System restore has never worked on 3 yr.old computer. States "your computer was not restored.

Restore points are always created by myself and the computer. Not once has restore worked on this xp home system

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is it possible to make a gear system for car with a bike engine?

I want to make a complete car with bike,as the engine chenges the gear system also changes so i need help to how to chnage the bike gear system to car gear system.

Asked by MukeshH 3 years ago

knex new loading system

Hi i invented a whole new bullet stocking and loading system if anyone is interested i can post it but remeber its a prototype and its not connected to a gun yet

Posted by T3453R 10 years ago

emergency lighting system

We're planning to do an emergency lighting system and we want to add some twist on it. What do you think should we add? (it's like making it also charger or such) Plsss, help us. :)

Posted by imatrianidar 2 years ago

how can i make solar panel system?

What kinds of materials are used for apsorbing the fotons exept the silicon send?

Asked by paunkovec 9 years ago

how to make 2-way optical fiber comm. system?

Hello, I’m doing my project about 2-way (full duplex) optical fiber communication system. From what I knew, currently there is only 1-way (half-duplex) optical fiber communication system. Thus, I need to upgrade this system to be in 2-way communication system. How to make it? Can I just replace the transmitter and receiver with the transceiver in order to make it and how? Really need help..TQVM in advanced.

Posted by kamiladnan 8 years ago

what are the planets on the solar system?

Well the earth is the third planet from the sun. Pluto is also a planet but it is the smallest planet and coldest one to. Earth is between Mars and Venus.

Asked by shelbyhumble123 5 years ago

what is the best way to make an induction charging system?

Using Neodymium magnets on the spokes of a bicycle rim, and coil around both forks.

Asked by Alanclark1966 6 years ago

How do I put a 4 plex security cam system on motion detection system?

I have a system from supercircuits with a 4 cam color quad processor and a 1280 hr time lapse VCR recording and I would like to hook it up to a motion detector on each cam and replace the VCR with a Presidian PDR 3222 DVD recorder. Also having trouble with DVD Recorder not opening to insert a DVD. It would be a great great help if someone can help me with problem? I am not very tecnacial so any pic or video would be a great help if possible. Thank you for any help in advance.

Asked by madrasi 9 years ago

Can I install a Creative Inspire T5400 audio system in my Dodge Ram 2500 Cummings turbo diesel and how?

So I have a Creative Inspire T5400 audio system that plugs into a wall outlet, I want to put it into my truck but don't want to damage anything. Any ideas?

Asked by Username8888 10 months ago

Ideas for a sun for my model solar system?

I've just built a big model solar system for use in class, and i'm trying to think of what to use for the sun. The planets are roughly the right sort of varying sizes, and Jupiter is ten inches in diameter, which means the sun needs to be pretty big. I'm thinking of a big hemisphere to cover up the base, like half a big plastic ball, but I'm not sure what to use as the size lets out most plastic balls that i've seen. All suggestions welcome!

Posted by lillyman 6 years ago

Can you give me some ideas to make a great project on something in embedded systems ?

I need to make a final year(of bachelors degree) project on embedded systems. I have knowledge about robots and various software languages. Please give me some ideas or hint or something you know that can help

Asked by swakit 9 years ago

rating system

It just occurred to me that Instructable ratings are based in part on the necessity to return to the Instructable to review instructions. Instructables that have steps that are intuitive and/or easy to remember may not get any ratings. In other words good ratings equal Instructable complicated enough to require several visits. That leaves number of views. With a nude or two you could probably get a lot of visitors and a very high rating as well. ;-(

Posted by watermelon 10 years ago

Need a solar system to run my fridge?

I live in a fish camp during the summer and we have to use a cooler and transport ice. No fun. Many times my stuff gets bad. I want to find a way to generate enough power to use a small fridge that was given to me. It is 117 volts , 1.5 amps. Please help. If there is another way, I want to avoid using a generator.

Asked by asandstol 9 years ago

No Help System

Does a REAL online help system exist on this website?  I mean as on any real application program you may be familiar with.  Does it exist and if not why not?  This site is mature enough that it should have a resource which anybody can go to to answer the question " How should work?" or "Does exist?" Up until now the only semblance to "HELP" I have seen is a forum where we all talk amongst ourselves and maybe somebody may throw in a nugget of real fact or wisdom.  But nothing where I can go to get any authoritative information. Why should I have to wait (days/weeks) for a reply from the general hoipaloi instead of getting a (relatively) immediate answer to a simple question? In fact I have been a member for 14 months now and just today is the first mention of the word "staff" have I found.  Staff??  No one in the forum is identified as "staff"! It seems as though no one is running the place. WTF?  Why no real HELP!

Posted by BasinStreetDesign 7 years ago

Am I on some kind of "watch-list"? Answered

I posted an innocent question here And a Forum topic here Yet they haven't turned up... yet L

Asked by lemonie 8 years ago

What is List and Queue in Embedded Programming

Hello What is List and Queue in RTOS Programming. what is use of List and Queue routine in RTOS. Generally list means number of tasks. and queue means number of task run in queue   

Posted by vead 9 months ago

Why can't I post a forum topic?

Why can't I post a forum topic? It never, ever previews, I get "double post" from trying, it is painful. I've been trying this one for about a week... L?

Asked by lemonie 8 years ago

Gravity Feed Central Heating 22mmx2 28mmx2? Answered

Hi All, mate of ours drained his heating as he was extending a kitchen rad, long story short when he came to fill it up again no flow from the gravity CH tank in the loft down to the boiler, tried sucking on the rads to get flow cracked pipes open and all sorts, he knows there is an issue with air locks in the system as he has them a couple of times, he had a power flush about 5 months ago to eliminate sludge so shouldn't be that, looking at the lay out of the house it looks like the pipework is an issue due to floor levels being all over up and down! so my question is would installing a second pump at the side of the header tank in the loft force water through and back up the boiler escape be a good idea for this on going problem, he's brassy so new install or referb of the system is a long way away, poor blokes house is freezing, thanks in advance for any reply and suggestions before I go round tonight to have another go, Cheers Matt

Asked by Matth354 3 years ago

how can i make a fire alarm system? Answered

I want to make a fire alarm system for a low cost.

Asked by knex gun and grenade maker 7 years ago

pyro system

Im making a pyro system like Everett's 2.2 system i got it built for the most part im having trouble hooking the sparker up to the thumb loop so if u have any ideas please post them

Posted by pyroman 1 9 years ago

Heating system for the floor?

Changing the tile in my bathroom and need to find a good brand for the heating system...i installed one 5 years ago but it doesn't do the job any more?

Asked by greenfuture 7 years ago

has anyone built a pneumatic tube system

Hello, has anyone built a pneumatic tube system? Or anyone have ideas on how to build one and the materials needed? thanks

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Asked by orangeroom-1957 8 years ago

Home theatre system for a small 1 bedroom apartment

What do i need to get to put a complete home theatre system together with surround? can i get a home theatre system together with surround with just a pair of headphones? and finally, what would i need to get real life sound from a set of speakers (sound at volumes as they are; for an example, an army tank as it comes towards you/by you/and goes away from you and it sounds like it is right there)? 

Asked by mcpljoey 2 years ago

how to shut down security camera

I live and work in china, how can i shut down the video security system-hardwired, in my apartment block without being recorded

Asked by turnbull249 9 years ago

Laser Alarm System

Hello guys, I need some help building a circuit. I'm new to electronics, so go easy with me. Is there a way to build and laser alarm circuit but instead of the alarm going on just when the beam is broken the alarm stays on until I turn it off? Circuits like Kipkay's only go off when the beam is broken. How can I make the alarm stay on once the beam is broken? Thanks

Posted by HavocRC 5 years ago

Star Rating System Implemented

Instructables can now be rated on a 5-star rating scale. So instead of saying that you like an Instructable, you can now say just how much you like it! Some fancy mathematical formulas were used to convert the previous ratings to the new scale, providing the scores that you see now. These formulas will be getting tweaked as we get some kinks out of the system and fine tune the results, but all of the new ratings will be saved for more accurate results in the future. So for now, go out and use the stars to more accurately rate new and older Instructables! More ratings will help fine tune future searches and encourage more people to post better Instructables.

Posted by fungus amungus 10 years ago

give me simple diagram of laser sensing security system please?

I am asking about the project "protect your house with laser beams"and could not understand its circuit diagram so please show me the simplest circuit diagram

Asked by chirag9828 7 years ago


Has anyone had any experience with Linux We are getting interested but dont know just how to get started. We understand you can run two systems but would like to format a hard drive and try Linux on an older machine. Would appreciate which kernel to down load. We would like to use it for Email, web browsing, word processing, and pictures. Any comments would be appreciated. Ross

Asked by emit 8 years ago

Ibles Rating

Is the rating thing different now cause a few of my ibles are 5*? i haven't been on for a few months but what happened to 4* being a honor ible?

Posted by Owenmon 7 years ago

How does lock protection work on HVAC fan Answered

The mpu detect the rpm and if no match it will stop the motor how to differentiate if it is from a bad motor or a bad mpu circuitry  

Asked by jma123 6 years ago

Rating system

I'd just like to say two things in relation to the new 'view ratings' feature: Firstly, while you can now see who rated your project low, this doesn't mean said person hates you.  They probably don't even remember doing it.  Sure, mention it to them (I myself have sent a few choice PMs), but don't dwell on it.  You have probably done it at some point, and would probably rather forget about it.  See this as a chance to correct your mistakes and give older projects a fair rating if you want. Having said this, I would hate to see people bullied into giving 5* ratings to everything for fear that they may get picked up on the odd 3.5* etc.  As long as you express your honest opinion. But seriously, ratings on this site are typically ridiculously skewed anyway, so I wouldn't get too hung up over it.  Most people don't care about ratings at all.

Posted by knexguy 8 years ago

How to make a program like Disqus but decentralized?

I have had this idea floating around in my head for some time and I was wondering how someone would program a new decentralized overlay comment system that would use an add block like program to block out the comments on a webpage and display a decentralized alternative to the website controlled comments. I was thinking that it would be a web browser add on that would add the functionality. and all of the comments would be decentralized and stored on the users of the comment program computers. What programming languages would be needed to complete this task?   How long do you think something like this would take to code? Please tell me you thoughts in the comments! I know this would not be super easy but i can't keep it off my mind.    

Asked by sonic broom 2 years ago

How to make a program like Disqus but decentralized?

I have had this idea floating around in my head for some time and I was wondering how someone would program a new decentralized overlay comment system that would use an add block like program to block out the comments on a webpage and display a decentralized alternative to the website controlled comments. I was thinking that it would be a web browser add on that would add the functionality. and all of the comments would be decentralized and stored on the users of the comment program computers. What programming languages would be needed to complete this task? How long do you think something like this would take to code? Please tell me you thoughts in the comments! I know this would not be super easy but i can't keep it off my mind.

Posted by sonic broom 2 years ago

how game with requirement 64mb graphic card 500mb ram works with no card 4gb ram?

I want to know how game requirement changes with change in ram cpu etc. is there a perfect way to know how much of ram or cpu can take place of certain mb of graphics card if is please help me

Asked by Atul009 5 years ago

charging lithium ion battery with solar instead of lead acid battery?

Iam using a 6v, 4.5ah lead acid battery to power my 6 leds each of 0.20 watts for around 10 hours . also i am recharging the battery with a 5 watt solar panel . now i want to switch to 3.7v, 5.2ah lithium ion battery. will it work ?

Asked by rockyYyY 2 years ago

Designing a different / customized kind of computer system?

I've read about how when you Install the windows OS onto a usb stick It's unique to that computer (b/c of specific drivers, specs, hardware etc... and yes, It Is possible with some tweaking, don't spout out propaganda you're fed from Microsoft and apple). I'd like to know what it would take to design a generic computer that all you would have to do is plug in your personal drive and your OS (whichever it may be) and files are programs all there ready for use. And also be made in such a way that if the 'terminal' were duplicated part for part, no matter which one your drive was plugged Into It, would work the same. I'm thinking of designing a kind of system like this- drawing on elements from sci-fi (which is obversely based on the real world) In Stargate Atlantis and Battlestar Galactica (reimagined version). In Stargate Atlantis, Atlantis Is a cIty-shIp that has In Its Infrastructure the hardware, database, and OS, which is accessible from the hundreds of terminals throughout; each one is like a separate pc but are all connected to the database and processing power of the city as a whole. In a similar way, In Battlestar Galactic, the Galactica class Battlestar has a closed network which they rely on Instead of wireless to prevent cyber-attacks from the cylons... but the only advantage I care about Is that data transfer Is much faster via wires, and fiber optic cable even more so. With the amount of products and parts available on the market today, budget is the only limiting factor. I know many people are programmed to say, "It’s not possible" or immediately shoot it down by saying how hard it would be, and that I should just buy a computer and be happy. But I am not just a consumer, I’m an artist, a designer, I’m not going to let other people call the shots just so they get a profit. Now I know Linux has the sort of open source availability I like, but I’m not too familiar with It and I’d like the project to be user friendly as well as geek friendly If the user so chooses (like an optimized combination of apple, Microsoft, and Linux). I will no doubt read around at the library and online, but I wanted to hear from people who already have experience and know what I’d be better off learning and what I’d be better off skipping altogether.

Asked by ranosonar 7 years ago

please how can i make simple ir alarm that dial from mobile ?

Hi please i need to make a simple circuit  that contains ir on/off switch , that will dial pre saved nimber on the mobile , for ex. , i can connect the botton (1) of the key pad in the mobile on some relay , win the alarm on it will dial the saved number simplly , the IR will be sender and recevier , when some one or something cross the red line " the IR reays " , the circuit will be just a ON /OFF switch to run a relay the relay will connect the dial up on the mobile device key bad can any one help me with that ?   Thank you all !

Asked by wa7aa 8 years ago

Comment system

The comment system on the itouch does not work can someone fix the font back to wiki

Posted by XxAwesomexX 8 years ago

real time operating system ?

Is window  a real time operating system ? If answer is no then what is meaning of " window as real time operating system I don't understand what is meaning of window as real time operating system Is window ce is different thing ?

Asked by vead 4 years ago

How can I make my own operating system?

Hey guys. I want to make my own operating system. I need a NOOB-FRIENDLY guide, as I dont have very much programming skills. PLEASE HELP ME! I REALLY WANT TO MAKE MY OWN OS! Thanks!

Asked by sci4me 6 years ago

operating systems

Does anyone know of some other open source operating systems other than Ubuntu and Linux? because I'm getting quite pissed off at windows 2000. EDIT: there is some confusion about what I meant. I meant that Linux is the only OS that I know about. I didn't mean that I had ruled out Linux, I like Linux, I was just wondering about what other OS were out there.

Posted by the_mad_man 9 years ago

project questions

Could i make a mini terrarium with ants self sustain in this bottle?

Posted by corey_caffeine 9 years ago

Help me make a buzzer system for my classroom.

I am a Philadelphia public school teacher and I would like to make some type of "ring in" or buzzer system so small groups of students can compete in review games. Ive been trying to do some research with LED's and simple circuits but I dont have the know how to make sense of it all. I am certain that someone on this site does. If you could help me out or point me in the right direction my students and I would greatly appreciate it.

Posted by wlegat 9 years ago