Electron Club Open Day Show and Tell, Glasgow 13 June

Electron Club Open Day2pm-8pm Saturday 13th June 2009Centre for Contemporary Arts (CCA), 350 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow, G2 3JDThe Electron Club is a voluntary run space where people interested in things like free open source software, circuit bending, hardware hacking, computer recycling, streaming, audio and video editing, green technologies, and amateur radio can meet, use equipment, and share anddisseminate their skills and ideas. The space supports both individuals developing their own projects and a number of group projects, all of which are not-for-profit initiatives with a community, educational or environmental aspect to them.Now in our third year, the Electron Club Open Days are an opportunity to see and try out a range of things that people do, as well as having the opportunity to meet others with similar interests, make, chat, discuss and enjoy.TESLA SOUL - Electron Club Makers Fair and homebaking - Bajery in the Makery!Stalls and demos by electronic makers, designers and artists. An opportunity to see and play with some of the projects created by Electron Club members and related groups - a theremin menagerie and mini synthesizer kits, 3D paper engineering, circuit bending, micro FM radio,DIY wind power technology, creative computer trash recycling, 101 things to do with a dead keyboard and much more. Plus some of the excellent home-baking that has been hallmark of all our Open Days. Come and do a bit of soldering or have a cup of tea and chat with the people who make things.TAPE-WIRE-HEAD-SCREEN - music, film and sound artsThe Electron Club includes many people working in music, film and experimental arts. For the Open Day we will be showing a preview of films from Document, the UK's leading human rights film festival, with works ranging from front-line reportage to cinematic explorations of what it is to be human, along with films made at the Electron Club by the Digital Desperados, a film-group for young black and Asian women. We'll have a live performance of Alvin Lucier's legendary "Music on A Long Thin Wire" by members of 'Obscure Desire of the Bourgeoisie' and BuffalobuffalobuffaloBuffalobuffalo'. Outdoors, artist Lucie Potter will invite people on a specially planned sound walk around the Garnethill area.THE LIFE OF SOCIAL THINGS - socially-engaged technology forumA series of discussions about different ways in which society and technology come together.Glasgow FabLabsFabLabs are small scale fabrication and construction workshops that provide computerised production technologies on an artisanal scale making them available to communities and independent makers and designers. From inner-city Boston to remote Indian villages, FabLabshave become a worldwide network of community technology centres. Glasgow FabLabs is a project aiming to bring such a centre to Glasgow. This forum will present the ideas behind the Glasgow FabLabs project and explore the benefits of community-access technology.Community Media and Citizens JournalismThe internet has offered a platform for communities and groups outside of the mainstream media to have a voice and share knowledge. Whilst there are many notable examples of such activity, the tools to create such a democratized media space are still often out of people's reach.This forum will look at some practical examples of community media coming from Glasgow, present some current projects looking to make ordinary people's voices more prominent and explore the relationships between the grass-roots and mainstream media.Technology, Social Justice and the EnvironmentHow can we use technology for the greater common good? Whilst the advance of technology promotes the promise of a better world, that promise has often been compromised or undermined in how we make use of such advances. Certain technological developments have contributed to environmental and social problems on a scale arguably never seen before.Technology, however, has also been used to tackle such issues as climate change and social injustice. This forum will share and explore some practical examples being used in Scotland today, from noise monitoring devices to participatory video and community mapping projects.RAFFLE - broadband fundraiserThis year we are raising funds to improve our network facilities at the Electron Club and we will be doing a raffle with prizes including a group voucher to go paintballing.http://www.electronclub.org Contact: openday@electronclub.org

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Instructables Show and Tell in the UK!

I'm going to do it.I'm going to organise a Show and Tell event in the UK.Eric, the grand chap, has given me permission to use the Instructables' name to promote the event.It will be in the East of England, probably in Beccles, Suffolk.Google MapHowever, I cannot yet give an exact date, as we have just discovered that #2 son needs kidney surgery, and we will not find out the date of the op until late in April. The main reason I'm posting this thread is to cut down on the excuses I can make for not doing organising it.So, the good news is, it will happen, the bad news is, I don't know when.If you want to be involved, then join the group or email ideas / offers of help to the address in the second image.

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Had yourself an 'ibling Christmas ?

Inspired by an Instructable posted here, our Christmas dinner was a deep fried turkey, accompanied by my own Potato puffballs and all the trimmings Who else has used 'Ibles to help the season along ? Steve

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Instructables Show & Tell event in Chicago, Nov. 18. 6pm - 9pm

Calling all Instructables folks in the Chicago area! We're going to be having a Show & Tell event tonight in Chicago at the Craftsman Experience. We'll have tables to show off your latest creations, food, drinks, and a few giveaways to thank you for coming out. It should be a lot of fun. If you're nearby, come over to show off your latest projects or just to see what others have done. Would love to see you there! This is an all ages event and totally free. If you can't make it, check out the live feed below at 8pm EST/ 5pm PST for some interviews! Show & Tell event page on Facebook

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Instructables Show and Tell - 10/29

Come show off all of your awesome projects at the annual Instructables Show and Tell on Friday the 29th! Everyone is welcome to attend and present their projects. Halloween themed projects and costumes are particularly welcomed and encouraged! The best costume of the night will win a fabulous award! For those in need of a last minute costume, show up and become zombified before your very eyes! Ghastly refreshments and snacks will be served. No trick or treater will be refused. Friday the 29th of October, 2010. Snacks and schmoozing at 6pm, presentations* start at 7pm.  Note that this is a participatory event - if you're not bringing something to show, then please bring food and/or drinks to contribute. Instructables World HQ 82 2nd St. - 2nd Floor San Francisco, CA *Presentations are quick, fun, and informal.  Bring something neat to show off, and skip the formal powerpoint.

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Instructables Show & Tell at Yuri's Night SF 4/12/08

Join us for an Instructables Show & Tell at the SF Bay Area Yuri's Night at Saturday, 12 April 2008!Show off your hacks, crafts, and discoveries, demo finished projects, bring in-progress work for advice, or just share your neat ideas with an awesome bunch of people.Who: You, your kids, friends, and familyWhat: Projects, lots of them, of all types! When: 3:30-4:30pm, Saturday April 12 2008Where: Hanger Stage B, NASA Ames Research Center, SF Bay Area Yuri's Night 2008Why: Do I really need to answer this one?How: Get your tickets here, and show up! (Kids' tickets are half-price.) RSVPs are nice, and necessary if you'll be bringing anything we need to warn Security about.Examples: bring your new LED, LEGO, or K'nex project, a cool screen-printed T-shirt, neat origami, a cool bike mod, home-made kimchee, alternate uses for your ipod, a fire-breathing Godzilla, a neat example of vintage technology, or just a cool idea you'd like to explore with other like-minded people. Anything you'd put up as an Instructable is definitely fair game- bring it by and show it off. Email or message me if you've got specific questions.Note: NO PowerPoint. You've got 2-4 minutes to talk about your project; words and models are best way to do a quick demo. Projectors don't work well in daylight, anyway.

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Instructables Double Feature!

Thursday July 24thUpdate: we are at Speedway meadow, not Lindley.Come join Instructables in Golden Gate Park for a wet and wild evening of fun, food and games. Our beloved interns will be leading some kickball, frisbee, and DIY games, while the rest of the Instructables crew will be firing up the grill for a potluck BBQ. You can count on us to bring the main course and refreshments. We're counting on you to bring those killer side dish creations that you've been perfecting! So, time to break out the killer 'slaw recipe and the rest of your PDQ BBQ Contest Creations. If you still need some inspiration, check out some our all-time favorite BBQ side dishes:- Mediterranean Summer Salad- Basic Island Coleslaw- Grilled Peaches- Southern-Style Sweet Tea- Sun Dried WatermelonAnd let us not forget the music and dancing robots!Location:Golden Gate Park (Lindley Meadow), 5 - 8 pm. Friday July 25thInstructables Show and Tell!We are hosting a very special show and tell as part of the closing festivities for Instructacon v1.0. Come one, come all and bring whatever it is you're working on, thinking about working on or can't stand to work on any longer and share it with some of the Bay Area's finest makers and shakers. Even if you haven't been working on anything, come anyway! As with all past show and tells, a fun time for all is guaranteed. Location:489 Clementina St. 7 - 9 pm

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Wats ur favorite car? tell us.

What is your favorite car I will update when I can 

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Somebody tell that how to know the datasheet of an unknown thermoresister

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Maker Fair: McMADSAT (Make And Do, Show And Tell) Glasgow Scotland Now DEFINITELY on Saturday 14th March 2009

There will be a Maker Fair in the Glasgow Science Centre ( http://www.gsc.org.uk ) on either 7th or 14th March 2009.This will be the first of the kind in the UK (as far as I can tell). There is lots of outdoor space, including two shallow pools for model floaty things. Indoors we have space for at least 10-15 table areas.Although we will be right beside the river I think safety concerns for this first effort would mean the river is not available. But we can all drift out to admire the incoming seaplane which is based there.This is an open invitation to get in touch and say you want to come and show us what you have made, share skills etc. Let no one say that UK kitchen tables are not cluttered with projects every bit as loopy and fun as those elsewhere. Maker Kids welcome, the more the wootier.

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Can some tell me if my instructable made it to the contest deadline? Its for the BBQ contest.?

Here where I live, where more then 1O hours a head of the pacific standard time so did my instructable make it in? For us here its just gone 12 am which means it isnt even 1O pm your time...how will I know?

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Wanna 3 month pro membership? CLOSED

3 month membership, it's up for grabs.  Give me a reason, come on!  It needn't be honest, it needn't be logical, it needn't be fair but it better be funny...  Also if anyone can nominate someone else deserving of one I might give another away. *insert random photo from January challenge* EDIT CLOSED

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Building a good computer, able to play games?

So, I want to build a computer, and this would be my first computer. I don't know how to tell how parts are compatible with other parts, and which parts are good. I just want a computer that can surf the web, and support gaming with little to no lag, or freezing. To keep cost down, I don't exactly need to be able to play newer games that can over heat a six month old gaming computer in seconds. I want to keep this project under $400, or at $450 at most. Some games I would like to run is Halo 1 and 2, counter strike, and perhaps WoW. Any, and all help will be appreciated, Thank you.

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Featuring my instructable?-How to tell a friend you like them

Hell. i really want to get a featured instructable, and so far i've never seen an emotional instructable. This one deals with love >.< so corny. I'd like some supporthttps://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-tell-a-friend-u-like-them/

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tell the member

Tell me how to make a instructable for this groap i have a good one

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How to Tell if a Webpage Sucks

Somewhat amusing: How to Tell if a Webpage Sucks.And yeah, we try not to suck. If we accidentally do you should tell us. :-)

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please tell me what is maya software

Please tell me what is maya software

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Fortune Telling Robots of India

Apparently, in India, there are robots that will tell you your fortune for a small fee.And, even stranger, there is a Flickr group dedicated to Fortune Telling Robots of IndiaIf you know anything more about this, please fill me in.(photo courtesy of Matt Logelin)

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How can you tell if you are a featured author? Answered

How can you tell if you are a featured author?

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How can you tell what an LED's angle is?

Is there a way to tell what the angles of an LED is by looking at it or by looking at the light it gives off?

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tell me how to installa themes in iphione?

Asked by saman janu 8 years ago | last reply 8 years ago

tell me about the cheapest proximity detector?

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How can I tell if my stereo speakers are bugged? How can I tell if there's a listening device anywhere in my home?

How can I tell if my stereo speakers are bugged? How can I tell if there's a listening device anywhere in my home? Like in phone jacks, air registers, cell phone, or computer.

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tell which age we can use the herbst appliance in orthodontics treatment??

Tell which age we can use the herbst appliance in orthodontic treatment??

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how can i tell a slide show works? Answered

Asked by KNEXFRANTIC 8 years ago | last reply 8 years ago

How can i tell if a transformer is a dc or ac?

Asked by 0087adam 9 years ago | last reply 9 years ago

how to tell the diff between pos or neg on led

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how can u tell how old a mirror is?

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Instructables Show & Tell Live Video Feed!

If you want to check out the show and tell (occurring right now) but can't get to Instructables HQ, you can watch online with the live video feed:http://live.yahoo.com/instructablesHope to see you there!

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how can you tell what wood your furniture is made of ? Answered

Is it made out of oak or pine or cherry wood, how can you tell the difference?i bought a used coffee table and i can,t tell what wood it is made out of.

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Should somebody tell Arnold?

Because there may be problems with the Terminator franchise...:-)

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Can anybody tell me how to train a puppy? Answered

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tell me about power rating and voltage rating of a led ?

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can you tell me a poem for the circulatory system?

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can i make battery life indicator that tells whether the battery is low?

The battery indicator is like in the cellphone; where you can tell that ur phone needs to charge.

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how can I tell what kind of wood this is?

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can any one tell me how to make a pneumatic screwdriver???

I just want to make a pneumatic screwdriver can any one tell me how to make it??/

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how can i tell where the ground is on a pcb?

Modifying antenna on a radio need to make sure it is grounded to the board. How can I tell where the old antenna was grounded?

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why is my i pod telling me to go to itunes?

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Can anyone tell me about this knife?

I got it at a state auction for 3.50$

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Can you tell me how to make the 19 47?

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Show & Tell, Fall 2007

A bunch of cool people came together all at once, and showed off their cool projects. Here they are, live-blogged right from my desk in Cambridge!

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Can any one tell me how to make this inductor? Answered

Can any one tell me how to make a 0.35mH inductor what will be the turns and what will be the coil dia.? the circuit is shown below.

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Got email telling me Pro Membership will expire soon. You are NOT telling me how much it costs! ?

- BE UPFONT ON MEMBERSHIP COST!? - you just want my Credit Card number?

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how to tell if someone likes you?

Know if someone likes you,how to date,how to flirt

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Somebody Tell me How to program A Atmel Microcontroller 8052 with C Language?

Somebody Tell me How to program A Atmel Microcontroller 8052 with C++   Language? I want to design a Circuit with this that relays operate by PC

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can anyone tell me a simple mechanism for holding an inch rod?

It should be replaced in a bot.

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