HI, I'm looking for cool science things to make EG: wind turbine that produces electricity.

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One Hundred Things We Didn't Know Last Year

Baseball is English.A Victorian doctor was struck off for describing nicotine as "foul poison".Americans are not allowed to sell proper haggis.1% of Americans are in prison.Toasters are illegal in Cuba.... and 95 other peculiar facts culled from the news over the last 12 months.What have you learned in the last year?

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bord to death? Answered

Dose any one have something to do when i am bord

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I just want to clarify some things......

Ok. since the whole 'ibles community hates me, I want you to get to know me better so i can get some peace. 1. ok, I admit I wasn't being myself all the way. I was trying to act cool, but It turns out I was acting tyrannical. 2. I made some rather inflammatory 'ibles and topics but with no intention. I am not deleting the 'ible because I believe that it can teach people something and i dont want to waste hard work (if this starts a controversy, it will be deleted) 3. I just realized it's not just about 'ibles, its about communication with other members

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Anything you want to give away?

I will accept almost anything you haveto offer. In return I might send somthing to you.

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The big list of things that I hate. (yes, I'm feeling down)

The big list of things that I hate (inspired off of Keith Kid's "50 things that I hate"): - Waking up at 7:00 AM - Mom hating rap - Going to school - Nobody seeing how awesome Maddox is - little computer time - even less time to play with knex - even less knex to play with (well, I don't think this applies anymore, thanks to berkin.) - Mom - Dad - Pep rallies - Football games - Wait, I think its all sports on TV. - Rain - The 80's (It has a weird relation to pep rallies) - The fact that everything on TV sucks - My uncle never coming over anymore - Foreign languages (Ironically, I am half asian) - People asking me to speak Chinese - The fact that I left KI off this list. (yes, this is a joke) - The Jonas brothers - Oh wait a minute, I think it's everyone who works for Disney, not just the fail bros - Halloween - Mondays - The fact that I sweat too much. - The fact that I am bored - Myspace - Facebook - Twitter - The fact that Biggie and 2pac are dead - The fact that I don't have an xbox to play halo on. - Mom threatening to cut my internet off - Cops. - School - The fact that half the stuff people tell me is stuff that I don't give a crap about. - Dogs and dog owners. - The fact that I don't have money to make my own site where I can post this list. Now that I got that out of my chest....

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Will it blend?

This is crazy. This blender will blend everything! Every video, the guy "tests" out this blender by putting user-suggested items in it. Make sure you watch him blend the iPhone.Will it Blend?I have to say, that is one tough little ol' blender.

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Things that make me happy

So every now and then, someone says something like "that won't work."Now, depending on who or s/he is and what it is that "won't work" - I'll accept or try to make it work. Typically, it's the latter - exceptions for cases of heavy machinery and obvious scenarios that may involve sudden and imminent death.So I had a bus driver tell me my bike won't fit on the bike rack... I do ride a recumbent - but it's a high racer. Recumbents have all the same bike parts - just in different locations. High racers happen to have two big wheels (26" in my case) - and they're located in the same spots as any other bike. Well, I'm posting here - so obviously it worked... And that makes me happy :)In other news, I've been riding that 'bent for about a month - and I noticed today that my legs don't burn as much after my commute to/from school while keeping a decent pace :) Anyone have a similar story that makes them happy?

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I LIKE SHINY!!! (pointless thread...possible removal)

I like shiny things. I only know a few things that are shiny. What do you know is shiny?

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Three things

If you were to be stuck in the wilderness, and needed to survive, what three things would you want to have? No cars, phones, complete survival kits, etc. those just make it less fun. Only put single, survival type things in your should be able to tell if it's "cheating" or not. If you choose food, don't be outrageous in energy bar, not a case of them from costco. Guns can count, but bullets are separate...maybe ten bullets if you choose to have them as one of your three things.Mine:knifeflintWater bottleAlso, what "Creature Comfort" would you want? This can be something like a book, harmonica, stuffed animal, etc. Pets are allowed, as long as it's not your hunting dog, or your giraffe who gathers coconuts for you.Mine is my dog, Buck. =]Have fun, and be creative!

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when you want to know how it works

Here is a site that explains how most things work two good medical sites are Trust me I'm a doctor, see my picture:

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Where is a good place to get a gaming computer? Answered

I've been thinking that I need a little upgrade from the desktop computer that I have, by computer standards, its pretty old. All I really want is a gaming computer. I don't need any fancy cases or things of that sort, can anyone recommend a website and/or product?

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want anything destructive or useful, just e-mail me.. nytro glycerine/ tnt/ hacking/ pranks/ electronic/ got it all

 anything from  poison/ explosives/ hacking / killing/ non lethal/ pranks

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Things You Want to Build During Your Lifetime

Every now and then, I come across a big project that I want to build at some point during my lifetime. These projects may have some special or sentimental meaning, or they may just be ridiculously cool! Personally, I prefer a little of both :-) I have two specific projects on my mind: A flight simulator (check out my other post titled "flight simulator," for some reason it didn't post into the tech room and wont show up anywhere-- Just click on my username and click on it) And a dark room. Both of these projects mean something special to me, and I hope to build them some time or another. But the real reason for this post is to hear what you guys want to build. So, reply to this post with your ideas, and maybe you'll inspire someone else! Thanks, MDJ

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Modern music.

Falls probably have seen my profile where it says I hate modern music. And I do. For A LOT of reasons. Mostly about love or ( Censored ) with the exception of a hand full. Has killed the drum and guitar solo, my favorite part of music. "Robotic" themes *cough* Lady GaGa *cough*' Have weird topics. Pretty much no relative respect for musicians. Can't understand half the lyrics. Very repetitive lyrics, well said by nigahiga. I need to think of more.

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What to do before im 18? Answered

I need 50 things to do before 18.

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Things you can craft from (Recycling!)

Here is a list of some great things you can craft things out of:CARDBOARD:-Empty Shoe box-Used Poster boards-Empty Dunkin Donuts Munchkin or Doughnut box-Empty Pizza BoxesCONTAINERS:-Empty Altoids candy box-Empty Water bottlePAPER:-Newspaper-Used Paper (like one you used to write phone numbers on)PLASTIC:-Empty water bottles-Empty milk containers*Adding more soon!*

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What's the matter with me?

I'm hot and tired. I've wasted the past three years hunting down sites like this one. I print out reams of instructions for projects. I buy everything I need to make things. But there's never any time. Maybe I should have settled for just one dog. Two is a lot of work. Ya think?

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need cool bedroom ideas!! Answered

 my room is very small but has lots of built-in shelves on one wall. Im looking for anything cool, creative, automatic and simple. trying to get to know this website better and would love some helpful tips. im not looking for furniture, just little things to make my room cooler and more fun to be in. thanks!

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Droid Phone by Verizon!

Hey guys! i recently got a new phone called the Droid by Verizon! Its an amazing phone, and I just recently got it, so I was hoping that if any of you guys happened to have one of their own, they could tell me some cool things to do on it. You don't have to own the phone, you just need to know some of the features and what you can do on it that may be interesting.

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Cool things to build in a cardboard maze?

I am in charge of building a cardboard maze for my churches "Harvest Party" (basically a safer, family oriented alternative for trick or treating). I have been doing this for a couple years, and last year we build a maze about 80x60 feet big (all out of cardboard an duct tape!). So now we are starting to plan out this years maze. I was just wondering if anyone had some really cool ideas of stuff to put into the maze, or an interesting structure/passageway to add to the maze. Not sure about sizes yet, but I think this year we can expand the maze to about half the size of a basketball court or larger (so size does not matter). In the past we have done blacklights, strobes, etc. Please no ideas about skeletons/ghosts/hauntings. This maze is for kids, and is an alternative to "scarier" halloween traditions. Keep this in mind as you post please. Thanks, I am looking forward to your replies! A907

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Do you like to make things out of knex

Post all knex pictures projects links ideas etc

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Things to do with and Old Ipod?

A couple months ago, my 2g ipod touch broke. Since then I have gotten a new one. But is there anything i can do with the old broken one?

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Help with Where the Wild Things are costume? Answered

I know how to make the Headpiece, and the shirt. I bought fur that's white, and I'm going to make a shirt with it, and dye it using rit dye, to the right colors. I'm hoping to make this costume work... However, I'm stuck on what to do for the legs. It's scales, but what should I do for it? Also, I want to know how to make a tail, and make it so the tail can still move....

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guitar pedals and pedal bords? Answered

What i really mean is how to they all connect into one guitar and 1 amplifeir

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How to make an LED Flashlight burn things without extra components like DVD or CD Rom Diodes?

My friend got an Led flashlight and he opened it up and messed around with a chip inside and he made it burn things. Is there a way to turn mine into one too without new components, Like New diodes, DVD or CD Rom Diodes. Mine runs on 3 AAA Batteries and powers 9 LEDs Here is a picture of a similar model

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How to control a motor via app/microcontroller??

New to Instructables and I love the site. Not sure if I'm posting this in the right place or not! I'm completely new to the whole internet of things but intruiged by it and want to learn more. I'm looking for a bit of advice. I'm looking to make a basic enough app that allows the user to move a wooden dome roof maybe 6m in diameter. It's for a home observatory. Possibly move the roof according to degrees the user inputs also. Would I be right in saying the roof motor would have to be online in order to use through a smartphone? Would something like Raspberry Pi or Arduino be suitable for this? Sorry I'm bit of a novice but want to learn

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Knifes From Things Around The House

Can you think of ways to make a knife out of cheap, easy to find items around the house? I came up with a knife made out of a Penny and a Nickle! Now lets see what you can thing of! (butter knifes, dinner knifes, and pocket knife do not counts , be creative :P )

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Things you want to see posted

HI, Daredevil499 here. I just need some ideas. I have about 6500 knex pieces and was wondering what I should build. What do you want to see built and posted? I will take any ideas and will try a few, and post a few. Thanks Also, check out my instructables: And I am working on a knex, nerf maverick

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guitar tutorials? Answered

Would you guys out there in where ever want me to start posting guitar tutorials or somethin

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Practical Things

Has anyone made any practical things out of K'nex?

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Pen-shooting things

I can't think of a better topic to inaugurate the (occasionally dangerrous) Things You Can (but probably shouldn't) Make At School group than the topic of things that shoot (or fling) pens, like the thing that I made that is in the picture.

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Suggestions for a new thing to do each day of February? Answered

Trying to do a new thing each day for the month of February, but I'm at a loss. I need suggestions for 28 things to do .

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Rail Gun, full auto?

Unless i am mistaken, rail guns use high voltage rails, and conduct through the rails and a projectile... not unlike jacobs ladders. if we took a jacobs ladder and made the rails parallel, they could be used as a rail gun. right? if so... what's to stop us from having a gravity feed rail gun, something that rols a ball bearing or some such metallic ball or rod onto the rails to be shot down, the moment the first projectile isn't touching the rails, the new one rolls on... say... power it with a cordless drill battery and step the voltage up with a wallwart transformer? if we can make portable tesla coils... a rail gun doesn't seem so far fetched. granted, this post isn't using any technical jargon so you probably all think i'm an idiot, but i do believe that it's possible. my knowledge of rail guns is fairly rudimentary. any ideas? it would obviously be VERY low velocity... but if you were to make it stationary, you could upsize it and run it through a large MOT from a microwave, or a transformer from a UPS or something equally massive and... well... have a fullly automatic rail gun turret-y thing? yes? 

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What do these things do?

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What is the most interesting thing that you have ever Made?

What is the most interesting thing that you have ever Made?

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Interesting things to do with this old computer?

Just wondering if there are any interesting things to do with an old computer like this?Pic of the COMPUTER

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how do rate on things plz answer? Answered

How do rate on like some thing that some one makes?

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Knex gun request

I have a request of a gun to be made, heres the link: (I was thinking about it being made as a slingshot!)

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