pro tag ?

Hi I can access this forum, the text formatiing, donwload instructable as customized pdf, view all step, and all the feature of pro member, but I dont have the tag. Why is that?

Posted by ac1D 8 years ago

Help finding lost transponders that transmit at 433.92 MHz and receive either at 307

Hello, I'd like to know if there is a tool finding a small tag transponders that transmit at 433.92 MHz and receive either at 307 kHz? We have a pocket tag reader but it is only good when the tag is within 12inch distance. We have an idea where the tag maybe but finding it is another thing. is there a tool to maybe triangulate the signal and locate that tag that is missing? Thank you for your help!

Posted by batman000 3 years ago

How do I tag a photo so that the yellow text box shows up

So when i upload a picture, how do i tag specific areas of that image so that when scrolling the cursor over the yellow box, additional text appears?

Posted by schnurrbart 10 years ago

Ability to "tag" certain instructables that I would easily like to return to

Forgive me if there is already a way to do this.  Is it possible for members to mark or tag certain instructables (I realize it would have to be a limited number)?  I have favorites from many different categories and re-finding them again can sometimes be very cumbersome.  Thank you for your attention.

Posted by thenickp 7 years ago

Why does Kiteman Have a Leaf in his avatar?

Let the madness begin...Whats going to be next?

Posted by ReCreate 9 years ago

Picture bug!!!Very annonying! it happens alot!

There is this bug when people tag outside of the picture and you cant see the other pictures. I guess you can reproduce the bug. All I did to get the bug is go on the instructable. I usually refresh and just dont go on the picture. Before the bug I browse on instructables. My computer is a windows 7 computer. I use Google chrome beta , but I tried on other browsers and experienced the same thing. It also happens on my friends house. 

Posted by OrIsIt 6 years ago

Site layout and taging problems

Today i've noticed that the bottom of the page has been thrown back to the late 90's in the way its showing displaying. The whole site layout has suddenly changed it little ways. What once use to be buttons are now hyper links. Are you in the middle of a site update here? The discussion tab in your profile view has also changed. Almost like its trying to show the recent comments in 2 different ways. Every once in a while when i try to change tabs in the profile page it gives me a pop up saying the site is having trouble. I have to say this HTML throwback look isn't working for me.

Posted by mpilchfamily 6 years ago

What's your Zune tag?

Mine is "aDimWit"

Posted by aDimWit 10 years ago

Frequency of Laser Tag guns

Does anyone know if Laser tag guns use infared LED's emitting at a certain frequency, If so what frequency/range of frequency

Posted by thermoelectric 10 years ago

graffiti tagging

What should i have my graffiti name as please help thankyou

Posted by kemskidd 8 years ago

Pro Work Area

I can not believe it! There is way way way too much onflow of information and every place I enter a search term just to get to understand how to use this work area so that I can select favorite instructables, NOT so that I can submit them! Jeez louise some people come here and there is no rhyme or reason with your work area ... every thing you press says you can submit your instructable here or there but there is nothing that details how to tag favorites .. how to use the work area .. by that I mean just the YOU area where you should understand how to navigage this whole huge place of stuff. Every How-To is about an instructable. You have very little under FAQs about how to organize or tag any instructables that you see and want to come back to. I don't want to make a *.pdf of all of everyone that catches my attention but I have looked and looked and have had no way to tag them. Please direct me to a page that shows how to use just this Inbox and Shortcuts and account site.

Posted by brianeclus 8 years ago

Feature Request: @user tag

For me instructables is great because of it's outstanding community. Still, I believe this could be an even better place if we worked closer together.  Sure, this can't be forced, but it can be made easier: It would help greatly if a "@user" tag was introduced. It should do two things: Notify the user mentioned, both with an on-page notification (like a PM) as well as through email Produce a clickable link to the user's page The usage cases are plenty. It could be used if... an authors project is based on @user ideas/ project @user has improve upon one's work @user has similar project worth checking out a comment/ forum post is adressed to @user, even though it is not a direct response one knows @user is interested in a instructable/ forum post, but may have missed it Unlike PMs it's a quick and public method to reach out for people. I am very aware that even though this is a "small" idea it may take much effort to develop and integrate throughout the site. Yet I do believe it would be absolutely worth it, as it... motivates authors (it is the greatest feeling to know somebody values the project you've poured all of your heart into) keeps conversations going (I've seen many comments not being responded to just because they haven't used the reply button) brings people with similar ideas and interests together (isn't this what instructables is all about?) It could happen that this will be abused by some people, so "blocking" certain users (to not receive notifications) should be a mandatory function. What do you think about this?

Posted by nqtronix 2 years ago

Unable to use photos in the library in multiple different steps

So I am working on an instructable where I have a few steps already in progress, and in a new step I wanted to use a photo from my library that I had already used in a previous step. I had done an in-image box w/ caption in the first step I used it in that appears when I add it to the new step. If I delete the comment in the picture in the new step, it also deletes the comment in the previous step the photo was used in. I'm not sure if this is unique to the way the photos are stored, in that the comment boxed are stored with the photo. I'd much rather be able to use photos twice in different steps when they have the same information in the photo but I'm zeroing in on a different aspect of the photo. Should I just upload two of the same photo with different file names to overcome this or is there a way to use a single photo in my library twice? I'm working on a 2009 Macbook Pro Model 5,3 with a 3.06 ghz processor, in the Chrome Web Browser version 26.0.1410.43. I don't have a current instructable draft where this can be reproduced unfortunately because I ended up just using a different photo to get the instructable published on time for a commitment to a forum. Although it behaves the same in using the old photo caption when I brought an old photo in the library into a new instructable (Helpful Preferences for LectureNotes on the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1). I have attached a screenshot of an example image where it brought in the old comment to the new instructable. **Also is there a way to search the forum to find if this has been reported/asked before?? I'm very sorry if this is a repost as I couldn't search the forum itself.

Posted by milessthomas 5 years ago

feature request: tag cloud

Hi all, not sure if this is the right place to ask for this, but wouldn't a tag cloud or weighted category list (or whatever it's called) be a nice feature on Instructables as well? One could convert the already entered keywords into user generated tags and then allow reader to add new tags to entries etc. I think tag clouds are flexible than simple categories (although they don't replace them). Andreas

Posted by onde 9 years ago

HTML Tags Working

Html tags not working well.

Posted by limsss2 5 years ago

Tag blacklist

Is there any way to blacklist a tag?  It's difficult to find any good prop indistructables behind the almost literal mountain of terrible knex content.  I want to see if there are any other techniques for making prop swords or rifles, or handguns, or war hammers, anything like that.  It's a million knex results and like, two results i actually want to see.

Posted by Xankahr 2 years ago

Concerning the image library.....I can see my pics now, but I can not add tags to ones uploaded without a tag

I thought in the past, I could update tags for the pictures and add tags when I hadn't put one in at upload time. Now I am unable to find a way to do this anymore. Is this a planned thing, or did something need to be dropped in order to do the update you all did? It would be nice, now that my library is over 600 pics, to be able to go directly to some of the early ones without having to spend a good 5+ minutes scrolling back to the start of the pack. And for those that are similarly tagged but not exactly the same, it would be nice to be able to update them so I could categorize them better under single tags. Thanks.

Posted by Goodhart 10 years ago

interest tags on profile (e.g. "sewing") link to empty results pages

This might just be a bad night for the Instructables search function. What I observed: I added tags to my profile for interests ("embroidery, sewing") and saved them. I clicked through the links on my updated profile to what I presume should have been a search results page showing other Instructables users with the same interests: ( ).  I saw a blank page.  I tried clicking through "embroidery" with the same empty page resulting.  I thought "huh, maybe it's just my profile?"  So I tried clicking through from Rachel's profile with the same results -- a reasonable looking URL in the address bar, but an empty page. Attached is a screenshot of the empty results page 16-June-2010 21:49 Pacific at the URL

Posted by jmeowmeow 8 years ago

Can a Bluetooth tag be used to remotely control a Powerpoint presentation?

I have one of these little doohickeys, which I thought was kind of interesting and potentially useful at some point: I'm wondering if there's a way I can get it to control a Powerpoint (or similar) presentation on Windows or OSX? I'm not sure how I'd go about trying to make that happen, so an Instructable post on it would be great.

Posted by jmsp.1983 2 years ago

tag ideas

Just trying to get as many tags as possible so that we can be more known

Posted by golddigger1559 9 years ago

Paracord dog tags

Anyone know where to buy college team dog tags for bracelets?

Posted by srock3 6 years ago


People are horrible with tagging its hard to find any thing on this site people have bad titles 2

Posted by DELETED_azntrooper93 9 years ago


I am wondering if anyone knows of HTML tags that work in Instructables like the ones in this Instructable?

Posted by Josehf Murchison 5 years ago

How do I edit the tags of my published Instructable?

How do I edit the tags of my published Instructable?  I misspelled one of the tags and would like to correct it.

Posted by dmjlambert 3 years ago

Can we have a tag blacklist feature?

I haven't searched too much, so maybe this feature already exists, but I think it would be useful if you could blacklist certain tags so they don't appear when you search for a craft. This site is filled with K'Nex. I don't own K'Nex. I don't want K'Nex. I don't even want to know K'Nex exists. They look very ugly and impractical in my opinion. I know some people enjoy them, but I'd rather not see a billion K'Nex results when I search for -realistic- props for Halloween or whatever. This doesn't only apply to K'Nex, but that's my personal example right now. I think a blacklist feature for tags would solve this problem. Anyone agree?

Posted by turtlesrfun 4 years ago

How can I use tags..?

In description under Build My Lab Contest, it is mentioned that "If you'd like to have your design considered for judges' prizes, make sure to use the tags BuildTheirLab or LabHacks in your submission!" Please help how to use above tags

Posted by antoniraj 4 years ago

Adding tags to already-uploaded pictures

Is there a way of adding tags to an already-uploaded picture? I have a few instructables, and I hadn't bothered to tag the pictures I uploaded to include in them, and now there are getting to be enough that it's hard to find the one I want. Can I add a tag to a picture that has already been uploaded? How?

Posted by jdege 9 years ago

How to add more tags after publishing?

I wanted to add a couple of tags to an 'ible I published today but for the life of me I can't find anywhere to add more tags.  Could someone point me in the right direction please? (assuming it's possible) thanks G

Posted by gtoal 2 years ago

Adding/editing Tags

I'm new to Instructables and just did my first instructable yesterday. I published, but now I'd like to go back in and edit the instructable TAGS. I can't seem to find WHERE to do that. Any help is appreciated - thanks!

Posted by smileee2 5 years ago

Can I browse tags and themes and main components?

I would like to be able to browse through tags and therefore to see themes and main components. How would I go about doing this?

Posted by Advocat 8 years ago


I just found out something with the new Nerf Dart Tag Darts! they work with most clip system Nerf guns, which means more of a variety of Nerf guns to chose from for Dart Tag games! other than the Quick 16, Swarmfire, Sharp Shot, or other dart tag guns.

Posted by AirsoftTeam 7 years ago

Thanks for the tags!

I'm not sure where else to put this, so Thank You to whoever it was that made the tags visible to us regular members on the Answers page again. They really are helpful in deciphering what some of the questions are about. If I'm mistaken, and the tags are still only visible to I'bles staff and FT members, when do I get my first check? ;-)

Posted by RavingMadStudios 8 years ago

A bunch of Funny images I found somewhere

You gotta see them...SourceHere are my favorites...

Posted by ReCreate 9 years ago

Is it possible to add tags to pictures already in image library

Sorry, this is probably another stupid question. Can I add tags to images that are already in my image library? I didn't realize how quickly the photos would add up. I have only posted 3 instructables, but I am working on several more and the lack of tags is annoying. I am now adding tags but I still have a bunch of photos without tags.Thanks.

Posted by artlife 5 years ago

how do I edit my instructables tag

I published my instructable, but now realize I should have used some different tags. How do I go about changing my existing tags please?

Posted by rsislandcrafts 11 years ago

Wikitag Anyone?

Wikitag is a good game to play when you are bored and have some free time, rather it be at home, school, or the library. For those of you who never heard of Wikitag, here are the simple rules. Go to Wikipedia, and press the random button Click a link on the page, thus leading to a different page. The link must redirect you to another article on Wikipedia, not another website. Keep on clicking links until you arrive to your desired Article. To make the game more interesting, I like to start on one article in an attempt to go to another article that is completely different. (For example, Computer to Water.) So, is anyone interesting, because if enough people were, I am planning to start up a contest of Wikitag. Thanks.

Posted by Rock Soldier 8 years ago

How can we help people when tagging their projects and questions?

After looking at some projects and posted questions, I have seen some people not using the proper tags or sometimes using unrelated tags. That affects how projects could be searched and found. This could eliminate the posting of the same questions that have been already answered. Does anyone have suggestions on how these people can be helped when it comes to adding tags to their projects and questions? 

Posted by blkhawk 6 years ago

Multiple tags with same id

Hey, I noticed with the reply boxes that there are multiple html tags with the same id - something that is clearly invalid. Just thought i'd point that out ;)

Posted by Sorunome 5 years ago

Laser Tag Pack and Gun

How would you create a laser tag game set, like at Ultrazone or similar? Would you just have a bunch of Photocells in parallel connected to your gun, or something? Can somone point me in the right direction?

Posted by PKTraceur 9 years ago

How do I add tags to photos in my image library?

When I uploaded photos I didn't see an option to add tags (maybe I missed it?). Now I'd like to add tags to those pictures in my image library. Is there any way to do that? I found this forum topic from a year ago but I don't seem to have the link to add keywords when I get to an image's info page.

Posted by ModMischief 4 years ago

How do I tag my instructable in a specific group?

Hey everyone.  So, I'm in a digital fabrication class where we had to upload an intructable after our project.  Now we have to tag them to "CSU" (my school) so we're grouped together as a class.  Is there a tag button somewhere I'm missing? Or do I use the category option at the top of the page on the right? Help and thanks!  Cas

Posted by schmack 5 years ago

Tags question

Hey guys! coolcrafter101 here. How many tags do you usually put in your Instructables? I do about 8-10, but I'd like to know what other people do so I know if I am putting too many or too little. Please comment and answer. Thanks!

Posted by coolcrafter101 1 year ago

RSS Feed breaks regularly

The RSS feed regularly fails in Firefox due to unclosed tags:Error: mismatched tag. Expected: .Source File: 141, Column: 5Source Code: ----This was due to a category tag up in the list not being closed. Are you hand editing your feeds?

Posted by mdwalters 10 years ago

J Tagged xbox 360 info

Hey will pay top dollar for a j taggable xbox or INFO on how to play with it on xbox live, can western union the money or paypal it to you,email me

Posted by testen500 7 years ago

Laser Tag Hacking

I've been toying with this idea for a while, but I can't go anywhere with it until I get some programming experience (I'm taking a class on it next year, so I'll be able to do it then). I was thinking of this as a potential way to cheat at laser tag (or make it more interesting at least). get a microcontroller, a photoresistor, and plenty of cheap laser diodes with collimators, lenses, etc (a bunch of cheap laser pointers would work for this). use the photoresistor to have the microcontroller "learn" your laser's signal (so that you can get credit for your tagging), and then reproduces that signal at the press of a button. put all the lasers facing outward in a ball and presto, a laser tag grenade. just wondered if anyone could think of a good way to do this.

Posted by codongolev 7 years ago

Battery tag / tab welder from a camera flash

About a year ago I found a project somewhere to turn an old camera flash into a spot welder for small batteries. I found an old flash gun in my spares box and I wanted to have a go at building a spot welder from it but I can't find the weblink. Does anyone have any suggestions ?

Posted by scubascooby 8 years ago

Group Keyword Problems

I went to my group, Shadowman39's Favorite Instructables and Members, and just noticed that there's something wrong with the keywords. I didn't put those keywords there, so I'm wondering who did. There isn't a way to edit the keywords (for me, anyways). So, I want to get rid of those keywords. Thanks, Shadowman39

Posted by Shadowman39 8 years ago

Adding Contest winner tag to the Design Challenge entries

Won't it be awesome if the entries for the Design Challenges also have the contest winner tag at the top like all other I'bles? What do you say?

Posted by alamtania 1 year ago

managing tags in image library

While writing an instructable I was uploading picture using the new uploader (is it still new if it's older than 6 months?). Before clicking upload I used the tag files as and input my info. I have found 2 issues with this style of upload. I'd like some feedback. 1) I see the benefit of tagging uploaded photos and the aid in searching. But, is there any plans to offer a folder based system to he image library? Not all the files I upload to this site are relevant enough to include in the tagging section. As far as I've tested, not tagging a file results in the file only being viewable in the 'All' category. If you upload more than 50 pictures you'll be searching for a while to find it again later. I've been using an ad hoc method of using underscores to keep files organized. (ex. of tags: _discussion, _forums, etc. And for hyphenated or 2-word projects, tagging jello_brains or joining words like jellobrains). This is really so the drop-down menu isn't cluttered with all kinds of one-off keywords. Is if there is a folder-based system to use/search our library that isn't reliant on keywords. Which made me think of something else. 2) After re-uploading the photos again with the underscores in the right places (for my own sanity of keeping things where I can find them). I tried deleting the now-redundant files under the old tags. I successfully deleted the files under the tags, but couldn't remove the tag. I had not started writing the instructable yet or identified any keywords anywhere else outside of the upload editor. Is there a method to remove redundant or erroneously-named tags to files? Is there a way to add additional tags to a file after it has been uploaded?

Posted by mikeasaurus 8 years ago

How do I change the tags for a Group?

???? So how do I????

Posted by Gordon Freeman 9 years ago