How dose this technology works?

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Where can i find a C program? Answered

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how to build a rc car lawn mover?

How to make it

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Cell phone battery....? Answered

Can you charge a cell phone battery with one 200 mA?  Thanks! patti

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how can i convert 26volt ac to 14volt dc to charge a battery?

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FM transister

How to build an fm transister on an breadboard. I am a class 7 student . and science exhibition is near pls help me

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is there a coconut plucking machine developed as it is very difficult to find coconut pluckers these days?

Is there any coconut plucking machine developed?

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How can I unsubscribe from this site?

I receive newsletter emails and there is no  unsubscribe link? What do I do? So frustrating. 

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How to fell soud?

Is there a way to physically fell sound waves on your skin that would be really interesting i would like to know if you guys have any ideas.

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how do you detect whether a computer is on a lan network in a computer lab ?

And is it possible to detect pendrive insertion on main computer when on lan ?

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Portable External Hard Drive from Laptop Hard Drive?

Is it possible to turn an old laptop hard drive into a portable external hard drive?

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does anyone know about the ps3 key??and how does it work or someone bought it ?

I want to know opinions of the ps3 key

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how to make flux, there are instructables how to do that, but i can't find ethyl alcohol?

option, 1. vinegar 2. sodium bleach that all that i can get,

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i wan to connect microcontroller with gsm cards which should extract information present in microcontroller

This extracted information should be transformed to a specified mobile no?specify the techniques pls

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How do i make a device like this?

Please type this in at youtube japanese scientists create touchable holograms i would like to make something similar to that got any ideas.

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were i can have a remote control device for cheap? Answered

I want a remote control device for a small combat robot.  If you have some information for me send me by the comment.

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How to open damaged pdf file? Answered

I have one pdf file which have changed some bytes in the middle. Adobe Acrobat Reader could not open it. There's a Leo a way to open it or view or restore?  Can GSview to do this?

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AutoCAD 2010? Answered

Hi all! Why when I want to open a drawing in AutoCAD 2010 the program writes: Cannot find specified drawing file. Please verify that the file exists. Although this file really exists and I am trying to open it. how can it not exist?

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Msdb no longer exists? Answered

I have a problem with the hard drive on which was Windows 2008 SBS server. Drive is faulty and no longer works. I was able to restore Windows 2008 SBS server but the SBSMONITORING msdb no longer exists. Backup no. What you can do in this case?

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Which smartphone should I choose?

This is my first smartphone. My older mobile phone was used to normal things like SMS, calling. But at my new job I need something with access to mail or browser. Can you give me any advices?

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Access 2010 database manual Answered

Today I had one client with the damaged .mdb file. I asked him about the backup, but he said that he were not made these settings and, accordingly, the backup was not done. The base was created in Access 2010 on the operating system Windows 7. What do I do to restore it?

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hi i want to do project in solar battery saving.please guide me and tell some info about solar battery saving? Answered

I am doing electronic and communication engineering i want to do project in solar battery saving ..give some instruction about solar battery saving thank you...

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I got six of the same emails in two days from instructables does anybody know y? Answered

So the other day I got six of the same emails in two days from instructables does anybody know y? If you know y tell me what is going on thank you

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How to fell sound? Answered

I was just wondering is there a way to physically fell sound waves on you'r skin i think that would be really interesting i would like to know if you guys have any ideas. Sorry about my last question i miss spelled sound so i made this one so you guys don't get confused.

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Word .doc vanished? Answered

Reference any solution please ... Early version of word.   Not a docx. It cant be found in a dos search. Is there good hex editor I can try?  I’m not familiar with hex editors but I’ve heard its the way to go. Any point trying a data recovery tool like easy data recover or NTFS recovery tool rather than a hex editor? Thanks.

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MySQL said: Documentation (Errcode: 17)?

I have several mySQL databases on a dedicated server that appear to be corrupt. I am getting the error: MySQL said: Documentation #1 - Can't create/write to file '#sql_e6e_0.MYD' (Errcode: 17) when I try to access any table in any database. I can export the data and it looks ok, but when I delete the table and import it back I still get the error. If there is a way to fix this please provide me with step by step instructions.

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A .psd error message?

I have a .psd file that is getting this error message "Could not complete your request because it is not a valid Photoshop document." This is the first time this has happened on my Ps, CS6...and I've looked elsewhere to get some help. And I was just working on this file a while ago, so I'm not sure what went wrong. It is located on one of my USB Flash Drives, and I have heard that certain USBs tend to cause these things....yet this is the first its happened. How to do recovery for photoshop?

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Hello. recently i was having problem with my pc and someone offer to help. i was asked to download bitvise tunnelier so ther can remotely have access to my pc wish i did, although i had to give them a password and login to get entry BUT I WAS WONDERING IF THEY COULD STILL ACESS MY PC WITHOUT MY KNOWLEGDE?

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i wana covert 5v dc from usb to 12v dc with 2amp max current...,can any1 help me out..??

Basically i wana give power tp my 3.5" disktop HDD with usb,i dnt wana use adapters..,so plz help me out to convert the usb 5v dc to 12v dc with max current of 2 amp...,thnx..,any1 intellegent plz leme kno at

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Does anyone know of a cheap touch sensitive button?

Hi I am wanting to replace a keyboards buttons with touch responsive ones, and as I am in capable of any cuircitry work, I wonder if any one here knows a cheap and reliable one that I can buy in the uk, and put in place of the buttons. It can be either capacitive or resistive, although I really dont want to have to punch the characters to get a response. This is my first time posting here, and so I may have messed something up. -James

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Script to open up pptx or .xlsx files? Answered

My hard drive is no longer working. I took it to a company to recover data from this disk. But most of the files have no original names. And besides, they don't open, probably as a result of damage. Is it possible to write a script to automatically try to open a file with the extension. pptx or .xlsx? Is it possible to make it so that the whole good files has been moved for example in the folder 'C:\Success'. The files that are corrupt in folder 'C:\Failed'. I'm not sure whether it is possible to do so? Maybe there is any guide how to restore them or utilities whether paid or free?

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CorelDraw 9 Error message? Answered

I'm working with CorelDraw 9. I've been working on something for two months, it is 987Kb. Just when I was finishing the project, the file became corrupt. It upens up to 40% and then I receive the message "Error Reading myfile.cdr file". I tried importing it to a new cdr, it gets 74% done and then gives me the error message. When I click on accept, I receive an error message that says that it cannot import an empty document. I can see it in the preview box, though. I need a Corel programmer that could maybe open the file code and repair the problem. Can you help me?

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Batch check the integrity of AutoCAD? Answered

We need a way to batch check the integrity of a lot of AutoCAD files and need suggestions or recommendations.  These files have been recovered from a raw data image so many of them are corrupt and will not open.  The option to move any undamaged files would be extra beneficial. The only program I have been able to find is one called SmartPurger but it does not work as AutoCAD will popup with error messages on corrupted files and stall the process.  There is an option in SmartPurger to auto accept the popups but it does not seem to actually work.  Been Googling for a few hours and it looks like it somehow may be possible with LISP or Script programming but I've got zero experience with these things. Thanks!

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Unexpected error of Corel Draw file? Answered

Hi, Today, when I was working with a file in Corel and wanted to close it, I got an error "out of memory". Then I tried to do the same with other Corel files and have not got any error. I think that the problem is not in memory, because with the other small files everything is fine and my computer has 8GB memory. I tried to work with this file on another computer and there is the same problem arose. I tried to remove Corel x5 and installed it again but it did not solve the problem. Can you help me? Is there any chance that the file somehow can be corrupted, even though I worked in it? Thank you very much.

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Lost My mail after scan on startup? Answered

After booting my vista machine the other day, Chkdsk ran on startup, I opened outlook express too find all my emails had disappeared. I checked my outlook express .dbx files to discover that a new inbox.dbx file had been created. I assumed that the old inbox.dbx had become corrupted, and checked the temporary "Found.001"  directory that is created by chkdsk, there was only two files in this directory not related to outlook express. I have tried to run two file recovery programs get data back and restorer xp, but cannot find the missing inbox.dbx file. DO I have any chance of recovering this .dbx file or is it gone ?

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Power Point only works over remote assistance? Answered

One of our employees has a problem with pptx files in PowerPoint 2010. When  she opens her pptx file it only opens  the first slide and all the top tool bars in PowerPoint are grey and can’t be accessed. The steps I have taken are as follows: Installed the office 2007 compatibility pack although only some of the PowerPoint files were pptx. I tried open with Office 2007 but without success. I thought maybe it was created in Office 2007.   I have searched the web high and low for a solution for this and can’t find one single case with the same issues. I myself have never seen this before. The user is a local admin on her laptop. I have to add that there are no errors or warnings in event viewer. Has anyone seen anything like this?

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How can i make a DIY cheat, small tracking device?

I want to make a tracking device that could potentially connect to a smartphone. I don't need it to do that many things. I want the device to understand borders, and when my phone leave that device for a certain (custom) distance. My phone should receive some sort of alert . Most likely i am going to make this device a sticker device, so i want it to be flat, or almost flat, and as thin as possible . I want this device to use very little energy, so i battery could last a very , very long time.  Also i don't want the device to be too costly, ( if possible 5-10 dollar for one )   Also, if i would to add gps feature , what module should i use, and would it increase the size by a lot? Thank you in advance.

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Sent items OE folder may have been damaged? Answered

I recently received a message from OE6 that my sent items folder may have been damaged. OE6 created a new "sent items 1" folder. The original sent items folder still exists on my hard drive. I tried moving the sent items 1 out of my mail directory and moving the original sent items folder in it's place. That didn't work. It created a new sent items 1 folder which was blank. I then moved the original sent items folder to another directory and tried to import, received the standard "no files or in use by another application. Then I created a new identity and tried importing. Same result Same has now occurred to my inbox folder. Is there any utility out there that can repair a corrupted folder and then be able to import into my existing folders? How about upgrading to a full edition program like Outlook and importing from OE6? Any assistance would be nice as I would like to retrieve my old email files

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I need an idea!

I need an idea that hasnt been made yet something challenging please post an idea

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DIY continuous rotating servo motor for cat toy?

I'm trying to make a cat toy for my cat based somewhat loosely off of a toy called the fling-ama-string.;=related I have one and he seems to like it but since it only moves vertically I've noticed that he gets bored quite quickly. However, when I lay the fling-ama-string horizontally on my table and the string runs over the edge of the table he plays with it a lot longer. My idea was similar to something like this: Which seems to have a motor running a line from across one side of a field to the other. I obviously do not need one as heavy duty as this but I feel like if I were to rig this around the leg of a few pieces of furniture and let my cat run around chasing the lure a few times a week he'd really enjoy it. My issue is what kind of motor do I need and how difficult is this going to be to set up? Also, I'd like to spend less than $50 on all the parts for this but seeing as how the motor itself might be somewhat pricey I can understand if it goes over my initial cap. If anyone has any ideas I'd really appreciate it!

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what is a brushless motor? Answered

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What is Pinch Technology?

Ive looked at many website and they explain it but i still cant understand it, does anyone have a simplified explanation of it? thanks

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who invented a microscope ?

About microscope

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what is an outrunner moter? Answered

What  is a outrunner motor

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What needs haven't been met by mobile technology?

What needs haven't been met by mobile technology?This is the fifth of five questions from the FM:Tech Battle Royale moderated by Ask a Ninja. Help me answer. Disclosure: The FM site is sponsored by Toshiba who is also an advertiser on Instructables.

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What tools are best for graphics design?

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