Two quick questions EASY!

Ok, I can't think of the name of these, they are like a rope but it is clear and it has LED lights in it...AND How much would PlexiGlass cost for a table that is 20x10x20 and a drawer that is 16x20x7

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Questions about how to make the daft punk table I am wondering how hard of a project this would be to take on.  A little information I have not built a great deal of things in my life and don't have any electrical background. I really want to make this though and have nothing but time at the moment. Does anyone think this would be doable without any knowledge of how to build LED boards and just trying to do it by the instructions? I only ask because I don't to go out and buy all this and than find out its way over my head, or also if anyone wants to give me a starter LED project I could try that first I just don't know where to find simple projects.  Thanks for your guys help and this truly is a amazing website. Toby Mac

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i have two pieces of cedar that i want to put together side by side

I have two pieces of cedar wood 6foot long 18" wide 2" thick that i want to make a bar out of what is the best way to put them together side by side so they will be strong.On one end of the bar will be attached to the wall  by use of a rwo by four mounted to the studs.And the other end will be attached to a cedar trunk so most of the weight will be on that trunk. What is the best way to put them together so that they will be good and strong.Any ideas would be greatly appreiated thanks.

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scratches on a glass table top

I have scratches on my glass table top (coffee table).  Some are quite noticeable, but most are normal wear and tear and only show when sunshine hits the table.  I there a way to restore the luster of the top?

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Is it possible to build an "Inversion Table" at home? (CHEAPLY)?

Inversion tables are used to stretch the spine by hanging upside down by your ankles

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leather inlay coffee table

I have a wood coffee table with a leather inlay in the top.  how do i clean it and/or polish it without damaging the leather?

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who developed a periodic table?

 it is used to know the element that has atomic number.

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Table saw? Answered

I am going to buy a table saw soon and I was just wondering what I should buy that is under $600 that can be used in a small space or moved outside?

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origami folding Table

i am sorry if this is the wrong place for this but i once saw on the internet a table from a cruise ship i think it was the "grand dining table" but i'm not sure. The table when turned opened to about double or triple its size extra pieces rising from inside and sliding into place to form a "whole" table the point of this is i would love if some one could point me to either the site or how to make one for myself

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Depth of the water table? Answered

I was unsuccessful in using the web to get a map of water table depths in Chicago. I would like to know where this information can be found. An accuracy of 3 feet would be fine.

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How could I make a carbon fiber table with a foam core?

I'm looking to see if it's possible to make a carbon fiber poker table using foam as a core to keep the weight down. I have instructions on how to make a poker table so I'm curious to know steps to do a wet layup of carbon fiber to create the table.

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we want to make a picnic table out of downed trees- anyone know how? Answered

We are making picnic tables for a nature trail and want to use natural resources- need to know how

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Height-adjustable tables: how best to motorize the lift? Answered

Seeking a DIY solution for building a height-adjustable table. How best to motorize/mechanize/hydraulicize the lift apparatus? I'd like to do this with a 2'x4' (or larger) writing/work surface. I'd also like to do it with a folding triangular IKEA "Lokka" table.  I.e., shorten the legs to make it coffee table size, but lift it back up to regular height.

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coffee cup coffee table Answered

I just thought of a cool idea-what about a coffee tabe that had a base that was a big cup with  fake coffee in it? Glass could rest on the top for the "table" part.  What do all of you think?

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How to use Table saw

It's easy to buy a table saw for our personal use. but its not easy to use this tool. so, there are some instructions and proper guideline to use this tool so that users will be safe and cutting also sharp and smooth.

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Convertable picnic table.

Hi all. Someone asked me if I could build a table like this:- I'm sure I've seen an 'ible for something similar but don't seem to be able to find it. Any ideas folks?

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Can you turn a working scanner into a light table?

I was thinking it would be cool if someone wrote code to tell a scanner's arm to come out into the middle and light up, making it a light table, that could then still be used as a scanner,

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How do you get scratches out of a plastic table without refinishing the whole thing? Answered

Cuttin stuff on ma table, scratched up it. Real annoying. Just surface scratches. How do I smooth it back?

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I am restoring a table and this was one of my ideas for the top, I would like opinions? Answered

The table is all black with Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban quotes on it, really I'm just wondering if people like it and if not I'll change it as I'm on the fence

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repairing large cracks in an outdoor table

I have a large outdoor wooden table, approx 2.4m long by 1m wide, made of spalted beech. Over time it has dried out and in places there are now large cracks in the surface, about as wide as a finger, all the way through the table top (about 10cm deep). What would you advise as best way to repair these ?

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Moss table provides a green furniture option

These tables by Ayodhyatra are made with a sweet collection of mosses under the glass top. It makes for a really nice piece and and I'm sure if I had a coffee table like this it wouldn't be buried under magazines and books the way my current one is. No need to worry about maintaining the mosses, either. They're all dried. Link

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Help needed in fixing plexi glass or glass to table top...?

I am wanting to have a large image on my coffee table, protected by plexi/glass, but I don't want to screw through the plexi/glass; any ideas on how i can secure it??

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Where can I find plans for the Fireside Twisted Table??

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What can I do with a train table that my kids have outgrown?

We have a train table similar to this;=toys-and-games&qid;=1259456647&sr;=8-5 except our drawers are on the other ends.  We no longer use it for a train table.  My kids end up piling stuff on top of it in a heap.  The green top is actually 2 long, very sturdy boards.  I saw this, but that's still basically the same thing and my youngest is a 7yo girl.  The table takes up too much space in our apartment so I would like to convert it into something smaller and more useful.  Any ideas?

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Automated Jupe tableor Fletcher Capstan table

Hi! I recently stumbled across the fletcher capstan table design, which I have researched into, and found a lot of info on them and the basis for them, Jupe tables. Basically, it is around table which expands into a bigger round table, instead of into an oval table.Heres a link, what I would love to do is design a similar self-contained expanding round table, but one which is automated. From the videos provided on the site, I have come up with a half dozen or more ideas on how to make a similarly functioning table. I am not sure which, if any, of these approaches DB Fletcher uses. I also don't know if it would violate any patents or coprights or whatever to make one for myself, if I design it myself, simply inspired by how his works...?In any event, none of the ways I can think of to make it work seem easily automated. I'm just wondering if anyone here might come up with some ideas? If we can come up with something which I could build, I would love to document it and make an instructable!

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How do I build a table that I can fold into the wall to get it out of the way? Answered

I am working in our basement and I want to keep all space as open as possible to accomodate at pool table. My wife likes to scrapbook on occasion and I want to build some sort of folding table that I can drop down from the wall. Most of the time, I would have the space required. It does not have to be very large. I am thinking some sort of a hinge system?

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Magnetic Table Holds It All Together

All that space under your dining room table has been going to waste... until now! Install neodymium magnets all over the place and you have an interesting concept. I'd be in constant fear of knocking a cup and saucer onto the floor with my knee, but it's not like anyone's really gonna make this and use it. Right? linkvia Gizmodo

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Hi..I am interested in building a vacuum table of the sort used when attaching wood veneer to another type of wood Answered

I understand the priniciples, but don't know what to use for the membrane that lays over the work or how it would be sealed at the perimeter...

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What's the easiest way to make your own table saw out of a common circular saw?

I would love to buy a portable table saw for some upcoming summer projects, but living off unemployment doesn't afford me too many possibilities.  However, I found a bunch of scrap lumber off Craigslist and have a simple 8" circular saw I bought a few years ago.

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Anyone have an alternate for the glass top of a patio table?

I'd like to replace it with wood or tiles but have less than 1/4" clearance.

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Drafting table help...

My first Instructable was how to build a drafting table for $50, take a look to get a feel for the design. It does it's job just fine but I'd like to improve upon it. First of all, I don't really have a system to raise/lower the table- I've just been propping it up with boxes and stuff. I'd like to have something attached to the table so that it can easily be adjusted and I'll have a few less pieces to lug around. Second, I need to put a rail on the edge of the drawing surface to keep work and tools from sliding off. I found a small drafting table that I ended up giving to a friend with a rail like the one in the picture below. It's sort of like a metal ruler with L shaped holes in it for screws- so you can lower the rail if you don't want it in your way. Where can I get something like this- or would I be able to make one?

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how to make a octagonal picnic table?

That has benches on the corners, so you can get in and out easier for older people it seats 8 people everyone has a side to eat on because of it's shape the inside continues the octagonal theme getting smaller and smaller towards the center it has an option to put a umbrella in the center

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America's Got Talent Judging Table Replica

Hi, I'm new here to Instructables. I'm wondering how you would go about creating a judging table similar to that of America's Got Talent, with X's at the front, and buttons that make a loud buzz noise (similar to the show itself), and makes the X's go red. Below is an image that may help you understand what I'm talking about. Thanks!

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Will Delta T30 fence fit a Craftman 10 Table saw circa 1970?

I have a 1970 Craftsman 10 in. table saw which has a cast tiron table  27 in. wide and 1.5 in. thick.  I need to replace the rip fence.  Approximately 0.75- 0.85 inches of the casting is available for locationg new holes.  Will the Delta T-30 fence mount to this?  Drilling new holes isn't a problem, I just don't know the geometry of the Delta fence and mounting system requirements.    Apparently, Lowe's no longer carries this product, but it appears to be available from on line sources. Saw Model no is 113.29940 Thanks

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Tempered Glass Table

I was thinking of making a tempered glass worktable or desk, and was wondering if it was practical.Would it overheat from a left out soldering iron?How much weight would it hold?Would glass for the outer layers be better?I'm a complete and utter noob when it comes to glass and most furniture, so any help would be appreciated. Also my worktable is here.

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Tablecloth without a Table

This tablecloth has been stiffened with starch or epoxy or something to keep its shape so that it can stand alone without a table below it.It's pretty fun for a picture, but unless you're right there on the ground like in the main pic below it's not too obvious. Well, maybe it's just not my style, but I'm sure that anyone else here can replicate it if they were interested.So how about it? Want to take it on? First person who does an Instructable about this will get... something. A custom patch and maybe something else. Link via bbgadgets

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I need to replace the power thermal switches on my 10 inch tradesman table saw with Normal switches can u help?

I have a 10 inch tradesman table saw I need to replace the power and thermal switch I want to put regular toggles in but I have not been able to just wire in 2 new switches directly can you help?

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What is the best place online or offline to buy table legs?

Looking for pre-made legs or has anyone seen a place that sells a base similar to this?;=filter&menuCatalog;=room&menuSubcategory;=213146

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Looking for a particular Instructable!

Hiya, I've been sending myself nuts looking for an Instructable that I happened across earlier today.  I can't seem to find it now but I can give a description of the front page. It is a fold down (or up) surf shack table... the image is a chap in a white room with lots of compartments and he is putting the table back up. I'm sure it was featured in the newsletter but I'm not sure as I can't find it in my inbox. I hope someone can help, I wanna get crackin! Thank you Georgina :) 

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is it possible to buy a "mateus rose" lampshade?

Making lamp from Mateus Rose wine bottle

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How can i decorate my desktop? picture below. Answered

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Anyone an Idea how to mount something on a Wall without screwing Holes ???

Has anyone an idea how to mount a fold-away table on a wall without drilling holes in the wall ? The problem s that the wall is a chimney. It will be mounted with two hinges so that you can fold it up. Sorry but I cant explain it better. mfg Daniel

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I am trying to mount glass to metal,

 Similar to picture. How is this done and where can I find/buy such pieces of metal?

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can one cast aliminum into a silicone mould?

I am looking for a quicker & smother way of casting aluminum & have been advised to use silicone but according to what I have read --- the temperature of molten aliminum is to high for a silicone mould! True or false?

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what is the capacitor for in a table fan motor? Where are they purchased?


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Can some one create for me the plans to make this table from crate and barrel?

The table can be viewed at...

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is it possible to make an "inversion table" at home, cheaply?

An "inversion table" is one that you can lay on and tip yourself upside down to let your spine stretch.

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Building a vacuum former table

I want to build a vacuum former table at home but I want to know if I can get texture and other details showing in the mold with this process.

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Bowling Alley Table

I used to love bowling as a kid and now I love to see materials get reused. So to see this lovely table by Ryan Brown that is made from a section of a bowling alley lane totally makes my day. Dining Table Project via DesignSponge

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