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Posted by shooter129 10 years ago

How do i make more friends?

Im pretty..odd. and i dont really have any friends. Any tips on getting more friends? i have a lot of female friends but id like more guy friends....

Asked by octopuscabbage 8 years ago

lol stuff

This topic is for anything funny if it is pics, jokes, or anything just plain funny

Posted by cupcake43 8 years ago

Good place to get parts and stuff for free.

If you go here you can do offer to get points to spend on stuff on amazon.

Posted by BradCush 8 years ago

What Does 'Stuff' Refer to?

Does it have to be food or cam it be anything ? tnx

Posted by cherishcherub 7 years ago

water stuff

Well the contest is pretty cool i wonder what else people are going to enter i cant wait to enter mine it is pretty cool but i would rather have the first prize then the second

Posted by DIY and STUFF 7 years ago



Posted by shann.rox 8 years ago

Broken Electonics and Stuff

I am looking for Broken electronics like video games systems, mp3 players, cameras. I am also looking for Pokemon cards but only the original set like 1-151 new no card crap.

Posted by grimfig 10 years ago

K'nex projects

Do you have any knex stuff you haven't posted yet? Or have one you want to share? Share them here!

Posted by justin345 7 years ago


Say something random

Posted by T-man 10 years ago


What are ya gettin for Christmas?

Posted by T-man 10 years ago

what are we called ?

What are we called ? scavengers,mcguyvers? people who build odd usefull stuff out of junk. some computer guys call themselves geeks what are we?

Posted by jerry rigger 10 years ago


America is cool post anything American here!

Posted by cj81499 8 years ago

What was that called again?

...where you could take an old T-shirt and remove color from an area using some sort of thick bleach stuff and a stencil? I've forgotten the term used. That was a very good instructable.

Asked by LindaLW666 9 years ago


Vote for my meatloaf on a stick. I've never won anything. hahaha

Posted by MomLovesElectro 7 years ago


It looks different, and its easier to use, the new editor is awesome. I noticed this when i was working on a new ible....................

Posted by DJ Radio 9 years ago

How do i create a class?

I want to create a class to teach people about fnaf or something. How do i do it?

Asked by CavemanHoles 1 year ago

Have you noticed the chatroom???????

Look at the chatroom, ITS BLANK!!!!!! also, eric made gmjhowe a mod. too bad gmj had mod powers before this happened

Posted by DJ Radio 9 years ago

I really need a funny school prank before june 6th

I would appreciate any ideas for a prank at my school. ANY ideas?

Posted by Pumpkin$ 10 years ago

What should I make? I want to make sumtin but I cant think of anything!? Answered

Help? Please. I have no idea what to make

Asked by guitarmaster101 7 years ago

Filtered search box

Not a bug, just thought you ought to know that our school filter blocks the search box. (The half-word "network" is all that will fit of the usual message with which the system replaces filtered content.)

Posted by Kiteman 5 years ago

Please tell me if you can what these two tools are ?

The first is a harpoon looking instrument that has retracting prongs it is quite heavy and have been told that was used for stabbing hay bales but not sure , The second is a plier looking thing and not even sure what ????? They both were found on my past uncles farm where he lived for many decades and i now live and have been finding all kind of stuff that has been quite interesting Jerry I have been trying to upload a few pics but not working will continue to try 

Asked by rockclimberfj40 6 years ago

What can I do with two broken digital cameras?

I have 2 broken digital cameras and I need to know if they have any significant use before I take'em apart.

Asked by sf49ers 4 years ago

Operation Immortality

Operation Immortality is a project to collect and archive the very best of what humanity is and has accomplished. On October 12, 2008, Richard Garriott, famed video game designer and the first second generation American astronaut, will take digitized DNA and human accomplishments with him to store in outer space when he journeys to the International Space Station.The archive will include information on humanity's greatest achievements, messages from people all over the world, and DNA samples from some of our brightest minds and most accomplished athletes. During the month of September, every human being is invited to come to the website to submit their suggestions for our greatest achievements and leave a message for the cosmos. A lucky few may also be selected to add their DNA to the mix and join Richard Garriott as he rockets out of the atmosphere.With the LHC ready to do its thing, I think this organization has surfaced at the right time, save the earth, before we might all die.To def.LINK

Posted by bumpus 9 years ago

Noob Q about inverter for an ornithopter

I was looking in the back of my Jameco catalog the other day and they listed a product called "Muscle wire". It's apparently a nickel-titanium alloy that shrinks as it heats up. It occurred to me that I could flap ornithopter wings with it (a really small ornithopter). I was trying to figure out how I could switch voltage from one pair of wires (the flap UP wires) to the other pair of wires (the flap DOWN wires) without a microchip. I came up with something I'm sure wouldn't work involving a couple transistors, a diode and a cap. Today on wikipedia I figured out that what I was doing was something close to an inverter.So here's the question: Anyone know of a simple switching circuit that runs on a/c power and does not have square-wave switching characteristics?I'll keep researching this myself, but sometimes 'tis quicker to ask the big-brained and kind hearted (you know who you are).

Posted by royalestel 10 years ago

favorite music artists/bands?

Ok, i just want to do a bit of a survey here, ill just start with my favesfavorite music band:shop boyz- their song "party like a rock star" was awesome, its part one of my theme song. their remix is cool, and is my second part.............favorite music solo artist:i would declare this a tie between Chris Brown and Soulja boy. Chris brown's "kiss-kiss" was tight, especially on the t-pain solo part, his other song was good too...........Soulja boy made the tight song "soulja boy tellem". He also made a little spin- off of the song, which is the song "soulja boy with soulja girl". and his last one "YA!", i liked that one, it expressed his real feelings as a celebrity perfectly........................ oh, and DONT EVEN GET ME STARTED ON THE what is your favorite song artist?

Posted by DJ Radio 9 years ago

Store your stuff in the wall with Pocket Wall

This wall with stretchy storage is called the Pocket Wall and it was created by Polish Designer Maja Ganszyniec. Not happy with just putting stuff in piles on the floor or, you know, regular shelving? Start bulging the walls with your gear! Your Wall Becomes Storage With Pocket Wall

Posted by fungus amungus 8 years ago

Are ther any free offers that are legit?

I was wondering anyone knew of any of these online free offers that arte legit. I am always seeing offers for free kindles and MP3 players and electronic stuff. I wondered if anyone knew of any that are legit and will really give me stuff I was paricularly interested in this one Is it legit. Is any of this stuff legit. Thanks

Asked by nurdee1 6 years ago

How do you deal with too much stuff? Answered

I have a small house and the stuff that comes into it from every day living quickly stacks up (literally). Most of this stuff is good and or important or it goes right in the garbage. It's mostly an issue of taking too much time to process it or it's good stuff that I feel bad about throwing out like books. So are there any organizational or procedural tricks that you use to clear out clutter? I've built bookshelves and storage space everywhere I can manage. I throw out anything that doesn't have a purpose. I tried to implement the one in one out policy but had a hard time doing so with things like children's artwork and paperwork that comes in the mail. Please please please!

Asked by EmmettO 8 years ago

Coming Soon: Stuff On A Stick Contest

Coming soon a new contest from Instructables: Stuff On A Stick! We are hosting a contest that features our favorite food item, stuff on sticks. From cakes to pies to ice cream sandwiches (How Do They Work??) we want your best food items... ON STICKS! The contest will start july 25th, giving you enough time to eat a few boxes of Popsicles. Here are some good on stick projects: Cake Pops Pie Pops Ice Cream sandwich on a stick Giant Gummy Bear on a stick Minnesota State Fair on a stick This is a speed contest so it won't run for very long, so get crackin'! Good Luck!

Posted by frenzy 8 years ago

Selling stuff at school

Hi, I'm in middle school and i need money for a guitar. I want to sell candy or something at school to my friends but I don't know what would be successful. Please give me some suggestions. So far, I've only thought of selling war heads for $.50 each from a $15 240 piece tub. Please help!

Posted by warreng971 4 years ago

hearing electromagnetic stuff

Well, I was going to plug my ipod into some old computer speakers. my thumb touched the tip of the jack (ground) and it makes a buzzin noise. Big woop. No, as I go to reach my ipod it makes a big buzzing noise. what I was hearing was the electromagnetic waves. I reach for my cell phone and then a loud really highpitched noise ccame out. I waver my hand over my computer's power supply, I here a loud buzzing noise. How to do this: press tip of thumb to tip of 3.5mm jack turn your speakers up pretty high waver hand over complex electronics boy, do i have fun mornings, lol, being sarcastic

Posted by guyfrom7up 10 years ago

Random Button

I think There shoud be a "Random Instructable" button, some of the best I have found have been just stumbled on, click, click, click.

Posted by thejanitor 6 years ago

High Voltage shenanigans

I thought it was about time to post these videos ive made so i did! my very first forum post!

Posted by The 4th Doctor 8 years ago

More things unknown

I have some equptment that a friend gave to me and after a consult with google, I cant find any info on them online.

Posted by The Ideanator 8 years ago

How to take the lid off a zippo?

Im trying to make a shorty zippo, but i want to know how to take the lid off, thanks

Asked by Mrcheese15 6 years ago

Needed for a project : PvC pipe, leds any colo.....

Needed for a project :a motor, PVC pipe, l.e.d's any colour and a toy's helicopter propeller. do I need resistors ????

Posted by Alex Dee 6 years ago

High Energy shenanigans

Blowin up small fruits with my capacitor bank, and a little look at my homemade plasma globe hopefully ill add more of a description at some point, feel free to comment and ask questions

Posted by The 4th Doctor 8 years ago

Room Changing Keyboard?

Have you guys ever seen the music video for "fireflies" by owl city where the keyboard makes things turn on? yes that is all video effects, but wouldnt it be cool if someone wired up a keyboard to turn on a light display as you hit a key?

Posted by Buzzsushi 8 years ago

I feel so overwhelmed

I've just returned to making stuff. A former tinkerer turned university student and I can't even make an electric project cause i'm worried i'll be a disgrace as an engineer. I tried fixing my tablet but ended up frying the PCB. Now i'm afraid i'm gonna blow something up. I'm also worried that what I make is something someone else made. So copyrights and what not. How did people deal with this fear?  I also feel like I have no initiative i.e. not doing something the easier way and end up looking like a fool. Or do I just look into people's perception of me too much?

Posted by ebubeo 3 years ago

Where is a good place to get a gaming computer? Answered

I've been thinking that I need a little upgrade from the desktop computer that I have, by computer standards, its pretty old. All I really want is a gaming computer. I don't need any fancy cases or things of that sort, can anyone recommend a website and/or product?

Asked by Fizzxwizz 7 years ago

High Voltage shenanigans back with avengence

I threw together some more vids with significantly moar powah, enjoy! interesting note about the cd explosion according to my science the edge of the cd was traveling around 420mph i also have another cd explosion vid on my channel but this ones much more impressive

Posted by The 4th Doctor 8 years ago

Why do I get the error: expected `(' before 'buttonState' in myprogram?

So my code is int small = 9; int big = 8; int buttonPin = 6; void setup() {   pinMode(small, OUTPUT);   pinMode(big, OUTPUT);   pinMode(2, OUTPUT); } void loop() {   digitalWrite(2, HIGH);   int buttonState = digitalRead(buttonPin);   buttonState = map(buttonState, 0, 1023, 0, 1);   if buttonState = 1 {     digitalWrite(small, HIGH);     digitalWrite(big, HIGH);   }   else {     digitalWrite(small, LOW);     digitalWrite(big, LOW);   } } but for some reason I get that error. Please reply asap Thanks in advance

Asked by Myidentityisasecret 6 years ago


 These are some reallly cool images i found on geekologie.con

Posted by weasel999 8 years ago

who insired you to bulid knex stuff

mine was knex_builder_freak my frist gun was his the dessert buzzard (did i spell that right). so whos was yours?

Posted by knexsuperbuilderfreak 9 years ago

What stuff salvaged from computers/electronics would the instructables community be interested in?

I love to salvage usable stuff from old computers and electonics. I just wondered what sort of things I could salvage from electronics and computers that the instructables community would be interested in buying. Thanks for any sugestions.

Asked by nurdee1 6 years ago

Free Stuff Forum Category Rules

Welcome to the Free Stuff forum category!This category is for listing items or services for free that are of interest to the Instructables community. Please keep things relevant to the spirit of the site. Really cool listings may even be featured to the Instructables homepage, while irrelevant postings will be deleted.We encourage people to use our private messaging system to work out details, and remind you to deal locally when possible, or only with others whose reputation you can determine and trust (for example by checking out their Instructables profile). We strive to keep the quality of the listings high, but cannot guarantee their accuracy. When in doubt, ask lots of questions in the comments!

Posted by ewilhelm 10 years ago