A self switching switch? Answered

Does any one know a switch that switches or toggles to another output after each one has had 1 turn  

Asked by techxpert 6 years ago

Infinite Rotary Switch? Answered

I'm looking for the search term I need to find a "Rotary Switch" That spins very smooth and will keep spinning indefinitely like a volume control switch.

Asked by bradleynelson102 2 years ago

Remotely activated switch? Answered

Howdy, I'm workin on a project with LEDs and I wanna know if there is a switch I can remotely activate?

Asked by sf49ers 4 years ago

where to find dimple switch?

I lost some dimple switches that i need for a kit but i dont know where to find them they are 1cm and look like this:

Asked by coleyy 7 years ago

How can I reverse polarity using 2 switches?

I am trying to reverse polarity on a small 12 v pump. I currently have 2 SPDT switches and have them hooked up like a DPDT. I am getting voltage feedback when they are in the off position. I need to have t switches any help?

Asked by craigbalex 8 years ago

Wireless switch? Answered

I need to learn how to build a wireless switch that can turn something on like lets say a coilgun. I need it to be wireless so that i can stand back behind cover and fire my coilgun and do other things without harming myself or my classmates.

Asked by budhaztm 6 years ago

What happens if I run 1A through a 50mA rated switch for 5 seconds, one time only?

The picture is showing a typical, miniature tactile switch, rated for 50mA. This switch suits my application perfectely, the only problem is that it's only rated for 50mA. My application contains 2xN batteries in series (N=1000mAh, 1.5V). What will happen if I run 1Amp through the switch for, let's say 5 seconds, one time only? The whole device is disposable, so the switch will only be used once. Will the switch manage one time use with this current, or will it break down? Are there other switches of this dimension that are rated for 1amp? I haven't managed to find any. Thanks in advance.

Asked by karolina81 1 year ago

Looking for the right type of switch to use....?

Hi, I'm trying to build something that might best be compared to a manually controlled speech timer with a green, yellow and red light. I only want one light on at a time, or all off. What is the best way to control this without having a single switch for each light? Am I describing something that would be classified as "single pole, quadruple throw?" Best place to find this switch? Thanks!

Asked by Meeker46 8 years ago

What kind of switch am I looking for?

Please help me out by telling me what I need to look for, or whether or not it exists simply. Thanks I want a switch that when I push it, it goes from the first throw to the second, but when the power goes off, it'll go back to the first throw. The application is an idea I want to make for a small car light. There would be two switches, an on/off, then this switch, which would default to a row of red LEDs but when you hit it would go to a row of white LEDs. Then when you turn the power switch off, next time you turn it on, it would light up the reds. I racked my brain to find an example, and the best I could come up with is from a camping headlamp. You press it deep and it turns on, then you half press and it'll switch to a dimmer setting. But it'll always start at the first setting. Maybe I should just get a cheap headlamp and cannibalize the switch, but I think that'd be wasteful (and probably not so cheap). Make sense? Thanks in advance for any ideas. This is my first attempt at synthesizing something, and I've been wanting this for awhile.

Asked by simboka 7 years ago

I need a source for reliable, normally open push button switches.

Either online or in the San Francisco bay area. Fry's does not have what I need.

Asked by unklstuart 9 years ago

Roybi drill repair

   I have a  roybi drill  hp1802m drill i used it last year and have been gone for 1 year .  [working good when i left]  Now that i am back it won't work.  I have checked it out and found that it is the switch.  is there any repair to a switch??   all the battarys are good and all the rest of the roybi tools still work good.

Asked by dan walker 8 years ago

i just bought a 6p dpdt switch.can i make it work on a dc or only ac power supply?

I just bought a 6p dpdt switch.can i make it work on a dc or only ac power supply?thanks for the help!

Asked by cons11 8 years ago

USB to switch?

I am building a backlit keyboard, and I wanted to hook it up to a switch. How would I make it from the USB, or the default connector, to a switch?

Posted by Exploitation 4 years ago

What can I use for an oven switch? I want a switch to turn "eyes" on and off on my child's play oven.

What can I use for an oven switch? I want a switch to turn "eyes" on and off on my child's play oven.

Asked by commercial free 5 years ago

infra red light switch?

Has anybody got any ideas on how to make a switch with an infra red light and a receiver, like when you interrupt the beams it switches on?

Asked by freerunnin1 8 years ago

Need help with switches.

II have two switches. One momentary and one latching. Both have leds and want to wire them so that the LEDs turn on or off when the latching switch is activated. Please see pictures as they are not regular 2 or 3 poled switches. Thanks.

Posted by bastafari 5 years ago

I need some help an an ignitor box (loook in details)? {REMADE}

Alrighti posted this before but it seemed like people didnt understand what was going on. Altight, we have a box and our first switch is a rolling switch (SWITCH 0) that is used to make sure that it only works if the box is closed. Then we have a series of 5 switches that are basic on off switches {SWITCH 2, 3, 4, 5, 6) and the switches are used for how many ignition we wish to do at one time but these switches have to be switched in order so example we cant turn on switch 3 without first flipping switch 2 and etc but these switches will light a light a soon as there flipped on still with the rule that the previous switch must be switched first also the switches run a positve current throu our first alligator clips of the ignition cords. then we have a main switch (SWITCH 7) that has a cover as a safety and this will also turn on a light and this switch will run current to our last switch (SWITCH 1) which is a momentary push switch that will run the negative current to the second alligator clips of the ignition cords thus setting off what was wished to be ignited. but we have the problem of the current bypassing (LOOK AT THE PICTURE) so therefore switch 7 isnt needeed bet yet it only is used to light up our (LIGHT 6) so we need to figure out how can we prevent this from happening without completely rendering our circut.

Asked by bluejuice 8 years ago

led switch

My dad is redoing his basement and he wants to have a panel of switches with leds above them.  so that when the switch is on the led above it is on to.  does anyone know how to do this?

Posted by tic tac man 8 years ago

Easiest way to make a timer switch?

I am making a project that requires a timed-switch. Basically, I want to push a button and have an opened switch, then fifteen or so minutes later I want the switch to close. Is there a way I can do this with a variable time without a microcontroller?

Asked by sblaptopman 6 years ago

Switch with led inside?

Hi, I want to add this switch to my circuit. I currently have a switch with no led light inside. If I add this to my circuit, will I need resistors for my switch? and will I need to redo all the resistors for my circuit? I currently have 4 LEDs with 680ohms resistors on the circuit.  thanks

Asked by RoboRay 6 years ago

build a switch that will automatically switch back and forth between an mp3 player and a cellphone.

I'm not looking for detailed schematics (though that would be nice) but a general idea as to how to go about it.  I was thinking transistors as switch but I would have to self educate as my experience with electronic schematics and design is virtually nil.   Any help is appreciated.

Asked by inferno493 8 years ago

how to add a little on/off switch to this meter?

Hi, quick question, how do i connect a little toggle switch to this meter? what/where do i connect the switch to? i want to set it up to override the push button. Thanks

Posted by HTF 10 years ago

Where can I find cheap key switches?

I need a momentary key switch, like the ones in car ignition switches for an upcoming project. I also need one that toggles. Like these, but from a cheaper source.http://www.amazon.com/Key-Switch-with-2-Keys/dp/B0002BA3PE/ref=pd_sim_e_3http://www.amazon.com/Momentary-Key-Switch-2-Keys/dp/B0002ZPBHK/ref=pd_bxgy_e_text_b

Posted by Gamernotnerd 8 years ago

Help wiring dpdt rocker switch (on-off-on)

Hi I want to install a on-off-on waterproof dpdt rocker switch into my radio controlled boat. I want to run the motor and a set of led navigation lights with on side of the switch and the motor with no navigation lights on the other side. Is this possible and if so how would I wire the switch. Many Thanks

Posted by neill125 6 years ago

how do you make a lag switch for your 360?

I always wanted to have a lag switch to get my way though some games, thanks for your answers.

Asked by 9 years ago

Using a recycled switch -- Question about voltage

I'm building a simple solder fume extractor using a 12v fan from an old appliance. I will wire in a 12v power supply. The switch I want to use is rated 125v AC at 13 amps. Is there any reason I couldn't use this switch? Or do I need to match the switch's voltage with the fan's?

Posted by Boy Genius 6 years ago

How do I create switch on&off LED light?

HI, just wondering how to mix this all up and get a Switch/Resistor LED Light to put on my helmet

Asked by BrociliTree123 5 years ago

Motion Sensor to Control both Bathroom Light and Fan?

My bathroom currently has two single pole switches mounted in two separate wall boxes side by side with a single double-wide switch cover.  I want to convert these to motion sensor switches with separate vacancy delays for the light and fan so that I can let the exhaust fan run for about 5 minutes after vacancy while the light is set for maybe 30 seconds. Are there commercial switches that will accommodate these two functions in a single switch, or will i need to use a separate switch for the light and one for the fan?  Are there single double-wide wall plate covers that will fit side by side switch placement? Thanks.

Asked by ValR14 8 months ago

custom dead-man switch with buzzer

So I am in need of something handheld with a "dead-man switch" that activates a buzzer or some type of alert if you let go. The buzzer would be silent as long as you hold the switch and go off when you release it. Probably build the whole thing into a small piece of PCV so its hand held. I don't know where to start with the "dead-man switch", any suggestions? 

Posted by jtichinel1 4 years ago

How can I make a string of LEDs that switch between 3 colors?

I want to make a string of them basically, with 3 colors (Green, Yellow, Red), at about 4 LEDs for each color and I would like to have a switch that can turn the strip on/off, and switch between the colors. Any help for an inexperienced DIY-er? :)

Asked by P4NICATTK 5 years ago

Looking for a rotary switch to fix my fan

Greetings.  I'm looking for a 3-way rotary switch to replace the broken one in my Patton fan.  Here are pictures of the original. http://www.flickr.com/photos/50514348@N06/sets/72157624310895288/ The company that made the switch does not sell parts retail so I can't do that.  It seems to be a very simple switch.  It's 4 click.  Off, High, Medium, Low. I'd hate to throw this fan out.  The actual motor is in perfect shape.

Posted by doublejnyc 8 years ago

When I do a search for computer power switches a number of insturctables found do not display when clicked

They seem to already have been around for awhile - any ideas?example:https://www.instructables.com/id/Computer-Controlled-Power-Switch/

Asked by ledlights1 9 years ago

LED on/off switch? Answered

I'm looking for an instructable that would point me in the direction of how to make an led red/green light for when my roomate is allowed to come in (Socks are no longer working)

Asked by JustinH16 3 years ago

automatic headphone audio switch

Does anyone know how to make an item that will let you plug in multiple 1/8" sources (radio, ipod, phone...) that auto switches to a single output by sequence, so the ipod is playing but when a call comes in the audio from the phone makes the switch bypass the ipod till the call is done then goes back to the music? i would love to get some help with this thanks Jake

Posted by jakehooks 9 years ago

How can I start/stop a waterpump (230V 500Watt) using a magnetic floating switch which can switch 230V max 1A 15W? Answered

I have a cleanwater pump in my cellar 230V / 500W to keep the floor almost completely dry. I have a liquid level sensor that can switch max 250 volt, max switching current 1A, and maximum switching power 15 Watts. I don't know enough about electronics to know how to fix this problem. But I do know that the switch won't work when I connect it directly to the pump... So how can I get this working (low cost)?

Asked by NiekZ 8 years ago

Fun uses for Reed Switches?

Reed switches are electro-mechanical devices that opens or closes a circuit when a megnetic field is present. They come in normally open and normally closed designs and range from the size of a grain of rice all the way up to several inches long. A relay, another electro-mechanical device, is comprised of a reed switch and an electromagnet trigger built into one housing. Common uses for reed switches (not counting relays which are used in virtually all electronic devices) include the 'pick ups' on bicycle computers and the sensors on window and door alarms. I just ordered a bunch of reed switches and I need your help in coming up with ideas for what to do with them. Post up your ideas for some things that could be made or modified to be triggered by a magnet coming in close proximity to a reed switch. Remember- the magnet does not have to touch the switch, just get close enough that the magnetic force trips the switch. The stranger and sillier your ideas are the better. Note: this is not a contest and there are no prizes. by posting an idea you are giving your consent for anyone who reads it to use your idea. Posts about integrating reed switches into knex firearms will be ignored (no offence, it's just not my cup of tea).

Posted by Handsome-Ryan 10 years ago

Please, help me with this 3_state switch !?

ANSWER : so, at the end, it was a switch. I had to do it the hard way :( have a look at the last picture. Hi, could someone help me with this 3-state switch ??? I would like to remove it from the PCB, solder some wires and make ARDUINO + MOSFETs to control it = instead of me, manipulating the switch, I want the arduino to do that for me. Unfortunately I'm not able to find out which PINs I have to connect together to simulate the switch. I did some measurements and make matrix - if it could help to find out which pins to put together. Thank you in advance. Zholy P.S. : The voltmeter was set to 2000mV, and the RED_positive probe was attached to the NUMBER pins

Asked by zholy 7 years ago

Switching the input to my speakers with a flick of a switch?

I have my 360 hooked up to my computer LCD as I don't have a regular HD TV and this is the next best thing. With my speaker system I normally have my speakers hooked into my PC sound card. What I think is getting a jack extender. Like it has a jack that plugs into my sound card and then I can plug a cord from my speakers into that so I could easily switch between my xbox and PC by just swapping cables. But I would like to make a little switch box so I can keep both of the plugged in and just hit a little switch and change them.

Posted by CowGuy 10 years ago

Simple wireless remote switch

Hi all, Long time fan off the site. Just wanting to verify this a concept before buying and building. current situation, looking for a wireless switch solution for a X-ray generator: Machine has a 2 stage switch 1st depress is prep 2nd depress fire. switch is wired with standard telephone cable red and black common. yellow prep  green fire I think the product linked(sorry if not allowed) will do the trick? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/12V-2-Channel-Wireless-RF-Remote-Control-Controller-Switch-Receiver-Transmitter-/152308878478?hash=item2376510c8e:g:a~wAAOSwZVlXpZ3X It has configuration for momentary connection so function would have to be hold a button then when ready hold b button Any issues with this?

Posted by TerryJ31 1 year ago

How to hook up 2 LED each with their own toggle switch to a battery? Answered

Im looking to install two toggle switches in my car. when the switch is placed in the on postion i want a LED light to turn on. I planning on using one red led light 1.8v 20ma and one yellow light 2.1v 20ma. Where im getting lost is the toggle switch has three metal tab label power acc and ground. Looking at using a 9v for the power source. So what the best route to wire this up. Or should i just use a seprate power source for each light and switch. As for the three tabs on the switch i guess that the postive wire goes to the power, but then would the acc go to the led postive side, and both the switch ground and the led ground go to the point on the power?

Asked by mobow213 7 years ago

Ultraviolet Switch?

I am trying to figure out a way to make a switch that is activated by a UV light. I have looked all over the web and cannot find a thing on this subject. The reason that I am trying to do this is that I recently purchased a Sonic Screwdriver that  has a IV light in the end and I was wanting to make it turn on/off things with the push of a button.

Asked by Ben Torok 6 years ago

I need to build a wireless switch, I would like to be able to access the single on/off switch via my home network?

I'm looking to just control one on/off switch, using a low voltage to control 110v through a SSR. I would like to control up to eight relays but be able to increase or decrease the amount, depending on how many things I need to control. Software is not an issue, the hardware is were I'm having difficulties. I'm looking to keep this cheap, hopefully.  So in conclusion, a single on/off wirelessly controlled switch on my home network, that supplies low voltage to a SSR to control a 110v.  Thank you, Erik 

Asked by eam1915 5 years ago

Programmable inline switch (or, how to help your houseguests turn off the lights)?

So, after battling with houseguest after houseguest, I've hit my end. Beyond giving them flashlights and nothing more, is there a way to build an inline timer that can be variably set? Something to sit between the switch and light, and I can set it to 10 minutes for some, 20 for others, and always on?

Posted by hacman 9 years ago

Tactile / Joystick Switches

I'm looking for small, four-directional (with or without center-push), "joystick" style switches, like the SKQU series (PDF), except perhaps a little larger, through-hole, and with caps, like here (PDF). (see item "G").But more importantly, I'd like to know if there's a better way to refer to them, or more exact terminology I could use while searching. Does anyone have experience with these?

Posted by Ian M 9 years ago

Managed networking switch question? Answered

I am on the CCNA networking track at my local college, so a friend gave me a managed switch he was about to recycle so that I could play around with it and learn equipment that wasn't Cisco.  He said that a few ports were bad, but other than that the switch was fine.  When I power it on, the self-check light starts blinking, along with the red fault light.  I assume that is because of the bad port(s).  It does not output anything at all to putty... even during boot.  I've tried pressing the clear button and the reset button, but nothing changes. The switch is a HP Procurve 2424M.  Does anyone have a suggestion of something else I could try? Thanks!

Asked by thegeekkid 5 years ago