How to Build a Sauna?

For DIY 2 people simple

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simple steam engined cheap steam engine?

Simple an

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Hey  does anyone wanna be my friend on steam?

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what does steam do for us today?

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I make steam punk stuff, is this a one off competition?

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how can i delete steam?

I have tried the given method.but some folders in the steam main folder are not getting deleted.they give a error message. i tried out that regedit method and have deleted the steam directory.but the folders are still remaining there in that main can i know tht my system does not have steam  any more?? 

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what is steam punk?

Where did it originate?  When did it become popular?  How can I create jewelry and embelish clothing>

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i would like an idea on how to build a steam engine model for my grand son to do.?

Grandson is 7 and loves steam trains I would like to have instructions on how to build simple small one that works

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Why hasn't the steam engine been reborn for modern cars?

With present gas/pollution concerns and green tech merging with cars left and right... Why hasn't the steam engine been reborn? I mean what takes MORE power, Electricity to move a 1000lb car or heat up a heating element to heat water and make steam? With tanks strong enough to hold Hydrogen for cars why cant the same tech be used for a steam engine? All the fuel you would need would be water (solar panels/batteries to power heating) but just water for fuel. Thoughts?

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Whats the point of these "Steam punk" props? Answered

I dont really see the appoint or appeal of these. Maybe its just my taste. i just wanna know if maybe i dont get the like point or something.

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i want to make a home made suana bath steam generator.please tell me how can i make my self or i need some equipment?

I want to make a steam generator equipment to take a suana bath at my home...please tell what should i do i have a limited budget..

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how is it possible that the general world of people move away from steam to gasoline?

I mean that with todays steam cars that you can refill with water anywhere and with water being super cheap and natrual source for fuel why would people move away from those kind of cars?

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how to make a steam powered boat using candle while keeping the candle away from the boat?no wax should be on the boat?

The boat should be travelling atleast 10 metres keeping its dimensions limited to length-30cm,breadth-10cm,height-15 cm

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How do i uninstall steam but keep it on another hardrive?

So I installed steam on my sdd accidentally and i wanted it on my hdd but i cant delete it off my sdd because it says its running even though i have everything closed but the program files and it says its still running, im now installing my games onto my hdd :) someone please help!!!

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make a solar steam boiler to power a turbine ? Answered

Quite recently my gand father just ditched his satelite tv service for cable and hes got a 15 foot dish. i  have been staring at it trying to figure out what i should do with it and ive decided on solar furnace to power a steam turbine. im two weeks in and im out of ideas for how to produce a sufficient supply of steam and travel it far enough to power a decent turbine. i just need some fresh ideas to run with to get my brain working again any and all thoughts brilliant and stupid are welcome

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World Studies Project on Steam Power

I'm doing a project for school on Steam power... It's origins, it's applications, the reason it died out, the future...Blah blah blah. Along with that, I will be building some small working models, a hero engine, and a piutt putt boat. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas for a beginner that would look nice and actually move? I have minimal building skills and funds, so i'm really looking for simple ideas. Thanks, James P.S. Any one realize the projectile potential of steam power? Real simple... Empty wine bottle, bit of water in bottle, cork it off...Need something more than tea candles i'd imagine...Could be fun! (I'm scaring my history teacher:D)

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Building a Steambike

And I may need a little help! Wondering if anyone knows of any decent resources for materials, how-to, etc. I have this piece of crap bike from Target that's been sitting in my basement since the dawn of time, and I thought I'd scrap it out and convert it into a steambike. The only things that I'll probably be using from the old bike are the frame and possibly the wheels. I'm debating on whether or not I want to try and use the chainset somehow... If anybody knows any good resources, lemme know!

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If I have downloaded a game on STEAM, and I un-install it, will I be able to re-download it afterwards for free? Answered

So, if I have downloaded say, foreign legion: buckets of blood (short, but fun) on STEAM and I un-install it by right clicking on it and selecting delete local content, will I be able to re-download the necessary game files and play it again with-out having to pay for the game again? Thanks in advance

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Mamod Steam Coal burner? Answered

Hi,  I would like to make my mamod steam engine 'sp2' burn coal rather than solid fuel or meths. can anyone advise me on what is required to do this or if it is even posable? thanks 

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How an electric steam boiler(generator) is made? For cleaning jewelry up to 5 bar?

Any help welcomed technical drawings, photoes......

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Is there any difference between Water vapor or steam? Answered

Is there any difference?

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SteamPunk Resturant?

Wouldn't it be cool if there was a steampunk resturant chain?

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Running Garry's Mod 9 with TF2?

I just got TF2, and I wanted a copy of Garry's Mod to go with it. However, I was too lazy to pay for it, so I got the free version of it. However, it said that I SPECIFICALLY needed HL2, HL2 Deathmatch, And CS:S. I've restarted Steam, but it doesn't appear on my Games list. Do I really need those games mentioned before, or will any Source game do? Thanks.

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Solar steam piston?

Right. Still hung up on this whole solar energy thing I've been looking into steam but it all seems: complicated, dangerous, expensive, and all kinds of freakin hassle. I think this is largely because people working in this field now are just trying to plug solar energy into where the fire would normally go, but in many ways light is a lot more versatile, and this might take a complete rethink. So, after twenty minutes of ill-informed and distracted thought, how about this: Two or more pistons, each with a little bit of water or other fluid. Base is thick glass, both attached to a shaft or gear to generate rotation. Concentrated light (like 6 kW worth, or whatever) is shone in through the base of one piston. The fluid vaporises and the piston expands. When it's fully extended the light beam flips over to the other piston. That one starts expanding while the first one starts contracting. you might have some sort of heat sink which is oly applied during the contraction bit. This would be fairly low speed, but should generate a fair bit of torque and would be really really simple. Someone just stole my patent, didn't they?

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Looking for ideas?

I am looking for ideas here from all you "experts" (where an expert is described as - Ex (a has been) spurt 9 a drip under pressure)) Nothing like insulting the unpaid help! before they start :-)  happy New year everyone. OK A friend has a model of a fair ground ride, this is a steam yacht, he wants to animate this and would like the motion to be realistic at the scale size. He had tried a number of mechanical solutions, cranks etc but they all give a jerky motion and the real thing is very smooth. Any suggestions. I am inclined to think this is a micro processor solution with either a suitable servo motor or similar driven to mimic the inertia of the real thing. ideas folks?

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The Villianizer: Steam Punk Guitar

The Villianizer: Steam Punk Guitar

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I'm interested in steam power, and recently got the idea to built a steam powered car.

Where can I go to either buy or build a steam engine capable of powering a very light-weight vehicle? The cheaper the better.

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Steam engine model made entirely with glass!

Here is a beautiful model of a steam engine made with glass.

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lego steam engine

Enginethis isnt my site but here are instructions for a lego steam engine

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trackmania on steam?

I have trackmania nations forever, installed and whatever, and you can get it on steam, i dont want to download it all over again seeing as i already have it how do i add it to steam? i want to add friends in steam but i need to have games to be able to do that and i have added track mania by: add new game -->add a non steam game--> whatever but it still says i need games in steam what should i do?, is there any files to convert trackmania into a steam game?

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How to steam open an envelope?

Any suggestions on how to steam open a sticky sealed envelope?

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bissel/ shark steam mop

I have really been wanting a steam mop but the price is outrageous...there has got to be a better way to steam my floor and basically swiffer it at the same time! I already have a swiffer mop and re-useable pads I made I just need some way to add steam! any ideas ppl?

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Hi what is "steam punk"? Answered

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Need glasses?

 post your steampunk goggles / glasses hear and be sure to share ideas !

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Steam radiator made of copper pipe?

I have an old house that uses steam heat and has big, single-pipe, cast-iron steam radiators.  I wanted to replace one of them with something modern looking, and one company sells such radiators, but they are very expensive (sold here My question is, can I make one of these  out of large (1.5" or so) diameter copper pipes, soldered together in the same fashion?  I've read that steam systems typically operate at 1psi of pressure, which sounds like it's well below the safety limit of copper pipes and solder joints. I think it would look fantastic, but would it work?

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Steampunk Gets Real

As reported on New Scientist today, the British steam-powered vehicle Inspiration broke the previous land-speed record for steam power, set back in 1906. The fastest of the two runs was 151 mph, set on a dry lake bed at Edwards Air Force Base.

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can i build a dual turbine which is powered by steam which is condensed and released like a water wheel. would it work?

If I build a steam turbine powered by burning waste using a pelton turbine then the steam will travel upwards. if I condense and store it, then release it past another pelton turbine to restart the cycle then will it be equally efficient. assuming the fuel source is free can this be practical in terms of electricity generation?

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alcohol expansion engine?

While expirimenting in my back yard i came across somthing. I was working on my steam engine and was testing the boiler with methyl alcohol as the heat source( i used nitro car fuel 20%) and i wondered what would happen if i put the alcohol in the boiler. I heated the boiler at the same temperature as i normaly heat water and the alcohol seemed to produce alot more vapors at a faster rate and volume than just steam. So... I was wondering if it was possible to create an engine on the same basic design as a steam engine that ran on alcohol expansion. I do not realy plan on creating this i was just wondering if it would work as good or better than steam. If someone has already made this please tell me. Thanks

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Charging mobile from a steam generator

Hello Guys For my first attempt at building something I'd like to try a simple steam generator using a can, tea light etc set up. Would it be feasible to attach some kind of wheel / piston to a dynamo and to generate a small current enough to charge a mobile phone? Finding the correct search terms, when you're not sure which parts you need is a problem. so if there are some specific part names i could search for, that would be good. P

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Can I stream steam games from my AMD GPU- powered computer to a raspberry pi?

It looks like this is possible with an Nvidia GPU, but I'm not sure if I'll be able to do this with my AMD based card. Everything I've found online seems fairly dated, and I was wondering if there have been any updates to this. Thanks

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What kind of alternator and gearing for a steam project?

I'm in need of some help, I'm working on a project including a steam powerer tesla turbine which I want to harvest surplus energy going into a boiler, it'll also serve as backup power generator in winter when the P.V.s slow down. I'm looking at a 2m long, 300mm dia boiler witha 100mm dia flue running through it, not sure what sort of pressures I'm looking at. This comes after a thermal mass rocket stove style combustion pipe burning wood. The tesla turbine will be ally plates in oil drum based housing (572mm, 22.5" dia). Any ideas what sort of alternator would be suitable and should I be thinking about any gearing?

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Is the cake a lie? Answered

Is the cake a lie? Or is only the promise of cake a lie?

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This is a 3" cabinet pull. It caught my eye as a super steam punk component. Just imagine it with two LEDs inside the cage. Anyway how is it made ? That unit is magnetic, has 8/32 cabinet threads, solid otherwise and the cage appears 3/4 rotated This object would be perfect for 3-D printing.

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backpacking sauna how to heat it without using hot rocks, ie perhaps with a portable steam generator or boiler ?

Hi all i am building a back packing sauna which is essentialy a old two man tent converted.  my problem is the heat source for the steam.tradionally people would heat rocks in an open fire. this i feel is time consuming building a fire and then heating rocks for 2 hours or so. i am now thinking of trying to generate steam direct from a wood gas stove and piping it in to the tent anyone with ideas or sugestions please post here. whatever i use needs to be suitable for back packing. thanks Robert

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camping. no generator but you want to run a fan all night . how would create the power to do it ? Answered

Wondering if it is possible to create a power source . I camp alot and cant stand the sound of a generator. wondered if steam power would be enough to recharge a battery ( 12 volt) that runs all night hooked up to a fan . ( probably a Usb sized ) just enough to move the air around the tent .  just thinking aloud here but is there a way to make a home made steam generator? boiling water causes fans to rotate, in turn this causes a electric charge .  I am also looking into wind powered. most the places i camp can be a tiny bit drafty.  during the day solar power could be used. also 

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Post your steampunk art here

Well I'm making a zombie survival map for a Half-life1 mod Sven Co-op.  And I know there are a lot of steampunk artist out there.  So if you could post your steampunk stuff  art,guns,buildings,etc,  it would be nice.  If I use it I'll tell you and put your name in the map.  Thanks :D

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