People are horrible with tagging its hard to find any thing on this site people have bad titles 2

Posted by DELETED_azntrooper93 8 years ago

tag ideas

Just trying to get as many tags as possible so that we can be more known

Posted by golddigger1559 9 years ago

How can I use tags..?

In description under Build My Lab Contest, it is mentioned that "If you'd like to have your design considered for judges' prizes, make sure to use the tags BuildTheirLab or LabHacks in your submission!" Please help how to use above tags

Posted by antoniraj 4 years ago

my instructibles tags won't come up in seaches

after making my instructibe i added tags. after a week or two i seach for one of the tags"swagbucks" and nothing is found did i do something wrong.? it is the "how to get back at itunes one

Asked by corsi 9 years ago

How to add more tags after publishing?

I wanted to add a couple of tags to an 'ible I published today but for the life of me I can't find anywhere to add more tags.  Could someone point me in the right direction please? (assuming it's possible) thanks G

Posted by gtoal 2 years ago

Adding/editing Tags

I'm new to Instructables and just did my first instructable yesterday. I published, but now I'd like to go back in and edit the instructable TAGS. I can't seem to find WHERE to do that. Any help is appreciated - thanks!

Posted by smileee2 5 years ago

HTML Tags Working

Html tags not working well.

Posted by limsss2 4 years ago

Paracord dog tags

Anyone know where to buy college team dog tags for bracelets?

Posted by srock3 5 years ago


I am wondering if anyone knows of HTML tags that work in Instructables like the ones in this Instructable? https://www.instructables.com/id/Snork-Adding-HTML-TAGS-to-Instructables/

Posted by Josehf Murchison 4 years ago


I am wondering if anyone knows of HTML tags that work in Instructables like the ones in this Instructable? https://www.instructables.com/id/Snork-Adding-HTML-TAGS-to-Instructables/

Asked by Josehf Murchison 4 years ago

How do I edit the tags of my published Instructable?

How do I edit the tags of my published Instructable?  I misspelled one of the tags and would like to correct it.

Posted by dmjlambert 2 years ago

Can I browse tags and themes and main components?

I would like to be able to browse through tags and therefore to see themes and main components. How would I go about doing this?

Posted by Advocat 8 years ago

Is it possible to add tags to pictures already in image library

Sorry, this is probably another stupid question. Can I add tags to images that are already in my image library? I didn't realize how quickly the photos would add up. I have only posted 3 instructables, but I am working on several more and the lack of tags is annoying. I am now adding tags but I still have a bunch of photos without tags.Thanks.

Posted by artlife 5 years ago

managing tags in image library

While writing an instructable I was uploading picture using the new uploader (is it still new if it's older than 6 months?). Before clicking upload I used the tag files as and input my info. I have found 2 issues with this style of upload. I'd like some feedback. 1) I see the benefit of tagging uploaded photos and the aid in searching. But, is there any plans to offer a folder based system to he image library? Not all the files I upload to this site are relevant enough to include in the tagging section. As far as I've tested, not tagging a file results in the file only being viewable in the 'All' category. If you upload more than 50 pictures you'll be searching for a while to find it again later. I've been using an ad hoc method of using underscores to keep files organized. (ex. of tags: _discussion, _forums, etc. And for hyphenated or 2-word projects, tagging jello_brains or joining words like jellobrains). This is really so the drop-down menu isn't cluttered with all kinds of one-off keywords. Is if there is a folder-based system to use/search our library that isn't reliant on keywords. Which made me think of something else. 2) After re-uploading the photos again with the underscores in the right places (for my own sanity of keeping things where I can find them). I tried deleting the now-redundant files under the old tags. I successfully deleted the files under the tags, but couldn't remove the tag. I had not started writing the instructable yet or identified any keywords anywhere else outside of the upload editor. Is there a method to remove redundant or erroneously-named tags to files? Is there a way to add additional tags to a file after it has been uploaded?

Posted by mikeasaurus 7 years ago

Tags / Keyword Will Not Save.

Hi. Mimi again!  Thanks for helping to get my video ible to post!  One last issue I'm struggling with. I can't add or save tags / keywords!  See this screenshot: http://tardis1.tinygrab.com/grabs/d2bb728579f077e9b30fac5ef3920f1e60d85908c1.png or the file attached.  You will see that there is a field for keywords, but no update or save button.  The other options all have a little "update button" next to the entry field.  I can type in all the keywords I want, but there is no way to save them.  And when I navigate away from the page, there is no evidence that they were ever entered.  Am I missing something? appreciate the help! Mimi

Posted by HeyMimi 4 years ago

Subject Area Experts

This idea stems from other social networking tools I have had some experience with. My main idea is that of Experts. This would be something similar to "interests" on someone profile, except that it lists someone's proficiencies. A subtle difference. With this in place, users could then tag a "subject area" on their Answers or Instructables during submittal and all of the people who have that in their "expert" list would be notified. This could probably be worked into the official tagging system already in place using some sort of RSS type deal. This would help avoid having to wade through ALL of the Answers and I'bles to find one pertinent to your expertise. It's a thought in process. Your thoughts?

Posted by BeanGolem 9 years ago

Why does kiteman Have old Pictures in his Avatar?

Continuing my tradition of asking stupid questions and making topics for no apparent reason.

Posted by ReCreate 9 years ago

I haven't got those picture tags/yellow boxes?

Hi everyone, I'm just writing to say that when I'm using Instructables and I'm logged and everything, I don't get those yellow boxes around particular places in a picture. I know they exist, because my brother (Kryptonite) gets them in most of his pictures (those which he sees and those which he posts). Does anyone know how to fix this? Could it be that there's an availabe Java update? Thanks, Moofish.

Asked by Moofish 6 years ago

Adding tags to already-uploaded pictures

Is there a way of adding tags to an already-uploaded picture? I have a few instructables, and I hadn't bothered to tag the pictures I uploaded to include in them, and now there are getting to be enough that it's hard to find the one I want. Can I add a tag to a picture that has already been uploaded? How?

Posted by jdege 9 years ago

Thanks for the tags!

I'm not sure where else to put this, so Thank You to whoever it was that made the tags visible to us regular members on the Answers page again. They really are helpful in deciphering what some of the questions are about. If I'm mistaken, and the tags are still only visible to I'bles staff and FT members, when do I get my first check? ;-)

Posted by RavingMadStudios 8 years ago

How do I add tags to photos in my image library?

When I uploaded photos I didn't see an option to add tags (maybe I missed it?). Now I'd like to add tags to those pictures in my image library. Is there any way to do that? I found this forum topic from a year ago https://www.instructables.com/community/Is-it-possible-to-add-tags-to-pictures-already-in-/ but I don't seem to have the link to add keywords when I get to an image's info page.

Posted by ModMischief 3 years ago

How do I tag my instructable in a specific group?

Hey everyone.  So, I'm in a digital fabrication class where we had to upload an intructable after our project.  Now we have to tag them to "CSU" (my school) so we're grouped together as a class.  Is there a tag button somewhere I'm missing? Or do I use the category option at the top of the page on the right? Help and thanks!  Cas

Posted by schmack 5 years ago

Is there a way to organize my ible image library? Answered

Is there a way to group images in my library? Is there a way rename or re- tag them?

Asked by mole1 5 years ago

Website banners? Answered

Can someone instruct us how to make these beautiful banners that I receive in my newsletter? I have uploaded images to be specific.

Asked by GhazInstruct 8 months ago

How to make a miniture RFID Door Lock?

Hi guy's, First time poster here, Just wanting to know how hard it would be to make this (https://www.instructables.com/id/Arduino-RFID-Door-Lock/) as small as possible. Im a noob to programming so any help would be appreciated and or where to gat the parts would be great..Cheers.?

Asked by joker8656 6 years ago

Need help identifying style of ring.

I am needing some help identifying what style of ring this is. I got it as part of a repayment for a loan and need to know what type of ring to list it as. I know it is 10kt gold, the diamonds are real & the main setting is called an invisible mounting. Any help would be greatly appreciated.Thank you.

Asked by JoeC271 1 year ago

hi, i am newly working on adxl335,can u pls tell me how to read output from the adxl335,in bascom language?

Hi,i am doing project on adxl335 and pic18f25k20,i am writting  program in bascom language,as i am newly working on adxl335,so can pls tell me how to read analog output from the accelerometer(adxl335)...actually i want measure the angles ..and should give voice output from the apr9600 for each angle ...........pls  help me.

Asked by preme576 6 years ago

Tag blacklist

Is there any way to blacklist a tag?  It's difficult to find any good prop indistructables behind the almost literal mountain of terrible knex content.  I want to see if there are any other techniques for making prop swords or rifles, or handguns, or war hammers, anything like that.  It's a million knex results and like, two results i actually want to see.

Posted by Xankahr 1 year ago

How can we help people when tagging their projects and questions?

After looking at some projects and posted questions, I have seen some people not using the proper tags or sometimes using unrelated tags. That affects how projects could be searched and found. This could eliminate the posting of the same questions that have been already answered. Does anyone have suggestions on how these people can be helped when it comes to adding tags to their projects and questions? 

Posted by blkhawk 5 years ago

Does ForumWarz plant viruses or SpyWare?

Well? Does it?

Posted by DrWeird117 9 years ago

What happened to the old way of putting in picture notes?

Recently instructables changed the way that you enter picture notes. It used to be that you could just drag a box and then type your note. But now when you click it creates a box and you have to a just the size. I was wondering if this was a setting that I could change because I like the old way better. Thanks.

Asked by nurdee1 6 years ago


So I've got a real problem with leaving my stuff behind when I head out the door, and I was wondering how possible it would be to have a small device to help that. What I was envisioning, essentially, was little chips, RFID chips maybe, that you'd attach to your phone, wallet, keys, anything else. A reader would sit by the door, low power enough to give it just enough range to scan the doorway. You'd leave, but there'd be a sign on the wall showing checkmarks next to the things you have. Adding something to the list shouldn't be too difficult, or setting up a different person. This could show on a screen or using some kind of mechanical method. Either way, shouldn't need to ever be more than eight items. Anyone done something like this?

Posted by quantum_mechanik 4 years ago

Need help updating instructable's tags / category? Answered

Can I update an instructables tags and the category its under once its been published, or will changing them republish a duplicate instructable under another category?

Asked by cardboarddude 6 years ago

Tags question

Hey guys! coolcrafter101 here. How many tags do you usually put in your Instructables? I do about 8-10, but I'd like to know what other people do so I know if I am putting too many or too little. Please comment and answer. Thanks!

Posted by coolcrafter101 1 year ago

How does one make a simple radio with a transmiter and a receiver? Can someone better explain a passive RFID tag?

I use a fm transmitter and a fm receiver to connect my tv to my computer speakers. The device is not very cost effective and I tried to make my own transmiter and receiver that had one frequency. I then learned about passive RFID tags and wondered how it could both transmit and receive a radio wave. And it only uses a memory source with an antenna in the form of an inductor. I began to wonder if I could make a tranmiter and receiver like an RFID tag. There is so much about radios in general that I still can't comprehend.

Asked by mcguyverzboss 9 years ago

Unable to view image tags or additional images in firefox

Hello. Firefox user here. I just recently tried accessing the additional images on several instructables, and am unable to do so. Clicking the small thumbnails below the large image usually makes them the focus, or it prompts me to log in if I am logged out. For whatever reason, this is no longer working. I have tried replicating the problem in IE, and the images work fine. I tried resetting my firefox preferences, to no avail. I reinstalled Java, but I don't know if that would affect my problem or not. I am at my wits end with this problem. Can anyone offer help?

Posted by Dumfist 8 years ago

I'm going to Spain again...

So i'm going to Spain again and i will be gone for 17 days. (Thats like 2 and a half weeks or something) BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Millawi Legend 7 years ago

Could anyone tell me an idea of what to make with Lego Mindstorms NXT 2.0 kit?

I need a lot of help getting an idea for the Lego Mindstorms NXT 2.0 kit. Please Help.

Asked by jwoo2023 8 years ago

Filtering out certain categories while browsing

Is there a way to filter out certain categories of instructables while browsing? I know that I can choose to only view a particular category using the /category: flag, but I'm trying to figure out how to filter out certain categories while seeing all the rest when browsing the latest instructables. For example, the recent explosion of knitting projects or the k'nex craze a while back. Nothing against either of those types of instructables; I'm just not interested in them, and they're so prolific they kind of drown out everything else. I tried searching for an answer, but I keep coming up with activated carbon filters and guitar noise filters :P Anybody know of a way?

Posted by chantling 10 years ago

Can you tag a experimental car? Answered

Can you tag a experimental car?

Asked by nfarrow 8 years ago

What's your Zune tag?

Mine is "aDimWit"

Posted by aDimWit 9 years ago

feature request: tag cloud

Hi all, not sure if this is the right place to ask for this, but wouldn't a tag cloud or weighted category list (or whatever it's called) be a nice feature on Instructables as well? One could convert the already entered keywords into user generated tags and then allow reader to add new tags to entries etc. I think tag clouds are flexible than simple categories (although they don't replace them). Andreas

Posted by onde 9 years ago

is it possible to CHEAPLY spread a laser pointer's light out into a shape like a large rectangle?

Instead of a single tiny point of light, I'd like a laser pointer that shows a large (solid if possible) rectangle. Is there any way to change the shape of the light projected by one of those cheap (<$5) laser pointers to project this?

Asked by 9 years ago

Why does kiteman Have his old avatar back?

I just had to XD

Posted by ReCreate 9 years ago

A bunch of Funny images I found somewhere

You gotta see them...SourceHere are my favorites...

Posted by ReCreate 9 years ago

RFID/NFC computer lock?

I am curious if any of you have an idea for something that could detect a bracelet from 5-10 feet and when it leaves, issue a sleep command to a computer.  I think it would be relatively easy to issue the command from an arduino, but I'm not very sure on which tags and readers to use for the right range.  The idea would be for the computer to automatically sleep/lock when you leave the room.  So what frequencies/types of tags and readers should I look into that will offer a decent range, that is close enough not to loose connection reaching across the desk or walking a few feet across the room, but won't work from a few rooms down the hall, and will interface well with an arduino.

Asked by seedorfj 3 years ago

Why does Kiteman Have an ocean in his avatar?

À²  ̯ ಠ

Posted by ReCreate 9 years ago