Is the Takamine GS 330s a good guitar? Answered

I have to choose beween a Takamine GS 330s and an Alvarez (solid mahogony body, at $275 new.) The Alvarez has a beautiful natural color, but the Takamine (for $25 more) comes with a case and is sold new at $300. Which should I buy? ( I got the takamine, as it was a better deal for the money. It plays wonderfully and sounds great. Thanks guys!)

Asked by freeza36 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

Is the Takamine GS 330s a good guitar?

Is the Takamine GS 330s a good guitar? I have the opportunity to get one for cheap, but i can also choose to get an Alvarez (mahogony $270, and i don't remember which model) instead. Which do you think? (the Takamine is regularily $299.)

Asked by freeza36 7 years ago

Value my 12 string guitar please?

I recently got a second hand Takamine En 10-12, I struggle to play it so would like to sell it, It has a a damaged neck where it was stood on by previous owner but it doesn't effect the playing I think its more crushed and cracked than snapper, and it is electro-acoustic but the pre amp does not work. I am looking for a rough valuation and where the best place to sell it is Thanks

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