hey everyone, planning to open a computer store. Any tips?

Hey everyone planning to open a computer and computer accesories store. Please can you give me some tips or suggestion for buying low price products which are sold for higher prices? any websites for getting lower rate products? please e-mail your answers to hhbadri@gmail.com I would highly appreciate that !

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Instructables Store

Hi, i was wondering what happened to the Instructables Store link. i would like to see whats new there, and cant find the link. any help is greatly appreciated.

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Is there a store where I can find a servo motor? Answered

I need a continuous rotation servo really fast, so I can't wait for shipping (a normal one would work too, I can modify it for continuous rotation). I live in New Jersey, but I can go to New York (city) too. I just need to find an actual store where I can buy one, not something online. Thanks!

Asked by jessejwk 8 years ago | last reply 8 years ago

Buying stuff (in LA etc)

Where can I buy cheap touch sensors and switches?? (in LA)

Posted by neee 8 years ago

Harware stores 80 Vs 30,000

Just out of interest... I was pondering as to whether the dimise of small chain harware stores is a world wide phenominum or is just an Australian trend... I am lucky enough to have started with my company, back when it was the type of store you could dash into and see Bob from electrical, that had that 1w LeD you were looking for, that never sells, just Bob has some stashed away just for special customers like yourself... Or Dave in plumbing that knows exactly what PSI rated pipe you need for the job..... Or even Tim in tools is still holding that $400 impact drill he ordered in just 'cause you said you wanted to check it out(even though he is not supposed to) Unfortunatley we have been taken over by a multi-million dollar company and things have changed.... Most of the old employees were sacked.... But some made it though... I have taking it apon myself to resurect the fallen company, one person at a time.... So far 5 of us remain (quality employees that LOVE our customers) I now am a manager and have trained over 15 employees. (these team members at times get VERY protective of their departments, which makes me wonder if I instilled a 'lil bit to much of myself in them) Those 15 have trained atleast 5 employees each... So far that's 80 employees... Hopefully this spontaniously continues... I might add, these employees act vastley different from the generic 16yr old kid, the new business employs, who doesn't care if a customers get's stuffed around for hours on end.... 80 vs 30,000 It's seems to be working as I have had MANY complements as to the QUALITY of service provided to customers, by these employees. In the mean time until we take control (I already have 90% of my staff converted to the dark side at my store ;p) It's off to go hide some LeD's, Switch's, Fitting's, Drill's etc down inside our racking so "other" managers don't find out and squeel to head office... Anyway's, is there any Bob's or Dave's left at your local hardware store that you can call on, for all those weird and wonderful things we needs to make all our Instructable dreams come true???

Posted by Lftndbt 11 years ago

UK Instructables Store Now Open!

Because shipping across the pond totally sucks we opened up a Spreadshirt store in the UK as well. Shipping for UK members should be a lot cheaper now.So if you're on the other side of the Atlantic, check it out! UK Instructables store

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What is the cheapest and best electronics store? Answered

I need some parts for a project. Where is the best place to buy them?

Asked by wildanddangerous 9 years ago | last reply 9 years ago

New Instructables Shirt Store Now Open! Make a Custom Shirt!

We have a new t-shirt store open! Choose your own design and what kind of shirt you want. It's entirely custom and up to you!We shut down our Instructables Store a little while ago, but wanted to keep a variety of shirts available without worrying about inventory. So we've created a store on Spreadshirt where you can choose your own design, place it, resize it, and get it made.Let us know what you think! Instructables t-shirt store

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does any one know how to store a bike ascetically Answered

Does any one know how to store a bike but still make it look good or maybe cover the bike. out side is not okay I live in an apartment complex with no yard. cheap is good, i do work at a fastener house so nuts and bolts and such are not a problem?

Asked by weezzel13 9 years ago | last reply 9 years ago

Can I buy zinc at a drug store?

I'm doing an experiment where i need a powder form of zinc and vitamins or whatever would do i just need zinc powder and do they sell it at drugstores?

Asked by mysterious ninja of fire 9 years ago | last reply 7 years ago

Instructables Store

Unfortunately we've closed down the store for a while. You can get t-shirts and other goodies through us by winning contests! ---------------------------------------------------------- We very recently opened up the Instructables Store! Right now it's still very early and only has a few items in it, but we are going to be expanding it a bit more soon. Currently available are T-shirts, packs of Sugru, and a couple of cardboard kits. Next to be added are more cardboard animals for construction. After that we'll be looking to add a variety of very limited edition items. It will be experimental and we hope to learn a lot from it as well as offer up fun and unique items to all of you. Again, that's the new Instructables Store! Thank you.

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New in the store: Great stuff from Mrballeng

Author Mrballeng has been making some great Instructables here that cover jewelry, photography, and even making a pen out of a bullet. We're now honored to be offering a few items from him in the Instructables Store! As of now we are selling the Refillable Rifle Shell Pen, 50 Cal Bottle Opener, and 12 Gauge Shot Shell Cufflinks. Be sure to check them out. In case you don't know who this Mrballeng character is, check out this Featured Author Interview with him. 

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instructable prizes

Well i had found in the store they are selling the prizes. So if u enterd the contest and u didnt won and u wanted a prize. well get happy and buy one . follow this link if u want to buy or clame a prize:http://instructablestore.com/prizes1.html

Posted by Jr Hacking kid 11 years ago

Odds and Ends

This is a store to sell off some of my junk and to sell kits for my instructables: Steel wire: 2$ per yard for my thick wire and 1.50 for my thinner wire. 3/8 inch thick by 3' long steel pole: negotiable more to come pm me with orders

Posted by instructoguy 9 years ago

Problems with the "Store"

I am a new member here, registered, all of that. After I took care of that, I tried to visit the store. The first block was the declaration that I wasn't signed in. Oh, but I was! However, I tried to sign in again - but screen asked twice for email and no blank for user name. I got rejected there, tool Not to be outdone, I came back today with determination. Ha! Just run a ditto through all the problems. Maybe I am being discriminated against because I am Firefox - perhaps it is because I am a Macgirl. Whatever the reason, everything else works OK - but you won't ever have to worry about selling me anything if you won't open the door.

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Demented Robot

I'm sorry to whoever took it, but when I saw this picture...I just laughed. The robot looks a wee bit demented in this photo:http://static.fmpub.net/banners/1/35ebe8b494624b766dbd0061285de3ca/robot_store_ad6.gifMaybe he's mad he isn't getting royalties?

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Fake Fur

I need to know where to get some fake fur from somewhere in england (preferably near Preston) to make a modded version of thewrist wallet so if anyone lives near or knows somewhere to get some from.also how mush does the stuff cost?

Posted by wii maniac 10 years ago | last reply 10 years ago

Really cool warehouse store!

My friend saw some of my work I have done, and projects I am now working on (which will be put up once they are done). He told me he was on a road trip out west and he cane across this warehouse store. He later sent me the link. The place is really cool! Definitely worth checking out the website! Maybe it will strike up and idea for someone! http://www.westendsalvage.com/

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How to store hydrogen under pressure

I've made several hydrogen generators via electrolysis, but every time I failed to store the generated hydrogen under (some) pressure. In this-> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m9Q6gDKP2R0 video they used an emptied fire extinguiser to store the hydrogen. The only problem with this is that they use a chemical reaction to generate the hydrogen whereas I want to use a renewable source (electricity).  I have a compressor so I could use that to generate the pressure. Has anyone got any ideas on how I could store hydrogen under pressure? Thanks

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Does the Instructable Website have a store where you can buy stuff with the robot on it??

If they do not, I think they should...I would love to have a Instructables Robot Patch or 3  to put on my coats & Jackets....maybe a sweatshirt or T-Shirt as well...hats even....I love baseball hats.... key chains might be another good idea....can you tell I like this website??  :P I'm thinking craft instructables in the works.....

Asked by SIRJAMES09 7 years ago | last reply 4 years ago

I made a storenvy

Hello Friends! Well, in my last forum I said I would start an online store, and I did. Yay, go me. I made a storenvy called twostars (http://twostars.storenvy.com/). I am currently selling, the whale, dragon, Espeon, and a bag I made using the crocodile stitch. If you like what I make, but can't crochet yourself, this is a great place to get them. For the dragon and bag, I have tons and tons of color options to make is super customize-able. If you have any suggestions on what else I should make and sell there, I would love love love to hear them. Enjoy your day and don't forget to do that one thing you have been putting off doing.

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It would be a great idea if instructables published a podcast

Instructables could publish a podcast with new instructables,news from the contests and others every day,week,month (I prefer every day)

Asked by arv_christos 8 years ago | last reply 8 years ago

what are some good cheap web sites to buy electronic parts?

I am looking for some good cheap electronic web sites to buy parts. thanks

Posted by fish88 10 years ago | last reply 6 years ago

Is futurlec.com a good site?

I was just wondering if anyone here has ordered from futurlec.com before. I read many reviews and some said it was horrible while others said it was great. I already made a small order of almost $20, will it come or not because some people said their stuff didn't even come. Please just tell me what you think of it, thanks for your help!

Asked by ikestarm17 9 years ago | last reply 8 months ago

Would you buy an Xbox Live App in the app store for $1?

Not the ones currently in the app store. I'm in the process of making one and it will be amazing!

Asked by conradev 9 years ago | last reply 8 years ago

Junk Stores around the Baltimore Washington Area

Anyone know of any resources in the Greater Baltimore/Washington area for scrap stuff. Thanks

Posted by wiredcur 8 years ago | last reply 8 years ago

How long will a lithium battery store? Answered

If I bought 2 rechargeable lithium polymer batteries for a cell phone, but only needed one for now, could I store the unused battery until the first battery quit charging (and was garbage)? If the above question makes ZERO SENSE, let me try explaining it another way: Ok, you have this fancy gadget that you want to keep functioning for many years. Eventually, the battery inside won't be able to take a charge, and the battery will be obsolete and no longer sold. Would it make sense to buy extra batteries ('stock up') and store them for a time when the original battery went bunk; would the stored batteries be like brand new after many years (these batteries would have never been charged before.. they would be still originally packaged)? Hope that actually makes sense :D -Neph

Asked by nepheron 8 years ago | last reply 3 years ago

Where can I find a Fresnel Lens in LA?

I am trying to find a Fresnel lens for making a cheap DIY projector, and I checked the websites for a few stores nearby and haven't had any luck. Does anyone know of any stores like Lowes or Home Depot that carry fresnel lenses?

Asked by noingwhat 8 years ago | last reply 8 years ago

Harvesting hazelnuts? Answered

After many fruitless years, our hazel tree is suddenly bearing nuts. What I want to know is when/how to harvest them, and how do we treat/store the nuts afterwards?

Asked by Kiteman 2 years ago | last reply 2 years ago

BIG stuff

So, while surfing meh interwebs, I ran into an awesome store that sells giant things like pens, pencils, giant computor keys you can sit on, and many more. Check it out here: http://www.greatbigstuff.com/catalogfront.html

Posted by Flumpkins 9 years ago

(Online) LED stores

So I noticed there are a lot of LED 'ibles so I am creating a trying to keep the best in this forum.LED HK on Ebay has many lots of 100 of a variety of colors of LED's for only $8.Link: http://myworld.ebay.com/led-hk/The Electronic Goldmine has specific LED's and miscellaneous assortments of LED's.Link: http://www.goldmine-elec-products.com/departments.asp?dept=1088Help this forum grow by commenting with your favorite online LED retailer(s).

Posted by bomberman3 10 years ago | last reply 7 years ago

Toronto, San Francisco - Where to buy?

I live in Croatia and my friend is going now to either to San Francisco, USA or to Toronto, Canada.My question is where in these towns he can buy electronics, robot parts, MAKE and LadyAda kits... etc.? And where is in these towns sparkfun store or dealer?

Asked by Dantex 8 years ago | last reply 8 years ago

GEARS, where can i buy them?

Does anyone know of a store that sells gears? Preferably in the toronto area. i have attached some photos of what i am looking for. This was attached to a motor with a 3/16" axle. I would like the new one to also have a 3/16" hole to accept the same sized axle. Thanks!

Asked by luch 9 years ago | last reply 9 years ago

Anyone know a good european electronics online store with free shipping (or cheap shipping)?

I'm currently looking for an electronics supplier that delivers to Europe (specificly Belgium) For now I want to order from digikey corp (since charges over 65 euro's have free shipping) but in my quest for ever cheaper suppliers I wanted to know if there where others out there who could be cheaper . I'm looking for stuff like arduino one, resistors, capicators, servo's, breadboards... You know everything a beginning electronic tinkerer needs :)

Asked by MichelMoermans 7 years ago | last reply 3 years ago

What are some good projects for decorating a Vintage clothes store?

So, the company I'm working for just ordered me to start a clothing store in.....Manila, philipines; to function as a showroom and clothing store they hope to expand into a chain.... My life is really random. Anyway, they own a new used clothing store factory down there and will supply my stock. Everything else about the store is up to me including design and layout.  I'd love to have some instructables projects used in the store which might expand into a chain. Please recommend me some! When we start the store I'll give credit or even pay royalties to the authors

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Lion Brand Yarn Store: NYC grand opening!

When Eric and I were in NYC earlier this year, we got an early tour through the half-finished construction zone that will soon be the Lion Brand Yarn store. It should be awesome when finished - I'm jealous of all of you who live in the NY area and can visit! Official opening date is November 18, at 34 W 15th Street. Check it out!The Times Square billboards will be running Lion Brand Yarn ads for a bit on opening day - they've put up a mock-up for those of us who can't be there to view it in person.

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I wish to make electricity with my cycle (can be made stationary) - can't afford to buy ANYTHING, am that poor. Help.?

I intend to make my cycle a stationary one so that I might exercise at home. With that, I hope to create electricity as well (someday sell electricity too hopefully :D ) Of course I do not have much - and I need help to create the same without buying a thing preferably. Help please. Also suggest how I could store the same, just in case I successfully make some.

Asked by Iyer2711 9 years ago | last reply 6 years ago

What hackerspaces should I visit in San Fransisco?

I'm about to head off to San Fransisco to visit some family, and I'd like to visit some hackerspaces and similar places. I went to Noisebridge when I went to Maker Faire two years back, but I only went in for a brief (but very cool) tour. So, what else should I visit? Also, are there any DIY/building/hacking related stores I should go to? AUGUST 22ND UPDATE: I just got back from San Fran. I went to Noisebridge's new place. It's pretty cool. Thanks, Noahh

Asked by noahh 8 years ago

What is the best site for buying computer hardware? Answered

I was wondering what a good site is for buying good quality, affordable, computer hardware (like PCI cards, ram, video cards, fans, heat sinks/distributors, CPUs motherboards, etc..) Thanks!  -Shadow Ops

Asked by Arbitror 9 years ago | last reply 9 years ago

Piezo buzzer won't work? Answered

I have a couple of Piezo buzzers that I bought from the Adafruit shop, but when I connect them to a power source, they don't buzz or make any noise... Am I doing something wrong? Or am I not doing something?  Heres the link to the buzzers I have: www.adafruit.com/index.php

Asked by Zem 8 years ago | last reply 7 years ago

Bacon bowls and cool eco wallets

I was browsing around some of our referring sites this morning and I found a couple of interesting posts on notmartha.org. Bacon Cups >> I had an occasion calling for bacon themed food and my mind immediately turned towards the famed bacon mat. I needed something a little more single-serving though, so I decided to attempt bacon cups. In the bacon mat instructions there is mention of draping the mat over an overturned metal bowl and cooking it so that it would turn out in as a bowl shape. I decided to try using the backs of various muffin and mini cake pans, I ran out of bacon before I got to try as many as I would have liked so I'll have to try more at a later date. Any excuse for more bacon. DB Clay Wallet >> The people at DB Clay gave me a Version 3 wallet to give away! I hope you don't mind if I had a little look at it, it's excellently manufactured. DB Clay makes limited edition wallets out of a material they call Tope: "Tope is strong. Tope is durable. Tope is heat and cold resistant. Tope is smooth textured. Tope is water resistant. Tope is robust. Tope is eco friendly." The material feels great, and I bet if they sold it by the yard Etsy makers all over the world would buy it like crazy. I thought these were really cool wallets and then I found out you can get one for 50% on their website for the next 6 hours. So if you want/need a cool wallet, here's your chance.http://www.dbclay.com/

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List your favourite store on Facebook

Hi all, My apologies if this post have caused any inconvenience to you. I sincerely hope i can gather some support through this post and hopefully, get some of you to list your favorite stores on my facebook application: https://apps.facebook.com/yourfbstore/index.php Basically, this application allows you to post your favorite stores and recommend them to your network of friends so that they are aware of a good store (i.e. where to find good stores that sell good materials for projects and etc.). Do take a look at the attached pdf for the simple posting procedures. Thank you for your time. Warmest Regards, Sonik

Posted by needitbadly 8 years ago

Not being able to see the price of items in the store if they are sold out? Answered

Is it just me, or are you not able to see what the price of the items in the Instructables store that are sold out. (Unless it's just because of the "legal review".) Anyways, if it is true, and you cannot see the price, I'd recommend adding that feature if possible. Thanks, Me

Asked by tqwerty 6 years ago | last reply 6 years ago

can this but used in the usa? Answered

Http://www.mini-itx.com/store/?c=43 would i need a converter or something or would it not work

Asked by knexsuperbuilderfreak 9 years ago | last reply 9 years ago

Help With Flash?

Hello. I'am Creating a Website with 100% flash. i am doing great so far except; i need to have a page for people to purchase items online. the only thing is that i do not know how to set up an E-store in flash im not looking for the whole website to be the store, just a single section/page any help would be greatly appreciated Thank You

Posted by programedfiles 8 years ago

i need help trying to hack / add video to an over sized phone shaped video store display? Answered

Hey i just got a hold of a store displace for a motorola photon, it place like a 30 second video on loop. it has 2 buttons to access video and sound settings and next to it is a female usb port. i pluged in a simple usb drive and it said it was unsupported, so my question if any one has experience with these type of displays, is there a way i can load other videos, pictures or even use it as an external display. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ca1DlChvgBM&list;=UUvhUnyTY9QXDpzwi2VUVSLg&index;=1  vdeo demo

Asked by sillyzombie666 5 years ago | last reply 4 years ago

Now that iTunes has the App Store, is there still any advantage to jailbreaking an iPod touch? Answered

I just got a new second generation iPod touch, and I was wondering if there was any advantage to jailbreaking it.

Asked by Gjdj3 9 years ago | last reply 9 years ago

How to Make an USB to store or access only pdf files?

Hi, This is chandrashekar, i want to write a program to USB that i need to save or access only pdf file. Please help me out. Thanks and Regards, Chandrashekar A

Posted by cashwathnarayan 4 years ago | last reply 4 years ago