Teaching others about the maker movement

I am conducting a session about the DIY movement and resurgence in crafting at a conference in a few days.  I tend to be a pretty off-the-cuff speaker but thought i'd solicit some input from this community. Specifically, I'll be addressing professionals that could be using this information in providing community programs along these lines - imagine the local community Parks and Recreation Department doing a class on Arduinos or soft circuits... Any resources you think I should be pointing them to?  Compelling reasons for turning the public on to this movement?

Posted by zieak 8 years ago

People well-versed in Arduino wanted for teaching in Brooklyn area!

Currently looking for people well-versed in arduino technology to teach small 6-12 people classes. The goal for us is to connect the Brooklyn community with the craftsmen of the area, and foster a connection through making, crafting, and creating. Teaching with us allows you to earn money on your own terms by teaching classes you create. If you are interested in teaching, shoot us an email!

Posted by JohanGravityHill 3 years ago

teaching videogames a lesson

Https://www.instructables.com/id/how-to-edit-action-replay-codes-part-one/this is part one of my how to edit action replay codes to hack videogames!!!!!!

Posted by dsman195276 10 years ago

is there someone who can help with my english? in return i can teach him Chinese

As the subject say, I need someone who is willing to help with my English.  I am Chinese.

Posted by filling machine 7 years ago

Database of facts project : Teaching Good and Bad to a machine ...

.Let's imagine that you successfully created an intelligent machine, capable of thinking.The purpose of this machine would be to replace all of our governments and judges, so the world become a better and fairer place for every of its inhabitants. It would be an IA managed globalization.As you've just created this machine, her brain is empty. Like a tiny baby, she has to learn a lot ...Question : what facts would you teach her ? (given that your goal is to make her a fair judge and good world leader)What would you teach her to make her able to make the difference between what's good and what's bad ?

Posted by chooseausername 10 years ago

New Teachings

Let's assume for a moment that Jesus and Mohammad legitimate prophets. What new teachings did each bring forth - teachings that had never been delivered on this planet before?

Posted by pspvicten 8 years ago

People well-versed in Arduino wanted for teaching in Brooklyn area!

Currently looking for people well-versed in arduino technology to teach small 6-12 people classes. The goal for us is to connect the Brooklyn community with the craftsmen of the area, and foster a connection through making, crafting, and creating. Teaching with us allows you to earn money on your own terms by teaching classes you create. If you are interested in teaching, shoot us an email!

Posted by JohanGravityHill 3 years ago

Tips on working/talking with teenage kids? (Teachers, parents... help!)

Specifically teenage girls. 10-13. Right now I'm helping teach an after school program for middle school girls. We teach them about being healthy - eating right, having good body image, exercising properly, etc. We have very few volunteers, but next week it's just going to be me and the site leader. I called my mom to ask for advice, and she laughed and said she never figured any of this stuff out, but if she thinks of something, she'll call me. :P We have 20-30 girls depending on the day. Any ideas for keeping them focused and on task? This is really my first time working with kids where I'm in an authority position, so I do need a little help and encouragement. Normally I'm just on the sidelines helping out and not stepping in and telling people what to do! Any words of advice? :D

Posted by jessyratfink 9 years ago

Looking for Arduino Instructor in San Francisco

Looking to hire an instructor for a fun new arduino class for New Media students at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco.  More details at the job posting or I am happy to answer questions: http://sfbay.craigslist.org/sfc/edu/5169746978.html

Posted by AndreaP16 3 years ago

I have a question about how to organize what I have been doing for the past 8 months. . .

Many of you know I am, part time, mentoring and teaching science to a young lady with Asperger's syndrome.  Partly because I have so much fun with them, and partly from just forgetting, I tend to not use my camera nor camcorder much if at all.  Aside from that, I am NOT sure how to present/organize it all.   Each "session" contains between 5 and 30  different "experiments" some as simple as comparing a rubber ball rolling down an incline to a paper tube doing the same thing up to the making and use of lab equipment. The subject matter is diverse, from physics to chemistry to astronomy. I would appreciate any adive.   Thank you.

Posted by Goodhart 6 years ago

Computer program learns physics

From Wired:"In just over a day, a powerful computer program accomplished a feat that took physicists centuries to complete: extrapolating the laws of motion from a pendulum's swings.Developed by Cornell researchers, the program deduced the natural laws without a shred of knowledge about physics or geometry. ...Condensing rules from raw data has long been considered the province of human intuition, not machine intelligence. It could foreshadow an age in which scientists and programs work as equals to decipher datasets too complex for human analysis."LinkThe software has a long way to come, but apparently it's showing a lot of promise.What do you guys think? If computers can do physics better than humans, does that make human physicists obsolete?

Posted by drinkmorecoffee 9 years ago

How To get More Viewers & Teach online?

How do I get more viewers on Instructables.  And how could I teach upcycling on instructables?

Posted by renewalof48 1 year ago

anyone teaching how to make coco peat shredder / separator machine?

Anyone teaching how to make coco peat shredder / separator machine? i saw a lot of video showing it off on youtube but no one is actually teaching it. i would really like to learn how to DIY one, since i like planting and stuff and need coco peat but it is quite expensive here.

Posted by MosesL6 1 year ago

Why are there 21 finalist in the Teach-Me-Fast Contest

There where supposed to be 20 finalist and now that they have removed the rest of the videos from the contest home page it is showing 21 finalist. Was there a tie in the voting?

Posted by Deathstick 9 years ago

if you win the camcorder can you customize the casing on the website

This is about the teach me fast contest

Posted by DrWilson 9 years ago

Teaching K-12 students to build

Hi all, I have launched my indiegogo page today (http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/the-tech-elective ) to start a program that will focus on teaching k-12 students how to design, build and program micro-controller related projects. All support and suggestions are welcomed. Check it out, hope you like it. Best

Posted by thetechelective 5 years ago

What to Teach to Draw

To all my followers and viewers, what would you like me to teach you how to draw? I will look at the discussions and find out what has the most! Note: I am talented with art, but I have a really hard time drawing people. I would also hope some of you would say Transformers, just might be a challenged accepted.

Posted by ThunderBumm And SpittleFumm 4 years ago

YouTube channel.

Is there any Channels on YouTube.com, which is teaches something?

Posted by zaid 11 years ago

Teach me about Poloroid

So I've been thinking of buying a polaroid camera, the main reason is for the "non-volatile" pictures, but I was just wondering if there is anything that I should be aware of or general advice, opinions, views, and experience from people who have used one. thanks!

Posted by ll.13 9 years ago

HS Tech Director, teaching positions in SF

A friend forwarded this job posting, figuring Instructables users might be interested!It sounds like a fun place to work:Lick-Wilmerding is a pretty cool high school in San Francisco. Bothour daughters went there. They have a full mandatory shop course forall students -- woodworking, metalworking, glass, architecture, etc.This is a job posting for a new tech director.Job posting info here. They also have listings for English, History, and Math teaching positions.

Posted by canida 10 years ago

I can't find websites that teach you how ot make things with leather.... anyone know of one?

I have been searching online for about an hour and I can't find a website that will teach you the basics of leather working, and how to make things outta leather. All I'm finding are leather suppliers, online stores to buy leather and leather items, and I don't need any of that. So if anyone knows of a website that shows you how to's and stuff with leather, please let me know!

Posted by Fendermage435 10 years ago

Help learning proficient Russian words!!!!!!!!!

Can ANYBODY teach me some basic russian?

Posted by SovietTrollDash 3 years ago

S.F. Instructable-ers interested in teaching workshops?

I contacted a couple people on the site from SF already, but figured this might be a better venue to get the word out. We are currently on the hunt for some teachers to show the community how to make new things from recycled/old products. Anything goes. If you live in San Francisco and are interested, check out http://www.madefromscrap.orgFor class details, visit the "blog" tab on the website, and view the PDF. You'll see info on the space, the compensation, the classes, etc.Email me through that website, or feel free to PM me here. Thanks!Dave

Posted by madefromscrap 11 years ago

Teaching Artists Wanted for Summer 2015 Program

Arts Place is looking for artist instructors for our Summer 2015 Arts in the Parks program. Arts in the Parks works with children in rural communities across East Central Indiana and West Central Ohio to introduce them to the arts and foster their creativity. Skills taught in past years include ceramics, fiber art, poetry, theatre performance, puppetry, dance, sculpture and so much more. Classes run from early June through the beginning of August at approximately 15 different sites throughout our service area. We are looking for enthusiastic, creative, and accomplished artist instructors who have a passion for sharing their craft with children aged 6-14. Our teaching artists generally have at least a four-year degree in the arts, but significant experience will also be considered. The selected candidates will have sizable input with the Arts in the Parks coordinator on the community arts projects and workshop curriculum. We are seeking instructors who are flexible, love working with children of all ages, can teach art in new and interesting ways, and are passionate about community building. Teaching artists will be contracted for one- to two-week residencies. Our artists are placed with compatible local families in pleasant surroundings.  This is an important part of our residency experience as local families assist the teaching artist in making meaningful connections to the community. Arts Place is a rurally oriented arts council that operates arts centers in Portland, Indiana, Hartford City, Indiana and St. Mary’s, Ohio. It is our mission to foster the creative spirit in anyone. To apply, please send a resume, samples of your work, class samples or community project ideas, and a letter of interest to llane@artsland.org by January 30th, 2014. To inquire about positions and the program prior to applying, contact Lauren Lane at (270) 726-4809 ext. 230 or at llane@artsland.org. Teaching artists typically earn $650 to $1,000 per week based on training, experience, and demand. Supplies will be provided for classes and mileage between class sites is reimbursed. Artists are responsible for their own meals and travel to and from the area.

Posted by llaneartsland 4 years ago

I want to learn coding

Who can teach me coding from the basic with the necessary tools I need?

Posted by andyj82 6 months ago

Linux Terminal Basics

I was wondering if anyone would be interested in an instructable teaching the basic the the linux terminal? comments appreciated

Posted by sardines454 11 years ago

Twitter vs Facebook vs MySpace

Twitter vs Myspace vs Facebook: WHAT DO YOU Hi! Check out my Forbes Teach me fast entry!https://www.instructables.com/id/Magic-with-fire-Forbes-teach-me-fast-entry/If you like then please, please PLEASE vote!(To vote click "Vote Now!" above the video box. It's to the right of the forbes banner)

Posted by Lowney 9 years ago


How do I teach my 9 mo old pomeranian to fetch? She just picks up the ball and runs away. Thanks

Posted by waterchi 10 years ago

Ogden 200 - Teach basic english to India's poor

Hello I am looking for a solution to self teach English in Indian villages using a microprocessor based solution for audio together with a paper book. Learning English opens the door to better opportunities and job skills in poor countries. http://simple.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Basic_English_picture_wordlist http://simple.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Basic_English_ordered_wordlist http://simple.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charles_Kay_Ogden http://simple.wikipedia.org/wiki/Basic_English Requirement : 1. Final product should be dirt cheap ($1- $5) 2. Bilingual audio (English and a regional language) toy with buttons. I am a software engineer, can someone guide me what microprocessor or solution set for my need? Plan to develop it as an open source project.

Posted by anonranger 6 years ago

Arduino instructor wanted in NYC

  I'm looking for someone to teach an Arduino course in NYC this summer. Contact me at davidg@cooper.edu. Thanks. David

Posted by davidgreenstein 5 years ago

Looking for a tutor to teach me cool electronics tech stuff

Hi All,I am new to instructables and want a tutor to teach me how to build/make them. I have a computer science and engineering degree and have done soldering and know how to use an oscilloscope and voltage meter, test for continuity, bread board etc... but it has been a while. I also know how to create circuits and use common electrical engineering equations i=v*r etc... I just want to get a tutor to kind of refresh me a little bit so I can make these cool projects! Let me know how much you charge etc... If you need to learn programming or web development perhaps we can do a trade etc...

Posted by wgheath 10 years ago

International entries on Forbes Teach Me Fast Contest

In teh official rules it says "This contest is limited to legal residents of the United States and Canada", but at the mainpage (https://www.instructables.com/contest/forbes30seconds/) it says "International entries are OK.".I live in Finland and I'd like to know, can I enter this contest (and if I win, would that prize be shipped here). I believe there are many other users who are thinking about this same thing.

Posted by zaketus 9 years ago

Arduino Beginner

I'm gonna start with arduino, I'll buy the arduino uno board, any suggestions for courses or books that can teach me how to program and work with arduino? Thanks in advance! :)

Posted by Kolnorp 4 years ago

Computer science in schools - advice and arguments needed.

You may have heard that UK schools will be teaching Computer Science from September, instead of teaching ICT (= "how to use Microsoft products"). Most people will agree that this is a good thing, since the basics of Office can be grasped in an hour or so, and hardly need the current years of study. However, last year, whilst several thousand people qualified as ICT teachers, only 3 people qualified as Computer Science teachers.  Many existing ICT teachers only ended up as ICT teachers by chance.  That group includes me, but I am fairly sure that I will be asked to teach Computer Science next year. So, here's the thing:  I am not confident that those with a grasp on the purse-strings know enough to make an informed decision regarding the route to follow in September, investment-wise, and  I know I'm not. Possible routes that occur to me; The school teaches programming etc on PCs, using software to model the device being controlled by the programmes children write. The school invests in Arduino or Arduino clones, and forges closer links between the ICT and Technology departments to teach Computer Science through the medium of robotics. The school invests in Raspberry Pi, plus the required peripherals, and teaches programming of computers from the ground up. In all three cases, the existing ICT suits would remain as a resource for other departments to use. In 2 & 3, I would like to see the hardware being treated as a consumable, much like printer ink or wood. In all three cases, nobody currently employed has any skill in those areas and has no time to be formally trained in those areas, so would need to learn alongside the pupils. What do you think? Which of these routes should I encourage my school to go down?  Why? What other options are there?

Posted by Kiteman 6 years ago


OK....i have checked out how to embed a vid in instructbles... https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-embed-a-video-into-Instructables/ and dont get it...can someone help me and teach me? plz?

Posted by dkfa 10 years ago

New Project Based on the AKR

New Mag, AKR, and AKR Mag. New project in the works based on AKR. Special props to Caitlinsdad for teaching me less is more!

Posted by MrRadicalEd 6 years ago

Teaching Middle School Through Instructables

I am a junior high math and shop/technology teacher. For years I have been wanting to develop a math program that uses as much hands on as possible.  Like all teachers, I have developed a few projects, but just don't have the time to develop all the activities needed to cover an entire curriculum. I would love to correspond/collaborate with others (including non teachers). Email me directly if you are interested.  mikemckay@pwsd76.ab.ca

Posted by mikemckay 6 years ago

Cant write code on arduino help!

I want to know how to program an arduino uno but i dont know how theres always and error please reply

Posted by Jordan arduino 7 years ago


How do I teach my dog to fetch? She is a 9 mo old pomeranian. She loves to play, but runs off with the ball. Thanks. Sorry no pics. Couldn't figure out how to attach one.

Posted by waterchi 10 years ago

Instructable blocked at my school

Instructables is blocked at my school. I had it unblocked at one point, and since then it is again blocked. How do I convince the higher ups, principal and IT personnel, that this is a website that the school should be able to access. I teach at a school that teaches high school age students trades like welding, culinary arts, carpentry, graphic design, automotive technology, machine tool, metal fab, masonry, business, nursing, agriculture, and cosmetology. I think I hit all the classes. Instructables would be a great site for students or classes to showcase their work. Suggestions? 

Posted by ehudwill 6 years ago


I am looking for projects that are kid friendly (7/8 y.o.) for making things out of existing items - projects that are fun to make while teaching kids how to reuse/recycle/repurpose.  Thanks!!!

Posted by BGR8FUL 7 years ago

Help with graduate research project about teaching young makers

Hi everyone, my name is Andrew. I’m a graduate student at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, and I teach at our local science museum. I need your help for my graduate research project! I am getting people from the DIY/craft/art/maker/hacker communities to fill out a short (5 minute) survey about their habits surrounding creative projects. The results will help teachers, like me, who want to do hands-on projects with their students. Plus, filling out a survey enters you into a draw for a $150 Amazon gift card! Here’s a link: https://fluidsurveys.com/surveys/makingmakers/diycommunityresearchsurvey/ This research was inspired by my work at the museum running an after-school program where high school students work on their own creative projects. Once all the data is collected I will be happy to share the results. Thank you for your help! Andrew

Posted by amilne 5 years ago

Skillshare email?

I received an email yesterday from a skillshare website. I have no idea why I was contacted and didn't know if this was a mass email that they somehow got the email addresses entered here in Instructables linked with our accounts. Anyone else get this or am I just special? Here it is below came across your project on Instructables, and I wanted to see if you might be interested in teaching on Skillshare. If you’re not familiar, Skillshare is an online learning platform where teachers share project-based tutorials with almost 1M students. Creating a great class does not take too much time and we have a partner program to compensate you. I would love to help you get started on Skillshare, the easiest way to get started is to head to www.skillshare.com/teach and fill in what you want to teach (you can always change the information later). Of course, if you have any questions, just reply back to this email.  Looking forward to hearing from you. Nicole

Posted by Haunted Spider 4 years ago

Robotics Workshop, wed Sep 10, Manhattan NY

I'm teaching a robotics workshop for charity in manhattan on wednesday Sep 10th:http://newyork.going.com/event-381048;Robot_Building_Workshop_Learn_and_Build-Lee

Posted by leevonk 10 years ago

z8f042a Microcontroller

hi to all!!!       can somebody teach me how to program the z8f042a microcontroller that controls a 9x6 LED matrix having different patterns...and i'm using a rotary switch for each pattern...please!!!! it can be 6 patterns...

Posted by janesan_14 8 years ago

questions about homeschooling

1. Where do I find curriculum? There are several options for finding a homeschool curriculum. One of the best ways to find out about what curricula are available is to ask other homeschooling families. Each will have their own favorite curriculum or combination of different curricula. Some families go to homeschool conventions where curriculum vendors present the best of their wares. Other families search the internet for all or parts of their instructional material. In states where a free, online public education is offered, the department of education might even provide books, materials, even use of a computer. Libraries are a great source of educational material, especially where literature and history are concerned.  For early elementary students there are many sources for basic math, spelling, and penmanship worksheets that can be printed from the internet.  Don’t forget to include educational games as part of the curriculum for everything from multiplication tables to spelling and keyboarding games. 2. What if I can’t teach a subject? Not every parent will feel comfortable teaching every subject.  While most parents will feel comfortable teaching the basics to younger students, when it comes to advanced composition, calculus, or chemistry many parents feel like they are not qualified to teach their students. Other courses such as foreign languages or music instruction often require more teaching than a parent might feel comfortable with.  The answer to this dilemma is to out-source.  Check with local homeschool support groups to see if a co-op offers group classes.  Check with the library to see if they offer courses.  Many times college students earn money through tutoring so check with your closest college or university to see if tutors are available.  Often checking with fellow homeschoolers will show a need and you might join with other families to fund a course.  There are always people who are willing to pass on their knowledge, some for free, some for a fee.  Ask around! More questions about homeschooling: http://fashfish.blog.edu.cn/home.php?mod=space&uid;=5445763&do;=blog&id;=633767

Posted by sbnamskya 4 years ago

Teachers, parents, educators: Where do you stumble?

Hello Instructables! I currently run a small business in which company teachers travel to local elementary schools and teach project based engineering. For us, it's second nature. But I recently learned that it's not always so easy to implement project-based learning in the home or at school. What are you challenges in this arena? Is it getting the right materials? Finding good instruction? Making something scalable to a 30-student classroom? Let me know so I can learn how to better help the community :) Lance

Posted by LanceMakes 4 years ago

help w/ transistors

Does anyone know a good experiment to teach what transistors do? I have read everything I can find about them and I still don’t understand what they do and how they do it. Can anyone help?

Posted by kendallickes 9 years ago

Junk Art

Can any member please post some junk art lessons here on instructables ? I attach a picture of a head made by Mr.Gabriel Dishaw. As you see they are making great things. please teach us. http://gabrieldishaw.com

Posted by goldenshuttle 6 years ago


..guys, how could i add usb port to my old ibm thinkpad and anyone here can teach me how to convert a serial port to a usb port in a laptop. can i make that adapter at home? ..pls. help guys ..any instructables?, thanks

Posted by mij 10 years ago