The new theme

I have noticed lately that people are using Muppet avatars... So here is a random question: Is the new theme Muppets or something? (Also, check out my new Swedish chef avatar) Update: Muppet Style is gone D-;

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Theme song of OBAMA!

Help me think of lyrics to make Obama's theme song....I'll convert those replubicans! Obama how I love thee

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A theme for Instructables banner

I love how this site keeps on updating and improving. A lot of these updates are very useful and makes browsing through the site and my own account a lot more simpler. However, I do wish that we could personalize the Instructables banner on top of the website. I miss the orange that was recently there so I was thinking how about a way to change the color the user would want to see it? Any comments?

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Instructables Mobile Theme

Http:// don't know if this has been done before or not i just wanted to try it. So hope you like it!Tech Details:It only works on sony ericcsonIt is for screen size 176 X 220

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windows xp themes?

I want to know if its possible and if so how to change the windows xp taskbar etc etc. to another colour other then silver, green and blue without having to use the classis theme please help

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Contest Theme Song

I hope I hit the right forum. It occurred to me that something was missing for the contest... They need a theme song.  As an example, let me offer the following. I was reading the "Indestructible" contest entries while listening to Nat King Cole so it just kinda clicked. (to Nat King Cole's "Unforgettable") Indestructible, in every way How you are right now That's how you'll stay That's why buddy, it's instructable To watch someone make, something indestructible So that you can make something indestructible too Might be fun to a theme song sub-contest to each contest. 

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How would I go about installing this theme?

I've found this file that a person put together. It should have a vista theme in it for xp. However. Will I need the hack (i forget what its called) that lets you install .msstyles files? I really don't know. But the help is appreciated.Oops, forgot the link:!

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Is there any official theme that doesnt slow windows xp down? Answered

I got a netbook and if i install the royal noir theme it gets slow. So im looking for a theme wich looks better than the ugly normal xp theme but doesnt slow my computer down

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how to install the themes on motorola v3i. plz help me?

I have motorola v3i mobile. how can i install the themes on mobile. plz.. help me..

Question by sahil_watts 9 years ago

how to dress like demon?

I want to dress like a demon for a theme party. how do i do that in the cheapest possible way without spending much.

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Pop Up Card Theme Ideas

Hi, I am new here and am looking for theme ideas for the inside of a standard basic layer Thank you pop up card for a colleague and am having "crafter's block". They are in the telco industry, but I sense they would prefer something out of the box.

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Firefly, Ripper Street; What style is the music? Answered

Can anybody put a name to the style of music employed in the Firefly and Ripper Street themes? Firefly theme:;=youtube_gdata_player

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Instructables Google Chrome Theme

Here it is!!!! Wanna make your own? Please leave comments!!!! Dont have Google Chrome? Try it here.

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Instructables PSP theme HELP!!!

HELP!!! Im working on an Instructables psp theme but I need Robot pictures that relate to each menu icon i have the one for the games menu (below) but need some for video,music,network.ect.ect...If anyone could help draw/design these let me know.Just private message me. Thanks, Rockerx p.s. who ever wants the theme if it ever gets finished can also P.M me ;)

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help with custom psp themes? Answered

Hi everybody. recently, i went online and got a psp xmb icon editor (sorta thing) heres the english manual: the problem is, that i cant get any custom icons into it! it always gives me a error message saying that im using the incorrect file type. i have tried to make these png or tga icons in multiple image manipulation programs, such as: GIMP 2.6, photo impression 4, icofx, mspaint and dxtbmp. the only thing i havent tried is the thing mentioned in the manual: adobe photoshop. i dont have the money to buy it, and there are no free versions i know of. how can i get this to work? someone PLEASE HELP!

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unique baby shower themes? Answered

Homemade baby shower themes

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I want a new theme....

I dont think the street avatars would blow over that good, so I was thinking we could have a pic of your favorite artist/album as your avatar instead (like meh). My avatar is the cover of soulja boy's new album "isouljaboytellem". Your avatar can be whatever your favorite aritst/album is

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Military themed dice tower

I made this recently and will be glad to post full detailed instructions if I see that there's enough interest in it. Let me know, and when I get enough feedback I'll do it. had nasal surgery 1 day before I recorded the audio, so my voice sounds terrible.

Question by flashing 9 years ago

Video game themed projects

I absolutely LOVE mario, pac man, and katamari! So here are a few pics of things I have made for myself and others. I also wanted to know what you guys have made in relation to video game characters!! It seems like everyone is so talented on here and I am just curious !x_Xpac man blanket 72 X 60 all made from fleecepac man beanie for my friendpac man "potholder" lol. in reality it would freakin burn your hand!crocheted katamari (please note that the pattern for this guy came from anapaulaoli)katamari pouchknitted tam with mario from his paper mario daysmario in a boot that was cross stitchedknitted beanie with my favorite character, shyguy =)and a little felt katamari pin

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I want to play the main theme of Super Mario Bros with my b-clarinet. Answered

I want to play the main theme of Super Mario Bros with my b-clarinet. But I've only found it for the piano.  Can someone tell me a website that this theme is for clarinet? Here is a Link for the mein theme:

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Next Month: Pets

Tool Tips Month will be wrapping up in a couple days and with a new month we're having a new theme: pets. We want to see your pet-based Instructables. Cat people, dog people, snake people, rodent people, all of you pet owners are invited to show us something cool that relates to a pet. Pet housing, pet maintenance, pet toys, and whatever else you can think of will be eligible. So get ready to show us what you've got!

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Why won't themes work in the Cydia app?

Hi, i have a jailbroken ipod touch 2g (MC) jailbroken with a userland jailbreak (JailbreakMe 2.0).  I have some themes that work perfectly on my ipod, except in the actual cydia app.  The "loading data" spinner is still the standard apple one, not the themed one.  Also, the background is just the standard apple gray stripe background.  Does anyone know how to make the themes work in cydia? thanks.

Question by budabob07 8 years ago

Do you know google in black? Answered

Do you know google in the black theme? cool man!

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Super Mario theme played on bottles with RC car

The Super Mario theme keeps on truckin' through pop culture with this version done on empty bottles that are struck by an RC car.Also check the Rollerblade style this guy does via BoingBoing

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Who sang the theme song of Raw ?

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A Town Called Eureka Themed Instructables!

Hi there! I'm new here, but I've always thought (whilst lurking about) that some Town Called Eureka themed Instructables would be good!Some starter ideas...Crazy sonic cannonsLittle portable cookersGreen transportHover-anything!Super sci-fi pocket tools - Lazer saws ectAssistive technologies like super souped-up wheelchairsIf you have any ideas, share them here!Paradox Detected.

Topic by paradoxdetected 9 years ago

Theme Park Holiday Light Effect

Hi, I work for a small theme park. A third party company built one of our new holiday displays.  It consists of 45 large 'ornaments ', each lit with an AC bulb. I've been asked to provide a way to control each one independently and create a pattern which will repeat.  Sometimes only one bulb is lit and sometimes up to 7 are on at the same time.  The problem is I'm looking at 45 AC plugs!  My thinking is to buy 45 solid state relays. Then can I hook them up to an Ardiuno? I know very little about Ardionos. Which model and how many? I would truly appreciate it if someone could help me get started. Thank you

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Portal Theme Done on 8080 and C64

If you've played Portal then seeing this video brings everything full circle. The retro computers inspired the closing song "Still Alive" which has then inspired someone to recreate the song on retro computers. It's geektastic and was done on an Intel 8080 with a C64 sound chip.If you haven't played Portal yet and you're even remotely into games, then beg, borrow, or steal a few hours on a machine to play it. It's lovely. via bbgadgets

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whats more worth it? Answered

Custom psp themes, with extras and a newer flash player, or the ability to play psone games? i need input- its a hard desicion, i have plenty of ps1 games i can put on it, but watching videos (on the web) and custom themes sound nice too. input?

Question by zack247 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

How do I enable shell user theme extension in gnome 3?

I am new to ubuntu and am using gnome 3 for my desktop in ubuntu 11.10.  I can change the theme and window theme in advanced settings (a.k.a. gnome tweak) but next to the drop down menu to select the shell theme there is an icon with an exclamation point.  When you mouse over it, it says "shell user theme extension not enabled"  How do I fix this so I can change the shell theme?  Like I said before i can change the window, gtk, and icon themes.      Thanks in advance!!!

Question by Tree Hugger 7 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

Is there an Emerald theme manager equivalent for Windows Vista?

I know that Linux has a theme manager called Emerald, which allows for easily swapping between different themes for the entire PC. Is there a Windows Version/ Equivalent?

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Whats your favorite iPod Touch/iPhone Theme?

If youve Jailbroken your iPod/iPhone you will know that the best thing about a Jailbreaking an iPod is Winterboard wich lets you install themes onto it. After looking at a lot of top 10 lists i know that the 2 most popular themes are illumine and Glasklart. Unfortunately illumine is not on cydia anymore except for one that only has some illumine apps. So i decided to check out Glakslart so i got it and it is my favorite so far. but there are others too and everybody has their favorites. Okay my new favorite is illumine, whats your favorite theme?

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Orange And Black

I was bored and was looking around for some new themes and found this. It looks really good with my background and even better with the zune theme for firefox. I dunno, just thought I'd share it...

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tell me how to installa themes in iphione?

Question by saman janu 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

Contest Entrees which barely fit Contest Theme

Sometimes a contestant barely fits the contest theme. Sometimes it clearly does not. Can an entry be disqualified for not being of the theme? Some projects seem to get votes for being cool regardless of whether they are entered in the right contest.

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HALP with Emerald in Ubuntu Ibex

Hey all! I'm trying to use an emerald theme that I just grabbed from teh intarwebs, but with no luck... I have emerald theme manager installed, and the emerald theme that I downloaded shows up in the themes list, but no where does it say "Use this theme" or whatever. Oh, and I tried asking on the Ubuntu forums, but without any luck :/

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how good is my windows theme instrucables? Answered

Give feed back rate and subcribe tell me what i can add or what needs to be fixed

Question by albylovesscience 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

Linux Theme Gets Scarily Close to XP

Well, heres a kool little topic on lifehacker, i want to try it. BTW, if you look at the second comment i replied t it, lol

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Any ideas for a 'Future and Space' themed costume?

It's for a school party four weeks from now. I'm thinking of going as an alien, and I have an awesome piece of fabric, now I'm wondering how to sew it into an alien costume. Any other 'Future and Space' related ideas are also welcome!

Question by judith_ou 10 years ago  |  last reply 10 years ago

Sex and the City themed party ideas, please!

I can't be the only person who wants to do this, especially since a new movie is coming out soon. So, what to do? I' m not getting much inspiration browsing the web, but so far I've decided on doing a Cosmos and NY theme (duh!). Everyone will dress up as their favorite character. I have come up with a SATC themed drinking game. I've even thought of leaving funny props around the house, like the infamous Post-It note.  I'd like to do more stuff like that, but I need some suggestions. How about music? (specific songs) Entertainment?  Photo props? Decoration projects? Table settings? Recipes?  I'd really appreciate any input here, but I prefer anything that is cheap, easy and awesome.

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May the Fourth - Theme 3-course dinner

Last weekend I finally watched Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi. So with May Fourth coming our way I decided I would cook a nice Star Wars themed 3-course dinner for me and my wife this Friday. The idea is just simple food, but made it looking like something linked to Star Wars. I've come up with some ideas, but more ideas are always welcome. Here's whats on the menu up to now:Appetizer - Galaxy carpaccio:Purple beetroot 'empty space' carpaccio with sesame seeds 'stars' and drops of balsamico 'black holes'Main course - Star Wars Episode IX: The Fast-Food Hero:Sweet 'C3PO'-tatoes / 'BB'-pot-'8'-oes'Han'-burger 'Solo'Grilled green asparagus 'light-sabers'Dessert - Cheese platter:May the Roquefort be with youRevenge of the SwissMozzarella Death StarBabybell star wars smileysSo what are your suggestions?

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how do i install the windows xp blue luna theme on windows 7?

I want to install the original windows xp home edition theme (i think its called Luna). and windows blinds doesn't work so i installed UXstyle core with is an in memory uxtheme.dll pitcher but after running that and putting the theme in the themes folder i don't know were to go from here any help would be appreciated

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Cool cgi images?

I think this will be three questions in a row... Anyways i am making a theme for ipod touch and iphone. You jailbroken user know what i mean. So i need some awesome CGI images. anything buildings landscape(only "G" rated) I will probably find a use for every cgi image(unless i get like 50+ in which case i will chose the best)

Question by miiwii3 9 years ago

Can I browse tags and themes and main components?

I would like to be able to browse through tags and therefore to see themes and main components. How would I go about doing this?

Topic by Advocat 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

My Stardock Mycolor won't let me install a theme for my Windows 7 starter - it used to work fine

I installed Stardock Mycolor for my Windows 7 Starter, and it's worked fine for the last 6 months. One day I turn my computer on and find my theme back to the classic windows theme. I have tried uninstalling and installing Mycolor several times with success, but when I attempt to apply a theme my computer won't react. It's like it applys it halfway then reverses the whole thing. what could be the problem? - Henni

Question by Henni 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

looking for designer for graffiti themed video game/app

Must be in Los Angeles area.  Please email for more details. I have included a song from the soundtrack below:

Topic by witchdoctorseuss 4 years ago

Halloweed-themed meatloafy bacony goodness, "The Hand of Mummy"

Hello folks. I just made my first food instructable and would love to have some input from the community. Pictured below is the Hand in its uncooked and (failed)cooked state. Pic quality kind of sucks (Inebriation+photography seldom works very well), but I'm sure you'll understand what the name stands for. Even though the cooked hand looks more like a trilobite, it's still delicious. Further research has yielded better results with keeping the shape intact.

Topic by Thermonuklear 6 years ago