In 12 volts 3 ampere battery, how many 12 volts led can i use to light it up(not a strip one)

Posted by xandera 5 years ago

Original idea to ask her dad

Hi there, My name is Nicolas, I'm french and i'm asking for the help of the community. Me and my girlfriend are thinking to get married soon and I wanted to find an original way to ask her dad for his permission. The thing is that her parents live in Washington and I'm not able to go there. I was thinking of sending something or make something virtual (i'm a software engieneer).  Moreover her father is not a real techy guy but rather a tech enthousiast. So I search something around the tech theme. So here is my question, do you have any orignal idea with this tech direction in mind that i can produce to ask her father. Sorry for my bad english. If something is unclear, please ask for mor explanation. Best regards, Nicolas

Posted by NicolasP38 2 years ago

Building a sun panel from beer cans

I stumbled across this sun panel made from beer cans. It's in Swedish and I'm not sure if it's been posted here before. But if you haven't seen it before please check it out. I've mailed the guy that made it and if I can get his permission I'll translate the instructions and post it here.

Posted by Argot 7 years ago

tech deck

Some one needs to post wayyyyy more stuff on tech deck seriously because whats fun without variety

Posted by jakesk8 10 years ago

Stuff won't show up in "tech"

Whenever I post something to the category "tech" in the community section, my topic doesn't show up! It shows up in other places, though.

Posted by mdj817 10 years ago

Tech Day

3/26/2008 is tech day at my school. There are going to be lots of exhibits of robots, etc. in the library. I was thinking about making some stuff for it, but I can't think of anything. Can you guys give me any ideas, and maybe a few links to Instructables? They all have to be cheap, since I am already working on two VERY expensive projects, and basically have $20 USD of spending money left.Thanks, and MAKE IT FAST!!!!!

Posted by YummyPancakes 10 years ago

techknex group

Check out the group techknexs

Posted by Sean_Voodoo 9 years ago

Latest HOPE news.....

Here is a little more on the HOPE convention hotel in NYC

Posted by Goodhart 10 years ago


On instructables there are little yellow words that go to a diferent page. How do you make them?

Posted by deansep 11 years ago

limewire computer

I just got the asus eee pc how do i put limewire on it

Posted by DELETED_Gavabc123 10 years ago

Specific site sections not what they used to be?

About a week ago when i clicked on a section(offbeat, tech, music ect..) it showed zeitgeist, recent, popular, and those categories. Now when i go to a section there is just a list of the current featured 'ibles. Is it supposed to be like this? I really liked being able to see the recent stuff.

Posted by absolute zero 8 years ago

cDc, what is it?

CDc cult of the dead cow. has anybody heard of them? more importantly, what are they and what do they do?

Posted by ledzep567 10 years ago

Any good free electronic circuit design programs?

Hi, i'm a second year engineering student in need of free tech!  Can anybody recommend a decent circuit design program? I have access to programs like this at university, but thats 6 miles from my home and me and my brother want to build a electric bike. Thanks to all that can help =)

Posted by Tsimbilakis 3 years ago

Playstion 3 Hard Drive

I want to combine the PS3's internal hard drive with an external one via USB for more memory, my question is, will this work?

Posted by Caveman477 10 years ago

what's your favorite prank?

Hey instructables community what's your favorite prank? I personally like shaving cream grenades or my explodin' paste recipe that no, I will not make an instructable for. -PUMPKIN$

Posted by Pumpkin$ 10 years ago

Operating system's problem

Hello Everybody is welcomed here. Here you can send your operating system's problem and you will surely receive the answer within 20 to 24 hrs. Sending spam is strict here

Posted by libertyshouts 11 years ago

I need some sort of project to do!!!!!

I need some project things to do some thing like with engines (gas-powered), robots, bikes, go karts, and computers.

Posted by catsnw 9 years ago

circuit: 100+ sound bites activated at random by switch

I'm looking to make a basic circuit that plays 1 of many sound bites at random each time the circuit is closed. Any schematics out there?

Posted by Nando_Kommando 9 years ago

Physics Illustrator on NON-tablet PC

Well, I've recieved a private message from well over fifty people in the past 30 days requesting that I re-compile and distribute the Physics Illustrator, so I got off my lazy butt this morning and made it. links are updated and working.

Posted by bleachworthy 10 years ago

DVD Ripping/Converting Programs

Hey everybody, I have been trying to find a free program that will allow me to put a DVD into my computer and convert the '.VOB' files into '.avi' files. If anyone can help me out by showing me a program that will do this for me, then that would be awesome. If there is no converter for '.avi', then '.wmv' would be good too. Thanks, SC-Ghost

Posted by SC-Ghost 10 years ago

Wholesale electronic components???

I was hoping someone here would know of a place i could buy electronic components at wholsesale prices. I'll buy bulk. The reason i say this is a friend is setting up an electronics store, but at the moment it's looking like he'll have to buy-in at retail, which'll leave his sales prices very high. Please help me out. Tom

Posted by lifelong-newbie 10 years ago

Cellphone headset with PC?

Hey guys i need some help. I just started using gizmo for voip calls b/c i don't get cell phone reception in my basement. I have a bluetooth headset which i use to pair with my cell phone and it works perfectly. Is there a way i can pair this same headset with my computer (has bluetooth) and make voip calls using my bluetooth headset?

Posted by uNiq1 10 years ago

Thick Conductive Glass

I have a desk with a glass surface and have this inspiration to mount the tablets that I use as additional monitors under the glass. I need to replace it with something that will allow the touch inputs through it. Ill settle for any solid transparent material but I need it too have a decent thickness that I can maintain roughly the same strength of the glass material as part of the pretense is I would like to be able to still set things on top of the desk and use it as a workspace.

Posted by WesleyR10 2 years ago

Logic gate help

I'm attempting to build an binary calculator out of an old iphone box using LED's and such and have a wiring system set up but i need to know how to make/buy some form of "if then else" gate (i.e. if A=1 then B=1 else C=1 and if A=0 then B=0 and C=1). I would love to know if there is some kind of way to do this using transistor logic but anything that works as an "if then else" gate is welcome.

Posted by cdarcy 9 years ago

Kit Ideas And Insturctables needed

I want to make an ebay store for kits for instructables, but im too busy /lazy to look through all 1448 pages of instructables, so if anybody know an instructible that they would like to see in a kit, PM me or comment with a link and i will see what i can do. (please, small things only, not like anything that costs over $20, cuz then people wont want to buy them. keep the complete cost under 10-15 dollars if possible. thx)

Posted by klingonprins 9 years ago

any starter projects?

I am really new to electroic hacking but i love the thought of making stuff out of crap electronics, i have an old portable b/w tv , a old flatbed scanner, a pistol grip laser temp gun. is there any ideas on what i can build out of these and some other stuff? this will be my first project. i do have some knowlage about electricity and i am a do it yourselfer so i know tools. any help would be great, Thank you

Posted by wiccanman82 10 years ago

USB Y Split for power

I've just got a simple question, which I was surprised to not find anywhere. A long time ago, I had a portable drive which had a single usb cable to two ends. One end had data + power, and the other end had just power. This was to supply more than 5v to the drive. I want to recreate this, do I need to do anything except splice another cable (with just the power + ground) into the one I have? Do I need to put anything in between them? Thanks, Ivan

Posted by ocelot117 9 years ago

Software for designing solar cookers and reflectors for solar panels

Parabolic dishes are favoured because they are "perfect". Unfortunately they are only perfect if they are kept constantly pointed at the sun. In practice this is very hard to do. A better shape would maintain good reflection of the sunlight for a long time without moving the dish.I think I have found useful easy software to help with this design work. It is called art of illusion and you can see my first results and a downloadable scene file to help you get started on step 12 of this instructable White

Posted by gaiatechnician 9 years ago

I need assistance please with trying to run 2 arduino codes at once

Hi. I am new to programming with Arduino so basically I am noob at this and I only know the basic etc. but what I want to do is be able to run 2 codes at the same time, the codes are soundreactive led and relay control via a serial port and because of this I am having problems combing them both don't if any one help ,e with this. Here's the code that I ended up creating.(Testing Sound reactive Led with plug control) as well added the 2 codes that I tried to combine.

Posted by JohnR267 1 year ago

Circuit Help Needed

Hello, i need help with a project for school due in 3 months. And i  need help with a circuit with some odd requests.  A variable resistor will change the voltage from 1-18v.   From voltages 1-10v will heat up a peltier tile  and from voltages 11-18v will change polarity around causing the peltier tile to then cool down but at a faster rate. This all needs to be done without a switch and only with the  variable voltage.  If 1-18v is not possible 1-12v may be even better.    So voltages 1-10v will heat up a peltier tile and from voltages 11-12v will change polarity around causing the peltier tile to then cool down but at a faster rate. And again without a switch and only with the variable voltage.  Thanks! -Jon-

Posted by MRCmegarallycar 5 years ago

No, that doesnt look right... Potentiometer Expert Needed!

Hi All! My brother and I are building an e-bike and we THINK we know how to attach a throttle, but it might blow up the battery... if worse comes to worse then we have a toggle button we can install but it's not really ideal. I've attached a circuit diagram below of how everything goes together, but this is my thinking; With nobody touching the throttle, in my circuit, wont i have a current flowing from the battery anode via the potentiometer straight back into the battery cathode? This results in a huge waste of energy doesnt it? And the battery would drain even when the bike is stored in a hallway overnight.  So, does anybody know if this circuit will work? i need it to take energy from the battery ONLY when active.

Posted by Tsimbilakis 3 years ago

2x Questions - Techy

First question - Does RadioShack sell female USB ports? Ones like those that you would use for a mouse, so I could plug in a USB powered device (mp3 player) to charge through, say, a car or wall? It doesn't matter what other type of end it has on it, I'm just going to cut it off anyway. 2nd - Does RadioShack (that's the only electronics around here) sell power adapters, you know, that plug into the wall and output DC power, that output around 5v of power and around 500mA? I'll probably go 'round to garage sales and stuff to find junky electronics, but would like to know if there was an alternative if I happened to not find one. Again, 'tis to be used as a charger for my mp3 player. Thank y'all for your help!

Posted by Bran 11 years ago

Redirecting power to evade a power trip.

Summer days can be a bit too much in Southern California and my family uses a lot of electricity to keep the house cool. The problem is that one side of the breaker for the house is too heavy to handle all the appliances and electronics; because of it, the power trips a lot since people in my house apparently don't understand the whole "turn something off before you turn something on" concept. I considered running extension cords throughout the house but not only is it not practical but it can be a bit dangerous with the build up of friction from the ohms and what have you. I've been trying to think of ways to solve this issue and I was thinking maybe I could install a sensor switch or something of the sort that would not allow the use of certain appliances while others were on or maybe something that would turn something else off automatically in order for something else to be used. My biggest problem is I'm no graduate or electrician. I know a thing or two about the sort and am very capable of learning, I just need someone to point me in the right direction. I may not even be thinking in the right area which is why I'm posting. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Posted by BnKSeth 6 years ago

How discover time travel... i think

Long story short, my friend found some instructions of how to create a time machine or something. The drawing looked kind of dirty so instead of keeping the drawing, she just took a photo of it. She showed me the photo, which turned out to be real blurry and crappy.I posted the blurry photo up on this site, and someone commented that the original image is on a site called It's some weird $h!t. I emailed them but never received any word back as to who is behind this. But anyway I figured to post the instructions here because it does seem feasible. The plan is basically this:1. Choose a date, time and city. These 3 things are called Asiko. Let's use 01/01/09, Time Square NY, New York just for clarification purposes.2. Popularize Asiko till step 53. Meet at Time Square on 01/01/09, and we should see a time traveler from the future4. In the unknown future, a time machine will need to be invented. Still popularize Asiko, 5. When they figure out how to have "safe time travel", a traveler will be sent back to the popularized location and time of Asiko, which is Time Square, 01/01/09.

Posted by darmstrong 11 years ago

High-Tech LED Throwie

Posted by UgniusR 6 years ago

Tech Deck Work Shop

this is a group for people who want to make obtacles for finger boards/ tech deck.

Posted by s0nicthewerehog 8 years ago

NEW GROUP!!! Tech R Us! Join Now!!!

NEW GROUP!!! Join today if you are a tech-y person and would like to join and band together with other tech people. Heres the link: ^^^^^^^^So Join now! Click it! ^^^^^^^^^ -Tech R Us

Posted by MackeFeet 6 years ago

Wearable Technology

Which is the most innovative wearable technology till date?

Posted by v_s 3 years ago

Why Tech Contest disappeared?

On the Instructables site the Tech Contest disappeared. Is it closed, or they won't announce finalist and winners? Or will appear when the winners have been announced? I entered in this contest and even if I'm not a winnner I would like to see the best projects. Thanks for your response!

Posted by Imetomi 2 years ago

Help! Need a tech to build a board. Schematic included

Hey all Sorry for being new to this. I was wondering if I can pay someone to make me this device Please let me know. Thanks in advance

Posted by Nuke209 3 years ago

Looking for Electronic Tech ...Will Pay $$$

I'm looking for someone to do some electronic mods to some devices for a fee. It's a project for an invention. I'm in Jacksonville, Florida, but that's not important. We could communicate via email or phone.

Posted by daveyandgolie 10 years ago

wifi robot controller

Is it possible to modify a Meade ext motorized telescope to work throw a WiFi network?

Posted by jateku 7 years ago

Where to start?

Where did everyone start with modding and building of electronics? This stuff blows my mind away, and I wanted to start getting into building things, but there are instructables that basically say "have experience before attempting this project". Are you all electrical engineers or just hobbyists who worked with circuit boards for years and just know this stuff? Any fun begineer tech instructables or books to read about circuits or working with chips like Arduino? Thanks everyone, just trying to learn!

Posted by benallen18 7 years ago

Starting DIY channel, NEED SUGGESTIONS!

I am starting a DIY youtube channel dedicated to tech DIY's and homemade weapons such as ZednoughtAlpha or GreekGadgetGuru. I plan on starting up mid-late August and upload every one or two weeks for the time being. I need suggestions for projects to post or tutorials, I have a few ideas but I need more. Please refrain from troll comments. (that would be nice for once) Thanks for any suggestions, I will provide a link to the channel once it is setup.

Posted by EpicNickRocks 3 years ago

What's Inside a Compter?

Hi...  This forum topic is dedicated to things inside a computer. If you have any information or questions regarding computers. Over here is a power point as a starter to the parts inside. Cheerio! super_me

Posted by NebulaIX 2 years ago

Ethernet over power cables

What does everyone think about making a homebrew Ethernet over Mains plug adapter?i.e.

Posted by Bam Bam 10 years ago

Roboball robot

I want to build a roboball bot out of a NXT set and $30. I have no clue how to start. I can build a base. But tracking and other things are getting in my way. Any ideas?

Posted by ry25920 10 years ago

Spare wifi router

I have a spare wifi. Router and a whole summer of nothing to do. Any ideas of what I could do with it. Maybe an instructable that I could make of it. Post. Your ideas. Thanks :D

Posted by thault 6 years ago

OEM Power Supply

I have an unregulated power supply, with a bridge rectifier. I suspect that the rectifier is damaged. I measured the components and the voltage on the rectifier, every connection past that measures 0 volts. Shall I replace the 4 diodes?

Posted by knektek 8 years ago

What bike is this?

Hi, I have this bike and I have no idea what model it is. I was wondering if anyone knows what it is.,f_auto,w_620/v1495536303/fkejslljkduzq3ixdhbb.jpg Thanks!

Posted by Eileensmacircle 1 year ago