Knex Steering Wheel

Is there a such thing as a K'nex steering wheel for the xbox360? As a example is where you put in your control in the Knex steering wheel mechanism and there have pedals and a steering wheel? Since I don't wanna buy the 100 dollar OFFICIAL steering wheel.

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Power steering motors?

Does anyone have experience with brushless power steering motors? As I understand it, they follow & enforce the steering wheel motion. How is the power rating? I assume there is gearing and electronics involved, but it might be part of the package... Might this be a useful motor for an e-bike/ scooter or a motorized wheelbarrow?

Asked by BobS 8 years ago

Wii Steering wheel?

Does somebody want to make an instructable on a K'NEX steering wheel for the wii? I am not very good with K'NEX, I'll leave it at that. Thanks -Jawn

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Help with steering wheel

Hi ! I need help to make my steering wheel Serioux SRXW-02V LightRacer to have 900 or 780 degrees... My steering wheel have only 180 degrees , 90 degrees in right , 90 degrees in left . Where i can find the ''lock'' of wheel ? (inside the wheel or inside the stand of wheel?) What can I do to modifi my wheel to have 780 or 900 degrees, to make a rotation as a normal car... I need this modification for ETS 2. Sorry for my bad english. Thanks!

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how to prepare a car steering joystick for my computer?

Well i want to drive a car or play the car game not with the help of a keyboard but i want a steering infront of me;accelerator,brake ,clutch at my foot & gear's beside me as it would give a real car driving experience on a computer ;                        so ,please tell me or guide me how to prepare it at my home..plz

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Help modify the maximum rotation for my steering wheel.

Hi everyone, i have a steering wheel from trust , i dont know the details. so, i attached a photo to understand better what i`m talking about. i play racing games, and i need a maximum rotation, i installed the drivers for it, so when i am in aprox 45 degree rotation it show and he behave like i`m in the maximum rotation. The maximum rotation is aprox 135 degree, so its a difference between them. i opened him, because i finished an tehnical university with a electromechanical profile, and try to modify the potentiometer that handle the rotation. i tried to put a smaller one, a bigger one, even try the fine course like its called, but nothing, i attached a photo of it two, maybe i forgot something. If anyone think or have an idea what to try , please help, because i have no other idea.

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How to replace a power steering pump on a 2002 Pontiac Grand Prix 3.8 engine? Answered

Step by step instructions to replace power steering pump

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Rear Wheel RC Steering?

Ok, so before I actually get to my question let me explain what I am doing. I have a traxxas rustler, I wan't to put 4 wheel steering on it, and I wan't it to be very stable.  I know how I am going to set up the steering, but I need help with the electronics of it.  The stock reciever has a channel 1 output (to ESC) two channel 2's (for two servos) a channel three, and a channel 4.  I wan't this car to be able to switch one of the servo's from inverted to not inverted using channel three which is the output of a two position switch.  Is there a way to do this without mechanically connecting the whole fancy layout seen below?

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Steering wheel desk

From the MAKE blog, comes a pass-through of a product available on Amazon. The steering-wheel latch-on table itself is fairly pedestrian (pun intended), but the legalese is just delightful. Read it for yourself at .And before you comment, please keep in mind those orbital lasers. I have access to the launch codes, and have no qualms about using them.

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Need to change indicator lever on european car to right side, help needed.

What is involved with changing the indicator lever with the windscreen wiper lever on a europen car, so that the indicators are on the right side of the steering column? Ihave a 2004 Ford Focus 3 door hatch. Would love to have the indicators on the right side of the car, which would be the right side btw lol. Any help would be appreciated.

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cheap pc racing wheel problem

Hi, i have recently buy a cheap pc racing wheel  i have a problem the wheel have a deadzone of 20° IN each direction so it annoying when playing game so, there is any fix to remove this deadzone? thanks, 

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Knex 4wd w/ steering

I'm building my own 4wd truck with knex, and I want it to have steering. I found my own weird and not-always-reliable way, but I want to see if there is an easier way to build it, like using joints and axles. I can find 4wd cars and cars with steering, but none with both. Suggestions must be MOTORIZED, and WITHOUT MODIFYING PIECES. Thanks for the help!

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Steering system on my knex rally car.

I need help putting a steering system on my knex rally car, can anyone make a steering system for my car?

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How do I turn the wheels of a toy car? Answered

I am trying to make a toy car using dc motors, which will also have a wired remote control. I am planning on using two motors for the forward and backward movement of the car. However. for turning the car sideways, I need a way to turn the wheels. The best way I can think of is a small rotating structure with two wheels at the base of the car, like some toy cars. Using two dc motors, I would be able to steer it left or right. However, I am looking for a more elegant solution. Can anyone help me?

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cheapest go kart steering design?

You know the original go kart steering where the axle is bolted to alot of welded spindles and you would spend somewhere around $50 well i thought of using caster wheels, the type from harbor freight with 10" air filled tires then bolt a metal bar as the thing that the steering wheel turns so it uses the same concept of tuning the axle but instead of using spindles it uses the caster design for $20 would it work?

Asked by BIGHAIRYDUDE 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

How can I steer a skateboard? Answered

I can push off,but the speed will decrease before I can put my pushing foot on the sk8board,so there would b no challenge...Help please.

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steering wheel for computer racing games

My son wants a wheel for his race game and naturally I inquired as to the cost (Gasp!!) ; he then told me that it was way to tech for a person to build on their own. Is he right?

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toy rc car steering mod

I just got a sorta good used R/C toy car for $2, pretty nice for $2, and it works too full suspension, differential drive, two speed gearbox, and the steering mechanism uses a servo but this servo has all of it's control electronics out side the gearbox and on the single PCB the car uses. I just want to hack it so that I can turn it into a 2.4ghz (freebie RF modules from cypress yay) controlled "hobby grade" car with variable speed and such this gearbox has 7 wires sticking out of it, 2 are to power the motor itself, another 2 is 6v+ and ground ( - ), the last three is a potentiometer in the mega ohms range, higher than 20 mega ohms for sure, because it goes out of my multimeter's range if it's at neutral, but goes to about 10 mega ohms when the wheels are turned now, my datasheet for my PICmicro says in the A/D converter section "The maximum recommended impedance for analog sources is 2.5 kΩ" I can't really replace the potentiometer inside the gearbox, there is room for me to fit in my own, what would you do? *add parallel resistors to the potentiometer (probably easiest) *I can have a piece of paper shaded from light to dark and have a photo resistor tell me the darkness of the paper (might get jerky) *I can probably directly attach a potentiometer outside the gearbox directly in line with the output shaft (durability issues) *or I can put a gear on the shaft and have a potentiometer above the gearbox (I would need to cut my chassis to fit it) what sounds good?

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whats a good suspesion system with steering?

Must be small

Asked by Dante9030 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

how to remove steering column on '99 chevy suburban?

Asked by riichy562 6 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

how to replace a power steering pump on a 1994 chevy lumina 3.1?

Asked by tre22lumina 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

How to develop electronic differential for articulated rear drive e-trike using the steering angle in Matlab/Simulink?

One wheel at the front and two wheels at the rear,steering mechanism

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When is a car company going to finally re-design the steering wheel in a car? Answered

We've been using the same thing for too long.   You would think that by now we wouldn't have to hold our arms up and grab a big wheel in front of us to steer our cars.   I want to see a manufacturer design a steering system that is up to date with the rest of the car.  I imagine relaxing with my arms on the arms of the chair and the controls for the vehicle right at your palms. I will gladly admit that there are a lot of people out there that could not handle a car that was even a little bit more complex because they can't handle a car now.  You might ask "Why fix what isn't broken?"   Why make cars faster?  Why use GPS if maps work fine?  Because it makes stuff easier.

Asked by Bisquick the ninja 9 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

does any one have a good steering system for a homemade go-Kart?

Asked by gibsoncrazed14 8 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

How do I steer people to my blog.?

I recently created a blog about tools. I also have adds on the blog and I am looking to make a little coin too. How do I steer people to my blog?

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I need advice on removing the steering wheel on a 1994 buick park avenue. Answered

i already took the steering wheel face off and pulled the cord for the airbag but i dont know how to take the remaining wire off, any advice?

Asked by littlebastard 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

DIY AUX unit with steering wheel controls

On my previous car, I hacked together an aux input with two CD-ROM plugs as described in many places on the Internet (here's one). I was really happy with it, and fully intend to do the same on my new (?) second-hand car, which also has CD-changer support, but no AUX. (Neither car had a CD changer installed, because I couldn't be bothered). The new car has steering wheel controls though, and I thought this could be a nice upgrade, but I'm really not sure how to do it. The pin-out diagrams for the CD changer plug (which I stole from here) for the CN702 12 pin connector shows lines 9 and 10 as TX signal lines. Since there are track (and disc) up and down buttons on the radio, I assume this is how the commands get through to the CD changer. And the phone obviously has support for headsets with track skip buttons. So the stars seem to align. Except for the details.  First, a normal audio cable only has three wires and one with headset controls have four: Ground, left, right and comms. I think I can connect the following pins on the 12 pin connector to ground: 6, 7 and 9 and then 1, 2 and 10 get connected to the correct wires. Is this correct? Second, I have no idea if the actual signals sent to TX for a CD changer bear any resemblance to what the phone expects from a headset. Does anyone know? I can probably hack a test using a bread board. I think. Third: I really only dabble in these things. Did I miss anything really important?

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How to reglue my steering wheel's leather covering?

The upper part of my steering wheel's leather covering has become unglued from its metal under-frame; it now rotates partly around that frame. Any suggestion as to what type of glue I could use, and how I could get it between that leather covering (which is sewn on) and the frame ?

Asked by Joe S. Hit 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

Replace my car steering wheel with my xBox controller? Answered

Could it be done? Should it be done? and would that be taking my gaming obsession too far? Would L and R be for gear changes or indicators? Suggestions for button functions welcome.

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Does anybody knows the pinout of the steering harness on a 1989 GMC SIERRA ?

Hello, "Somebody" tried to steal my truck last night. He/They broke sliding rear window and destroyed the ignition switch on my poor truck. He/They bent the rod that goes to the "Steering Switch Harness". So I can Replace the whole steering column, or make a "Hidden key-less push-button ignition switch" But I don't know the wiring pin-out of the steering harness. I desperately need help with this. Thanks for reading and Helping. Also any creative suggestion will be appreciated. Mr. Lunna Xiii

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What frequency to use for a gaming steer?

I have an old gaming steer which is not compatible with win 7+, and I can’t find its drivers either. So, im manipulating it on my own, and will use 4 IC NE555 and a potentiometer in astable mode to press [w/s/a/d] with I-don’t-know-what range of frequency. Is there anyone could suggest me use what range of frequency? I thought 700–4000 Hz would be ok. But I have no idea if it is, or not

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Is there anyway to convert 2 wire steering servo/geared Dc Motor to a 3 wire steering Servo on Stock RC truck?

I have a store bought Remote Controlled truck with a 2 wire Servo. Is there anyway to convert it to a 3 wire servo I know that yellow or white is control wire where would i solder it onto the Stock Rc board for more control of Steering servo? Want Control Board to Remain Stock or without Programming.

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Who knows about steering systems? I'm building a R/C Hot Wheels car.

I've got the power figured out, I'm using a 3.5v button cell battery and a cell phone vibrator motor. However the big problem I'm having right now is the steering. I'm fairly certain on how a normal car's steering works, but I have no idea how to shrink this down/power it within the confines of a Hot Wheels car. Can anybody help me?

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PC USB steering wheel 180 degrees 1080?

I've got a GEMBIRD STR-SHOCKFORCE-M Multi Interface steering wheel which I bought new about a month ago. It is pretty much "you get what you pay for" as far as it goes, and its not nearly as good (nor did I expect it to be) as, lets say a G27. Now, I have never used a G27 but I saw some videos, and it seems that it can do a full turn, while this one only does 90 degrees to each side - 180 in total. I'd like to modify it somehow so it can be rotated 1080 degrees like in a real car, or atleast somewhat more than 180. I found it useful in some racing games where turning needed to be quick and sharp, but in some simulation games it just jerked the ingame steering wheel like it were out of cardboard and ultimately I end up parked inside a wall or on top of a tree.(adjusting the steering wheel AND ingame sensitivity setting to lowest didn't help) If anyone needs pictures I'll post them later today.

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Riding in style for a 14 year old that is...

I have a challenge/ project/ idea for you all! Have you ever sat in a shopping car while somone pusshes you around? Me and my buddies did this a few days ago and i thought to myself what if this shopping cart had a motor. A shopping cart made for driving that you could sit in and steer! This inspired me to make a moving vehicle. Ideas that came to mind were narrowed down to either the shopping cart with motors and steering wheel or the mini-tank which would be a sheet of 1 inch plywood on wheelswith a steering system aswell. Has anyone ever done something like this before?

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I cracked my bicycle front fork on the steering tube, is it worth saving/fixing? And if so how? Welding?

Bicycle front fork cracked on the steering tube from overtightenting. Its just a plain old fork that is all steel with no shock and not bicycle specific, I just use on my daily rider. Should I get it welded? Brazed?

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hovercraft parts

Me and my bro along with some other people are building a hovercraft made for 7 and will be used as an airsoft soldier carrier how do I make a steering device and how does the skirt work p.s we havnt started yet

Posted by grayecastle 10 years ago

Is it possible to have a reversed go-kart?

What I mean is to have front wheel drive & rear wheel steering, as oppose to front wheel steering & rear wheel drive. if so what benefits does it have? Would it be harder to install on a homemade go-kart? Please answer a.s.a.p.

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DIY Steering Wheel

Hello, I'm new here. So, lately, I've been thinking about making a steering wheel for my PC, with a simple up-and-down gear box and 2 pedals for acceleration and brake. Steering Wheel. I'm using a polystyrene sheet, to cut out a wheel from it, and in the center, there's space for installing a phone holder. I'm planning to use my phone's gyroscope and simulate it to the PC. Pedals. I've figured by using foams underneath, we can place a nail and a foil separated and when we press the pedal, the foil touches the nail and circuit gets completed. I've a general idea, but I'm stuck on how to give that signal to PC as to simulate as a button (say for acceleration and brakes.) Gearbox. For the gearbox, I figured it might be easier to make an up-down box (as in pulling the level shifts the gear up and vice-versa.) Here too, The part where I'm stuck is giving the signal to the PC. Anyone who can help me, please?

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Simple electronics question.? Answered

Hi =)  I needed to use a rc car remote and receiver to power some relays on and off. The car is using rack and pinion steering so it  has four wires; Steering Motor Wire A Steering Motor Wire B Propulsion Motor wire A Propulsion Motor wire B  SO when i press the joy stick forward, PWA_A becomes positive and PWA_B becomes negative, driving the motor in the forward direction. Same for the steering motor when i press the other joystick Could any one give me a way to connect so that when i press the joystick in the forward direction, relay one energizes and when i press it in the other direction, the other relay energizes so i can control 2 relays  per joystick, ie 4 relays in total. Thanks!

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sidecar wheel position

I've looked up sidecars on google and found lots of information for sidecars on vehicles that have front steering only in which case the sidecar wheel tends to be positioned parallel to somewhere between the midpoint and the rear of the vehicle, however if the vehicle has both front and rear steering would the sidecar wheel be best positioned parallel to the exact midpoint or not?

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How can i pun a real signal blinking handle from a car on a PC steering wheel?

I want to modify a PC steering wheel to be real. I want to put a signal blinker handle, by solder the pins on 2 buttons from the gamepad. Can i do without arduino or any PIC programmer a thing like the signal blinking from the car? I want on a PC steering wheel to put a handle for signal blinking. How? I solder the handle pins to the front panel (the buttons from the PC steering wheel, i suspend 2 buttons, like 2 and 4). Can i do a simple circuit when i commute the handle to right for exemple the signal goes once and when i commute back to none the signal goes none. I dont know how to explain. When the handle is on right position the semnal from him must go once, when the handle is switch, the signal from the handle to transmit the signal again, because i solder the pins to buttons command. Can it be done with something like in the photo? And here is something like my handle:

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I was pretty much looking for something that was not a gun to build before knexfreek's contest went up, so I decided to make an ATV (that of which may be posted). It has steering and suspension. I am one to add little bits to something to upgrade it over weeks (if not, months), so it will probably change some before a possible post date. Geonovast helped with the front steering assembly and whatnot.

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