Watchya think?

The Deadly Human Spore Soon there will arise the four That billions have called folklore And the evil that our age has had in store Will finally cause the uproar And what is to come none will adore The white will knock at the door A knock that none will be able to ignore. And all shall hope for a savoir For none want to be on the plutonian shore. He will judge the corrupt and "pure" And all will hit the floor. The red will gallop and drip blood across the moor, And all man shall engage in war. And the drums of battle will roar, As the sword of combat will bring down more, Than ever imagined outside the four. The black will trot as all will implore To find which will be the cure To all the hungry, diseased, and poor. This will invoke the final score Before the Sage comes to the floor, And all will wish to god they hadn't swore. The sage will smite priest and whore, As the last horseman of the four. And he will fulfill the lore, Of plague and sickness to the core. When all is no more A white dove shall emerge and shall soar And all the peace will restore. Then shall rise the raw power of the boar. No beast, no insect, no life will deplore The ridding of the deadly human spore. Note: i dont believe in god, the four horsemen r just a device i used to invoke the destruction of man for the preservation of nature. And yes i wrote this after watching The day the earth stood still (the new version). And if your confused about the colors there the colors of the horses the four horsemen rode, each color having a meaning (go wikipedia it) Feedback pwease and ty

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Deep Thinkers

This topic will be a place to post all those deep questions you sometimes ask, and might get answers. Here's one I've been thinking about: (which no longer needs answering) Space. It's black, right? Why? If there is nothing for color to reflect off of, shouldn't space be void of any color?

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Bass(think outside the box)

Hehehehe BASS!!!!!!!!! whats your favorite lure? favorite reel? favorite rod??? even favorite color hook(if applicable) and if you are that "unexperienced" as to have no idea what i am talking about, Bass is a type of freshwater fish. probably the most sought after too. google "large mouth bass" if you are still lost....

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What font do you think in?

For those of you can't figure out what yours is, try spelling the word "bicycle" out loud. A picture of the word will probably pop up in you head...what font was it? I'm Calibri

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Can we connect 2 battries of different voltage in series?

Can I connect 12V Battery and 24V battery in series?

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Is this what i think it is?

I was taking apart a heavy duty panosonic battery. it didn't say if it was dry cell or not. when i opend it up. and it only had this black powder. it was kind of lumpy. i think its magnesium dioxide. there was also i rod. i took it out and washed it. it is black. i think its a carbon rod since the inside of the battery wasnt wet. it looks like it has little pores on the surface. SO my question is..... is the rod carbon?????????

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Scientific thinking in the classroom?

Hi, So recently I have received a very open assignment from my English class. In my high school we are having an independent study, during March. I have decided to do some research and hopefully a project about scientific thinking. I was reading Absolute Zero, and the Quest for Cold when it struck me how open scientific thinking, and research was open to many people. Famous scientist like Joules, who was a brewer, had whole other careers besides their scientific research. And even more recently, Bill Nye style science, where anyone can follow along at home, is not seen any more. Shows like the 11th Hour, and Jimmy Neutron make science into some thing distant, and limited to a special few. I see sights such as Instructables as the counter movement to that. Inviting all sorts of people, to experiment, build and learn about science themselves. Especially I enjoy reading about the green projects, because it represents a change in thinking, where everyone can pitch in to make a difference and every experiment and gadget is worth exploring for the sake of the planet. With my class I would like to highlight how open scientific thinking really is. I am wondering if anyone can think of a project with the right amount of wow factor, and educational value, to highlight the individuality of science and engineering that instructables so well demonstrates? I would like everyone to walk away thinking, "that experiments and science research is with in my reach, and that I could make a contribution to it if I want to." The ideal/mythical project that I am thinking of doesn't need to demonstrate any scientific principal specifically. In my research so far I have liked the green projects, because I believe that from those projects and thinking seen on instructables, real progress will be made to help people and the world.Thanks! Alwaysmod

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To think, these people are real...!

After a careless click on google, I suddenly found myself looking at, boy!That whole place is so... mad. There are people arguing over the definition of the word "unidentified" (one side was saying you're only allowed to call something a UFO if it is an alien spaceship performing impossible manoeuvres. If it's only a secret government black-ops spaceship, you're not allowed to call it a UFO...)The concept of "evidence" is utterly fruit-loops - one guy was convinced that alien activity was real because he had heard that somebody had written down that somebody else had overheard an astronaut in quarantine mention the fact that Apollo 11 had been "followed by aliens all the way to the Moon".I'm going to bookmark that forum, then every time we get an HHO project posted, or an overunity device, I can go there and see what insane people really act like......!

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What do you think of my design

What do you think of the picture i created. Also what are some of the pictures you made using a computer.

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Thinkpad ideas, please.

I seem to have acquired an elderly IBM Thinkpad.  It appears to be fully functional, but... It's running Windows 98, It has a single USB socket, but does not recognise any of the pendrives I plug into it. It has a floppy drive that can be plugged in the side It has no wifi. I have never done anything constructive inside the guts of a computer. So, basically, it's useless to the modern laptop user.  Raw materials. Any ideas?

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ThinkGeek wants your ideas, and they are willing to pay for them!

Our friends over at ThinkGeek are a smart bunch of bananas. They know that even though they have the coolest nerd-gear available that the best ideas are yet to come, and they are going to come from makers just like us. That's why they've recently launched the IdeaFactory, a place where you can submit your awesome product ideas and (if they like them) they might just turn it into a product to sell on their online store! The gist: "If ThinkGeek chooses to make your idea into a real product, we'll pay you an advance of $1000 and then 10% of retail sales for the life of the product up to $1 million in Net Sales. When your product reaches $1 million (yay!), the rate drops to will also have the opportunity to purchase any quantity of the product at a reasonable price just above cost (excluding shipping). You'll be free to sell that product on your own website or when you make public appearances at conventions, trade shows, or other public events. This way you can show off your genius work and point proudly to your wallet while chuckling manically to yourself." What are you waiting for? Head on over to the IdeaFactory and check out all the details, then submit a few of your ideas!

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Who do u think is the best knex maker?

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T.N.K.I.T (I think) entry

Well here is a little car I made in about a minute. Just so I could get through the first round (hopefully) because there are basically not enough entries. Yeah. Don't insult it, but it isn't anything worth building. Just to get through.

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What do you think?

What do you think of the Vashta Narada?

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What do you think

What do you think are easier to make RBGS or rod shooters. I think RBGS

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What do you think?

Yesterday, I followed a jewelry workshop. This is the result, what do you think?

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what do you think of this?

This may change how you think about this, you may comment but after reading that  you may not comment or you may comment in a different  way then you will reread this and comment in a different way that will change how you comment on other forum topics then you might come back here and comment saying this is useless but then realize it must not be useless if i am commenting

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Do you think this is fair?

So I have 2 friends who got in a fight about a week ago, after school, and off campus.  Someone videoed it, and put it on their facebook account.  One of the fighters got suspended for school for a week for the fight, despite it being after school, and not on campus. Do you personally think this is an unreasonable punishment, or is it?  What do you think of this situation? I want to hear your opinions here, and encourage a good discussion.

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What Do You Think? Answered

What avatar picture do you recommend me to use? Please vote 1, 2 ,3 , or 4 and why. The best answer will go to the person with the best explanation of why you want that picture.

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Don't you think this is strange? Answered

I typed my username in google images and found one of my photos from one of my questions on this website.,SAIYLFzIs1E   There is other instructables here too. I never heard of this website before. I asked this question here before with a picture i took. Don't you think this is strange? Google your instructables username. Look for the website the image is coming from. on mine it ALL comes from

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What do ya think??

I finally went out and bought some pins today, push pins, for the wall of course. When I figure out how to steady a tripod on top of a matress, and I find the rest of my junker parts (these are just old parts or stuff needing repair), I'll bring more pics.

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Port forwarding, I think?

Hi, I've been playing with this: It works fine when my iPhone is connected to the wifi network broadcast by the router to which the arduino (arduino ethernet shield) is connected. Is there a way of making it work across the internet, rather than just the local network? I imagine it has something to do with port forwarding, but I don't know much about it. Thanks in advance. AlexHalford.

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Some changes to think about.

Is there any way of changing the way collections are made to have the following: Some way of flagging them, this doesn't exist but it would be very helpful. Delete button in the 'draft' stage, I have a clicking error on my computer and I ended up making 4 identical collections. It was only by pure guesswork that I manged to get one out of four right - although I got what I wanted published, I still have 3 drafts that have to be modified before use and I don't know when that will happen. Hopefully there are enough replies and Instructables considers the above improvements.

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what do yall think?

Btw what happend to not liable any ways OK i was bored today. It acutaly rained in so cal so I made this thing its about 5 feet tall and its a pnumatic blow gun thing with a electronic scope i coulnd find the presure rated pvc thing nor the co2 tanks so i used the next best thing A COKE BOTTLE AND A BIKE PUMP WOOOOOOT. i Know people are going to say why the (*(& are u using a coke bottle its because i only need 25-30 psi with a paper dart tiped with a paperclip and foil it went about well outa my houses yard passed my neighbors yard to my 3rd row down neighbors yard (thak god!)

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what do you think

Every one is going "green" these days and I myself am planning on going head on the opposite direction this is what I have, let me know what you think. I am building a GMC 3/4 ton 4wd. my first priority was what motor to use. so I asked around and a family friend said he had a 2 ton grain truck that has been sitting for years and was looking to get rid of it, he said it had a big block in it. so I took it because it was a big block. it is a 366 cubic inch big block tall deck (NOT A BORED OUT 350) I figured if its good enough for a two ton truck its good enough for my 3/4 ton. I also pulled out the transmission and it is the sm 465great transmission, and my dad gave me the transfer case its the np 205 the king of transfer cases. now I need better axels all i have are the factory 12 and 14 bolt. I am sure they will do but I am looking at getting the Rockwell 2 and 1/2 ton planetary gear set. you know the axels in the duce and a halves .I have a predicted fuel mileage of three to five miles to the gallon. but I could challenge anyone to try to out pull me because I have the gearing and the power

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Small improvements to think about

Hi there, Having just published my longest 'ible so far I generated enough thoughts to write some feedback which may or may not be reasonable. Embedding content: I see that .stl files appear nicely with ability to preview and interact with them in 3D, that's great. It's also fully possible to embed Youtube videos and they work just fine. What I'm missing however is ability to embed a circuit from 123D circuits - one of the reasons I used the tool for my last 'ible was because I thought it would sure be possible to embed something made with an Autodesk service. Nope. Adding the iframe makes the view appear while I'm writing the step, yet disappears in preview/publish. Another service I tried to embed was gfycat - they pretty much solve the issue of huge gifs and therefore long load times by some html5 sorcery (I'm not familiar with that). This could save space/traffic of your servers and decrease page load times. It would also be awesome if uploading an .ino, .txt or any other raw text file would automatically generate a scroll box with the code there maybe even already having the formatting and all. Similarly like .stl generates 3D preview. This would save instructables from another possible wall of text, especially on mobile, because now, when I manually add a scroll box with code in it it still appears like regular text on mobile. As an extra - it would make the work of authors easier as well. Instructable layout: First of all - I understand and support the idea of having a standardized format of instructables, if this undermines that - forget and forgive me. What I propose is a way to add pictures mid-step to avoid walls of text, since somehow making a new step doesn't always feel appropriate or maybe it's just a personal issue I need to get over? Just say if it is so. At least having a way to remove the "Step #:" when making a new step allowing to have pictures mid-step would help. Before you mention it - I know that it is possible to add pictures mid-step using html, but that compromises visibility on mobile, so I try to avoid that. Statistics: After hitting over 50k views in just a few days with my bottle upcycling 'ible I wanted to at least try and replicate that with my other ones. However, when I click the statistics button I have these empty lines next to the visitor count, often the lines with the biggest numbers. While I can guess where most of the views came from it's still massive guesswork and I'm probably wrong in the end anyway. i.e. in that particular case I got over 30k views on my imgur album, my blog post got featured under DIY tag in tumblr and then got some upvotes on reddit as well. I know that your SEO is pretty good from the amount of 'ibles I get as first google results, but fixing statistics has a potential to drive even more traffic for you. I probably forgot something else along the way, but that's it for now. I hope someone bothers to read this and says what she or he thinks. Cheers, Raitis Disclaimer: This is meant as feedback and some ideas for improvement as seen from my point of view, not complaints, not even real critique. Read, think and move forward.

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Designers Wanted: Join a Think-and-Make-Tank for Soul of Africa

Oxford University's Said Business School is running a sort of Peace Corps for designers. Writes Lucy Kimbell, Clark Fellow in Design Leadership: We need up to 10 designers who want to use their design practices and skills to help social enterprise Soul of Africa tackle some of the challenge facing it, during a one-day workshop in Oxford in collaboration with MBA students. The workshop is a participative, creative "think-and-make-tank" that brings together people from management and from design to use visual methods to analyze and tackle specific problems identified by an organization. MBA students from Said Business School will be joined by designers from different disciplines to help social enterprise Soul of Africa engage with key challenges. Soul Of Africa is a charitable initiative and a self-sustainable project created to facilitate employment and funding aimed at helping orphans affected by AIDS through the sale of hand-stitched shoes. Unemployed and unskilled women in South Africa are trained to hand-stitch shoes, giving them the self-empowering ability to feed their families and provide them with essential health care. Download more details here. What we are looking for Designers (recent graduates, current MA or BA design students, and design professionals) are invited to take part. Ideally, we'd like a mixture of people from these backgrounds: - visual communication - product/industrial design - service design - interface design - fashion - design management How to get involved To apply, send an email to Lucy Kimbell at to arrive on or by Friday 20 March 2009. The email must include - your name and contact details and any institutional affiliation - your design discipline (eg product, visual communication) - up to 150 words on why you want to participate. Successful participants will be contacted by Friday 3 April at the latest. Reasonable travel expenses to Oxford (standard class return, UK travel only) will be reimbursed to those who attend the workshop, on the production of a receipt.The Design Leadership blog is here.Via Core77

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Why do you think there is inflation?

I think there is inflation because people are charging each other more.

Question by avocadostains 4 years ago  |  last reply 4 years ago

I think my website is hacked..? Answered

I think my website is hacked..The counter was about 250 yesterday.Nowit is 7880. LOL.

Question by tilmen 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

Do you think this is semi-auto?

Https:// keep telling me this isn't semi-auto. Say what you think.

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What is this statue thinking? Round One!

I just thought of this, while I'm doing my schoolwork. I just thought of that statue called "The Thinker", thinking "...pepperoni or extra cheese?" Lol. Think of it as a fancy lolcat. I iz wantin' ur captions! I couldn't get the oval tool or anything else to work right in Photoshop (to make a thought bubble), so I just typed it like a lolcat.What else could he be thinking?

Topic by Aeshir 11 years ago  |  last reply 11 years ago

What do you think of this circuit?

I made a few changes to a circuit, since it's the first time I do this I'd like to know what you think and if there's anything I should change.

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what do you think about this?

I just whant to know your oppinion

Topic by brooprr 5 years ago  |  last reply 2 years ago

What Do You Think Is Awesome

What is something you think is awesome, it can be anything from a certain book to a place on a mountain were you feel like your on top of the world.

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I'm thinking about buying a DS

 I'm thinking about buying a DS Lite but I was wondering if I should wait till the DSi XL comes out and hope for a DS LIte price drop.  Does anyone know if this will happen or not? Thanks

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What do you guys think?

These are some weapon replicas that I made, I was wondering if I should post them

Topic by Hellchild 10 years ago  |  last reply 10 years ago

which do you think is best

Just want to know which you think is best my m82 or my new slingshot riflesling shot rifle 1,2,3,4 100 -150 rangem82 5,6,7,8,9 40 -45please comment rate subscribe thanks =)

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Thinking of getting into PIC microcontroller world

So I'm thinking of learning about PIC micro-controllers. I'd like to know some info about it. In what language is it programmed in? Is it similar to C? How is it different with STM32 controllers? (Never used an STM before, though).

Question by Kan Yu 1 year ago  |  last reply 1 year ago

Wondering what my wife will think.

I was having fun with the kids in the garden this morning. It seemed like a great idea at the time, but now I am wondering if my wife will appreciate it as much as we do? Any guesses?

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I think I've been spammed.

I just opened my "you" page and was pleasantly surprised to find a new subscriber. When I clicked on the new avatar, I found what appears to be a page dedicated to the promotion of a product called Sakrete. This is also the username of my new subsciber, and the sakrete logo is the avatar. Anyone else have this on their page? Please do a member search for Sakrete and tell me what you think.

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Do you think this circuit will work?

Ok, for a robot I'm designing, I need to control some USB motors via software. I want to do this without using a microcontroller, as the computer should already have all the fundamentals. I have designed a simple circuit and attached an image below, do you think this will work? What I want to do is send a signal to the motor, that, as long as it is on, will keep the motor on.

Question by A-Nony-Mus 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

what do you think about this? Answered

Hey if you saw this in your mail box what would you do? i know its missing a phone number because i dont want weird creepy strangers on the internet calling me (no offense)

Question by BIGHAIRYDUDE 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

Magnetic Silly Putty - Thinking Putty

A friend of my friend Rhett just launched Thinking Putty, which is ferromagnetic silly putty. You might recognize the site, Crazy Aaron's Puttyworld, as they had some ads on Instructables last Christmas season (for full disclosure, at the time I didn't realize I was only one degree of separation from the advertiser, and now I'm posting this because I think it's cool, not because of an advertising relationship). According to Rhett, this new grey stuff feels exactly the same as regular silly putty, and it is pretty strongly ferromagnetic, as you can see from the videos. Aaron apparently has a ridiculous amount of putty related chemicals in his basement, and it took him a few years to figure this out.

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Do you think this is a good idea? Answered

I was thinking that when I made a custom computer, I would use a low-capacity SSD as my primary hard drive then a 2TB hard drive as my secondary.  I would put the Operating system on the SSD and everything else on the normal hard drive.  This would allow for fast boot times and a more responsive OS while keeping the cost down and the capacity high.   I was wondering if this is possible and if it's a good idea.  I'd appreciate any feedback.  Thanks.

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Tell Us What You Think!

Instructables has just joined Autodesk, a cool company that makes some of the ultimate DIY tools: they’re the world leader in 3D design, engineering, and entertainment software. Now that we’re a part of Autodesk, we’ll be able to do some neat new things for and with Instructables. What do YOU think we should do? Please suggest how we should co-opt the resources of a multi-national corporation to make Instructables even more awesome.  

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Well, I think is it time for me to....

...start knuckling down and making some of the more interesting things I have wanted to make (all the while still looking for the parts for what I have already started)....I spend a wee bit too much time exercising my fingers and the the brain seems to be going soft. (hmmm, you didn't think I was leaving or anything, huh? I will leave when they pry my cold dead fingers from my keyboard LOL (with apologies to Charlton Heston). I am going to start simple.....I am going to make this look a little better and also more useful at least, hopefully. I also want to test a few ideas with it. Then on to bigger and better things....Added more to the BOX, added a few more pictures.....

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Do you think this motor will work/?

So im planing on making an electric skateboard and i need help choosing a motor. I found a good one that i think will work and do just fine. Can you guys help me out? Also is a motors power based on whats? because i know (2) 2000 watt motors will propel a human but i dont know if that is based off watts or not.  this is the motor im looking at getting: Also should i go for an inrunner or outrunner motor?  whats the difference 

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What do you think of these jokes?

Hello, This is Daredevil 499 and I would like to introduce to you my new idea of posting 2 or 3 jokes, 2 or 3 times a week. I will post jokes almost week, and I want You to vote For your favorite Joke. Just post a comment with a number (either 1, 2, or 3) representing which joke you like best. Also where do you think I should post these jokes? Should they be in the questions or in the forums? Here are the first three jokes: 1. Who was the greatest financier in bible times? Noah, He floated his stocks while everyone else was in liquidation! 2. What do you call A monkey in a minefield? A Baboom! 3.Why was the sand wet? Because the sea weed! Now that you know the jokes please let me know which one was your favorite. And remember don't forget to subscribe. Thanks Here is my new post. please take a look.

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Does anybody think this video is sad?

This video is a clip from Daft Punk's movie Electroma with a different song by them called Make Love.I find this clip very saddening. To get this jist of the movie watch the second clip (the video doesn't really start till 33 seconds in) and it has pretty good music! Basically the robot with the silver helmet wants to become human and the robot in the gold helmet is his best friend. They try and become human in a robot world. any thoughts?

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What Do you think of these jokes

Hello, Daredevil 499 here, and I would like to introduce to you my new idea of posting 2 or 3 jokes, 2 or 3 times a week. I will post jokes almost every week, and I want You to vote For your favorite Joke. Just post a comment with a number (either 1, 2, or 3) representing which joke you like best. I'll keep posting if people like it. Here are the jokes: 1. Why did the cookie cry? Because his mother was a wafer so long! 2. What is it called when you loan money to a buffalo? A Buffa-loan! 3. What happened when the butcher backed into his meat grinder? He got a little behind in his work! Well let me know what you think, and don't forget to subscribe!   (the jokes will get better as time goes on, and I will add a link to this when I make my next post)

Topic by daredevil499 6 years ago  |  last reply 2 years ago