solidox and sugar

How can I make a 1:1 mixture of solidox and sugar insensitive to friction and shock without making it insensitive to heat?

Posted by MisterHankie 9 years ago

Can you substitute white sugar for brown?

Can you substitue white sugar for brown sugar, or vice versa if you only have one type and the recipe calls for the other? Earlier I was baking cookies and needed white sugar, but I only had brown. Could I have used brown sugar intead of going to the store for white? If I can use either sugar, do I use the same amount? Thanks for your help!

Asked by britstatiahill 8 years ago

What is brown sugar?

I would like to know that brown sugar used to make garbage enzyme is the type that I can buy easily from grocery store or not.Please reply me. Thank you.

Asked by 8 years ago

Where's the Sugar Contest?

It's on the upcoming contest list, it's date is set on Dec 11, 2017 and it's not up yet.

Posted by Angelica000 7 months ago

coloured sugar

I tried to colour sugar with food colours with the help of a step by step guide to this...... It worked Beautifully.  Thank You Vey Much. You have saved me a lot of Money and My Creations are much more desirable. Many Many Thanks. Ker.

Posted by kersy 6 years ago

Sugar Cane Juicer

Well I just came back from a vacation in Vietnam and I saw that there were these machines that squeezed the juice from sugar cane, creating a very tasty drink might I add. Well I looked up how much one of these machines would cost and I found out that they are particularly pricey and unaffordable to the average Joe. So my burning question is "How do you make a inexpensive sugar cane juicer?" P.S. On another topic, "How do you grow sugar cane?" would be a good follow up to my burniing question.

Posted by Incelism 9 years ago

can you cook sugar? Answered

I am making a smoke bomb and I want to know if it is all right to cook sugar by it self?

Asked by ducktape100 7 years ago

Brown Sugar

Well I was wondering how Brown sugar affect recipes differently from normal sugar. I am making a recipe from scratch, so this will help me from repeating it over and over. Also since its a candy does it melt like normal.

Posted by acer73 10 years ago

Sugar gliders?

Hi all, Does anyone else keep sugar gliders? I have 3 and make a lot of my own pouches, bonding pouches (as shown below) and toys out of coconuts, piñatas etc.  Are these things that would be of use to anyone as a tutorial? I think ferrets and rats would use pouches too, but the patterns would have to be bigger. Piñatas would work though. Any thoughts? One of my friends did say that she would use my Batpouch as a clutch bag, so maybe I should post them anyway.  LMAO :D

Posted by cakesprite 4 years ago

Effectiveness of sugar as a piezoelectric material

Most of the sites discussing piezoelectricity mention that sugar crystals can be used, but I have not found any examples of them being used. I've just tried it with about a 1cm chunk of low quality (conglomerate of small ~3mm crystals) crystal, and got a good 100mV wave when tapped with a pencil. I've not tried applying a signal to it yet, and some better single crystals are growing at the moment, so I was wondering how well it works compared to commercial piezoelectric compounds. I've not done anything like this before, so if anyone knows where I can find information of the best way to mount and apply a signal to the crystal, it would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Posted by The Skinnerz 6 years ago

Hi Every one. My question is what can i do to add a self start & alternator for battery charging to 1hp gasoline engine

As i said i want to add a self start to 1 hp petrol/kerosene engine . i know this is quite difficult but i am a tech lover & i am working as maintenance in-charge in hotel. The main reason behind this question is we have small business of sugar cane juice in our town since last 20 years(almost that time when i was 4 years) which is set up in a small go i want make some smart changes in it. So the mechanism which is used for crushing cane is powered by that engine through belt pulley drive( as everybody knows). To start the engine we have to pull the fly wheels of sugar cane machine which very hard, difficult & arm braking procedure for my mom, grand ma & younger brother. So i want make it more user friendly & efficient which will reduce pain, tiredness & increase human work efficiency. I hope the description is enough to describe my concern.I have attached some images of machine. Please guide what & how to do. All your replies will be appreciated. Mail :- Thanks in advance.    

Asked by Aziz7264 3 years ago

Rock Candy: powdered sugar vs table sugar

Will powdered sugar work in rock candy? I already know that table sugar works.

Posted by mmme99 7 years ago

how does one eat ., cook ., sugar cane.? Answered

Ssaw sugar cane for sale in the grocery store  on the weekend  how does one ues it recipes for example thanks

Asked by belfast 7 years ago

Does anyone know how to grow sugar cane? Answered

Hi. I was just wandering if anyone knew how to griw sugar cane, and where you could buy some seeds(or what you use to grow them) Thank you in advanced.

Asked by tesla man 6 years ago

Does any one know of sugar candy 3D printing ? Answered

It would amuse me to experiment making candy shells for filing.

Asked by iceng 3 years ago

can I replace white sugar with brown sugar when baking cookies?

What will happen to my cookies if I replace the brown sugar in the recipe with white sugar

Asked by JacquelineS4 3 years ago

sugar or no sugar? Answered

I read somewhere that some recipes call for instant yeast as for bread, but you don't need sugar to activate it, whereas, in dry yeast you do.

Asked by Anthony. 1 year ago

Mini Cotton Candy Machine Heat Source? Answered

I built the cotton candy machine (seen here: and everything works as it should, except the sugar doesn't melt easily. I have to stop the motor and heat it up intermittently, instead of the intended use of being able to have it spin continuously. I have a feeling that part of this reason is because my lighter can't get hot enough, and that the machine is on a dremel. It only goes 6,500 rpm but I have a feeling this is too fast for the sugar to heat up. Any ideas? I took apart an old soldering iron and have the heat source, but I don't know how to mount it. Or does anybody know where I might find something to attach the CCM to a regular motor? Thanks!

Asked by northconnor 8 years ago

Solar Maple Syrup?

Making maple syrup is a great activity for those of us lucky enough in the north, but it's also very energy intensive.  A wood fire is not the worst of the energy choices to reduce the sap, but there must be someone out there with the creativity to come up with a DYI solar evaporator. any  ideas?

Posted by alanrb 8 years ago

Millefiori candy (sticky candy) in the U.S. or Canada?

 I am doing a glass project where I need to find a certain kind of candy inspired by the glass process of millefiori. Sticky candy, a brand in Australia and a few other countries, uses this technique but none of the designs work for me and I don't think they ship to the U.S. or Canada. Anyone know what this candy is called/ other producers of it? Thanks! here is an example of Sticky candy and here is the glass process I'm talking about. :) 

Asked by shortone 6 years ago

sugar substitute? Answered

Can you substitute a sweetner such as truvia instead of sugar

Asked by fbibiz 8 months ago

Homemade brown sugar? Answered

Is it possible to make brown sugar using maple syrup instead of molasses?

Asked by kalemvir 1 year ago

I want to bind together two pieces of hard candy

I need to get 2 semi-circle shape hard candy pieces and bind them together. Is a molten sugar glue gun work for this? Is it fairly sage to use? Safe to consume? I need to do this for mass scale... Not at the beginning though....

Posted by ReneL22 2 years ago

Edible Googly Eyes from Evil Mad Scientist

Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories has a great project showing how to make One Hundred Percent EDIBLE Googly Eyes! Googly eyes definitely make anything better by allowing you to heavily personify it. I fondly remember putting a pair on the dishwasher, and suddenly our whole lexicon changed from "don't overload the dishwasher" to "be nice to dishwasher, it's had a hard day."I'm looking forward to making these and putting them on a piece of roast bison or a big salmon fillet! "Please, please don't eat me!"

Posted by ewilhelm 10 years ago

Grinding turbinado sugar? Answered

Could I grind the turbinado sugar and use it for baking? Would it be a way of avoiding all the processing involved in obtaining granulated white sugar, which I have read is unhealthy?

Asked by ReneeF14 7 months ago

Kno2 + sugar + playdough = moldable putty flash powder?

So i was just wondering, could i mix potassium nitrate/sugar smoke bomb/flashpowder mix with playdough to create and expedient moldable flash substance? 

Asked by mammasboy 3 years ago

how to make a sorghum/ sugar cane mill?

I have been looking at growing sorghum and processing to make my own syrup.. i need to extract the jiuce and all extractors look like an old clothes wringer.. does any one have any idea how to make a sorghum/ sugar cane mill? i found a hand powered one, but this should be a fairly decent project for a home project

Asked by kdallmer 7 years ago

Is there a cheap, easy way to fancify cheap hand soap?

I don't want to delve deeply into soapmaking. I just thought it would be easy to add sugar or salt (for that scrubby feeling) and old body spray (for scent) to my generic refill hand soap. But I've been playing around and I just wind up with completely unsuitable textures.  Basically it gets really runny and no matter how much sugar/salt I put in there, it doesn't flow through the dispenser so it doesn't get used.  Thanks. 

Asked by phonyemail 6 years ago

how do you make brown rice syrup? (cant find instructions/recipe anywhere!)please help! mank thanks Jules?

How do you make brown rice syrup? (cant find instructions/recipe anywhere!)please help! mank thanks Jules?

Asked by gogo419 6 years ago

How can I feed ants? Answered

I know that ants have the instinct to bring all of the food they find to the Queen, so if I put ants in an ant farm-type-of-setting, will the ants even eat the food I give to them or will they not eat it and starve?  I know ants like sugary foods and dead bugs, but I need to feed them with a plant that I can grow. I am doing this for a Science Fair, and I am testing the effects of a chemical on a plant, which is in turn being fed to the ants. I need a plant that my ants will eat. Any ideas? And I have about three weeks to a month to grow this plant, and it is Winter, which makes it even harder, but I am planning on growing it inside. Any ideas on a plant to feed ants with? I am dealing with the large ants that live near my home in Gilbert, Arizona if that helps. There are two types of ants that I can tell and I am dealing with the big ones (if that makes any sense). They might be fire ants, but I have a hard time telling. The picture below is not one I took, it's from google, so it's not exact, but something like that. Thank you!

Asked by Technicolor 6 years ago

How to make a sugar free cake?

I can't eat sugar or honey, and I've tried recipe books recipes, but they always come out very dense, and heavy. Does anyone know how to make a sugar free cake, using splenda, etc, that is light and airy like a box cake mix?

Asked by wolfsmane 8 years ago

Salt and sugar? Answered

I've been making breads for a spell and wondered: What does salt do in a recipe? Could baking soda achieve saltiness if the rising is OK? Is sugars only purpose to give sweetness or does it help dough to rise?

Asked by JimG50 1 year ago

Brown versus White Sugar? Answered

I keep thinking of white sugar's "empty calories" and that brown is slightly more nutritious. is the nutritional value of brown negligible? How can I substitute brown for white? Or include molasses with the white?

Asked by McRaeD 1 year ago

Can you grind turbinado/demarera sugar to make it more usable? Answered

The lesson says turbinado sugar won't melt during baking. Is this only due to the crystal size? Is there a chemical property also holding it back from melting? Is it possible to grind/mill this sugar to a smaller size so that you can use it in more applications?

Asked by llqxb3 1 year ago

sugar syrup

I made candied citrus peel truned ot good but have a about a pint of syurp left [ with 500g of sugar and water] what can i use the syrup for apart from a fruit salad. please help.

Posted by neetcooks 7 years ago

Creaming sugar and fats together? Answered

Is there a time limit of creaming together, or does it have a certain look when it is correct

Asked by SharonJ27 1 year ago

Sugar, you are HOT!

Ok, so the name is a little misleading, but you came, didn't you? My brother came back from Morocco, and among his gifts, were a big bag of crunchy peanuts, covered in sugar and cocoa. Unfortunately, they're nearly gone now! And I want to try to recreate them. What do you think is the trick? My dad thinks they heat up the sugar and cocoa, so the sugar will melt and get sticky. and then roll the nuts around in the mixture. What do you think?

Posted by Weissensteinburg 11 years ago

A cake recipe containing no dairy products, no eggs, no gluten, and no nuts?

I'm having a hard time finding a recipe for a cake to bake for my class. I really want to celebrate that we finally finished the portfolios for admission to our next semester, but I don't want to bring a cake only some can eat (or only some can eat with good conscience). Problem is, we have a nut allergic, a gluten and cassein intolerant, a lactose intolerant, a vegan, and someone who has to avoid refined sugar. I can't find any vegan egg substitutes, or xanthan gum or anything like that, and all the gluten-free flours I've found reguire some kind of gluten replacement. I CAN however get all kinds of flour, like soy, rice, chickpeas, tapioca etc. but I don't know which to use or how. AND I have a sugar replacement that should work as a direct 1:1 replacement in baking good of all kinds. So... Anyone has any recipes, or advises about substitutes? :)

Asked by ELF 7 years ago

Are there any recipes on making soda or something like it? Answered

I love soda but i dont always have the money to buy some besides they dont always have the flavors i like, so why not make your own.

Asked by rockgod57 8 years ago