My Sub.

I Just uploaded my first insturctable! i got 128 view in 3 days!i am also in the recent.Please Check it out and vote for me in both contests!

Posted by WatAhh 6 years ago

Amp to sub amp?

I wanna amp a sub but the only amp I have is a standerd amp how can I make this so audio out of the amp is really bassy part of the music  and with the plugs there 3 wire yellow white and just in there  mid the loos one ground yellow right and white left

Asked by R.A.T.M 6 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

sub mini fridge

I just got some soldering paste and I need to keep it cool. The temperature has to be above freezing, but still cool. Currently I'm keeping it in my fridge, but I don't want to keep it there once I break the seal (for safety reasons). I can't do that one mod using the 12 volt camper cooler, I don't have a camper cooler. I can't afford a mini-fridge. Just seeing if anyone here has any ideas. If nobody has any then I'm going to buy this USB micro fridge wwhich will keep it cool for $15.

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Sub vs Carpet

So i have these, and I just thought, that since the sub's driver (is that the right term?) is on the bottom, facing the ground, and I have carpet...does the carpet impair the sub? ...Since carpet absorbs sound...Just a thought. Should I put it on top of a piece of plexi glass or something?

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Plasma sub woofer?

Can a plasma speaker be configuredf to be able to generate realy deep base?

Asked by jcmcf57 6 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

Installing a sub in a car

I had the idea to put a sub in my car. i bought everything (sub+amp). But first I tried to wired it in my car, my friend told me to look at my alternator to see if he could take the load. My amp and subs are 600W rms. So I,ve look at the specification of my alternator is an 80 amp. Its the only thing about alternator I saw in a lot of diffent specs.\ So. 80 amp alternator 600W rms amp 600W rms sub Could my alternator could take the load???? thanks!

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This is the frame of my new ball machine, BALLMACHINEARIFICOUS ( Credit go's to  seliziona for the name) It will have 8 paths, its 3 1/2 - 4 FT tall. So yeah........ AXIYS OUT!

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how can i make a load bass sub from a normal speaker?

U know how u can get normal kit set speakers well i got like 10 but they cant play bass  i was wondering wether i could easily make 2 that could play lots of bass like a sub?????????

Asked by rug 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

Subscribe to Self!?

Why can you subscribe to yourself?

Posted by NatNoBrains 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

how to make the subwoofer itself not the casing? Answered

I would like to know how to make the subwoofer itself not the casing i have enough of thoes

Asked by rug 8 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

I can't sub to anyone

You saw the title. I can't sub to anyone. I use Mozilla Firefox 3.1 Beta 2.

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I need a sub for a TL082 IC

I am trying to build a bass specific 3 band  equalizer, and the only schematic i found uses a TL082 IC, would a TL072 work as a sub? if not what chips would?

Asked by fatfoohy 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

Why Sub c batteries used in battery packs for drills?

Is this somehow related to discharge rate? I'm trying to replace existing sub c batteries, but their price is put me off. Can anyone provide some info? If use equal capacity aa, what the difference gonna be (once again discharge rate)? I would  really appreciate any info about this.

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Want more subscribers on youtube? sub 4 sub here!

Heres an idea,if you want more subscribers on youtube go to my channel and subscribe! Ill sub back! 2 birds one stone!

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who subs who

Why does know one join this group if everybody subscribes people.i sub lots of people.who do you subscribe.

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Am just wondering if a high input to my subwoofer will spoil it?

My ibm comp spoilt its internal speaker. i think due to its high out power(its so loud). i use the same output to feed the sub woofer. i wondered if the high output will spoil it

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It's probably right in front of me, but..... Answered

It used to be that I could go someplace like, LIVING and within that, there were choices for say, Sewing or Knitting or Upcycle etc.  I don't see a way to access the list anymore.  Is it there and I'm not seeing it, or is it gone?

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Best sub $800 netbook?

I'm looking to purchase a netbook, with a maximum budget of $800, I just wanted to put it out to you guys... what do you think is the best. I already own a laptop, so no suggestions there, thanks. I'm strictly looking for something small and easy to carry around and use on the plane. I'm not concerned about OS, but want something capable of at least running ubuntu, preferably XP, but I don't really want to pay extra, as I'd prefer to install it myself. I want the biggest hard drive possible, and a long battery life. I want something capable of watching video from the hard disk. I don't really care about added extras such as a webcam or card reader. With size, I want something bigger than an eee pc, but not so big that I might as well use a full sizzed notebook, something slightly bigger than a portable DVD player would be good. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

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Another day of tinkering with my sub

Well here it is folks, another day of my tinkering. Lemonie should know exactly what I was "talkin" bout.

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subscribe or patch me!

Hey people just want to know if you can patch or sub me.

Posted by 2hot2hack 7 years ago

Is it possible to hook up home theater's speaker to a computer ,and how ?

Okay, I got a JVC XV THC-43 home theater, problem is the dvd player that came with it is dead like unreperable . I felt bad and didnt want to trow the speaker away . I wanted to hook them up to my computer but it's alot more dificult than I expected Problems are : all the speaker hook up to the sub the sub is suposed to conect via a mini din 8 pin cable to the dvd ( in that case my computer ) so people of the internet is it possible ? if yes , how ? thanks :P

Asked by jcardinal1 6 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

Need Help With Amp Instilation

I recently aquired a Infinity 311a Amp and am wanting to install it on a 1994 Chevy Silverado 2500. i can get any wiring i will need i just dont know what to start with  

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how can i make a sub cabnit out of fiberglass for my car?

Asked by joef07 10 years ago  |  last reply 10 years ago

What are some ways to control an ROV?

Does anyone know how to run( and power) a 5 motor ROV? Info Tether: 2x Cat5 4x 14ga wires

Asked by ry25920 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

Source for sturdy tubes + clear stuffs

I'm going to be dropping a submersible (on a rope for now, no motors yet...) about 600 meters into open ocean. This 'Sub' will need a clear viewing window for a camera, and be sturdy enough to withstand about 700 PSI, according to WikiAnswers (apparently, one vertical meter- 1.09 PSI, right? I'm missing something, aren't I.) So, how thick/ what type of tube will I need, and where can I get it? The project is secret for now, don't ask why I'm doing it.

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Extending the port of a ported subwoofer enclosure? Answered

I'm planning to pimp out my car, i was wondering... If i design my own subwoofer enclosure, i want to extend the port, so that the enclosure is vented right inside the car (not the trunk) if i did that, would i have to re-calculate port diameter? thanks!

Asked by Sandisk1duo 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

subwoofer installation? red wire, blue wire?

I need help with a car subwoofer, i have a friend whos red wire went, and doesn't have a power antenna akak a blue wire. his red wire went, its a 2000 buick and the cars are notorious for that issue. i have it on a switch for the 12v and i have a jumper from the 12v to the remote so when the switch is flicked the remote and 12 v are powered. is there an alternative wire to connect the remote to besides the red or blue?

Asked by slimguy379 9 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

How to power an opamp(with -5v) form USB?

I`m making a dac+amp with usb input and headphone out. I`m powering it from USB. The USB controller and the DAC uses 5v and 3.3V, but the opamp(LM4562) uses +-5v. How could I get this differential voltage form the 5V of the USB, even if i get less current. If you can give me a good IC, it would be great, but if you can give me even a schematic (+IC) would be awesome.

Asked by fmada 6 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

How has built an ROV?

If you have built an ROV or submarine, post it here for the world of instructables to see I recently finished an ROV about a month and a half ago and I'm planning to overhaul it. Here are some pics. Also, look at this front view2.) corner view3.) Power supply4.) controls (need work)UPDATE:< I now have a relay control board and 50' tether< the main design has change... Again.<4 motors instead of 5< extra wires in tether for manipulator arm

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I have multi-store website in magento, i want script when we pass alias or parameter then make folder in magento root?

I describe here in full view:- step 1: alias or parameter is "abc" now it display in magento website like "" // it is done by me no issue here i allready done in mywebsite Step 2: Now tha main content here  I face problem here right now:- I want script which is available in root of magento when alias or parameter pass then make folder "abc" in root of magento and two files index.php & .htaccess inside the "abc" folder. so please if any body have the any idea on step 2 please  share the code with me.

Asked by praveenpal 4 years ago

100 watt sub woofer amp

I'm looking for or to make a 100 watt amp, I can't seem to find any. If you know where i can find one online or a schematic to build one please let me know! Also is it possible to resist or lower the amps from an amplifier or will I have to specifically get a 30 watt amp for the mid range speaker. I am attempting an "led music box on steroids" project hahaha.... basically what I am going to do is make a clear plastic box and put leds and speakers and a 6" sub in it. Kinda bored and looking for a fun project and this came to mind. I'm open to any suggestions to make it better or ideas on how to power the speakers. Thank you in advance! The sub woofer I'm looking to power and the mid range speaker Might think about putting a tweeter in too

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y rnt peeps subbing mi? Answered

Asked by thedudeinmyroom 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

What is a Rev Sub Edition Book?

Well, couldn't find out the section to discuss books. Anyone know what the abbreviation "Rev Sub Edition" Means? Or point me to the right place to ask this.

Asked by phillyj 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

New car sub, does this work?

My cousin was nice enough to give me this nice little 200 watt 12 inch sub. It just needs some minor repair, theres a little puncture hole in the dust cap, simple fix. I tried hooking it up directly to my stereo and using the eq to filter out all the freq and still wasn't too happy. I took the amp out of my mirage sub and wired it all up to this one, the amp is only 75 watt rated, well I could be wrong, all I know was that the sub was 75 watt. But it works great, tell me if this is a good idea guys, lookin for opinions. Also too, is it normal that the heat sinks on the amp should be "energized"??? I picked it up by the heat sinks while it was plugged in before I had the sub and dropped it rather quickly, althought it seems to have loosened the joints up in my hand. Also too, does anyone know what brand of sub it is? All it says on the front and magnet is VR with a 12 in between (12 inch). I wanna find some specs for it as I'm not sure if the box it's in is tuned for it and I'm thinking about porting it or would that make it overdrive if it was ment to be in a sealed box?

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Laser Mouse Sub-Rev Tach

I would like to use a laser mouse as a sub-revolution tachometer. I know that a laser mouse can discern 1 part in 1,000. Some can discern 1 part in 2,000. If you print a ribbon with vertical lines and attach it around a disk you could expose the laser to the lines and create a data stream. I have already found a way to increase the USB polling rate in XP from 125 MHZ to as much as 1,000 MHZ. Though I have tried to find information on how to proceed with my idea, I have thus far found little to help me move forward. Is there anyone on this list with ideas that mght help make this project a reality? This could be data acquisition on the cheap. Really cheap. :)

Posted by nickec 10 years ago

Too big enclosure for sub woofer?

Last year had a lot of bad luck making my bike sound system. I made some boxes, fried some electronics, etc. The boxes were too big for easy handling, so I'll make another attempt, since spring is coming. I noticed the speaker (driver) did not like higher volumes; very large excursions in the lower Hz range , probably hitting the end of its moving range. It is a closed enclosure, no port. The RMS output of the amp is probably many times lower than the RMS rating of the speaker (driver); logitech 2.1 computer amp with consumer grade sub speaker (6"). Same problem occurs with my home 10" 60 W RMS driver in a closed ca. 70 l - ca.15 Gallon barrel, with a modest 25W RMS amp: I cannot even turn it halfway up:  it is mounted horizontally, and shoots peas 40 cm (16") up! Would it be more helpful to make the box / barrel less square? Like halve the size by putting a diagonal separator in the box? Or is geometry irrelevant and does only volume matter? Perhaps there even might be a formula????

Asked by BobS 7 years ago

RSMG (Red's Sub-Machine Gun)

Well, I recently built this mag loaded SMG, but it is technically just a short version of Blue Mullet's RGMP. Tell me what you think... Pros: 40 ft. range Comfortable Cool looking Making an extended mag would be easy Fore-gripis included Is a fantastic gun for a push trigger (a gun where the FP pushes the bullet against the trigger) True trigger Cons: Handle is only comfortable when the mag is inserted Bullets only work well when a broken rod tip is inserted Could use a stock

Posted by The Red Book of Westmarch 5 years ago  |  last reply 5 years ago

Logitech X 620 sub pinout?

Found a powered subwoofer ( Dumpster!!!) of a 6.1 computer sound system. Not the  6 smaller speakers. The front right speaker would have had the inputs and controls in it . A cable with a VGA connector had to be plugged into the amp in the back. No pinout info was found I have a similar 2.1 system (Logitech Z3), which is all I need for casual use (My real system is unusable due to neighborhood pressure...) The amp contains 2 TDA 7377 chips,and many more components than prescribed by the data sheet (some of it is the power supply)- ( Does more complicated mean better here?). 2 Options: 1) rip the TDA chips out and use one to make a 2.1 or a stereo amp with components according to the datasheet. The other one a stereo or quad for a different project. 2) find out the pinout and use the amp 'as is' (which would mean putting both all R and all L channels together (parallel?) to make a 2.1. A lot less work. (Since I am not going to use the 6.1 configuration, will the sophistication of the design still deliver?)? If anyone knows the pinout I would of course first try working with the existing circuit...

Asked by BobS 6 years ago  |  last reply 2 months ago

How do I power these amps??

I've got these two car amps (see pictures below) that I was given along with the sub that some people already know I have. I was thinking it would probably be better to use one of these amps instead of the one I'm using now but I can't figure out how to power it. I know it's 12v obviously but I'm not sure what to use nor do I know how to get it on in the first place, as there is a remote wire on both amps so that it isn't on draining your battery (in a car of course) while the car is off, is there somewhere I would short this lead? Again, see my pictures below.

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4 ohm subwoofer problem... Answered

I have received a 4 ohm subwoofer, that seems to be "stuck" , I don't know how I could fix this. I also need a way to test the subwoofer because I do not have an amp. Thanks

Asked by squirt8500 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

My new monitor will work with my computer, but not my laptop, help!!?

Hi, When i say new, i mean new-hardly used, i used it a bit before moving and its been locked away a few years up till now. I got my Asus VW192T monitor out, spent an hour looking for the D-Sub cable which for reasons unknown were packed in a different box, and hooked it up. Immediately my laptop gets acknowledgement of the monitor, and the display mode changes, it now has a second monitor in the screen resolution options, and acording to my laptop, the monitor is working, however, through all of this, the monitor has remained in sleep mode, when i turn it on, it just says no signal. i spent hours changing settings, and fiddling around in the nVidia control pannel to change my laptop resulotion as well as the asus monitor resolution, restarting the computer each time, but nothing. I then go get the old packard bell computer, which now is over 14 years old, hooked it up and immediately the monitor is working, so theres nothing wrong there. In the past ive been able to connect my laptop to a mates computer via d-sub port, as it only has d-sub and i havent got a hdmi, it worked fine. Clueless, i searched for a driver which i perhaps did not have, but as it turns out, no drivers exist for this monitor, so now i am clueless. Additionally, i cant access any boot menue options in regards to the monitor, like booting in safe mode or anything, because my own laptop monitor goes black until windows has loaded, when the monitor is connected. can someone please help me out? why wont my monitor work with my laptop? the laptop is a toshiba qosmio x500, the graphics card is Nvidia GeForce360M, the old packard bell computer has no graphics card.

Asked by oldmanbeefjerky 6 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

I just found 4 speakers and want to make a speaker box. Can anyone help me?

 I found 4 speakers (2 subs about 5 inches diameter each and 2 tweets about 2 in diameter) in a TV that was left on the side of the road.  I would like to make a speaker box for them, or a mini-amp for my electric cello.  In either case, I have very little technical knowledge in this area, and will need some very clear instructions as to what I need. I took from the TV: 4 speakers (see above) Each speaker has a red and a black wire coming out the back of it (power cables presumably). The smaller speakers are connected to the larger ones by similar cables.  There are also two more cables similar to the others, but one is white and black, the other green and black.  These connected the larger subs to the main power of the TV I think. I also took the power chord from the TV.  It has a connector that was joined to a plug inside the TV. The speakers say on the back: ZM   YD150-B1-20W-8*     for the larger speakers and ZM   YDG70-A1-10W-8*    for the smaller speakers * means the sign for ohms (my rather dusty chemistry knowledge from high school tells me this, I could be wrong, it's the omega sign from the Greek alphabet anyway) That's all I think.  I would like to know what I will need to make these speakers work, and if it is worth my while and not too expensive, and whether or not I will kill myself in the process.  I have never done this kind of project, but have always fancied the notion.  If anyone can help out, or even start me in the right direction, I would greatly appreciate it.  Is there anything else I should take from the TV while it is there still? Like the line-in plugs etc?

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Is there a way to hook a car sub up to my lappy?

Can i hook up a car sub to my laptop?

Asked by Superbeast907 9 years ago



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Car Audio? Answered

First off, this is a question about speakers sound quality loudness and all that stuff, it doesn't really have to do with any math or equations, just experience.  So I want some sub woofers, and after looking around I have determined that there are cheap ones, and very expensive ones.  Now, if I get a fairly affordable 15" (med quality) will it be louder/better than a 12" one that costs $900

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i have a SPX sound system in my car, anybody have any advice?... er beside buy a new system?

I recently bought a SPX audio system from pep boys.. yes i am aware that they aren't that good. but for what they cost, what i listen to, and what i want these will work fine. BUT.. they have a low and a high input. i just fed over 15 ft of 5 wire usb wire to connect the special adapter. i was just curios if anybody has messed around with this, or have used these speakers in general?, any info. would be greatly appreciated. thanks :)

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How Many Views Are Needed To Become A Youtube Partner?

I really need to know what the minimum amount of views needed to become a partner is! please repond! also this is my youtube, please help!

Asked by Airsoft 007 Sniper 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

im making a knex tommy gun can someone help me make a pistol forgrip for it im having trouble getting the shape right?

im using rails for the barrel which are a yellow semicircular connector, an orange 2 side connector and the yellow semicircular connector again on the other side, please help...thanks

Asked by Hephestus 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

car audio installation

So I have recently purchased an 8 inch subwoofer from a garage sale, wich was already mounted in the box. It has 2 inputs, a red and a black. I currently have it hooked up in replacement of the stock passenger side rear speaker in my 1999 ford ranger XLT, and it works well, but is not very loud. My question is 2-fold. 1: how would I go about wireing the speaker so that it could be used in addition to both the stock rear speakers without decreasing sound quality or volume, and 2: How could I increase the volume of just the subwoofer without affecting the other speakers? I have heard that there are "bass amplifiers" that i could hook in line but have not seen where I could purchase/ build one. Schematics and links would be very helpfull! Thanks, Iloveairsoftstuff

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