There seems to be a lot of types of tape. The most famous, Duct Tape, but there have been variations on it. Gorilla tape, a stronger and stickier version, Marine Reflective Tape, X-Treme Tape, and gaffer tape.What's your favorite type of tape and uses for it?

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Duct Tape club

Join the duct tape club

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Duct Tape Club

Also join the duct tape club woooo

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is duct tape counted as office supplies? Answered

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any duct tape projects?

Where can i find more duct tape projects? i made shoes and now i cant find any other projects.

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what are some fun and easy duct tape things to make?


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How to Make Tape Splitter?

Hello all masterminds out there. Can anyone guide me how do i build a tool to split adhesive tapes in required sizes? Or direct me if there exits any Instructable already for the same. Thanks

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Does electical tape melt easily?

I've coated my usb (the circuit board, split the case) in electrical tape, but the USB gets warm (as expected. Will this damage my USB, despite the fact that it's a useless 128mb one anyway?

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Am I the only one getting fed up with duct tape?

I wondered whether I'm the only one starting to grow sceptic of duct tape. It doesn't work that well, it can't reliably stick anything to a wall reliably for more than 6 months, and when you take it off (or it falls off), it leaves you with whatever you taped with nasty slime all over the place. What are your views on duct tape?

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Does Duct Tape really de-magnetize the magnetic strip on credit/gift cards? Answered

I have a Duck tape wallet, and this is constantly a worry for me... I'm solving this by putting Business Cards behind all my cards with magnetic strips, is this necessary?

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Any one know how to make a checkered duct tape wrist band???????

Im trying to make it but it wont work! im soo confused?!blah!

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what are some fun things to make out of duct tape besides wallets?

i have a lot of duct tape but i don't know what to make. I have made a bunch of wallets and I don't find it fun. Please give me ideas. Thanks.

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what can i make out of duct tape for my business? Answered

1)mouse pads 2)bouquets of flowers 3)intinal 4)bible cases 5)wallets (use packing tape to make a place for the license) 6)tip holders 7)iphone ipad ipod cover 8)purses if this helped visit my Facebook page "Kaylee"s Duct Tape Inc."

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Should i solder my EL-Tape in Serie or Parallel?

I'd like to solder 6 different EL-Tape's to eachother. These are connected to one converter with 2AA battery's. I'd like them to have a high intensity. The batterylife is of lesser concern. Should I solder them in series or in Parallel?

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new length of mastic tape? Answered

 Hi all.. Could you help me to know :  if I stretch a roll of mastic tape is  1/4'' thick x 1.5 '' wide x 360' long  to form 1/8'' Thick x 1'' wide I will have how much of  new length ??? Thank you so much in advance for your time.

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Does anyone have any tips on how to make sharp corners for duct tape things that are hallow (like a cover for electronics)

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How much tape do you guys have?

Dunkis got me thinking "Hey, I wonder how much tape I have in my house?", so I got it all together. Now I'm wondering "How much do you have?". So, let's see it! Oh, forgot to mention it, but this is just from at my mom's house. I have like half more over at my dad's.

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Is there a 12 Step Program for my Instructables addiction? Answered

I just published my 3rd paltry ible. This one was in the duct tape challenge. Problem solved you say? Not even close! I've been having duct tape dreams and nightmares for a week. More ideas keep popping up in my head.  I need help!

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You've heard of papercraft, but now tapecraft?!

Today while browsing evilmadscientist.com I found a link to this flicker set by Happy Monkey. It's tapecraft! Basically papercraft, but using tape instead. And most of the stuff is geometric figures instead of like, an Instructables robot.Here's a link to a tutorial for a dodecahedron, which looks really hard to make.I think we've got to get Happy Monkey to join Instructables ;)

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Hey does any one have any tips for folding duct tape longways (hot dog) perfectly im trying to make shoe laces but i need to get it folded perfect (i know how to do it the other way just get like a pencil put it in the middle and have some one pull the pencil and take the two sides hold thought and slowly put together) ps i'll post an instructable on it when im done

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Duct Tape Bandages

I thought this was cool, duct tape bandages!3M Duct Tape Bandages-

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Duct Tape Bandages

I thought this was cool, duct tape bandages!3M Duct Tape Bandages

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Duct Tape Messenger Bag

Just in time for school ;)Duct Tape Nation

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tape camcorder to pen camcorder

Hey, i have a broken tape camcorder, it records but the tape record system is all screwed so i was wondering if theres a way to record to a pen instead of a tape.

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duct tape armor help

How many rolls of duct tape do you think it will take to made armor

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Knex triple tape dispencer.

I was really bored and decided to make a tape dispencer for 3 rolls of electrical tape i recently bought. each roll is 20 meters long.

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DUCK TAPE contest?

OK so I know that a least all of us have used DUCK TAPE? And I know there are many different things you can make with DUCK TAPE. SO I was thinking that it would be a cool idea if there was a DUCK TAPE CONTEST!! And the entries would have to be a object made of ALL DUCK TAPE (100% DUCK TAPE)and could not be something repaired using DUCK TAPE. PLEASE comment back and tell me what you think and if would make a great contest.

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Duct Tape Wallets

Talk about different methods of making them.

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What is the best ramrod tape? Answered

I want to know what is the best tape to wrap up a ramrod for a knex gun.  Currently i am using duck tape, that works well, but is there anything out there that is better?

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Duct tape or fire?

Recently at school there was an assignment in which we had to do a survey of 20 people.  The teacher came up with 10 Questions and we had to come up with 5.  Seeing that many people liked fire or duct tape, i asked which is better, fire or duct tape?  The typical answer was "that's an impossible question" or "flaming duct tape".  So which is better fire or duct tape? ***UPDATE MAY 5, 2011***  ok so the score so far is duct tape 9, fire 4, and flaming duct tape 1.  and ratings 2 c'mon people lets get some ratings.

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Where would you buy camo duct tape? Answered


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Duct Tape

Ok, Ok, since this *is* and outdoors group/forum, and it *is* the nature of this website:What is your favorite use for duct tape? I want to hear about and see pictures of your improvisation and creativity in the outdoors at its best, using, of course, duct tape.

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How do you wrap duct tape and clear tape around irregular objects?

Objects such as funny shaped cardboard art and odd shaped tables. I am talking about wrapping tape, smoothly and cleanly, around objects that don't have smooth sharp edges. How can you do this?

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Has there been a duct tape contest yet? Answered

There are so many things to do with duct tape, so a contest would be really interesting to see what shows up.

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Duct-Tape Wallet Ideas?

A few things I thought could make better duct tape wallets. 1: Buss-Pass/ I.D. Pocket, Perhaps a pocket made out of clear packing tape that covers the whole card could be used for I.D. or a Buss-Pass. 2: Coin Purse, A Sideways-facing pocket can be made to fold-out sideways from the wallet, when the pocket is folded-in, It acts like an envelope and keeps the coins in. 3: Dividing Page, A properly sized page taped on the inside "spine" of the wallet could be added to allow for more compartments. 4: Transparent/ Clear Carcass, The Carcass of the wallet could be made with clear packing tape or transparent duct-tape 5: Sports-Grade Grip-Tape/ Hockey Tape Parts, Parts of the wallet could be made from Grip-Tape or Hockey Tape, These products can be found in black, colors or transparent. Please Respond to this inquiry.

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What is something original I can make out of duct tape?

Things besides wallets, like the duct tape roses. Anyway, I'm bored and have lots of duct tape and don't know what to do with it. However, I don't have enough duct tape to cover pants in.

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Besides gluing or epoxing one metal part to another metal part (metal to metal), is it possible to tape them together?

I am interested in, possibly, finding a special kind of tape that can bond metal together. Where could I find such a tape? So, instead of using glue or epoxy to bond metal together, are there special kinds of tapes that could do this? Perhaps a special kind of duct tape? 

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Picnic with gorilla tape

I have long been a fan of gorilla glue, but only recently have I even checked out gorilla tape. I thought that duct tape was good enough for most needs, but now I'm pretty much converted over to gorilla tape. Here's why.Last weekend a group that I work with was having a pig roast/potluck in the park. It was a little breezy and I was in charge of putting up some of the signs. I figured I'd give the gorilla tape a try as I was stopping off at the hardware store and it was near the vinyl rope I was picking up.When I got to the potluck site there were some other guys there tearing off sheets of butcher paper to be used as tablecloths. To attach them to the tables they were using big pieces of blue painter's tape. It was ridiculous. Before they were halfway through some pieces were already taking flight, making them run back with more painter's tape.Long story short, I started tearing off small pieces of the gorilla tape and it stuck all the paper down to the old wooden tables good and tight. Everything held strong during the picnic and during clean-up the tape held strong and the paper ripped when we were puling them off.Summary: Gorilla tape is pricier than duct tape, but I ended up using less of it than if I were using duct tape and it held on stronger. Wasn't able to check about residue however.

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What to do with Gorilla Tape? Answered

I just used some to help me seel my outrigger sailing canoe and now i have plenty left...what do i do with it?

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Massive web made with packing tape

Design collective For Use/Numen used about 117,000 feet of tape to make this fantastic web in a former stock exchange building in Vienna. It's strong enough for people to walk on. In fact it wsa made for a dance troupe. “The installation is based on an idea for a dance performance in which the form evolves from the movement of the dancers between the pillars,” explains For Use’s Christoph Katzler. “The dancers are stretching the tape while they move, so the resulting shape is a recording of the choreography.” Check out the link for more pictures and a video. Designers Spin Spidey-Worthy Webs From Packing Tape via Neatorama

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Does anyone know how to test ic's and identify them where is the best online electronic shop?

Knowing what a ic chip does in a circuit the one here in circuit controls commands of the tape control from a Revox A700 reel to reel. Anyone had any experience with reel to reel tape recorders especially Revox?

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Does Electrical Tape Have A Use?

Hello, I was wondering if black electrical tape actually had a use? I ask because it doesn't seem to really stick to anything for very long. It eventually becomes un-done from what it was wrapped around and then leaves a sticky residue behind. Am I not using it properly or not using it the way it was intended? Does anybody else have this problem? (I have the same problem with that Saran clear plastic wrap stuff, it doesn't stick to anything but itself. So, it could be user error.) Thanks J

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how do you put your own desighn on instructables?

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