An RTTTL for Pendulum - The Island Part 2? Answered

I also would like to find a good website where I can get RTTTL files, because I have had a few requests for stylophone tabs. Thanks, Flannel UK

Asked by NatNoBrains 7 years ago

Where can I find good quality Stylophone tabs? Answered

I really need this because I have a stylophone tabs website which can be found here. Thansk, Flannel UK

Asked by NatNoBrains 7 years ago

Why has my site suddenly had hundreds of visits? Answered

I'll show you the graph. It is my site to do with stylophone tabs. My overall views are 1,352, last month I had 805? Is there a good reason for this? Or is is just a sudden public surge for stylophone tabs? Thansk, Flannel UK

Asked by NatNoBrains 7 years ago

How do I make a feed from my blog? Answered

I have a blog and I want to make a feed from it, not a feed on it! Thanks, Flannel UK

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How do I make a program that translates chords into Stylophone tabs? Answered

All it needs to do is convert the chords on the left to the numbers on the right! A 1 A# 1.5 B 2 B# 2.5 C 3 C# 3.5 D 4 D# 4.5 E 5 E# 5.5 F 6 F# 6.5 G 7 G# 7.5 A 8 A# 8.5 B 9 B# 9.5 C 10 C# 10.5 D 11 D# 11.5 E 12 If anybody could help me because I have no experience on computer programs! Thansk, Flannel UK

Asked by NatNoBrains 7 years ago

I was wondering is it possible to make a stylophone? Answered

Here is a bit about them:

Asked by mdog93 9 years ago

How do you learn songs on a stylophone? Answered

I recently brought a stylophone and have been learning songs that other people have allready learnt on youtube by using the numbers they post in the description. but i wanted to start learning my own songs and was wondering how people work out songs on the stylophone. if it help the song i wanna learn is paradise by coldplay if anyone has the stylophone music for this then that will help alot :D

Asked by springwoll 6 years ago

Ninjabread Men Cutters, Bent Plywood Bicycle, Six-Cheese Nacho Fountain

Ninjabread Men Cutters Bent Plywood Bicycle Six-Cheese Nacho Fountain Caramel Dumplings Armored Messenger Bag 10 Uses for Old Toothbrushes Arduino to Nokia LCD Build a Stylophone DIY Portable Photo Booth The Magic Propeller Plant Cell Cake High-Gain Parabolic Mic Camcorder Shoulder Rig Air Freshener Sensor Hack Long Cargo Bike

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Electr'Ocarina of Time

Hi there! Okay so here i am with this idea i've been tackle with for weeks. Hold tight it's a long presentation. Brief Basically, i would like to make en electronic version of the Ocarina of time from Zelda. I would like to keep it really simple at least for the first step. So it will look like a proper ocarina but instead of holes there will be 6 arcade buttons ( Red, Green and 4 yellow as a reminder of the N64 gamepad buttons). Each button is assigned a note wich will be played while blowing through a microphone. The sound will be a synthesized sinewave that would be played thanks to a speaker. Will be great also if the device could work on a USB chargeable battery. I Have been doing researches on how to make it for a while now, though could'nt find exactly what i was looking for and not sure how to fit different parts together to make a worrkable fork. So i believe i have two options. As you may guess i am fairly new to electronics, programming and electronic music (Lol i read that all the times). To be as clear as possible i am gonna put some schemes of how i picture myself the electronic but i really don't know how it's supposed to be managed, i mean i know there will be some resistors, capacitors or whatever between the "function blocks" i draw but i have absolutely no clue of what should actually really appear. Option 1 - Analog So i made this stylophone few months ago : It is based on a 555 timer (i also saw some mini synths based on this component). It felt to me as a good starting point. Volume would be controlled through the mic instead of a pot and i would get rid of the pitch pot and all the unecessary notes. But i would like it to sound more fluty and so i found this tuto on how to make a sinewave but don't know how to use it in this project (or even if possible) : Regarding the microphone part I've also seen this insctrutable but the synth seemed to me way over what i planed to do in terms of sound synthesis ability : Option 2 - Digital So comes option 2 wich consist in using an arduino to synthesize the wave that would play if microphone is HIGH and if button 1 is High key 1 would be played etc. The scheme I provided seem definitely wrong to me but that's a first shot anyway. About sound synthesis with arduino i found this library i havent gone through the tutorial yet but it seem a little bit picky. So as you see i am kinda lost and a little clarification would be awesomely nice. I am actually working in a fablab and i would like to develop this project to be used as a workshop. Im pretty sure lots of old grown up kids would love to get a little ocarina. There are some other options i would like to implement (regarding what happend if you press several buttons or none) but well first things first. Hope you like the Idea, hope you can help. Love, Starsheeps and Electro-cupcakes! Adrien

Posted by ElectroSoja 1 year ago