Electric Lemonaid

It's pure genious!

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What ingredient in this tea makes it taste sweet? Cinnamon? Cloves? Nutmeg? Answered

Bengal Spice tea made by Celestial Seasonings tastes sweet when brewed without a sweetener.  It's so sweet you could convince a taster that a fair amount of sweetener was already added to their cup.  The listed ingredients are:  cinnamon, roasted chicory, roasted carob, natural spice and vanilla flavors with other natural flavors, ginger, cardamom, black pepper, cloves and nutmeg.  The box lists 0 calories and 0 grams of carbohydrate indicating no sugar.  Further, since the second infusion also tastes sweet, I doubt they "neglected" to list an ingredient such as sugar or stevia, which would tend to fully dissolve in the first infusion.  What ingredient is making the tea taste sweet?  Why isn't that ingredient used to sweeten other drinks?

Asked by ewilhelm 7 years ago

How do you make Kettle Popcorn?

This is a type of popcorn you can buy at a county fair

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Any ideas as to what to do with sweet gum balls??? My sister's yard is full of them?

Any ideas as to what to do with sweet gum balls??? My sister's yard is full of them?

Asked by suz64114 7 years ago

Any Idea Why People Use Corn Syrup in Candy?

Hi, I was wondering if anyone could answer this question: Why do all candy recipes have corn syrup? I have tried making hard candies from just sugar and water, and the candies are good and hard the day I make them, but then the second day, they end up all crumbly when you bite in to them. Does that have to do with not adding corn syrup? Thanks for reading this question! ~Seawee

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Twelve-year old lands dream job

A schoolboy has beaten thousands of other youngsters to land every child's dream job - official taster for a sweet company.Harry Willsher's chief responsibilities will be eating Love Hearts, Refreshers and Cola Bottles in the name of research to make sure they are up to the standard expected by the average confectionery connoisseur.The 12-year-old won the coveted post by emailing a description of his favourite sweet, the Drumstick lolly, to Swizzels Matlow, a confectionery company based in Derbyshire.He's getting "sacks" of sweets posted to his house, a personalised overall, a tour of the sweet factory and £500 in shopping vouchers.(Plus the number of a decent dentist?)Daily Mail article.

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I remember it, sort of.  I loved it!  How was it made?

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sweet.... Destructables.

Sweet......also this is a forum to post your favorite/your april fools day entriesmy favoriteand mine

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No Instructable for Waffle Fries.

No Instructable for Waffle Fries. Regular waffles are great. Jack in the Box has great sweet potato waffle fries. I would like to know how to make crispy sweet potato waffle fries like Jack in the Box.

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Marshmallow Topping

What's a good marshmallow topping? How do you eat Your 'mallows?

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Sweet cosplay or cool cosplay?

Romantic and lovely cosplay costumes are widely used in girl theme anime. This kind of cosplay costumes has elegant style, sweet color, also with lovely lace, can make you lovely and sweet. In many cosplay show, I have seen vocaloid cosplay costumes in xcoser.com, it also can be other’s love. Compare to it, Attack on titan cosplay will be very cool! Do you like attack on titan style or sweet style?

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Sweet robot idea in xkcd!

There are plans for a sweet robot in yesterday's xkcd. I don't know why the links not working, but here's the address.http://www.xkcd.com/413/Anyone think they can build it?

Posted by musicalbee2003 10 years ago

Old fashioned sweets? Answered

This will probable only apply to UK based answerers of a "certain age" When I was a kid (1960's) we could buy a nut based sweet/treat - in a cardboard box, the resembled brown wrinkled peas - they were chewy (not Toffee) and a natural nut - slightly sweet to taste Any idea of the name - it's driving me nuts.

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CONTEST: Valentine's Cupcakes and Sweet Treats

FamilyFun.com, part of DisneyFamily.com is hosting a Valentine's Cupcakes and Sweet Treats Contest where you could win a $500 Williams-Sonoma gift card!If you have a cute confection to share, snap a pic of it and enter. They even include great tips on how to take a great photo. You can also check out the sample recipes and pictures they've compiled with step-by-step instructions so you can make your own.Need some inspiration? Check out evrenuzer's Ladybug cakesmsimon3's 3-D Dino Cake (not cutesy maybe, but an inspiring work of bakery!)and MH850's Bunny Cake

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Professor Splash Pool Dive

Watch and prepare your self...

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need help on quick and easy snack recipe Answered

I basically want to make a short and fast snack that requires minimal ingredients, and only needs a microwave or toaster oven to bake if needed. i have very little cooking power, and being ak id i don't trust the stove and oven to much... i don't care if it's sweet, salty or (my favorite =P) spicy

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Horny Toad - Makers of Awesome and the First Official Intern Sponsor!

Michigan summers are quite hot, so I really thought that it would be warmer here in San Francisco. Sadly that wasn't true... So it was a very welcome surprise when Horny Toad sent us a care package of some of their sweet -and warm- gear. All instructables interns are pretty active dudes, so we were more than pleased to take their "active wear" for a test drive with some ladder golf, Kubbing and climbing. Thanks Horny Toad!

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Portable Guitar Amp Hiss

Hi all, I have built this design with a few modifications to accommodate for the parts that I already have. I used a stereo 1/4 inch stereo jack, but I connected the 2nd signal to the battery negative and the ground to the circuit ground. This way the circuit switches on when I plug in a guitar. I also used headphones only instead of a speaker, so I don't need a switch. Now the circuit works and it is amplifying the sound, except there is a very load hiss. I am assuming that a certain frequency in not being filtered out but this may not matter when using a medium quality speaker because of its low frequency range. However high quality earphones can play this sound. Is this correct? Does the headphone work for anyone with the hiss? Thanks in advance

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So what do I do with Sweet Rice ?

I accidentally bought 5lb of "Sweet Rice" (meant to buy short-grain sushi rice.) How is this prepared and used?  The only recipes I find in my cookbooks are for a very few rather complex deserts (and those are for glutinous sweet rice, which I'm not sure is the same thing...)

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how can i make a sweet pair of slip on shoes?

How can i make a sweet pair of slip ons, like Vans or Volcom shoes?just like these ↓↓↓↓ if anyone can help, thanks =D

Asked by Prompted Nachos 9 years ago

Should I build a go kart or should I build a mini chopper?

So should I build a go kart or should I build  a really sweet mini chopper?

Asked by TSC 6 years ago

Instructables on KSL5's Studio 5

April Atwater, the author of Sweet Life in the Valley, appeared on Salt Lake City, UT KSL's Studio 5 to talk about 3 of her favorite creative websites, including Instructables. Creative WebsitesMore news and press about Instructables here.

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YO IBLES!I've been saving up FOREVER and finally got a new vessel.Funds not only came from actual manual labor.... My Dad approved a plan of mine. Most of our computers are from the Windows 98 - Early days of XP era. He let me sell our SEVEN old computers so that I could get new ones for the family. Deal is, I get mine first :DSo, enough with the story... The laptop is an ASUS G50Vt. Specs:Centrino 2 Core 2 Duo 2.13GHz ProcNvidia GeForce 9800M GS 512MB320GB HDD4GB RAMWindows Vista Home PremiumThis thing spins circles around my 5-year-old Pentium 4. Best of all, it didn't break my bank; a computer like this is generally in your $1200+ range.Pics below. Tell me what you think!

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i did dual monitors with my laptop, its SWEET!

These dual monitors are KOOL! i'll take pictures in a sec.

Posted by Yerboogieman 10 years ago

Sweet Handmade DS Case

This custom DS case hits the mark perfectly. Too bad they're already sold out. Link

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what is a good recipe (that is still sweet and tasty while being healthy) for a person with gout?

My father has gout, and it seems his attacks come on as a result of too much rich, sweet food. I want to bake him something delicious, but I don't want it to cause him to have a gout-attack. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks!

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This is an awesome contest, and I'm going to get my entry in early this time. Is it ok to integrate multiple things into one instructable such as a guide on taking photos, transferring them to computer, editing them etc?

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What is an ingredient I can add to something that cancels out a very sugary flavor? Answered

I'm making a mixture thats basically sugar and corn syrup, what can I add to the mixture to stop it from being so sweet that it tastes bad? I'm looking for something like a flavor or juice of some kind, and was wondering if lemon juice or something common like that would cancel it out well. As in it works with small amounts compared to large amounts of sugar. And it also has to not affect gelatin. Thanks.

Asked by _bradylee 7 years ago

knex coaster sets?

 any one willing to see cross ties and tubing for the following sets: screamin serpent,storm moutian,rippin rocket,shark run,etc(no new coasters)

Asked by knexsuperbuilderfreak 8 years ago

Knex Controllable Machine Gun

This is where all future models of our machine gun will be posted. This is a project of a collaboration between me and theawesomestdude. We hope you enjoy. Suggestions and help and models and feedback are welcome.

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Eee PC sleeve

I just made a sleeve for my brothers Eee PC from a sleeve from a camouflage jacket I had laying around, the same one I made a backpack out of. Killerjackalope knows the one. I don't have access to a camera at the moment, and won't be home tomorrow as i'm going four-wheeling. It is pretty cool looking and is no-sew. I hate that i'm not posting pictures right now it is so cool. I think it is an instructable that could get published.

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Check out these sweet pirate socks from Will Knit for Tattoos (an equally sweet name!) While you're there, check out the baby space invader hoodie. Too cute!Now get your ARRR on with Threadbanger's pirate costume!

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Ok, how the heck did they make this sweet water sensitive LED panel?


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Can we replace dark chocolate chips with semi sweet milk chocolate one? Answered

How does the recipe change if we use semi sweet milk chocolate hips or just milk chocolate chips?

Asked by shinonome 1 year ago

this game is FUN!

This game is sweet! http://dexter.parsons.edu/%7Erandy/smdf.html

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Maker Faire 2009: Sweet Meats

Wandering through the Bazaar Bizarre at Maker Faire, I found the awesomeness that is Sweet Meats. Who doesn't need a plush porkchop on their couch?I escaped with only a button reading "I love you more than bacon" but the plush meat combo pack was near-irresistible. You can even get your meat wrapped in butcher paper.

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Revenge is sweet!

Call me immature, call me vindictive, but this news made me HA! out loud;The chief executive of a speed trap manufacturer has lost his license for doing 102.9mphHah, serves the {deleted expletive} right!BBC story

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Sweet parkour video

Damien Walters shows off once again that he can run and jump over and above practically anything. If you have any interest in watching someone showing off some gymnastic skills both on the mat and off, check it out. via Neatorama

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A sweet Idea for a movie!

Ok, This Idea is either really cool or the dumbest one Ive had yet! What if They made a movie about aliens coming to destroy earth by infecting us with an alien virus that makes us turn into zombies, so the Worlds military makes Super advanced robots to fight them! and because all of the military personnel are fighting aliens The world erupts in mass anarchy and pirates start to sail the sea and attack coastal cities! So chivalrous ninja protect the people from the prates and aliens. But then the Anti-virus the Drug companies makes to stop the virus in the infected mutates and causes certain people to turn into vampires! I think it would be cool but it might also be a bit much! :)

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It came!

Knife + patch + stickers = sweet!They arrived in yesterday's post, but I was in London with the Cubs.Thankyou, Eric/Noah/guys.

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