answered

What if you can't afford the stand mixer yet. Will your cakes still turn out alright, not having a dough hook n mixer either.

Asked by LannieS 1 year ago

Where to categorize a tablet stand?

Hi. Where should I categorize a stand for a tablet? I did it on life hacks but not sure about it. Thank you.

Posted by SalvadorM10 2 years ago

Cool IKEA Standing Desk Hacks

My coworkers and I lately have gotten into the standing desk craze but don't want to pay $600+ for a desk online. We rounded up some cool hacks from other sites using IKEA furniture parts. Check it out! -Daniel

Posted by danonwire 5 years ago

How can i make a stand to put would in to break for martial arts?

I need to find a way to make a stand for wood or what ever to go in so i can practice breaking at home.

Asked by OliverPl 8 years ago

Cheap, Homemade, stationary bike stand? (Request)

Im looking for a person who can make me a guide to a homemade bikestand for a bike generator. I cannot weld, so a nonwelding one would be nice. Thanks! Oh, and the bike is from 24" - 28"

Posted by ExxoShock 5 years ago

Music Stand Incorporates a PA Monitor Speaker Cabnet Project

I hope this is useful, I'm the bassist & singer in a country duo (with a guitarist) and I wanted to incorporate a PA vocal monitor & drum machine into my music stand (I run the PA too) to keep everything handy.

Posted by Jim_L 6 years ago

How can I make a cardboard stand for my wii (to hold remotes, nunchucks, controllers, wheel, zapper)?

Want to hold two remotes, two nunchucks, a classic controller, a gamecube controller, a wii wheel, and a wii zapper.

Asked by ceninant 9 years ago

bbq stand for webber portable gas?

I bought one of these portable webber bbqs A while ago and have been getting tired of using it hunched over on the ground.  I have been looking around for some simple BBQ stand or BBQ cart plans online but most of the ones I found were a bit more complicated than I think i can handle.  I've never built anything before (no garage = no workspace), but now I've got a garage and an itch to fix a problem. I looked through the site and searched and couldn't quite find anything that would fit what I need.  Any suggestions? And yes, I know I could just set it on a table outside. 

Posted by knotquiteawake 8 years ago