Doubt about suppy to circuit

+5V suppy connector was not  mentioned in schematic  So I added that  Please tell me whether it is right or wrong  schematic and layout is attached below

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i have a lot of extra working supplies lying around any ideas what to do with them except garbage?

I have -600 LEDS -24 fans -3 motors -1 old broken computer -22 speakers (differant ohms rateings) -a small stereo amp (old pc speakers) -3 CD/DVD drives -5 diferant memroy RAM sticks -1 IDE hard drive -3 keyboards -5 radio boomboxes -1 old bass body and neck with pickups -1 5 CD changer DVD player -1 random water valve -some old hand tools -2 1/2 vacume cleaners any sugestions? im only looking for something to do with my time so if you dont have an idea dont worry about it

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Power Suppy Answered

I need to make a 6.5 vdc - 500ma power supply I have no clue how to make it 6.5v. any help is deeply appreciated

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i want to make 50,5mm led tube for ac 230v 50h suppy with scrap plzzzzzzzz..?

Hello i want to make 50,5mm led tube for ac 230v 50h suppy with scrap plzzzzzzzz..?

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pls help about power suppy

Can anyone help me? pls give me some advice how to create 0-10volts and 3amps(fixed) output power supply... give me some tips and some schematic diagram... i need it badly in our project...

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LED power suppy help?

I am plan to run 4 leds in a seires parallel configuration. The leds have a forward voltage of 5.2 and run at 350 ma. Would it draw more power if I had a higher input voltage or would it still draw the same amout. I am trying to decide between lithium ion batteries and NMh.

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What is this wiring diagram symbol? Answered

It's part of the power supply circuit and probably has something to do with the wall wart power supply, but I'm not confident enough in that explanation to move ahead with it.

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Online Electronics Supply Recomendations

So, I've seen a bunch of projects that require purchasing some electronic suppies, Radioshack seems to have a terrrible selection, and The places I have found online usually have a very high minimum amount that you have to purchase, or the shipping is extremely high . . . . any recomendations

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I want to make a tiny hot plate

I am trying to make a hot plate about the size of a quarter to 50 cent piece. I am going to wire in a dimmer switch for temp control, I would like even heat so I dont know if nichrome is the way to go-I'd love to use some sort of flat type resistor but havent found anything on line that seems fesible. Also I would like to use a plug in power suppy. Any ideas?

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