Doubt about suppy to circuit

+5V suppy connector was not  mentioned in schematic  So I added that  Please tell me whether it is right or wrong  schematic and layout is attached below

Posted by ashirwad 6 years ago

pls help about power suppy

Can anyone help me? pls give me some advice how to create 0-10volts and 3amps(fixed) output power supply... give me some tips and some schematic diagram... i need it badly in our project...

Posted by stanum887 8 years ago

Online Electronics Supply Recomendations

So, I've seen a bunch of projects that require purchasing some electronic suppies, Radioshack seems to have a terrrible selection, and The places I have found online usually have a very high minimum amount that you have to purchase, or the shipping is extremely high . . . . any recomendations

Posted by ouchthathurt 11 years ago

I want to make a tiny hot plate

I am trying to make a hot plate about the size of a quarter to 50 cent piece. I am going to wire in a dimmer switch for temp control, I would like even heat so I dont know if nichrome is the way to go-I'd love to use some sort of flat type resistor but havent found anything on line that seems fesible. Also I would like to use a plug in power suppy. Any ideas?

Posted by yoss974 9 years ago