SUPPORT 2011 - Support the Maximum - Paper Airplane Builder 2011

Do you want to support: OrigamiAirEnforcer                                                                                      How to support: 1. Subscribe. 2. Say, "Support [Name] 3. Done! Support a maximum 2011 rank of Paper Airplane Builder! 

Posted by wat. 7 years ago


Does instructables support SOPA? 

Posted by ExitPass 6 years ago

Taskings S PAB Support for OrigamiAirEnforcer's Paper Airport

Well, OrigamiAirEnforcer's Paper Airport group is just new...

Posted by wat. 7 years ago

Instructables supports SOPA? Say it isn't so!

According to the NoSOPA Chrome extension, this site supports SOPA. Is that true? I was considering a pro account, and would like to know before I put in my card number.

Posted by surber 6 years ago

Support contact problems

Hi, Is anyone else experiencing problems contacting the Instructables support team via email? I have tried to email them via different channels three times now but it comes back as non-existent email address.... ironically the reason I'm trying to email support in the first place is because despite changing my contact to a new email address in my personal settings, emails are still being sent to my old email address. If anyone knows how to get through to support or if they are having the same issue maybe we can join forces to resolve it..? Cheers!

Posted by PabloDee 5 years ago

Contests Supported Worldwide?

Are these contest are limited to specific countries or for whole world? Is seventeen years old is eligible to participate?

Posted by Do It Yourself 5 years ago

Writer Support Group in your area?

Has anyone been part of a support group for writers? What has been your successes? What would you like to see improved? Do you go often? I started a support group for writers that meet in the Twin Cities (Minnesota). Calendar can be found at

Posted by writerpower 7 years ago

Flickr Support

Did we loose the ability to import our pictures from Flickr to an Instructable? Edit: As I write this I see flickr import here in the forum but not on my instructable in progress. Doesn't seem to be working very well though.

Posted by bwrussell 6 years ago


Welcome to the writers support group! Would anyone like to start off by posting some of their work?

Posted by Lithium Rain 10 years ago

what is patch?


Posted by umair.moiz 6 years ago

Video serrver not supported: youtube, embed code not sticking

When I try to save and preview the embed code for a youtube video the code box deletes the link and the window at the bottom says "unsupported video server"

Posted by siderits 7 years ago

How do I make a DIY gel wrist support?

I really wanted to MAKE a "gel" wrist support for someone for Christmas.  The prices are outrageous.  Can someone tell me if it's possible to create this at home?  Thanks.

Posted by Soose 6 years ago

Making Draping Poles

Posted by ptshanfueh 7 years ago

"Authors word of thanks To Our Sponsors!

Authors who have entered contest in the past, present, and future would like to thank our sponsors for their support. Your support has helped make this community a wonderful place to share creative ideas and unique projects. Thank You!

Posted by sunshiine 6 years ago

Pro Membership Billing Support

Hello, I recently attempted a purchase of a Pro membership. I never received an email confirmation, and the person I gifted it to did not receive an email confirmation either. Because of this, I attempted the transaction again and was billed a second time, still without an email confirmation. I have emailed and the other support emails and have not received a response in over a week. I would appreciate any assistance. Has anyone else dealt with this? This seems rather unprofessional and shady.

Posted by whislin600rr 5 years ago

Raspberry Pi Category

Is it possible to make a raspberry pi category in the technology section? Due to the increase in projects and popularity with micro-computers, it would be great to create its own little category.  Any Supporters? 

Posted by cam1235 6 years ago

My new Writers support group

Would anyone like to join my Writers support group? I searched and didn't find a similar one. It's for members to critique each others work, help each other, be helped, and share new ideas, and discuss their favorite works.

Posted by Lithium Rain 10 years ago

Non-12-Step Support Group Program

If you or someone you know could use help recovering from alcohol or other drug abuse, I hope you'll check out This is a secular (non-religious), non-step support group program and resources based on Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy and cognitive behavior change. It's not-for-profit, and there are online and face-to-face meetings all over the world (the program is better known outside the U.S. even though it's "home-grown."

Posted by RustyRoller 6 years ago

First Instructable Featured

I'm not sure it is intentional, but I feel that the Instructables crew does a great job of featuring members' first instructables (given they meet a certain standard). My first Ible was featured and it's a great boost knowing that they really do pay attention. Keep up the great community and hard work, guys!!! -BG

Posted by BeanGolem 8 years ago

PRO in the UK?

Is there anyway of paying for Pro in GBP?

Posted by ManicJack 7 years ago

idea for contest

How about a "make some sound" contest

Posted by Microbe 7 years ago

premium membership

How long to activate after purchase?

Posted by wmasi 8 months ago

I'm torn - I oppose pro, but I want to support the site.

1) I'm quite opposed to two significant changes introduced with the "pro" account (see for my perspective)2) I want to support the site and the people behind itWhile the above two aren't necessarily orthogonal to each other, I have to recognize that this is a business, and they are making this change purely for business reasons.Therefore I know that if I choose to go 'pro' that may lessen the impact of my argument because, as a business, they have to recognize that even their detractors are still paying up. They may choose, for purposes of profit and revenue, to leave the major problems unchanged because it's working.Note that I don't actually use the site enough to make the cost worth it - I'd be paying for it merely because I want to support the site and keep it going (preferably in the right direction).What are your thoughts on this issue?-Adam

Posted by stienman 9 years ago


what are patches and why would i send them to someone?

Posted by kingwalleye 6 years ago

help with missons

If anyone needs help with a misson, comment below.

Posted by joe ~~~~~~~ 5 years ago

Fake project


Posted by eric m 9 years ago

Forum topic:homework

Make a new forum topic for homework...

Posted by fwjs28 9 years ago

Instructable flash support

Well today as I stared at pocket cotton candy machine, I thought I should add a flash animation explaining the basics of how cotton candy machine work. Now that poses a problem. I could export my animation to a video, but when you do that in Adobe Flash it deteriorates quality and basically turns it into a slide show instead of an animation. So this post is to suggest the possible add-on of flash support for instrucatbles so that those of us who use flash don't have to ruin our animations. Plus flash loads faster.

Posted by gimmelotsarobots 10 years ago

zombies are they real?

Are thoe things real?or just an imganation? can such an acolapse happen?

Posted by ultimate_narwall9999 6 years ago


Are we not able to view other users' favorites any more?

Posted by 8bit 9 years ago

Just wondering

Does anyone know this guy? Is this OK?

Posted by ArtisanEclectic 3 years ago

saddle cut in pipe

How to make a saddle cut in pipe

Posted by richardde 5 years ago

Where are Contests posted?

Where are contests and competitions posted?

Posted by LoneWolf 8 years ago

Embedding an instructable

 Is there any way to embed an instructable into a website/blog post?

Posted by tim_n 8 years ago

Instructables for Developers - Request!!!

Hi there! I am here to request for a feature of instructables. I am instructabler since 2010 here. I want a support for developers like me such as API's and other stuff. One of my idea is to make an copy-paste code for displaying instructbles profile and other buttons just like for facebook they support developers. If you familiar with "Facebook for Developers" that would be nice! So in equivalent I hope someday this website will support the developers around the world and will called as "Instructables for Developers" this is awesome! If is it possible please let me know any opinions are welcome because this is only an idea for improvements of instructables. Thanks! Wareneutron

Posted by Wareneutron™ Technology 1 year ago

Dangerous or Incorrect instructables

"Flag As" only supports Wrong Category, Inappropriate, Incompleted, and Spam. How does one report something as "Dangerously Wrong"?   Such as this one that was actually part of the "Featured" email that goes out from instructables:

Posted by krsmes 2 years ago

identify this tool

can you tell  me what this tool is and how is it used.

Posted by campbellsoup 4 years ago


Not ableto discontinue my membership...please do this for me or advise.....thankyou!

Posted by cat1163 5 years ago

Website Spelling mistake


Posted by JohnC34 3 years ago


I want to make a LED circuit so as to make the LED blink...please help

Posted by Brittlebone 9 years ago


 I was wondering if there will be another  metal challenge ? I missed the last one ...

Posted by coolbeansbaby68 6 years ago

Dry Ice

I need some dry ice. Does anyone know where to get it?

Posted by starwing123 9 years ago

Airsoft Grenade

Does anyone have a clue how to make an airsoft grenade?

Posted by andrew13 10 years ago

Still PRO?

How do I tell if I'm still on PRO Membership or not?

Posted by janicemerritt 2 years ago


I was just wondering what day the newsletter comes out thanks.

Posted by Redneck2 10 years ago

Spell Check ?

Has any thought been given to adding a Spell Checker? 

Posted by rclayled 5 years ago

when will results be shown?

Does anybody know when the prizes will be drawn?

Posted by Jake Morton 9 years ago

we should have shoutbox

We can talk with online pro's

Posted by raghavathej 7 years ago

mobile instructables

A mobile version if instructables like or or something simmilar

Posted by fwjs28 9 years ago

Support The Eyewriter

One of my favorite projects on the site, the Eyewriter, is in the running to win $250,000 in the Pepsi Refresh Everything Contest. If they win, they plan to use the money to make and distribute 1,000 units of the device, as well as develop a better user interface. Should they win, it would be a great opportunity to empower paralyzed individuals to express themselves creatively and live more fully. There is about two weeks left to show your support by casting your vote. The project is currently in 40th place and voting ends August 31st. They can use all the support they can get. Let's help get them to #1! You can cast your vote here.

Posted by randofo 8 years ago