What can I do with sticky notes? Answered

What can I do?

Asked by EpicZombie 7 years ago

New Sticky-Headding is too big

The new sticky-heading takes up too much screen.  I would rather it be much smaller or not there at all. Thanks for your time, Ted

Posted by TedRobotBuilder 5 years ago

methinks forum sticky is broken....

I do believe the forum sticky system is now defunct, any recent posting goes on top of previous material (including chatroom thread). Awesome new profile page!

Posted by KentsOkay 9 years ago

Sticky-ing comments doesn't work.

You know that thing where you can sticky a comment to the top of a comment section? It's broken. I keep trying to stick a comment to the top of the comments of my drop-forged bracelet, and it won't "take". I can tick the box, but the comment won't move, and the arrow disappears on a refresh. (Android browser on Samsung tablet, Firefox browser under WinXP)

Posted by Kiteman 3 years ago

the "A" button on my gamecube controller is a little sticky. how can I fix this?

When the "A" button is pressed rapidly it tends to stick

Asked by mdu57 9 years ago

Is removable sticky invoice paper right tool for etching?

I just received an parcel from UK.the invoice paper come inside caught my attention.it's removable,you could print patterns on it.i want to use it etch portraits.but I don't know what brand the paper is?it should be a common office sticker paper i think.Please identify this. https://youtu.be/4k5K1YeuQ9g

Asked by gada888 3 years ago

Stickies in Answers?

Hi all. Sorry if this has already come up (can't imagine that it hasn't), but I didn't find it anywhere so here goes: Who do we need to bribe/threaten/date to get some stickies in Answers for questions like "How do I figure out what resistor to use for my LED" and "How can I hook up a TV to my computer" and "How can I get my Arduino to do an IF statement" and sundry other questions that get asked at least twice a week? I enjoy helping answer questions for people, but I get a little tired of typing the same thing over and over. I can only imagine how burned out the electronics gurus among us must be. Maybe if there were stickies for these types of FAQ on the Answers page people could get the basics on their own, and the quality of the questions might improve? Also, I think a brilliant idea for a Pro feature would be an additional button that just automagically takes the text of a question, runs it through Google and posts a link to the search results, all in one fell swoop. But maybe that's just me....

Posted by RavingMadStudios 8 years ago

something that every instructable member should do...

well, I'm saying that what every member should do is create an editable intro/about of themselves to be put as the first comment on their orangeboards. I got the idea from Gorillazmiko because he did this to his orangeboard (with help from ewilhelm)

Posted by coolz 10 years ago

Suggestion - Sticky Bugs to Questions page

There's been a lot of questions concerning bugs about pictures (from mostly new members) recently, and I suggest that we simply sticky a comment or forum topic to the top of the questions page, concerning the current bugs (to prevent these floods of questions). And if not that, maybe a comment after the submit page, something like,"Is this the correct area to post your question/problem? If it involves a bug on the site, refer to the Bug Report section." After all, just a suggestion.

Posted by nickodemus 7 years ago

ive been tryin to make a throwable sticky taser type thing ive gotten close but i havnt got it yet i need advise?

ive had the idea from a movie but instead they used led lights im just trying to figure out how to get it to stick and shock severly  

Asked by ebowers 6 years ago

Why You Can't Reply to a Sticky Comment or Best Answer

Lemonie sent me the following question asking why he couldn't reply my answer, which had been selected as best answer by the question-author. Here's his question:Hello Eric,Sorry to take up your time with something minor, but why could I not post a REPLY to your comment on this Answer, yet I DID have the option to flag it?https://www.instructables.com/answers/Is-there-any-way-to-get-a-list-of-all-the-instruct/L(My reply to the question is there, is this not what they wanted?)When an author selects the best answer, we make that comment thread "sticky" and move it permanently to the top of the heap of other potential answers. You can only select a top-level comment as best answer, but the entire thread travels with that top-level comment. The thinking here is that an entire thread might be the best answer.Once the answer is marked best and "sticky", we remove the ability to reply to it. This is intended to prevent later comments from being tacked onto the best answer thread, just so they appear at the top of the list. If the author un-marks the thread as best answer, further replies can be added.The same is true of "sticky" comments throughout the site. When we make something sticky, we feel it's important enough to always be the first comment. However, we want to prevent others from hijacking this position with unrelated replies.

Posted by ewilhelm 9 years ago

What natural substance can I use that has a tacky feel to put on my dogs paws that is non toxic to dogs?

My dog had a spinal op,and was recovering nicely. I have polished floorboards that are an absolute nightmare for him to walk around on. The list of remedies I have tried are endless. Dog socks,boots,shoes,mats,balloons etc.I have spent a small fortune with no luck. We have non slip mats around but I can't cover the whole house in rubber mats. I've trimmed his nails short,and the fur between his toes,but I've noticed his paw pads are really dry. I'm trying to formulate something that I can put on his paws that has a tacky feel. I'm no scientist but I've wracked my brain to come up with a solution that is easy to make and not toxic. It has to be something that doesn't taste fantastic because he'll lick it off. As a sample I tried some tacky hair wax..which just gave him a little grip,but it's not what I'm looking for. I know beeswax is sticky,but i think it needs to be mixed with something.I had a feel of surfboard wax,but it didn't have enough tackiness for what I want.I know honey is sticky but don't think I want that all over my floor.Also pine sap is sticky too. I guess i'm looking for something that feels like those silicone non slip dots you can buy that is safe for animals? Any suggestions?

Asked by Lemonpoppyseed 2 years ago

What can I put on gummy candy to make it not sticky when cooled?

So I made gummy candy using one of the methods i saw here. I melted gummy bears then cooled them. Buuut the problem is my candy when cooled were all sticky and stuff. How can I make them not sticky?

Asked by obesemidget 6 years ago

Where's the best place to buy good quality very sticky electrical tape for cheap?

Hey everybody, I was board so decided to post a tread to know where to buy good quality very sticky electrical tape for cheap... I'm kind of tired of buying hundreds of electrical  tape rolls and always ending up with the ones that does not stick well, I even tried buying a roll at $10 and it's still the same story. Do you guys experiencing the same  problem? Any recommended place to buy some?

Posted by Electrospark 3 years ago

stick bmw letters? Answered

You know the 325i letters on the back of a bmw? the little silver letters, well i have the i part that fell off and im wondering what i should put it back on with?

Asked by Sigsaucer647 9 years ago

How can I make a biodegradable adhesive in a paintball-like form-factor that's durable but would break if thrown.

Scenario: you're riding your bike. A car cuts you off. You have a little hopper full of these balls and have the presence of mind to get one out and throw it at the car. It sticks to the car. When the driver gets home, he sees it. Inside of the clear adhesive is a laminated piece of paper or something durable with a link written on it. The driver goes to the website and reads instructions about how to be a better bike-friendly driver. They wash the adhesive off with no damage done to the car. They become more conscientious drivers.

Asked by pyaranderson 9 years ago

How can I make paint less sticky?

I spray painted a hollowed-out book from Pier 1 Imports using Rust-Oleum 2x Ultra Cover Satin Paint and Primer about a week ago, maybe two, but one side is still a too tacky deal with, but not enough to mess up the coat. One side was the same way for awhile, but it solved itself after I left it sit face-down for a day or two, but that didn't work on the other side. What can I do to dry the paint?

Asked by Numbuh1Nerd 2 years ago

Banana leaf with bloody sticky rice

A tranditional dish for northeast Thailand, usually enjoy as breakfest or supper. Blending coconut slices, sugar and white seasame with steamed sticky rice, pumpkin and young banana. God, I wonder how could Thai people eat so much sticky rice at one meal. Anyway, my stomach can't deal with it well. Even I used sucralose instead of sugar, I still feel guity for a such high calorie dish.

Posted by quinault 9 years ago

what is a would you call this?

Remember those slap hand toys that you used to have? what would you call a toy like that you know the stretchy stickyish material its made of? how could i make my own? im trying to make a slime from minecraft btw

Asked by captainjazzhands 5 years ago

Fondant becomes sticky? Answered

What to do if fondant becomes sticky ??

Asked by sangeetajha 1 year ago

Homemade epoxy alternative?

Hey all, I need epoxt for many reasons, and for many reasons I cannon get/use it. So I am wondering... Does anyone know of a good homemade solution that is comparable to epoxy? It needs to harden to a really solid finish. Thanks!

Asked by I_am_Canadian 9 years ago

Paint on rubbery material is sticky?

I used spraypaint (krylon fusion for plastics) on a material kind of like the plastic ruberry outside of wires, cables, cords, etc. It feels really sticky to the touch and I don't even know if I want it on anymore (I don't mind either way). What's the best way to go about this? If I wait long enough will the paint dry and stick to the material? Or should I remove the paint, and how?

Asked by 8 years ago

A soft but sticky heart

I made a super delicious dessert, named soft but stick heart. it's quite easy. Just put sticky rice dough inside of chineses dry date, and boiling in little syrup. Done. For diet reason, I used sucralose instead of sugar.

Posted by quinault 9 years ago

How to rejuvenate non-sticky velcro

Is there anything that can be done to things that fasten with Velcro that "lose" the ability to attach the "cro" to the "vel?"

Posted by weekilter 7 years ago

Birds and sticky flytraps HELP!!! NOW!!!

Just now, my bird flew into a flytrap, i got him out of it, got bit numerous times by a stressed bird, HURT LIKE HELL! and now he's sticky, i need to know how to get the stickiness off of him, i used olive oil on his beak to get the stickiness off of that, his head feathers didn't get trapped (thank goodness) but i need to know how to clean him without having to touch under his wings, he doesn't like that. i don't think it got past his down to his skin. He is also sneezing more than usual are sticky flytraps poisonous? there isn't any facts on the package, google wasn't much help either. I AM NOT SPRAYING WD-40 ON MY BIRD. Please help.

Posted by Yerboogieman 9 years ago

Millefiori candy (sticky candy) in the U.S. or Canada?

 I am doing a glass project where I need to find a certain kind of candy inspired by the glass process of millefiori. Sticky candy, a brand in Australia and a few other countries, uses this technique but none of the designs work for me and I don't think they ship to the U.S. or Canada. Anyone know what this candy is called/ other producers of it? Thanks! http://www.sticky.com.au/index.php?Exquisite_hand_made_lollies_and_candy_for_gifts_and_promotions&cat=16 here is an example of Sticky candy http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Millefiori and here is the glass process I'm talking about. :) 

Asked by shortone 6 years ago

How to create a basic save/open file dialog in Visual C#?

I am creating a simple Sticky Notes application that will open/read/save text files (in a *.sticky) extention. I was able to code the entire application, except for the save, save as, and open commands. Does anyone know how to do this? Thanks.

Asked by Pettrocity 6 years ago

What am I doing wrong?

So, I've been wanting to make bottle cap pendants for awhile now, but every time I go to paint the bottle caps using my acrylic paint, it dries all sticky. How do I prevent the paint from peeling or coming off if it gets wet or something? I have some acrylic sealer, but I don't like the sticky texture. Will the sealer make it not sticky?

Asked by ccarreer 5 years ago

how can i grow an avocado tree from a seedling? mine always die :(?

I can successfully get an avocado seed to sprout a small seedling, but when it grows about a foot or two, they always seem to wilt before im able to plant it. any suggestions?

Asked by Smelven 8 years ago

im trying to paint my nerf guns but one problem what type of paint to use that wont scratch off or sticky?

I want a paint that isn`t sticky once dried and a paint that wont scratch off?

Asked by the modder 6 months ago

HELP - Tacky Fabric?

I'm trying to find out the best method to make a cotton fabric somewhat sticky or tacky ... perhaps the best example of what I am trying to achieve are the identical properties of a 'Football Receiver Gloves'. Criteria:1. Should wash ok without losing its tacky quality. 2. Adhere to itself while avoiding picking up lint or dust. 3. Allow a fabric such as soft cotton to remain soft and pliable.Any help / direction would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance."In a sticky situation"

Asked by masotomagic 4 months ago

How to steam open an envelope?

Any suggestions on how to steam open a sticky sealed envelope?

Asked by jshhndsd91 5 years ago

How to paint nerf sticky darts and still have them work?

I would like to "modify" my Nerf Maverick darts to make them look more "steampunky" but I would also like them to still be able to fire from said Maverick.

Asked by EndlessWhite49 8 years ago

Feature Question: How do you create an unreplyable comment?

So, how does one create a comment which cannot be replied? I've seen one example, posted this morning, and it rather surprised me. I know that there is a work around if the comment itself is in reply to something I've written, but I'm still curious if it is a "user-accessible feature." UPDATE: I have learned from Staff that this is a feature of all "sticky comments." Announcements of bug fixes are often flagged as sticky, so they stay at the top of the original bug report. Also, the new "Best Answer" flag will make the associated comment sticky, for the same reason.

Posted by kelseymh 9 years ago

Sticky Note Holder

I'm very intimidated to post on this forum with all you geniuses but here goes. This is an acrylic holder that you can get from any craft store. I always love this rubber stamping technique as it is so easy yet comes out so pretty every time.  All you do is dry emboss a background word stamp with white emboss on white watercolor paper then stamp your image over top.  I wet the ink and add a few different colors on top of each other so it looks like an actual watercolor painting.  You can fleck some wet ink for an artistic effect too.  The paper underneath just slides in. The pen is a Pentel pen so you can open it and put whatever paper you'd like inside. I used a small piece of clear velcro to hold the pen on. Embellish as you wish and voila a beautiful sticky note holder. This technique is great for cards and scrapbooking.

Posted by Lori Ell 7 years ago

"last post by" is substantially broken in forum summaries

Earlier today, RocketScientist2015 reported a bug with the forum topic lists, that "sticky" topics appeared to no longer be sticky.In addition, it seems that the "last post by " mechanism is broken. The attached three screenshots were taken within the past five minutes. You can see many "empty" fora, including the whole Marketplace (second).There appeared to be a server outage last night around midnight. Could this be fallout from that?

Posted by kelseymh 9 years ago

Hydration of dough? Answered

My bread dough tends to be heavy and finishes "heavy". Yeast is proofed well. Would a sticky,wet dough solve the problem? I like whole flour with it for flavor.

Asked by ralphab 1 year ago

Making fresh Mozzarella

I've tried to make fresh mozzarella twice and haven't been able to get it smooth. The cheese has the texture of sticky riicotta cheese. What can I do to fix it?

Asked by Troye Mackie 5 years ago