In 12 volts 3 ampere battery, how many 12 volts led can i use to light it up(not a strip one)

Posted by xandera 4 years ago

how to build a contest?

Asked by rijan 6 years ago


Detailed explanation about ARM processor?

Asked by srinu.rao464 7 years ago

Why is it important, to unplug your computer from the power strip?

You see im trying to do my tech hw, and one of the questions is. why is it important, to unplug your computer from the power strip. what could happen if you dont unplug it?

Asked by fruittartz 5 years ago

Original idea to ask her dad

Hi there, My name is Nicolas, I'm french and i'm asking for the help of the community. Me and my girlfriend are thinking to get married soon and I wanted to find an original way to ask her dad for his permission. The thing is that her parents live in Washington and I'm not able to go there. I was thinking of sending something or make something virtual (i'm a software engieneer).  Moreover her father is not a real techy guy but rather a tech enthousiast. So I search something around the tech theme. So here is my question, do you have any orignal idea with this tech direction in mind that i can produce to ask her father. Sorry for my bad english. If something is unclear, please ask for mor explanation. Best regards, Nicolas

Posted by NicolasP38 1 year ago

How to use someone's computer through internet?

How to use someone's computer through internet?

Asked by DELETED_kunal_smartfriend 9 years ago

How do i reuse an broken cell phone camera?

How do I reuse a broken cell phone camera?

Asked by Julien26 5 years ago

tell which age we can use the herbst appliance in orthodontics treatment??

Tell which age we can use the herbst appliance in orthodontic treatment??

Asked by 8 years ago

how do i change my instructables profile photo?

How do i change my instructables profile photo ive tried everything nithing worked.

Asked by pyroman24 9 years ago

how do i use a surround sound amp ?

I have a panasonic sarround sound subwoofER with 500 watts of power how can i reuse it in my car

Asked by austineason89 5 years ago

how do i show my hidden files on my mac?

I totally forgot and i am trying this awesome thing. plz respond quickly.

Asked by alexpja 8 years ago

i want to make 50,5mm led tube for ac 230v 50h suppy with scrap plzzzzzzzz..?

Hello i want to make 50,5mm led tube for ac 230v 50h suppy with scrap plzzzzzzzz..?

Asked by shakeelahmed 5 years ago

how can you know which wire on a USB cable is either positive or negative?

I'll be putting it on a 6p dpdt,and if i now know which is which,where should i place it?in the on or off position?

Asked by cons11 8 years ago

help with a coil gun (or linear accelerator)?

hello, i want to make a coil gun (or something) where is a good place to get capacitors (short of buying them of coarse)? any help (nomatter how off topic would be lotsa help) thanx!

Asked by cheesewzrd 7 years ago

where the best place for cheap pc parts in amsterdam? Answered

Where the best place for cheap pc parts in amsterdam? like cddrives usb sticks cardreaders graphics cards harddrives and the rest of pc stuff like motherbords sorry about spelling

Asked by mattronix 8 years ago

what (electronicly) can you make? Answered

I want to know all the projects people are making this year and in the near future. please give me full detail on your project , so may be i can assist you on it . and if you have a video i would love to see it . well good luck.

Asked by poop#1 9 years ago

Okay one more question, how do I fix the 'error on page' that happens when I try and save my setting in my profile page. Answered

Every time I try and update I get this error on page and nothing happens. any help would be nice. thanks in advance!?

Asked by taria 9 years ago

Building a sun panel from beer cans

I stumbled across this sun panel made from beer cans. It's in Swedish and I'm not sure if it's been posted here before. But if you haven't seen it before please check it out. I've mailed the guy that made it and if I can get his permission I'll translate the instructions and post it here.

Posted by Argot 7 years ago

unable to send commands to Roomba560 using 'Realterm' terminal program?

Hi, I am doing my academic project using Roomba560. I have a Roostick to connect the Roomba to desktop system. I have downloaded the Realterm terminal program to send commands to Roomba.What ever command (eg 152 5 137 1 44 128 0 to drive 300mm/s straight) i gave the roomba , it is just start cleaning. i couldn't figure out what the problem is with roomba or Realterm. could any one please suggest a solution to my problem and also are they any terminal programs that you could suggest to send commands and control roomba.

Asked by sreekanthkasaraneni 9 years ago

what is a tech desk? Answered

Tech desk or tech deck idk what is it

Asked by Acepilot42 8 years ago

tech deck

Some one needs to post wayyyyy more stuff on tech deck seriously because whats fun without variety

Posted by jakesk8 10 years ago

Stuff won't show up in "tech"

Whenever I post something to the category "tech" in the community section, my topic doesn't show up! It shows up in other places, though.

Posted by mdj817 10 years ago

what the best place to buy tech decks and ramps.

Where target walmart toys r us were?

Asked by nathanreynolds34 9 years ago

Tech Day

3/26/2008 is tech day at my school. There are going to be lots of exhibits of robots, etc. in the library. I was thinking about making some stuff for it, but I can't think of anything. Can you guys give me any ideas, and maybe a few links to Instructables? They all have to be cheap, since I am already working on two VERY expensive projects, and basically have $20 USD of spending money left.Thanks, and MAKE IT FAST!!!!!

Posted by YummyPancakes 10 years ago

how do you date tech deck toys?

Ok I have the following Tech Deck boards new in package with all the trimmings. What I want to know is how do you tell when they were produced or made. I have the ones as follows, Baker, Blind Dark Star, Finesse, Flip, Foundation, Plan B, Powell and toymaker. I dont know what to do with them. over 200 packages.

Asked by collector 9 years ago

How will the grand prize winner for the tech contest be picked?? Answered

Hi! I wanted to ask if any one knows if the Tech contest grand prize winner with the best Radio controlled Ible will be picked by votes or by or by judges reviewing all the RC ibles? Because I have a very good Project that will be published within a few days but if  the one finalist for the grand prize is  picked by votes i really won't have enough time to make it? Also what does RC stand for to the judges ? RADIO CONTROLED, or REMOTE CONTROLLED ?

Asked by Team Dogoman RC 2 years ago

techknex group

Check out the group techknexs

Posted by Sean_Voodoo 8 years ago

Latest HOPE news.....

Here is a little more on the HOPE convention hotel in NYC

Posted by Goodhart 10 years ago

circit board?

What can i make with a few circet boards an alot of copper wire

Asked by Sean_Voodoo 8 years ago


On instructables there are little yellow words that go to a diferent page. How do you make them?

Posted by deansep 10 years ago

limewire computer

I just got the asus eee pc how do i put limewire on it

Posted by DELETED_Gavabc123 10 years ago

Specific site sections not what they used to be?

About a week ago when i clicked on a section(offbeat, tech, music ect..) it showed zeitgeist, recent, popular, and those categories. Now when i go to a section there is just a list of the current featured 'ibles. Is it supposed to be like this? I really liked being able to see the recent stuff.

Posted by absolute zero 8 years ago

where can i find solar panals? Answered

Where can i find solar panals

Asked by Sean_Voodoo 8 years ago

cDc, what is it?

CDc cult of the dead cow. has anybody heard of them? more importantly, what are they and what do they do?

Posted by ledzep567 10 years ago